Property and Casualty Insurance: What it Covers

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Property and casualty insurance is a universal term that offers financial protection against damage, destruction, or theft of objects, such as buildings, vehicles, furnishings, and household items. Whereas, universal property and casualty insurance provides coverage to its customers through their employers. Read on to know how the universal property and casualty insurance company guarantees insurance and also the garrison and metropolitan coverages.

Universal Property and Casualty Insurance 

Universal property and casualty insurance are many forms of insurance that provide coverages for personal properties and casualty insurance. Types of insurance they cover include homeowners insurance, condo insurance, co-op insurance, HO4 insurance, liability insurance, pet insurance, and car insurance. However, other types of insurance coverage, such as life insurance, health insurance, and fire insurance, are not included. Universal property and casualty insurance is categorized into two which are property and casualty insurance

Property Insurance

Property insurance, in general, relates to your belongings, i.e. the things you own. But this depends on the sort of insurance coverage you have. Property insurance can be defined in a variety of ways; for example, in renters policy, your property is referred to as personal property, i.e  Coverage C in the policy, and it applies to your belongings in the case of a covered loss.

Furthermore, property insurance is popular for business owners as it protects the structure and its contents from vandalism and theft.  It is also a component of any basic renters or homeowners insurance policy that assists you in recovering the cost of your lost or damaged belongings in different scenarios

Casualty Insurance

Casualty insurance covers the legal obligation for losses resulting from damage to someone else property or injury to another person. This type of coverage is included in the liability coverage amounts of your homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies. Also, it provides coverage for small business owners because it protects a firm from obligations if a worker is injured on company property.

What Are the Three Major Types of Casualty Insurance?

In the introduction to the fourth edition of Casualty Insurance, published in 1956, Clarence A. Kulp stated, “Broadly speaking, it may be defined as a list of individual insurances, usually written as a separate policy, in three broad categories: third party or liability; disability or accident; and health, material damage.”

How Does Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Work?

Universal property and casualty insurance provides risks and thefts insurance to customers and in exchange receives insurance premiums. Insurance premiums are cashflows a customer pays to his insurer to get back insurance coverage. When an insurer offers coverage to a customer, they must check out the risk factor of what is to be insured. Before deciding on the insurance premium the customer will pay. Also, when determining the amount of insurance premium to charge, an insurer will typically consider the possibility of the client filing a claim as well as the potential size of the claim.

Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company (UPCIC) is a subsidiary of Universal Insurance Holding Company, a Florida corporation. It is wholly owned by Universal Insurance Holding Company. The company began in Florida in 1997 and currently provides coverage across 19 states, Currently, the Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company  (UPCIC) partners with some of the industry’s best and most reputable service providers.

This functional structure allows UPCIC to benefit from a unique blend of financial power, underwriting competence, analytical expertise, and administrative capabilities. Furthermore, the company creates, markets, and underwrites insurance products for personal residential insurance, such as homeowners, renters/tenants, condo unit owners, and dwellings; it also provides allied lines, coverage for other structures, and personal property, liability, and personal articles coverages.

They also run, an online platform that provides consumers with side-by-side estimates from different carriers in numerous states, as well as instructional content concerning homeowners’ insurance plans. It sells its products through a network of independent agents, as well as through Universal Direct, a direct-to-consumer internet platform that allows homeowners to buy, pay for, and bind homeowners’ policies directly.

Types of Products They Insure

Universal property and casualty insurance companies provide insurance on risks that come as a result of loss of property and possessions. Below is the coverage they provide:

  • Dwelling Insurance: They provide dwelling coverage against any peril or thefts
  • Other Structures Coverage: They provide coverage for any unattached structures on covered property
  • Personal property Insurance: Universal property & casualty insurance provides worldwide coverage for personal belongings. 
  • Personal Liability Insurance: They also provide legal protection for claims resulting from accidents to others.
  • Auto Insurance: They cover losses to individuals and properties arising from auto accidents and other unexpected auto events.
  • Home Insurance: They also cover losses to residences and property arising from extreme weather, fire, theft, or other incidents. Also covers liability to third parties from actions by the insured.
  • Marine Insurance: Covering losses to shipping vehicles.
  • Professional Liability Insurance: They also provide coverage for losses to professional clients arising from negligence.

Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company

Garrison property and casualty insurance company is one of the companies that fell monetary casualties in 2008 and has become a subsidiary of the USAA (United Services Auto Association). Instead of going out of the trade, they evolved into a vital part of USAA, a Fortune 500 corporation with outstanding financial rankings. The company specializes in boat insurance, home insurance, and auto insurance. Though they are part of USAA, the company pledges to remain resolute to the customer by offering exceptional products and services.

Moreover, Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company is available in all 50 states. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Its subsidiaries are also available because of the outreach of USAA’s across the country.

