Best No-Exam Life Insurance Companies 2023

Best No-Exam Life Insurance Companies
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We compared insurers based on price and coverage options to find the best no-exam life insurance companies. Refer to our research as a starting point when you shop around for the best insurance policy.

No-Exam Life Insurance 

Types of No-Exam Life Insurance

#1. No-Exam Term Life Insurance

You can get a no-exam policy for your term-life needs. Life insurance policies with a level term have rates that do not change during the policy’s term. Typical options for the length of the term are between 5 and 30 years. After the level term ends, you can often renew yearly at a considerably higher rate.

#2. No-Exam Whole Life Insurance

No medical exam or whole life insurance is available from a select few companies. Permanency is guaranteed with whole life insurance. The premiums and death benefit on these policies remain constant, while the cash value accumulates at a predetermined rate. As one of the more costly forms of life insurance, whole-life policies that don’t require a medical exam tend to be even more expensive than those that do. Whole life insurance policies that do not require a medical exam are an example of a guaranteed issue policy.

#3. No-Exam Universal Life Insurance

There is sometimes a no-exam choice available with universal life insurance. Universal life insurance is a sort of permanent insurance in which the premiums and benefits may alter over time.

#4. No-Exam Group Life Insurance

A health exam is not typically needed for group life insurance. It’s a deal where the business buys a group life insurance policy and then offers basic coverage to its workers at no cost. Your coverage will end the day you quit your work unless your policy follows you wherever you go.

Best No-Exam Life Insurance 

The following are considered as the best no-exam life insurance.

#1. Brighthouse Financial

The Brighthouse SimplySelect Term policy provides policyholders with excellent levels of coverage at affordable rates and the added convenience of same-day approvals. SimplySelect, a product of Brighthouse’s relationship with Policygenius, is now exclusive to that platform. Ten, twenty or thirty terms are offered.


  • A huge $3 million in no-exam protection is at your disposal.
  • Approvals may be granted on the same day.


  • Less flexibility in contract lengths compared to competitive firms.
  • For policies issued at age 65 or older, you can convert the policy to whole life only during the first five policy years.

The low rates, high maximum no-exam coverage amount, and varied term lengths offered by Legal & General America make it an attractive option for those in the market for no-exam life insurance. Ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, thirty-five, and forty-year terms are offered.


  • The high $2 million limit for coverage with no medical is a huge perk.
  • Approval decisions are made instantly if you are approved.
  • Wonderful range of available terms.
  • Allows for a seamless transition into a universal life insurance policy.
  • Superior maximum coverage amount ($2,000,000) compared to others we looked at despite a somewhat high minimum eligibility age (60).


If you receive your life insurance policy after age 66, you will only be able to convert it to universal coverage within the first five years.

#3. Pacific Life

Even at age 70, applicants can still get substantial protection with Pacific Life’s Promise Term. It also offers reasonable prices. When compared to other companies we looked at, Promise Term has a significantly longer median application acceptance time (23 days). Options for 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30-year terms are provided.


  • Provides the industry’s lowest average fee for skipping exams.
  • Up to $3 million in coverage is available with no medical exams required.
  • The maximum age for purchasing $3 million in insurance is 70.


No ongoing benefits aside from a hastened death payout in the event of a terminal disease.

#4. Transamerica

The Trendsetter Super no-exam life insurance policy provides buyers with affordable rates, substantial coverage amounts, and a broad choice of term lengths to fit a variety of life insurance needs. Term lengths available: 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.


  • The oldest renewal cutoff age (105) of any business type we looked at.
  • There is a wide range of available contract durations.
  • The maximum amount of coverage provided with no exams is $2 million.


When compared to other companies we looked at, this one has a rather young limit age for the greatest no-exam life insurance amount (45).

#5. Prudential

Prudential’s Term Essential is a great option for those looking for a high-sum insurance policy with no medical exams required. Choose from a 10, 15, 20, or 30-year term.


  • You can get up to $3 million in coverage with no medical tests at all.
  • Maximum coverage of $3,000,000 requires an older applicant (age 60) than most of the other plans we looked at.


