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Maintaining competitiveness is critical in every industry. How can you get a good look at the competition in the online market today and find out how they use search engine optimization to get people to their sites? Of course, you can do that with a competitor keyword analysis. You can leverage the exact process and adapt your entire approach to target the same audience. This is done by using a specialist tool that reveals the phrases and keywords your nearest competitors are using. Competitor keyword research tools are also a great way to solve particular SEO problems and find new opportunities. And, no, if it is indeed publicly available, it’s not spying. Let’s jump right into the best free Semrush competitor keyword research tool.

What Is Competitor Keyword Research?

Competitor keyword research is the study of the keywords that your competitors use to rank high on search engine results pages. You must first evaluate which keywords have previously been profitable for your competitors. Hence, to begin this process, you can dig deeper into your customers’ web search habits.

Competitor Keyword Research Tools

Below are the various competitor keyword research tools to get a good look at the online market. Thus, they include:

#1. SpyFu

SpyFu is one of the keyword competitor research tools that are quite helpful when doing market analysis against the competition. This app is made to help you look at competitors in your industry and confidently draw conclusions about how well their marketing works. Keywords, traffic, incoming clicks, limitations, and more may all be seen clearly on the dashboard. So, if you want to improve your own efforts, you can also look up comparable keywords and use those as starting points.

SpyFu is also one of the competitor keyword research tools that provides information on how much money competitors spend on ads, how many times their ads are clicked, and how many times they are searched for each month. Thus, knowing this can give you a leg up on the competition when going after the same keywords.

#2. TagCrowd

TagCrowd’s approach to market analysis is appealing if you value ease of use and a low cost of entry. There is no in-depth data analysis, although you can enter a Link. The technology then creates a tag cloud using the most popular search terms for the given page.

So, whether you need a few more keywords or are testing the waters of a new competition, this is a great tool to have on hand. It’s also useful for brainstorming potential blog post ideas and conducting preliminary research.

One may employ it to test if certain keywords or phrases stick out on your website. However, if they don’t, you can tweak your search engine optimization strategies to increase their visibility going forward.

#3. BuzzSumo

This can tell you everything from which keywords your competitors are employing to what other factors may be at play because it is a top-tier analyzer. They provide a domain rating system that makes it easy to compare these two domains’ strengths and weaknesses. This allows you to compare your website’s performance to that of a rival in an extremely detailed manner.

Furthermore, this is helpful because it reveals the most popular posts on each site.  When seen, this shows you which of your articles and your rivals’ are generating the most traffic and engagement.

#4. Ahrefs

Keyword research and tracking of search engine rankings are made easier using Ahrefs. Hence, with its Site Explorer, you can see everything from a rival’s search visibility to its snippet victories and losses.

To delve even further into the ranks of competitors, Ahrefs allows you to sift through keywords according to factors such as keyword difficulty, and cost per click

#5. Semrush

Using Semrush, site owners can keep tabs on how their pages are faring in the various search engines. Competitive domain statistics such as organic search traffic, keywords, and hyperlinks are also revealed.

In addition, Semrush provides a lot of features at no cost. Keywords, rank shifts, and the most popular pages for competitors are all shown. It also comes with the free Keyword Gap Tool for doing keyword gap analyses. If you need extra storage space, Semrush’s premium plans include a free seven-day trial.

Best Free Competitor Keyword Research Tool

Even though it’s crucial to use a competitor keyword research tool. However, not everyone can afford to invest in a premium tool right now. To assist you, we have compiled a list of free competitor keyword research tool. They are:

#1. AnswerThePublic

It’s a potent method for generating keyword ideas and discovering what information your target audience is seeking. You might get a chart or a list when you download the information.  Unfortunately, there is one drawback to this resource: you can only conduct three free searches every day.

#2. Keyword Sheeter

This free competitor keyword research tool fetches Google search suggestions. It provides instantaneous information about search queries. Also, it is a great option if you need to quickly generate a huge list of keyword suggestions. Over a thousand suggestions are retrieved every minute, and you can export your collection at no cost. It’s an effective and easy way to generate material for your blog.

Regrettably, Keyword Sheeter doesn’t offer search volume or information on how challenging it is to rank for a term as part of its free offerings.

#3. Keyworddit

This free competitor keyword research tool is not intended to substitute other competitor keyword research tools; however, it could serve as a fun addition to your current approach. The users of the famous website Reddit often go in-depth about subjects that interest them. There’s a chance it’ll turn up search terms and blog posts you couldn’t have found any other way.

#4. Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner likely is the only one of these tools that you’re familiar with, but if you have, that’s okay. This is for a very good reason since the tool in question makes it very simple for you to discover high-quality keywords. Add a small keyword list with you so that you can determine the number of individuals who are googling for those keywords. You can also check how much rivalry is available for ads with those keywords, and other keyword phrases which may be more helpful in your advertising strategies.

