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Best TN Car Insurance Coverage, Quotes and Requirements
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You should look for cheap Tennessee (TN) car insurance companies, but you should also get quotes, compare their coverage options, customer service ratings, and other factors to make an informed choice. Tennessee (TN) drivers can typically find the best average rates with Auto-Owners, State Farm, and USAA. Most drivers satisfy Tennessee’s (TN) minimum car insurance requirements by purchasing liability insurance with limits of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident, plus $25,000 for property damage. 

TN Car Insurance

The cheapest car insurance in Tennessee (TN) is the state’s mandatory minimum liability coverage. It satisfies the minimal requirements of Tennessee (TN) law, but it will not cover damages to your car or medical bills for you; it will only cover those of other drivers and their passengers.

When you upgrade to full coverage, your medical expenses and repairs to your vehicle are covered as well. It is more expensive up front, but it could help you avoid financial hardship in the event of an accident that was your fault.

Cheapest Car Insurance Coverage in Tennessee (TN)

The cost of car insurance in Tennessee (TN) varies depending on the level of coverage purchased. Providers typically offer quotes for both minimum liability and comprehensive coverage. Drivers can get by with just the bare minimum in liability insurance, but they really should look into getting full coverage.

TN’s Cheapest Full-Coverage Car Insurance

The lowest rates in Tennessee (TN) for comprehensive auto coverage are available from State Farm. The monthly quote from State Farm is $64, which is 44% less than the average and $39 less than the rate from Geico, which is the second-cheapest company. According to the Insurance Information Institute, full-coverage auto insurance costs $1,352 a year in Tennessee (TN), which is $906 more than minimum coverage. 

Tennessee (TN) Minimum Car Insurance Coverage

If your state mandates a certain level of coverage, then you must purchase that level of insurance. With an average rate of $786 per year, USAA is the cheapest choice. If you can not get USAA, you might want to look into auto-owners insurance. Their rate is $968 per year, which is the next lowest. Allstate has the highest annual average rate in the state at $1,737. 

Teen Driver Insurance in Tennessee (TN) Costs

Erie Insurance typically provides the most affordable estimates for Tennessee’s (17-year-old) drivers, at $2,706 annually or $226 monthly. The annual cost of coverage for a teen driver in Tennessee (TN) is estimated at $6,051, or $504 per month. This is a whopping 227% higher than the state average estimate for a motorist of the same age

Teenage female drivers can expect to pay an average of $10,454 and male drivers an average of $11,707 annually with Progressive. This is the highest rate so far.

Tennessee (TN) Young Adults’ Rates

Tennessee (TN) drivers aged 25 can usually get the cheapest insurance through USAA, which charges about $1,008 a year, or $84 a month. In Tennessee (TN), a 25-year-old driver can expect to pay an average of $2,132 annually, or $178 monthly. It costs 15% more than what the average driver in the state, who is 35 years old, thought it would cost.

Furthermore, USAA has the lowest rates for young adult men, at $1,078 per year on average. In most cases, auto-owners insurance is the cheapest option, costing an average of $1,277 per year. Female and male young adults can expect to pay the highest average of $1,988 and $2,107 annually for auto insurance with Progressive.

Tennessee (TN) Rates for Adults

The cheapest car insurance policy for a married 35-year-old woman is $758 per year through USAA, while the national average is $1,205. For people who do not qualify for USAA, Auto-Owners Insurance might have the best rate ($920 per year on average). A 35-year-old married male driver can expect to pay an average of $1,219. In terms of annual premiums, USAA is the best deal at $771, and Auto-Owners is second at $920. Male drivers on Allstate pay an average of $1,806 per year, while female drivers pay an average of $1,748 per year.

Tennessee (TN) Rates for Seniors

Car insurance rates for senior drivers are lower on average than rates for drivers across the whole state. The average rate for a married woman driver who is 60 years old is $1,048 per year. In terms of annual premiums, USAA offers the best value at $695, followed by Auto-Owners Insurance at $826. 

A married male driver who is 60 years old gets a rate of $1,097 per month. USAA offers the most competitive yearly premium at just $693. The next cheapest option is auto-owners insurance, which costs around $826 annually. For senior drivers over the age of 65, Allstate offers the highest sample rates, at $1,635 and $1,693, respectively.  

Cheapest Tennessee (TN) Car Insurance for Drivers With a Speeding Ticket

If you want to save money on car insurance, driving safely is the best way to go. In Tennessee (TN), drivers with a history of speeding tickets pay an average of $1,468 for auto insurance annually.

If you got a speeding ticket in Tennessee (TN) recently, State Farm has the best quote for you. Full coverage costs $69 a month from State Farm. That is $61 less per month than the average in the state, which is $130. When a Tennessee (TN) driver gets a speeding ticket, their insurance rates will go up by 15%.

Cheapest TN Car Insurance Quotes After an Accident

After an accident where you are found to be at fault, your premiums in Tennessee (TN) will typically increase by around 40%. While having accident forgiveness may reduce your premiums, different insurance providers have different policies regarding who is at fault in an accident.

