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After acquiring a vehicle (via purchase or gift), researching insurance rates for new drivers is a natural next step. Which car insurance is best for a newly licensed driver or for someone under 21? It’s the one that combines the most affordable cost and ease of use with the exact range of benefits and coverage that fits your needs. Choose the best option for you by using this advice and the free online quotations offered by each car company, such as Geico. This article entails everything you need to know about the best insurance for new drivers in NY. Let’s dive in!

Best Insurance for New Drivers

There isn’t always a single definition of what new drivers are to insurance providers. Teenage drivers aren’t the sole members of this group for insurance purposes. On the other hand, “new drivers” could be anyone who:

  • Regardless of age, recently obtained their license
  • Has never held or been a part of vehicle insurance coverage
  • Recently relocated from another nation to the United States

Newly licensed drivers do not require a special kind of new-driver car insurance in order to satisfy their state’s insurance requirements, despite their inexperience. Since they don’t yet have a driving record, the only difference for new drivers is that their insurance coverage will cost more.

Where to Get Car Insurance for New Drivers in NY

The procedure for purchasing car insurance for new drivers is the same as it is for seasoned drivers if you fall into this category. Reputable companies still offer coverage for you. Newly licensed adults may also need to look for their own insurance, but new teen drivers will do best if they are added to an existing family policy.

However, some new drivers may find it challenging to obtain their own car insurance. It costs extra, and insurance providers don’t always allow recently licensed drivers to obtain their own insurance by completing an online quote form. Furthermore, if you are under the age of 18 and want your own car insurance policy, you will need your parent’s or legal guardian’s permission.

Best Insurance for New Drivers Under 21

Have you been thinking about how to get insurance for new drivers under an under 21? Here is a list of some of the best insurance companies for new drivers under 21. You can choose from the following:

#1. Progressive

Both a mobile-friendly website and an app make up Progressive’s online interface. To expedite the claims process, you can attach images of your accident within the app, file claims online, and interact with an agent or customer support representative. Payouts for claims can also be made online, and they can be automatically deducted from your bank account.

Progressive caters to new drivers with discounts and bundling possibilities in addition to digital features. They created the Snapshot program, which tracks unsafe driving practices like texting and driving and offers coverage savings in exchange for safe driving. When you combine your home, life, and car insurance with Progressive, you can save money and time.

#2. Allstate 

Allstate is just one of the car insurance companies that has discovered that providing discounts is a successful strategy for attracting business from younger customers. The business offers a variety of incentives, initiatives, and discounts targeted at younger drivers.

MileWise, Allstate’s form of usage-based, out-of-pocket insurance, is also included in their savings. MileWise might be a useful choice for a young driver who doesn’t own a car while attending college and just requires insurance while traveling home, or for a driver who has a car on campus but doesn’t drive frequently. Additionally, Allstate provides an online training program called teenSMART driver education, which promotes safe driving habits. Young insured drivers who successfully complete the teenSMART program may be eligible for additional discounts. It is also one of the best insurance companies for new drivers under the age of 21.

#3. Liberty Mutual 

A degree of customer service that is especially beneficial for new drivers who are not familiar with the insurance claims procedure is added when agents handle claims live over the phone. Both the “deductible fund” and the “better car replacement” feature—which substitutes a newer, higher-rated vehicle for a totaled automobile—are fantastic innovations. Liberty Mutual has excellent customer service because of its friendly representatives. Clients can phone in claims at any time of day or night. Liberty Mutual also provides a range of particular and distinctive savings for doing anything from obtaining a quote prior to the expiration of your present policy to setting up autopay or paperless account management.

Liberty Mutual also offers a customer-friendly deductible fund that helps offset the cost of deductibles. Each year, you contribute $30 and Liberty Mutual provides $70. Whatever has accumulated in the fund in the event of an accident is applied toward your deductible. In addition, RightTrack is an insurance device and app that tracks your driving behaviors and miles to reduce your premiums. It is one of the best insurance companies for new drivers in NY.

#4. USAA 

USAA delivers on its promises by offering competitive insurance premiums to military families. Your USAA quotation may be less than if you choose to buy from another company if you’re a young driver in ROTC, the armed forces, or if you come from a military household. According to J. D. Power’s 2021 Claims Satisfaction Study, USAA ranks above 18 of its competitors for customer service because of its personal touch with local agents.