The median time to approve an application was over double the average (24 days) of the businesses we looked at.

#6. Foresters Financial

living insurance that requires no medical exam Foresters’ Your Term may appeal to consumers due to its living advantages, permanent life insurance conversion options, and policy renewability up to age 100. Your term has reasonable rates that are in the middle of the range we looked at, while they aren’t the lowest. Our research revealed that the Foresters’ Your Term policy is exclusive to Policy Genius. Term lengths available: 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.


  • Conversion options are flexible, and partial conversions are supported.
  • There are living benefits for those who suffer from a chronic condition, a severe condition, or a terminal illness.


In comparison to other providers we looked at, this one has a relatively young maximum age (55) for its largest coverage option ($1 million).

#7. Haven Life

Haven Term is a good option for consumers looking for affordable, no-exam coverage with quick approvals. Term policies from Haven Life cannot be converted to permanent policies, but they are guaranteed renewable until age 90, and they do provide certain living benefits. Choose from a 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30-year term.


Obtain clearance right away if you meet the requirements


  • Several rivals provide more no-exam coverage limits than the offered $1 million.
  • There are no permanent life insurance choices available.

No-Exam Life Insurance Sproutt 

The medical exam is a standard requirement of most life insurance providers. But Sproutt is not like the rest of us. When you apply for life insurance with Sprout, there is no medical exam required.

What Makes Sproutt the Better Option

To Whom May Sproutt’s No-Exam Life Insurance Policy Be of Interest?

  • You’re rather old for your age, being 60 and up. Passing a medical exam and consenting to a conventional life insurance policy might become more challenging beyond age 60. The application process for no-exam life insurance may be less rigorous for seniors.
  • You’re subject to risks every day. Do you do anything that puts you in harm’s way regularly, such as working in construction or deep-sea fishing? Getting accepted for a no-exam life insurance policy is likely to be less difficult than for a standard policy.
  • You suffer from a persistent medical condition. Some chronic health conditions may keep you from qualifying for standard policies requiring an exam, but they may not prevent you from acquiring any exam life insurance. There is a chance that you could qualify for no-exam life insurance despite your condition.
  • Your marriage is ending. With no-exam life insurance, you may get the fast approval you need to finalize your divorce as soon as possible without having to worry about a medical exam.
  • You have decided to start a company. The simple and quick application process for no-exam life insurance might help you get your business off the ground when you’re on a tight timeline.
  • Anytime you require clearance within days. Term life insurance that doesn’t require a medical exam is a good option if you need a quick and painless approval process.

How Do No-Exam Life Insurance Policies Work?

Companies that provide these products evaluate your application for coverage based on your information, as well as data from third parties and automated processes. Unlike programs that require extensive underwriting, these don’t necessitate a medical test yet nevertheless offer competitive prices.

Can I Have Multiple Life Insurance Policies?

You can have numerous life insurance policies with the same provider. While one life insurance policy may be sufficient for many people, having more policies may be prudent in some situations (after certain occurrences, as part of your estate planning, etc.).

Is No-Exam Life Insurance More Expensive?

Since the insurance provider is taking on more risk by insuring someone without evaluating their health history, life insurance with no medical exam is typically more expensive and may have fewer coverage options.

Why Is It So Hard to Get Life Insurance?

Every life insurance company thinks about how you feel physically. Before they issue a policy, most life insurance companies will require you to undergo a medical checkup and blood testing. After all, they’re gambling on the fact that you won’t die before the end of the life insurance policy’s stated duration.

Does Life Insurance Pay for a Funeral?

In the event of the policyholder’s death, the beneficiary receives a lump-sum payment from the life insurance policy. In addition to burial costs, the money might be used to help the surviving family members financially.

Does It Make Sense to Cash Out the Whole Life Insurance?

Whether it makes sense to cash out life insurance depends on your financial status and what you may need the money for. If you have multiple forms of life insurance, for instance, cashing out one policy might not leave you seriously underinsured.


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