#5. AdWord and Search Engine Optimization( SEO) Keyword Permutation Generator

This tool is designed to assist you in locating variants on keywords that you are researching. You can input as many as three distinct keyword lists into the generator. Then, it will integrate the keywords you’ve provided with as many various contexts as it can. This will provide you with a variety of permutations from which to pick.

Semrush Competitor Keyword Research

When it comes to SEO and other forms of internet marketing, Semrush competitor keyword research is a must-have tool. Semrush competitor research is an important tool for both organic and paid SEO advertisers. It has served more than 7 million customers.

You can use the Semrush competitor keyword research tool to find relevant keywords, monitor their rankings, and learn about the competition. Aside from that, it has the best tools for doing content research, SEO audits of websites, and backlink analysis.

Characteristics of Semrush Competitor Keyword Research

They include:

#1. It Is a Perfect Tool for Keyword Analysis

Semrush competitor keyword research tool provides you with access to a massive keyword dataset numbering in the tens of billions. This implies that you can get a ton of great keyword suggestions for use in search engine optimization and pay-per-click efforts. Semrush is home to the world’s largest keyword database.

#2. Semrush Is the Easiest Way to Detect Dangerous Connections

The organic search rankings can take a hit from toxic or poor connections. Monitoring your backlink regularly can allow you to identify and eliminate any poisonous links that may be hurting your search engine rankings. Toxic links can severely damage your organic search rankings. However, with the help of Semrush, you can quickly identify them and remove them with the Google Disavow tool.

#3. Provides Access to a Content Marketing Resource Kit

Semrush is a comprehensive suite of tools in one convenient location. Semrush’s “Content Advertising Platform” is one reason to use it over competing SEO solutions. It handles every step of the content creation process, from initial ideation to final analysis of content key to effectiveness. That is to say, you can use this one tool for all of your digital marketing needs.

In general, Semrush is just one of many search engines available. Depending on whatever features you’re interested in using, different alternatives to Semrush should be compared.

Competitors to Semrush’s suite of products include: 

#1. Ahrefs

A powerful all-in-one SEO solution, Ahrefs is highly recommended. This is the most formidable rival that Semrush faces altogether. We suggest using Ahrefs if you are interested in analyzing backlinks. Semrush is the superior alternative for you if what you’re most interested in is researching keywords and tracking your rankings.

#2. Serpstat

In the comprehensive list of Semrush alternatives that we have compiled, Serpstat comes in second place as the primary alternative to Semrush. You can undertake competition analysis, AdWords, stable career, website audit, and domain research with relative simplicity using Serpstat.

You can acquire everything you require for your development campaign from a single system rather than juggling different tools as you would normally do. Serpstat can be utilized for a multitude of purposes, from SEO techniques to backlink analysis. The capacity to run a system, particularly for any website, as well as each page of a website independently, is the key reason to go for it.

#3. SpyFu

If you’re looking for tools like Semrush, SpyFu is a great option because it is widely thought to be one of the most advanced SEO tools for studying keywords and figuring out how your competitors rank. The SpyFu SEO tool is one of the best and most affordable alternatives to the Semrush tool because it can be used for everything from keyword research to PPC analytics. SpyFu makes it simple to conduct in-depth keyword analysis like a professional, uncovering new opportunities to boost your site’s visibility in search engines and revenue.

If you want additional revenue for your website, you need to discover fresh profitable keywords. With SpyFu’s keyword research tools, you may quickly uncover high-volume, low-difficulty protracted keywords. SpyFu also has a unique tool called Kombat that you can use to discover every lucrative keyword your rivals use. Kombat is a terrific addition if you’re still fighting an uphill battle to expand your site’s audience and revenue, and you want to see which terms your rivals are hiding on their pages.

What Is Competitor Research in Market Research?

Doing competitive research entails locating and identifying your business’s rivals. It also entails analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of both the companies themselves and the goods and services they offer.

What Is the Keyword of Competitor?

“Competitor keywords” are the keywords that your competitors use to improve their search engine rankings and get more people to visit their websites. When you optimize for keywords related to your competition, you can show up in the same search engine results pages for search engines (SERPs).

Can You Target Competitor Keywords?

Yes, you can. When you optimize for keywords related to your competition, it can show up on the same search engine results pages (SERPs). Keyword research on your competitors can help you find their blind spots, like high-value terms they’re overlooking.

In Essence

Online stores can get ahead by doing keyword research on their competitors. If you look at the search terms that bring people to your competitor’s website, you can figure out what they want. Also, if you can always find new keywords to use in your ads, you can increase sales and reach a larger group of people who buy things online. Find out what you’ve been missing and learn something new. You can begin focusing on the best and most relevant keywords for your business with the help of this quick guide to assessing competitor keywords.


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