#5. Geico 

Geico claims to offer the best car insurance for new drivers. Compared to most of its rivals, the company offers cheaper pricing for new drivers, which, depending on your demands, can make it more appealing on a per-quote basis. In addition to having a strong app and website, Geico also has an A++ financial stability grade from A. M. Best and provides in-person agents. Geico was the most well-liked choice for those moving carriers, according to the J.D. Power Carrier Moving Trends research.

Geico also offers affordable rates, but it may be tough to qualify for them based on a number of criteria, such as your age, where you reside, your driving history, and even the type of vehicle you drive. The cost of Geico ne driver insurance can be found on their site, Kindly check them out.

When Should You Add a New Driver to Your Car Insurance in NY?

Most car insurance companies will allow you to add a teen with a learner’s permit at no extra cost. However, after a young driver has a license, you will have to pay for their insurance.

Your location will determine when to add a new driver insurance to your policy. Policies might differ from state to state and even from insurance company to business when it comes to adding a teenage driver.

Check with your car insurance company both before you obtains your new driver permit and before they obtain a driver’s license to avoid any expensive surprises. Make sure to inquire about the cost of adding them to your coverage while you’re at it.

Essential Car Insurance for New Drivers

Insurance for a new driver is expensive, but that’s no reason to compromise on protection. It makes sense to purchase full-coverage car insurance because inexperienced drivers are more likely to be involved in collisions. The minimum liability coverage required by law in your state is part of what’s known as “full coverage,” which also protects your vehicle in the event of an accident and covers damage to your vehicle from things like theft.

Think about obtaining more liability coverage than what your state mandates. Even relatively minor incidents can easily result in more damage than the state’s minimal liability limitations, in which case you would be responsible for making up the difference.

If the car is totaled or stolen, collision and comprehensive insurance will reimburse you for the car’s depreciated worth less your deductible. An amount subtracted from a claims check is called a deductible. Although comprehensive and collision insurance are optional, if you finance the car, your lender will probably have you carry both.

When compared to a policy that simply has the bare minimum of coverage required by the state, even the least expensive full-coverage auto insurance will offer more security.

Types of Car Insurance Coverage for New Drivers

The following are the main categories of car insurance that new drivers need to have:

#1. Liability insurance 

When you’re at blame in a car accident, this covers medical bills and property damage others incur as a result of your actions. If you are sued due to a car crash, your liability insurance will cover the costs of defending yourself in court as well as any settlements or judgments that may result.

#2. Insurance for collisions

 Regardless of who is at fault, this covers auto repair or replacement following an accident. If your car collides with a post or fence, for example, collision auto insurance also covers the cost of repairs or replacement.

#3. Comprehensive coverage

 If your vehicle is stolen or suffers damage from non-crash events that are covered by your policy, such as hail, fire, flooding, or animal strikes, comprehensive auto insurance will replace or repair it.

Car Insurance for New Drivers to  Consider

It’s a good idea to consider getting your new driver more car insurance so that you won’t have to worry as much about paying for an accident. These three categories of car insurance offer an additional degree of protection against collisions.

#1. Accident Forgiveness

Accident forgiveness insurance can provide a safety net for policyholders who have recently obtained a driver’s license because inexperienced drivers are more likely to be involved in collisions. Provided you fulfill the qualifying standards, which differ depending on the auto insurance provider, accident forgiveness insurance keeps your rates from going up after you’ve caused an accident.

Accident forgiveness insurance is provided by some insurance firms as an optional extra, by others as standard coverage, and by still others as a combination of the two.

In order to be eligible for accident forgiveness coverage, you usually need to demonstrate a lack of traffic violations for a certain period of time, say, three years. If you have been a customer for a specific amount of time, some companies will overlook your first accident.

#2. Gap Insurance

Gap insurance can be helpful if your new driver totals your car and you owe more on the loan or lease than the car was worth. Your insurance provider will reimburse you the car’s depreciated worth less your deductible when you file a comprehensive or collision claim for a totaled vehicle. The amount that gap insurance covers is the difference between the vehicle’s pre-total value and the amount owed on your loan or lease.

You will have to pay off the loan for a car that nobody can drive if you don’t have gap insurance and your outstanding loan total exceeds the worth of your vehicle.

