CPA Marketing Guide 2021 (+ Free Course)

CPA marketing

what is CPA marketing? Get extensive Guide, How can you get started? How it works, 4 free best CPA courses with more than 21 CPA marketing tools included helping you grow from novice to a pro. These and many more are what you would get from this article.

Affiliate marketing! Accounts for 15% of digital advertising revenue and according to IAB had a global industry valuation of about $12 billion as of 2015. And you know the most interesting positive of this rising industry is that since 2015 its revenue has been growing by 10% annually. I know you’re probably having an adrenaline rush on becoming an affiliate marketer if you ain’t one already. And voila, here comes CPA (Cost Per Action) an important affiliate marketing model. I’m gonna guide you on how to start a CPA affiliate marketing for yourself.


CPA marketing, an initialism for Cost Per Action marketing, is an affiliate marketing model where publishers are paid when a lead completes a certain action. Examples of such actions are completing a sale, watching a video, or filling a form.



Yes, you can. But more than that you can also make a cool living from it. Because among different affiliate marketing models, CPA ranks highest on the value chain.

CPA marketing

So, if you’re a CPA affiliate publisher you are likely to make more from one completed action than from 8 clicks in a CPC affiliate marketing.



Every CPA affiliate marketing involves interaction between publisher, advertiser, CPA network, and leads. Let’s understand the role these four play.

  1. Affiliate or publisher:

    This is the influencer that helps brands achieve their marketing aim by bringing leads that complete the CPA action.

  2. Business or Advertiser:

    This is the brand that partners with affiliates to achieve a marketing aim.

  3. CPA network:

    This is the platform that brings affiliates and advertisers together. Hence, they serve as a link between affiliates and advertisers.

  4. Leads:

    These are prospective customers referred by affiliates to advertisers.

Now, let’s take a look at an example to understand how CPA works by the interaction of these four.

If MKBHD, YouTuber, and blogger known for tech reviews, decides to join a CPA affiliate marketing program. He has to join a CPA network, like MaxBounty.  When he sees a mobile phone company, let’s say Xiaomi with an attractive offer for their associates, on the MaxBounty affiliate site. He generates an affiliate link for himself, places a contextual link that directs leads to that Xiaomi’s product. If leads click on this link and purchase the product then Xiaomi pays MKHBD a referral commission. So, everyone wins.


Now, you already know how CPA marketing works. If you want to know how to start CPA affiliate marketing for yourself, we got you covered. The list below shows a simple step by step guide that will help you start your own CPA marketing.

  1. Step 1:

    You should have a website or blog with engaging or influential content.

  2. Step 2:

    Choose an industry you want to promote.

  3. Step 3:

    Check out products or services in the industry in step 2.

  4. Step 4:

    Sign up for a CPA network that best fits the product or services you want to promote. Some reputable CPA networks are MaxBounty, Clickbooth, Peerfly.

  5. Step 5:

    Find CPA affiliate programs for the products you want to promote on the CPA network in step 4 and generate a contextual link.

  6. Step 6:

    Insert the affiliate program’s link to posts on your blog or website. And optimize the content.

What kind of product should you promote?

The product or service you promote on any of your posts should be relevant to viewers of that post. For example, if you created a tutorial that teaches how to create a personal blog. You can insert CPA affiliate links for a theme you liked when creating your own blog.

Furthermore, there are 3 kinds of products you can promote they are:

  1. Physical products:

    Examples of these products are bags and sneakers. The commission rates for these products are small compared to other types of products because of the process they go through before getting to the consumer (manufacturing, shipping, etc). 1-10% is considered an average commission rate. And the ones with over 10% commission rate are considered very good.

  2. Service products:

    These are products that help consumers achieve a certain result. For example, Blog themes help bloggers create a blog with a beautiful user interface. Commissions for these products are usually within 15 – 30% range.

  3. Information products:

    These are products created by authors, bloggers, marketers. Commissions usually range from 30-50%.



These tools will be handy for every CPA affiliate marketer.

  1. Flippa:

    This site is a market place for people to buy and sell websites. So, it enables affiliate marketers to purchase sites that have high SEO ranking.

  2. SEMRush:

    Through your competitor, you can learn a lot about what your customers want. So SEMRush is not just a competitor analysis tool but also a CPA marketing tool that allows you to know keywords that are trending in your niche. And afterward, optimize your blog content for SEO.

  3. Yoast SEO:

    This plugin is very popular for SEO optimization. It helps you optimize your blog content for high Search engine ranking.

  4. MailChimp:

    This tool will help you get CPA emails to the right people. It targets customers based on their behaviour and previous preferences on your site.

  5. The work of this tool is to look at links on your blog, check out if the website they link to have affiliate programs, and if yes it converts them to affiliate links for you. It means that you don’t have to do the digging of available affiliate programs in your niche. Because this tool automatically does it for you. So, in a scenario where a visitor to your site drops links to an online shop that sells a product, they consider important. It automatically converts the link to an affiliate one for you.


These 4 in-demand CPA courses are top-notch and free. Now I’ve whetted your appetite on CPA affiliate marketing. If you are low on bucks but still want to enhance your knowledge on this subject with some online courses. We dug up some free online courses on CPA affiliate marketing. That will help you with your affiliate marketing journey. Click any of the 4 courses and Enjoy!

  1. Home Business 2020 For beginners: The Smart CPA Marketing (free) | Udemy

  2. CPA Marketing: Affiliate Marketing (free) | Udemy

  3. Amazon & ClickBank affiliate marketing + SEO & copywriting (paid) | Udemy

  4. Home Business: The complete CPA marketing course (paid) | Udemy

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