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Review ratings are important when it comes to picking out car insurance. As you look for car insurance, make sure that one of the most important things for you is that the customer is satisfied. So that you can file a claim more easily, it’s important to have a good ranking. You can read our review of State Farm auto insurance company below to get all the information you need to decide if it’s the right insurance for you before you hit the road, like the cost and quote processes.

State Farm Auto Insurance Company: Overview

State Farm is one of the biggest insurance companies because it sells a lot of different insurance and financial goods that can only be bought through State Farm agents. This includes insurance for old cars. This carrier might be right for you if you want a well-known brand name with a wide range of goods at reasonable prices.

In addition to that, it has business insurance plans for restaurants, professional services, retailers, independent workers, and more. You can also get bills electronically and pay them automatically. Business owners’ policies (BOP) bundles, surety and trust bonds, and farm and ranch insurance are all types of commercial insurance.

State Farm Auto Insurance Company: Features

State Farm provides useful features to its protected customers. The State Farm Select Service® program, for instance, connects customers with a group of auto repair shops that offer claim service options for getting quotes and fixing cars. The service will even pick up and drop off your car if you ask them to.

The State Farm mobile app, which you can get from the App Store and Google Play, also makes it easy to file a claim or get roadside help when you’re not at home. This includes towing, jumpstarting, and getting a locksmith. People who have the app can also get to their ID cards, see all of their insurance plans at once, pay their bills, and talk to a State Farm agent directly.

There is also advice about car insurance, driving, and maintenance in the Simple Insights® from State Farm section. Some examples of articles are ones that talk about how to stay safe while driving, how to buy or sell a car, and how to drive in bad weather.

State Farm Auto Insurance Company: Discounts

State Farm has a lot of different discount choices that can help lower your insurance rates. These options vary by state:

  • With the Drive Safe & SaveTM app, safe drivers can save up to 30%.
  • The Steer Clear® app can save you up to 15% if you are under 25 and haven’t been in an accident or gotten a moving ticket in the last three years.
  • Those under 25 years old who get good grades and drive can save up to 25%.
  • Kids who aren’t at school can save money if they only drive home during breaks.
  • There are discounts for safe vehicles, such as a 40% discount on medical coverage for cars made before 1993 that have an airbag or other passive restraint system built in; a discount for having an alarm or another approved anti-theft device in your car; and more.
  • State Farm can save families up to 20% on their insurance rates if they cover more than one family-owned car.
  • Vehicles from 1994 and later model years may be eligible for a safety discount.
  • Discount for bundles

State Farm Auto Insurance Company: Types Of  Coverage

State Farm offers the following standard types of coverage:

#1. Collision

State Farm collision insurance only covers the car’s real cash value, and policyholders have to pay a deductible before they get any benefits. You’ll only be covered if someone hits your car. This includes accidents with just one car. It doesn’t cover accidents with falling or flying items. 

#2.  Liability

This kind of insurance is required by law in most states. It helps pay for another driver’s medical bills or property damage if you’re officially found to be at fault in an accident. You’ll need to get the least amount that your state requires.

#3. Comprehensive

Comprehensive coverage shields your vehicles from losses like collisions with animals, theft, fire, explosions, and bad weather, but not from collisions with other vehicles. Some lenders who give out car loans need this kind of coverage.

#4. Rental Cars and Travel Costs

If you have this coverage, State Farm will pay for or repay you for the cost of renting a car after a certain type of accident. If the damage to your car makes it impossible for you to drive, the company may also pay for your travel costs, such as food and lodging. You must already have comprehensive or accident insurance in order to be eligible. 

#5. Uninsured and Uninsured Motor Vehicles

If someone hits your car and you’re not to blame and the other driver doesn’t have enough insurance, State Farm will pay for your medical bills, car damage (in some states), and even lost wages. 

#6. Driver for Rideshare

People with car insurance and rideshare companies can buy extra insurance to protect themselves in case of an accident or a customer files a claim against them because they were hurt. According to State Farm, it usually costs an extra 15% to 20% on top of your car insurance premium.

State Farm Auto Insurance Company: Satisfaction Ratings & Complaint Index

Customers seem to be happy with the different ways that State Farm lets people buy insurance and file cases. There were eight insurance companies in the J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study, and this one got the second-highest score (872), which was one point higher than the average (871). The company also got 892 out of 1,000, which is 12 points higher than the average for the insurance business (880.0), and ranked sixth out of 18 companies that offered auto insurance.