#3. New Car Replacement

It’s wise to think about getting new car replacement insurance if your teen drives your new automobile or a new car you purchased for them. After an accident, you receive the cash for a brand-new vehicle of the same make and model, less your deductible, as opposed to the depreciated worth of your totaled vehicle.

Find out from your insurer what rules apply to the age and mileage of the vehicle. Insurance companies have different requirements for eligibility to replace a new car.

Why Is the Cost of Car Insurance Higher for New Drivers?

The core business strategy of insurance companies is risk calculation and mitigation. The fact that teenage drivers haven’t had as much experience behind the wheel as more seasoned drivers increases that risk. Even the most responsible and conscientious driver in their age group pays a partial price for the more irresponsible ones because there are signs that young drivers often make less responsible decisions.

When Does Car Insurance go Down for Young Drivers?

Prices for drivers are often stable at the age of 25 for the majority of companies and situations. Rate reductions for certain drivers as young as 20 may be possible, but this will depend on the insurance company and the state in which the policy is issued.

Tips for Making Car Insurance More Affordable For Young Drivers

The following are things to put in place so as to get an affordable car insurance as a young driver:

#1. Keep your driving record clean

One of the most effective ways to lower insurance costs is to practice safe and responsible driving habits. In addition to whatever reductions your adolescent may receive for being a careful driver, maintaining coverage and not having any accidents are excellent methods to minimize costs. All at-fault incidents accumulate, as do certain non-fault incidents as well. Motivating young drivers to keep their records spotless may be as much about saving money as it is about being safe on the road. Younger motorists need every incentive to drive defensively.

#2. Add young drivers to a parent’s policy

It makes sense to include a younger driver on their parent’s policy with certain firms. You might even be considering changing auto insurance companies, in which case obtaining multiple estimates is highly recommended. If you intend to add a young driver to your policy, keep in mind that your premiums will increase overall, often significantly, in the event of an issue. There is some risk involved with including your teen or young adult driver on your policy, but doing so could save you a lot of money annually.

#3. Eliminate extraneous coverage possibilities

 It can be difficult to determine what kind of coverage you will need each year when purchasing insurance. If you spend too much money, you’re just wasting it. If you purchase too little, you might have to pay more in the long term. Obtaining estimates whenever your policy is up for renewal is a wonderful way to ensure that you’re providing the best coverage and savings for your family.

#4. Get all the discounts you can

Sorting through your bids and determining who is truly providing the greatest bargain can be accomplished by going through each provider’s list of discounts and calculating the total amount you can save. You should also consider whether or not usage-based insurance is a good fit for your family.

What to Consider When Choosing a Car Insurance Policy for New Drivers

These are the most important things to consider when selecting a new insurance plan.

#1. The price

Although price is an important consideration, you shouldn’t base your choice only on it. You may initially save money with a high-deductible plan or one that doesn’t accurately account for complete loss, but in the event of an accident, you’ll wind up paying more. You should compare quotes from several providers to see what each will give you while the insurance company does its calculations and determines how big of a risk you pose.

#2. Your insurance demands

The circumstances of each young driver are unique: some are teenagers who are only beginning to drive, some are brand-new car owners, and many are away at school but still require insurance when they return home. Since settling for a policy that isn’t quite perfect would introduce more problems than it solves, your coverage needs should take precedence over most other concerns.

#3. The ratings of the insurance provider

Pay close attention to claims satisfaction and customer service in particular. There are two justifications for investing in insurance. You first get insurance in order to comply with state and auto loan regulations. However, the second goal is to ensure that everything is as simple as possible when it matters. Even while having no plan at all is worse, having a cheap plan with poor customer support comes close. Do keep in mind that there are sometimes more bad than positive customer evaluations because happy consumers frequently forget to leave ratings. However, reviews and ratings can hint at trends or themes in the services that a business offers.

#4. What’s accessible to you

Obtaining quotations from firms that genuinely operate in the state where you are seeking insurance can be somewhat confusing. It’s not as simple as saying yes or no; many excellent deals or discounts might only be available in a few states, so you should be really definite about what each company is providing.

Final Thoughts

It is advisable for new drivers to search around and compare estimates from multiple car insurance providers. They should also be prepared to switch providers if the cost of their service increases. In order to save money, new drivers can also convert to usage- or per-mile insurance, or they can take full advantage of savings on car insurance. 


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