AUDIOBOOK APPS: Best 2023 Options & What You Need (Free & Paid)

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Due to the enormous growth in audiobook use in recent years, there are now an equally amazing number of audiobook applications on the market, each with its own set of features. It is understandable that choosing one can be difficult. Read on to learn about the best audiobook apps.

What Is Audiobook Apps?

We book lovers all have distinct tastes in literature. We listen to a certain amount of audiobooks each month, and we have favorite genres. Before we even discuss the specifics, I’m going to have to disappoint you and say that I can’t give you the one and only top audiobook app. Simply put, I don’t think that is possible. You may have read my evaluations and comparisons of the most well-known audiobook providers if you have previously visited Lovely Audiobooks. I’ve compiled a list of my favorites below, and in 2023, we’ll discover which app is the greatest for audiobooks overall.

Best Audiobook Apps

The best audiobook apps include the following:

#1. Hoopla

Hoopla is known as one of the best audiobook apps. As long as their library is a Hoopla associate, the well-known audiobook service Hoopla allows library cardholders in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to listen to audiobooks for free. The Hoopla app for iOS and Android has all the other features that an audiobook app needs, plus sleep timers and bookmarks. There are monthly lending limits on the number of books you can take out, just as you can’t take all the volumes out of the library home at once. Hoopla offers ebooks and television series in addition to audiobooks.

#2. YouTube

Audiobooks are sometimes overlooked, despite the fact that there are numerous free books that people have uploaded to YouTube. Despite the fact that it is perfectly legal and free to distribute any audiobook in the public domain in this way, some copyrighted works have nevertheless been illegally uploaded.

Audio Books, Public Domain Audiobooks, and The Best Audio Books are a few dependable starting points. Of course, given that the books are on arbitrary YouTube channels, the selection is quite an ad hoc. The audio quality varies, and there is no guarantee that you will actually find the book you’re looking for.

#3. Realm FM

This is rated as one of the best audiobook apps because it gains a slight edge from Realm FM, which offers immersive series and podcast experiences made especially for its platform. They provide entertaining, brief episodes in many different genres, such as drama, fantasy, science fiction, and others. You have the option of purchasing a monthly or yearly membership after a two-week free trial. The majority of the app’s content may be listened to for free, but a premium subscription gets rid of the ads and gives you access to more exclusive deals.

Realm FM has apps for iOS and Android, and it also sells Marvel and DC Comics audiobooks on its own (with a discount for Realm Unlimited members). The absence of the popular audiobook content you’re seeking is a disadvantage. However, if you’re looking for unusual and cutting-edge items that you can only find on the app, it’s worth a look.

#4. LibroFM

LibroFM distinguishes itself from its competitors in addition to providing a monthly membership by donating a portion of its earnings to the neighborhood bookshop of its choosing. Additionally, they offer on-demand audiobooks. When you sign up, you can also download an audiobook for free.

Although LibroFM has a sizable library, it now only operates in the US and Canada and provides fewer titles than competing providers. They differ because their books are DRM-free. You are no longer restricted to utilizing their app; instead, the MP3 tracks can now be downloaded and saved permanently on your phone or computer.


The less well-known audiobook app is called Three free audiobooks are available as well as other audio entertainment during the application’s 30-day free trial. You can subscribe for one credit a month after the trial to gain access to both their VIP and basic libraries. Of course, adding more credits is always an option. You can use these credits to either join an audiobook club that gives you 30 days of limitless access to all of the titles in your preferred club or to purchase any one of their 350,000 audiobooks.

The ability to purchase audiobooks with or without a membership is one of’s best features, making it ideal for people who dislike commitments. Additionally, there are ongoing sales and seasonal promotions.

#6. Spotify

Unknown to most people is the growing audiobook branch of the Swedish streaming service Spotify. You may find a wide selection of children’s, young adult, and adult books on Spotify, which is accessible on Apple and Android devices.

Spotify only employs the “a la carte” pricing structure, where you pay per book. This is not the most economical option if you listen to several audiobooks each month, even if you will always own the book. However, if you already listen to music and podcasts on Spotify, having all of your auditory content in one place might be a solid reason to take this decision into consideration.