Because State Farm is financially stable, you can be sure that the company will have money when you make a claim. AM Best, a company that rates insurers based on how financially stable they are, gave them the best grade possible, an “A++.”

In addition to that, finding out how many issues there are with an insurance company can help you figure out what kind of company it is. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is a group that stores complaints from customers about insurance companies so that the average for the industry can be seen. State Farm’s complaint score is 1.18, which is higher than the average of 1.0 for the industry.

State Farm Auto Insurance Company: Insurance Claims

One of the biggest car insurance companies in the US is State Farm. But even if you have State Farm car insurance, it can still be hard to get paid after an accident. You should know that the auto insurance company will do everything it can to keep the payment amount as low as possible. Therefore, you need to know how to fight back against the tricks that State Farm Insurance adjusters will use against you if you want to get full compensation for your injury or property damage claims.

Furthermore, you can get in touch with State Farm in a number of different ways. First, if you have insurance with State Farm, you can log in to your account online or on your phone with their app. The State Farm app for your phone walks you through how to report an accident. There are other ways to get in touch with State Farm as well:

  • Toll-Free Number: 1-800-782-8332 This number is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

State Farm Auto Insurance Company: Step-by-step Guide To Filling Claims

You should have a lot of different kinds of information ready when you are ready to file a claim with State Farm. Among these are:

  • Your insurance policy number as well as the name and insurance policy number of the at-fault driver
  • A copy of the police report from the incident If you do not have a copy, you need to contact the department that responded to the incident and request a copy.
  • The contact information of the drivers or passengers involved in the accident
  • Any evidence you have that documents the accident, including photo or video surveillance from the scene,
  • The contact information of the repair shop of your choice if you would like to request an independent estimate for property damage
  • A supporting document outlining your total expenses resulting from the accident, including all medical bills related to the incident, any out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages you have incurred, and more.

Please keep in mind that you might need to hire a skilled car accident lawyer to help you file your claim correctly. When you file a claim, you should know that insurance companies will do everything they can to keep the payoff amount as low as possible. In essence, an attorney will be aware of the tricks employed by claims adjusters and will be able to make sure you are treated fairly at all times.

State Farm Auto Insurance Cost

You can get the most accurate quote on the cost of state-farm auto insurance by entering your exact information. Although you’re not required to buy, it’s best to get an idea of the exact numbers you might be facing.

Also, State Farm is a cheap choice for minimum-liability policies, according to our rate estimates. On average, State Farm’s basic base coverage costs $791 a year, or $66 a month. Compared to the national average of $823 per year, these rates are about 11% less expensive. For accidents you cause, minimum liability protects other cars, their passengers, and their property.

State Farm Auto Insurance Cost: Factors Affecting Cost

A State Farm auto insurance agent uses several factors to determine the cost of insurance, including:

  • Age
  • Driving history
  • speeding tickets
  • violations 
  • Vehicle type
  • Credit history
  • Coverage type

You do have some say over the end rate, though. To lower your overall cost, you can choose a higher deductible. You can also pick the types of coverage and the limits of that coverage.

State Farm Auto Insurance Quote

An auto insurance quote might not tell you the exact amount you’ll pay for coverage, but it can give you a good idea of what the premiums are. In the past, insurance companies set premiums based on rates and underwriting, which is how they figured out how risky a potential customer is and how likely they are to make claims. 

Thus, a quote for state farm auto car insurance is an idea of how much a policy will cost based on the details you give the insurance company and the coverage you choose. When looking for new insurance, you usually get a quote. To make a smart choice, you should always get quotes from more than one insurance company before you buy a policy.

State Farm Auto Insurance Quote: Requirements

The quote process varies by insurer, but many companies require you to submit personal information, such as your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact information
  • Date of birth
  • Record of accidents and tickets
  • Driver’s license number
  • Gender
  • Marital status

The process of obtaining a quote is straightforward. To start the insurance quote process, complete everything online or call a local agent for the details. You’ll have to enter your basic information as well as specific vehicle information. You should also know that your credit and prior insurance information will be obtained from third-party sources.

Who gets State Farms’ best rates?

drivers with a recent accident or a driving under the influence (DUI) conviction on their records.

Who is State Farm’s biggest competitor?

State Farm’s main competitors are USAA, MetLife, and American Family Insurance.

Are customers happy with State Farm?

State Farm received an overall satisfaction score of 80 out of 100 from a pool of its customers in a NerdWallet survey conducted online in June 2022

Why is State Farm denying so many claims?

That’s because State Farm is focused on protecting its bottom line.


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