Types of Products they Insure

Garrison Property and Casualty offers boat insurance and high-risk auto insurance before it became a subsidiary of the USAA. thus, the insurance company has grown to provide a broad range of insurance services. Below is the list of the products they offer;

  • Auto Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Homeowner Insurance
  • Rental Property Insurance
  • Valuable Personal Property Insurance
  • Condo Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Umbrella Insurance
  • Motorcycle, RV & Boat Insurance
  • Small Business Insurance
  • Additional Insurance Solutions

Furthermore, the company also offers the same products as the USAA. So you can file a claim or contact the Insurance Company’s customer service. You can do this through the USAA representatives or get to their websites.

What Is the Difference Between Property and Casualty Insurance and Personal Lines?

Insurance policies for things like cars and homes are included in the “personal lines” category. Almost half of all property and casualty insurance premiums in the United States fall under the category of commercial lines, which covers a wide variety of policies specifically aimed at commercial enterprises.

How To File Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance Company claims

To file a claim with the Garrison property and casualty insurance company. You should have an insurance policy with them. This will help you to easily file a claim. 

Although the company does not have a website. Any claim you want to file will have to go through your agent. But if you can’t reach your agent at the moment, then try to reach out to USAA. The USAA customer service team is available 24/7. Or You can go online to file your claim using the USSA website. To send a message to USAA or manage a claim’s status, create an account on the USAA website.

Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company

Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company is a subsidiary of MetLife. They provide auto and home insurance services worldwide. Through its subsidiaries and affiliates, the company has one of the world’s leading financial service companies. It provides insurance, annuities, employee benefits, and asset management to individual and institutional customers. The Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company was established in 1868 and has operations in more than 40 markets globally. Also, it holds leading positions in the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Types of Products They Insure

#1. Life insurance Coverage 

Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company “MetLife” provides life insurance and several types of permanent life insurance, including whole life, universal life, and final expense whole life insurance. Though they vary for the duration and amount of coverage they ensure. And whether a medical exam is required for the coverage. They also offer group life insurance through their employers consisting of term life, permanent life, and accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

#2. Dental Coverage 

Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company offers group dental benefit plans for individuals, employees, retirees, and their families and provides dental plan administration for over 20 million people. Also, MetLife administers a dental continuing education program for dentists and allied health care professionals. 

#3. Disability Coverage 

MetLife provides disability products for individuals as well as employee and association groups, The company’s individual disability income insurance can replace a portion of lost income if an individual is unable to work due to sickness or injury. They also offer several individual disability income policies which vary in terms of eligibility and the coverage available. 

Furthermore, the company also provides short-term and long-term disability insurance. Short-term disability insurance replaces a portion of an individual’s income during the weeks of a disabling illness or accident. While long-term serves to replace an extended portion of an individual’s income during a disabling illness or accident. The company also maintains an absence management product that allows employers to track and manage both planned and unplanned employee absences. 

#4. Annuities Coverage

Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company offers consist of fixed annuities, variable annuities, deferred annuities, and immediate annuities. In 1921, MetLife was the first company to issue a group annuity contract. More recently in 2004, it was the first insurer to introduce a longevity insurance product. As of December 31, 2009, MetLife globally managed group annuity assets of $60 billion with $34 billion of transferred pension liabilities and provided benefit payments to over 600,000 annuitants per month.

#5. Auto & Home Insurance Coverage 

MetLife’s home insurance provides coverage for homeowners insurance, condo insurance, renters insurance, insurance for landlords, and mobile home insurance. They offer personal lines property and casualty insurance policies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The available policies MetLife provides for home insurance include property damage from natural disasters or theft and various legal expenses incurred as a result of injuries sustained on an individual’s property.

Furthermore, the metropolitan property and casualty insurance company provides coverage for auto insurance which includes liability protection, collision, and comprehensive coverage, personal injury protection, rental car coverage, and uninsured and underinsured motorists.

#6. Other products

MetLife’s products also include critical illness insurance. Financial services include fee-based financial planning, retirement planning, wealth management, 529 Plans, banking, and commercial and residential mortgages. The company also provides retirement plans and other financial services to healthcare, education, and not-for-profit organizations. 


What is US property and casualty insurance?

Property and casualty insurance is broad insurance, which includes coverage for your structure, property, and belongings in the event of vandalism, theft, and more. If a thief were to break into your home, you would be protected up to your covered limits under your homeowner’s insurance policy.

What is underwriting in insurance in simple terms?

Underwriting is the process insurers use to determine the risks of insuring your small business. It involves the insurance company determining whether your firm poses an acceptable risk and, if it does, calculating a fair price for your coverage.

What is property and casualty reinsurance?

Reinsurance plays a critical risk-management role in the property and casualty insurance industry. Reinsurance allows P&C insurers to manage risks associated with concentrated exposures to business lines and geographies.

How long has universal property and casualty been in business?

Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company began in Florida in 1997 and currently provides coverage across 19 states.

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