Selectquote Life Insurance Review 2024

Selectquote Life Insurance
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To help you decide if SelectQuote life insurance services are the ideal agency for you, we’ve compiled some helpful facts in this review. We’ve included some feedback from previous clients, a list of the brands they’re an official representative for, and an outline of their background.

Selectquote Insurance 

SelectQuote Life Insurance does not operate as a life insurance provider. Instead, it functions as an insurance sales agency that facilitates the acquisition of quotes from prominent life insurance providers, including Prudential and Protective Life.

SelectQuote offers the opportunity to obtain quotations for both term and whole life insurance policies, enabling individuals to procure coverage amounting to $5 million. Nonetheless, SelectQuote does not offer universal or guaranteed-issue insurance. To avail of the policy above, it is necessary to submit an application for coverage with an alternative firm.

The Inclusion of Selectquote in Recent News Coverage.

SelectQuote recently concluded a secondary public offering wherein equity shares were sold to existing owners. A total of more than ten million shares were sold in the public offering at a price of $27.50 per share. Certain selling investors have granted underwriters a 30-day opportunity to make additional purchases. Moreover, the opportunity afforded them the ability to purchase a maximum of 1,590,000 supplementary shares at the prevailing market price of $27.50 per share, subject to deductions for commissions and underwriting discounts.

Selectquote did not engage in the sale of any shares of common stock; rather, it exclusively facilitated the sale of shares belonging to certain selling stockholders. The corporation did not generate any revenue from the sale. There is no alteration in the quantity of common stock that is presently outstanding.


  • SelectQuote offers high coverage limits that exceed $500,000, allowing customers to acquire $5 million or more in coverage, subject to meeting the underwriting standards of the insurance providers involved. 
  • All term policies offered by SelectQuote have the option to be converted into permanent coverage, including whole or universal life insurance, without requiring an additional medical examination. 
  • Renewability is a characteristic inherent to policies. Upon the expiration of your term life policy, it will undergo automatic renewal without necessitating an additional medical examination. It is important to note that the premiums you pay may experience an increase as insurance carriers make adjustments to their rates. 


  • The processing time for applications can extend up to a maximum of seven weeks. The processing time for policies sold through SelectQuote typically ranges from four to seven weeks. If an individual requires immediate insurance coverage, it is advisable for them to explore alternative options in order to obtain instant-issue coverage.
  • The individual needs the necessary licensing to engage in the sale of life insurance across all states. SelectQuote is authorized to offer life insurance policies in the majority of states, with the exception of South Dakota. The inhabitants of the aforementioned state will need to seek alternative insurance providers in order to obtain coverage. 

Available Plans

Online term and whole life insurance quotations are now available through SelectQuote. A medical exam is typically needed for insurance coverage. There are two distinct forms of coverage:

#1. Term Life Insurance

Because of its low cost and widespread availability, term life insurance is frequently advocated. You are only insured for the policy’s term, and your dependents will only get a payout if you pass away during that time. SelectQuote’s coverage amounts range from $5,000 to over $5 million. Ten, fifteen, twenty, or thirty years of service are available. 

#2. Whole Life Insurance

The coverage provided by whole life insurance policies is perpetual. It’s made to serve you for the rest of your life. Your continuous protection is contingent upon your maintaining timely premium payments. Furthermore, cash value can be accumulated in a whole-life policy. You can use the policy’s cash value or withdrawals to supplement your retirement income or cover high costs during your life.

Selectquote Life Insurance 

I admire SelectQuote Life Insurance Services, which has been selling life insurance policies since 1985. This online insurance agency predates the Internet. Talk about vision! This is an open and honest evaluation of life insurance; therefore, I will discuss some concerns I have with SelectQuote. 

Unavoidable Challenges Integrating Life Insurance Quotes from SelectQuote

#1. The Agents Can’t Give You Much of Their Time

The leads at the company where SelectQuote agents work don’t seem to have any limits. They can sit at their desks all day long, making calls and closing deals. The phone centers are closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Sure thing. Also, they’re working from home and phoning leads to make sales.

Being in sales is a rewarding career virtually always. Therefore, this becomes an issue. For a SelectQuote agent to make ends meet, he or she must sell a significant number of policies each month. They need to close the deal quickly so they can move on to the next potential customer. During the first call, they cannot give their full attention to each potential customer.

#2.  “Up-Selling” (Other Products Besides Life Insurance Are Offered to the Customer)

According to the reviews on Select Quote, the company has expanded. It’s a stock that you can buy and sell on the NYSE (SLQT). Although it was founded in Kansas, this organization now has locations throughout the United States, including San Diego, Jacksonville, Denver, Iowa, San Francisco, and many others. Ex-employees claim that Select Quote Insurance Services no longer cares about its customers but rather its bottom line, which is bad news for its investors.

Select Quote Life Insurance Pricing Comparison

Please note that SelectQuote Insurance Services cannot cut premiums. You won’t necessarily save money by using Life Insurance Services. Say you acquire a $500,000 Banner Life 30-year term policy. Select Quote Insurance Services will charge the same price as a local independent agent. Furthermore, life insurance rates are set. Based on the carrier’s underwriting process, which evaluates health, age, gender, occupation, and interests.

These traits are part of you and won’t change. Working with Life Insurance Services has no cost advantage. Save money with Insurance Services by delving deeper into the process. This firm works with so many carriers that you’re more likely to receive quotes that match your details. This increases your chances of finding the carrier with the best rates for your health.

Selectquote Insurance Services 

Should You Choose Select Quote Insurance Services for Life Insurance?

I actually do enjoy what they do over at SelectQuote for the most part. Contrary to what some websites allege, I do not believe that SelectQuote is fraudulent. My concerns with them are shared by many other consumers with large online life insurance companies. I did a similar review not so long ago regarding issues with Intelliquote. Intelliquote shares some of SQ’s problems. Nonetheless,

I believe that working with an established independent agent like myself is your best bet. You’ll receive all the benefits of working with an agent who can take your case to any carrier, and you also will get an agent who can take his time with you upfront during the sales aspect and will then be able to offer you support after the sale.

How Does Selectquote Work? 

The goal of SelectQuote is to help customers locate the most affordable and comprehensive insurance policies in a matter of minutes, ensuring the safety of their most prized possessions and financial security.

What Is the Least Expensive Life Insurance? 

In comparison to full life insurance, which may be quite pricey, term life insurance is relatively inexpensive

Who Owns Selectquote? 

“Tim” Timothy Robert Danker is the CEO of the insurance brokerage firm Selectquote.

Is Selectquote a Legit Company? 

SelectQuote, which has been in business since 1985, is an insurance sales agency specialising in finding cheap life insurance products for its clients. Customers can utilize SelectQuote to buy not only life insurance but also car insurance and homeowner’s insurance.

Does Getting an Insurance Quote Do Anything? 

Risk factors such as claims history, annual mileage driven, driving experience, coverages, and driving record affect quotes. You can compare rates and coverages by getting quotations from multiple insurers.

Do Insurance Agents Get Paid for Quotes? 

Insurance agents do not receive any of your money. Instead, the insurance company will automatically deduct the agreed-upon commission amount from each premium payment.

Does an Insurance Quote Pull Your Credit? 

Getting vehicle insurance quotes does not involve a hard inquiry into your credit history, so feel free to compare shops without worry. Applying for a mortgage or a credit card typically triggers a hard credit pull.

Is Selectquote a Broker?

Selectquote Insurance Services provides insurance agent and broker services. Insurance for your car, home, and body is all available through the firm.


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