State Farm offers low-cost auto insurance to Tennesseans, even if they have a history of driving accidents in which they were at fault. State Farm’s rates for drivers with at-fault accidents are 53% lower than the national average, coming in at just $75 per month.

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes in Tennessee (TN) After a DUI

In Tennessee (TN), a DUI conviction can result in the highest possible rate increases. Increases in average rates after a DUI are 47% higher than those following a speeding ticket (15%) or an at-fault accident (40%)

If you are a TN driver with a DUI, State Farm offers the most affordable rates. State Farm offers full-coverage insurance policies for $69 per month, 58% less than the state average of $166.

Cheapest Car Insurance for TN Drivers With Poor Credit

Insurance premiums in the Volunteer State are, on average, 77% higher for drivers with poor credit than for those with excellent credit. Insurance companies may charge more for drivers with low credit scores because they see them as having a greater risk of making a claim.

Geico offers the most affordable auto insurance rates in Tennessee (TN), even for drivers with low credit scores. The company offers full-coverage insurance for $157 per month, which is 22% less than the average premium in the state. Farm Bureau is a low-cost business as well, costing only $20 more annually than Geico

Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes for Teen Drivers in Tennessee (TN) After an Accident

The average rate increase for teen drivers after an at-fault accident is 27 percent. After an accident where you were at fault, your Geico premiums can rise by as much as 69%. Although the rate increase for young drivers with Farm Bureau is only 11%, the cost of their minimum coverage policy is $27 more than with State Farm.

State Farm also offers the most affordable auto insurance for teenage drivers who are found to be at fault in an accident ($94/month for bare-bones coverage). That is $63 less than the average for the state.

TN Car Insurance Coverage

Since they only require the bare minimum of protection, minimum liability policies are the least expensive type of auto insurance in Tennessee (TN). While liability-only auto insurance may seem like the best option due to its low premiums, it can end up costing more if you are at fault in an accident.

A minimum-coverage policy does not cover your injuries or property damage, but the injuries of other drivers. It will not cover repairs to your car or medical bills for you and your passengers. That is why most people with long commutes or expensive vehicles should compare quotes for comprehensive auto insurance rather than basic liability coverage.

USAA provides affordable auto insurance in Tennessee (TN) for military members, veterans, and their families. USAA offers full-coverage insurance for $73 per month, 35% less than the state average.

TN Car Insurance Requirements

All drivers in Tennessee (TN) are required to show proof of financial responsibility. Most states’ minimum requirements are satisfied by purchasing liability insurance with limits of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident, plus $25,000 for property damage. 

However, drivers in Tennessee (TN) can stay legal by providing the state with a cash deposit or surety bond. A valid insurance ID card or a copy of the declaration page for your policy must be carried at all times while driving as proof of coverage. A license suspension or fine may result from being caught driving without insurance. 

Tennessee (TN) Car Insurance Minimum Requirements

#1. Bodily Injury (BI)

 If you cause an automobile accident and another person is injured, bodily injury liability insurance will cover their medical expenses up to the policy limits ($25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident). Nevertheless, this is the bare minimum coverage needed in Tennessee (TN), and you should think about getting higher limits to fully safeguard your property. 

#2. Property Damage (PD)

Car insurance that covers property damage liability pays for the cost of repairing damaged property up to the policy’s maximum, usually $25,000. This typically refers to the cost of fixing the other driver’s car, but it could also apply to fixing a fence or a building. If you have significant assets that could be at risk in a lawsuit, you may want to consider purchasing higher limits of insurance. 

The state of Tennessee (TN) may require higher-risk drivers to submit an SR-22 form in addition to their insurance if they have a history of traffic violations or DUIs.

#3. Uninsured Motorist Coverage

In the state of Tennessee (TN), uninsured motorist protection must be included in every auto insurance quote. Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage is optional and can be rejected in writing, but insurance agents and government officials typically advise against doing so.

Other Proof of Financial Responsibility

There are alternatives to car insurance for drivers who do not wish to purchase the coverage. To show proof of insurance when registering a vehicle or being pulled over for traffic violations in Tennessee (TN), you must first obtain a certificate of insurance from the commissioner of the Tennessee (TN) Department of Safety (DOS).

#1. Cash/Security Deposit

The commissioner will check to see if you have any outstanding judgements once you have deposited $65,000 with the DOS. Then they will provide you with proof of insurance. You can deposit cash or securities like government bonds or notes. It serves as your insurance fund to pay any future judgements that may come up because you caused an auto accident. 

#2. Surety Bond 

To satisfy your Tennessee (TN) driver’s license requirement, you must submit proof of financial responsibility in the form of a bond. In Tennessee (TN), you need to show that you can pay your debts by getting a surety bond. The bond needs to be from a surety company licensed in Tennessee (TN) and last for at least a year. When you do not have the funds to cover the costs associated with an accident, the surety company will eventually do so on your behalf.