#7. Chirp Audiobooks

The closest thing is probably Chirp, which doesn’t require a membership subscription and offers unlimited audiobooks for prices ranging from $1.99 to $4.99. For on-the-go listening, you can download or stream your audiobooks to the Chirp mobile app. But as of right now, only Americans may use the platform.

#8. Google Play Books

This is also known as one of the best audiobook apps, despite the fact that you can’t keep track of your reading within the app. Google Play Books, the Android version of Apple Books, provides seamless syncing and integration across all of your devices. The application is also available for iOS smartphones, so Apple customers do not need to worry. However, in-app purchases cannot be made on iOS devices. Online retailers also sell comic books and e-books.

#9. Audible

This Amazon-owned company currently holds the majority of the audiobook market share. You may access practically any book you can think of with an Audible subscription in addition to their originals and exclusives! They offer a great system that takes into account your listening habits when recommending books. Additionally, there are a number of recurrent options available, like Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus.

Both membership levels provide you unrestricted access to the Audible “Plus” library, but only the Premium plan offers a monthly credit that may be used to buy any book from Audible’s vast selection. Over 470,000 audiobooks are currently accessible on Audible, and over 10,000 are included in the Audible Plus library. Additionally, unlike many other apps that only provide you access to audiobooks while your subscription is in effect, Audible allows you to keep your titles forever.

#10. Scribd

If you want to read ebooks, listen to podcasts, and read news sources like The New York Times in addition to listening to audiobooks, Scribd may be the appropriate app for you. They have a sizable collection, which includes TikTok bestsellers, Scribd Originals, and a considerable number of professionally published books.

Additionally, Scribd provides a referral program that awards users a free month of access as well as a two-month trial for each person they recommend (instead of the regular 30 days). The books are essentially being streamed through Scribd, so you do not permanently own them. Only a certain amount of titles are available per billing month depending on where you reside.

#11. Kobo Books

On its website, the well-known ebook vendor Kobo Books also offers audiobooks for purchase. Unlimited access to their library of more than 100,000 audiobooks is available with the “Kobo Plus Listen” plan, which is less than Audible Premium Plus at just $9.99. They provide 1.3 million ebooks in addition to their audiobooks as part of their somewhat more expensive “Kobo Plus Read and Listen” bundle.

Because they provide a complete analysis of your reading preferences and recommend new books based on your past reading patterns, in-app statistics are beneficial for readers who are data-obsessed. Additionally, the app does a respectable job of keeping your purchased books organized.

#12. The Barnes & Noble Nook

The Barnes & Noble Nook app provides users with access to more than 3.6 million ebooks, digital comics, newspapers, magazines, and audiobooks, some of which are completely free. Following the 30-day free trial, you have access to one monthly credit that may be used to purchase any audiobook from their library. Along with savings on a variety of their products, members also get free audiobooks when they join.

What Is the Best App to Listen to Audiobooks for Free?

Audiobook applications for free:

  • Loyal books
  • Overdrive.
  • Audible.
  • Downpour.
  • eStories.
  • Scribd.

Can You Listen to Audiobooks for Free?

Without joining Audible or another subscription service, you may find free audiobooks. Numerous books, mostly in the public domain, are available for download on websites like LibriVox, Internet Archive, and Lit2Go.

Is There a Netflix for Audiobooks?

A common nickname for BookLender is “Netflix for books.”

Is Audible Books Free for Prime Members?

No, a Prime membership is not required to purchase an Audible Plus or Audible Premium Plus subscription. If you’ve never had a subscription to Audible Premium Plus, you may join up for a 30-day free trial and get one free credit (two free credits for Prime members) as well as access to the Plus Catalog if you’ve never had one before.

How Much Does Audible Cost if You Have Prime?

Membership to Audible Premium Plus for Prime Members | Your preferred books everywhere you go. Enjoy a risk-free test from us! After 30 days, $14.95 per month. 

Is Audible Worth the Money?

Audible is unquestionably worth the cost. A wide selection of audiobooks are available to you for unlimited listening, along with one audiobook that you may retain forever each month and all the other advantages of reading more books, whether they are fiction or nonfiction.

How Much Does Amazon Audible Cost per Month?

Listen to as many of the Audible Plus catalog’s tens of thousands of included titles as you like for just $7.95 per month. $14.95/month for Audible Premium Plus gets you access to the Plus Catalog as well as 1 credit toward any title from the premium selection.


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