How Much Is Car Insurance in Tennessee (TN)?

Minimum auto insurance in Tennessee (TN) costs about $371 per year, while full coverage costs about $1,429 per year. This is significantly less than the median annual costs of $622 for basic coverage and $2,104 for comprehensive coverage in the United States. Because of the state’s light traffic load, there is probably less of a chance of filing a claim there. On average, Tennessee (TN) drivers save money compared to their counterparts in several other states.

Tennessee (TN) Minimum Car Insurance Coverage

All Tennessee (TN) motorists must have insurance that meets or exceeds the state’s minimum requirements, which are as follows:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $25,000 property damage liability per accident

Buying the bare minimum of insurance required by your state will get you where you need to go, but it will not protect you from everything. Collision and comprehensive coverage can protect your car from losses caused by things like theft, collisions, and natural disasters. Medical payment coverage (MedPay) is another type of insurance that may be useful for meeting potential healthcare costs. 

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Tennessee (TN)

Cheap auto insurance discounts are available from most insurance providers in Tennessee (TN). The majority of businesses offer discounts like these:

  • Good Student Discount: Students with B averages or higher may be eligible for a discount of up to 15% on their auto insurance premiums.
  • Multi-policy discount: When a client purchases multiple types of insurance from the same provider (home, auto, renter’s, etc.), they often receive a significant discount.
  • Safe driving discount: A safe driver discount may be available to policyholders who complete an approved defensive driving course or who have not had an accident in three years or more.
  • Group discount: If you sign up for a group plan through your employer, your insurance premiums could drop by as much as 75%. Sometimes, insurance companies that work with corporations include discounts on insurance premiums in their benefit packages.
  • Low mileage discount: Insurance companies frequently offer discounts to policyholders who drive fewer miles per year.
  • Military discount: Active military members and their families can often receive a discount on their insurance premiums from a variety of different companies.

Does Tennessee (TN) Require Drivers to Carry Auto Insurance?

Tennessee (TN) law mandates that all motorists carry liability insurance at least at the minimum levels. The state requires drivers to carry at least $25,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per person, $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 of property damage liability insurance.

What Happens if I Drive Without Car Insurance in Tennessee (TN)?

In Tennessee (TN), driving uninsured carries a Class C misdemeanor penalty. If you are caught driving without insurance, you will have to pay a fine of $300 and have your license and car registration suspended until you can provide proof.

What Car Insurance Is Required in TN?

A valid form of insurance is a mandatory requirement for license renewal in the Volunteer State of Tennessee (TN). The majority of states have minimum coverage requirements that can be satisfied by maintaining auto insurance. $25,000 for bodily injury liability per person and $50,000 per accident, along with $25,000 for property damage

What Is the Bare Minimum Car Insurance in Tennessee (TN)?

The minimum liability limits in Tennessee (TN) are $25,000/$50,000/15,000. In other words, you need a minimum of $25,000 for each person in the event of an injury or death, up to a maximum of $50,000 per accident.

Why Is Tennessee (TN) Car Insurance So Expensive?

The high number of uninsured motorists in Tennessee (TN) contributes to the high cost of auto insurance there. Roughly 20% of drivers in the Volunteer State are uninsured. Full coverage auto insurance in Tennessee (TN) costs about $3,626, which is less than the national average of $4,211.

Is Tennessee (TN) A No-Fault State?

Tennessee is not part of the no-fault states. If you are hurt in an auto accident in Tennessee (TN) and the other driver was at fault, you may be able to file a personal injury suit against them and their insurance provider for compensation.

Is It Illegal to Drive in TN Without Insurance?

The state of Tennessee (TN) mandates that all motorists maintain liability coverage. If you get caught driving without it, you could be in some serious trouble. There are severe penalties for driving without insurance in the Volunteer State, including fines, suspension of driving privileges, and even jail time.

What Is Full Coverage in Tennessee (TN)?

Insurance policies in Tennessee (TN) are considered “full coverage” if they provide more than the state’s minimum liability requirements of $25,000 in bodily injury per person, up to $50,000 per accident, and $15,000 in property damage. Your “full” coverage could include liability, collision, or both.  

What Is the New Car Insurance Law in Tennessee (TN)?

A new state law in Tennessee (TN) sets the bare minimum for property damage coverage at $25,000. This law went into effect for new policies on January 1, 2023. However, policies that already exist and only cover $15,000 in property damage will probably be raised to $25,000 when they are renewed for the first time in 2023.

Is Full Coverage Required in Tennessee (TN)?

The state law of Tennessee (TN) mandates that motorists carry a minimum amount of liability insurance.


Auto owners typically offer the most affordable rates in Tennessee (TN), with minimum coverage costing only $20 a month on average. If you want to save money on car insurance, one strategy is to get quotes from multiple companies and pick the one that offers the best overall value.

A full-coverage insurance policy is something to think about if you value your peace of mind. Full coverage policies from USAA cost as little as $93.0 monthly, according to our research.

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