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Grant writers
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Grant writers, grant writer’s certification, certified grant writers, grant writers job description, how much do grant writers make.  (Synonym: how much does grant writer make). Are all what you should expect to know from this post


In other to understand who a grant writer is you must first understand what grant writing is all about. Grant writing is the act of applying for funds made available by government, NGO institutions, corporation, and trust and foundation

Firstly before a grant can be awarded to you, your organization or corporation must ensure to write and submit a proposal before qualification.

This is where grant writers comes in. Grant proposal basically requests funding to support activities and programs. These programs are consistent with a nonprofit organizations mission.

Grant writers are simply professionals who handle the issues of proposal preparations for grant applicants. Grant writers in other words handle your proposal well.  And, raise your chances of getting a grant or fund your business.


A grant writer does not have to be professionally trained to occupy the position of a grant writer. Although it does require a degree in formal education.

There are many ways of becoming a grant writer and getting your certification. And some of these basic steps include:

  1. Earn an undergraduate degree
  2. Become a member of a grant writers association
  3. Learn how to write grant proposals
  4. Gain experience
  5. Update your resume e.t.c

Also, there are quite a few grants writing certification programs, that is why it might be challenging to pick one that right’s for your career. Depending on your requirements, here are the best options for you


Duration: 5 Sessions (in-person, physical classes). 10 sessions (online)

Price: $1,322

Certificate of grant writing is available on various educational and noneducational institutions.  If you’re   looking for grant writing classes taught by a recognized educational institution, the certification offered by The University of South Carolina is probably for you. 

Students studying this course get to learn more about the research and writing process. Even in a much more up-close and personal manner. Furthermore, they identify the different forms that need to be filled for different industries, amounts, and more.

This Grant Writing program begins with helping individuals create a strategic outline for their queries. Next, it helps them in developing newer ways to effectively help their clients. To gain a much higher chance of securing grants through their successful grant proposals.

The course costs $1,322, which is extremely high comparing to some of the other courses currently available. However, because it’s an accredited course, by a recognized educational institution, no less, it’s definitely for everyone.

Once you are done, you get a high-level set of credentials that tells the whole world that you are a certified grant writer. This certification is acceptable much more widely for grant writers. Than Skillshare or Udemy certifications.


Duration: 50 minutes (3 projects)

Price: $159 per month (Skillshare subscription)

Skillshare is an online learning and skill development platform. Which creates a easier and accessible alternative for individuals looking to learn essential grant writing skills.

The Grant Writing Basics for Beginners course is ideal for people completely new to writing request documents.

This grant writer’s certification includes a 50-minute course and then including 3 projects which you can complete at your own pace.

Skillshare grant writer’s certification course is led by Teresa Huff.  She explains essential technical writing skills, potential funding sources to address, and how to write a successful grant proposal to funders.

It basically starts from the basics and then goes all the way up to addressing more complications of grant writing.

Students get to learn directly from her 20 years of experience in writing successful grants. And how she has managed to secure millions worth of grants for her clients. Additionally, the course is both engaging and helpful in a practical sense.  

You can engage in the course on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop device. Upon completion, of the course. You will receive a digital completion certificate stamped by Skillshare, stating that you are a certified and professional  grant writer.


Duration: 9 weeks

Price: $900 ($800 for early-bird subscribers)

The Portland State University’s Grant Writing program is a perfect ideal.  For anyone looking to build theoretical, as well as practical grant writing knowledge. 

Enrollment closed in September 2020 and will reopen in July or August for the early birds.

Its grant writers certification is visible throughout the US. Because of the great grant writing skill that graduates can develop.

In fact, many nonprofit organizations require the certificate from Portland State as a prerequisite for hiring writers. In addition to earning a good income, writers are also able to promote noble causes with the help of this online course.

The course costs offer a lot of value to those who want to pursue a career in grant writing. I definitely recommend the course to students, if they don’t mind becoming professional grant writers for nonprofits only.

This serves as a good grant writing certification for grant writers seeking a career in grant writing.


Duration: 1h 41m

Price: $14.99 (at a promotional discount, otherwise $44.99)

The principles that are in use in this course apply to almost every grant you may write.  Which eventually turns you into a certified grant writer.

This grant writing certification implies to government agencies and is for companies/entities seeking government grants. The classes are led by Dr. Beverly Browning, a pro in grant writing. 

The course package includes the instructional videos, 35 downloadable resources, and a grant writing certification for your resume, and to display on your social media profiles.

You can access the course via the Udemy web portal or mobile app on both iOS and Android phones.

We would definitely recommend this course to all those looking to write exceptional grant-seeking proposals without breaking your bank or having to spend weeks or months completing a training course.

Perfect for grant writers certification. For more information and to subscribe, visit Udemy Grant Writing.


Duration: 6 weeks

Price: $159

ED2GO is advanced. And is also known in the industry as one of the most thorough courses for this vocational skill.

It’s suitable for people, who have no writing experience at all, as well as professional grant writers or technical writers who are looking to perfect their craft and/or apply for better jobs that require greater qualification.

 When going through the course, we also found that it takes a much deeper and thorough approach and is headed by Dr. Beverly Browning. It starts with the cover letter and explains everything in great detail all the way up to the contact page.

When you’re done with this course,  you will have the ability to write grant proposals addressing corporations, government, private individuals, foundations. 

Unfortunately, the course does cater to beginners but not absolute beginners who have no skill or experience in grant writing, which is why it isn’t a 10/10 for us.  

There is also the instructor-led online version that adopts a bootcamp-like approach. The instructor-led course takes about 6 weeks to complete. While the self-paced course is available for 3 months.

This certification is definitely among the best awards. For practical grant writing in the nonprofit sector for grant writers certification.


Certified grant writers basically research, draft, and submit proposals that help organizations or individuals receive grant funding. In other to be eligible for funding, an organization or individual must have an objective.

Professional and certified grant Writers is therefore, a team of professional nonprofit consultants who specialize in grant writing, program development, and grant readiness.

Certified grant writers are typically grant writers who have gained certification in grant writing. Through any of the certified institutions of grant writing. Further, there are millions of certified grant writers currently in the internet and in the world now.

Institution as well set up a community made up by a collection of grant writers some these institutions include


Some certified grant writers under these certified institution. And who you can reach out to ease the grant writing stress away include;

1.     Alexis Swenson

Alexis developed her skills in donor management and grant writing as former Development Coordinator at the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley in Fargo, North Dakota.

2.     Brandis Rosenthal

Prior to starting her grant consulting business, Brandis worked in the biotechnology industry in investor relations and project management. And with many years of external messaging experience, and extensive academic background.

3.     Sarah Mueller

After spending most of her professional career working in marketing and journalism roles, Sarah was looking for something new. She wanted a way to combine her love for marketing and journalism into a way that could benefit and help others!

4.     Celia Mendez

We help non-profits, faith-based organizations and schools obtain funding to implement creative solutions that make our communities a better to place to live and work. Celia has written funding strategies and grants for local non-profits that serves people.

5.     Eliana Echavarria 

As the founder of Buffalo Ambition Co. Eliana has served as a business mentor to numerous aspiring and growing entrepreneurs in the public and private sector. She has successfully secured grants for nonprofits and corporations.

6.     Michelle Baker 

Michelle has an extensive background in medicine that ranged from EMS to patient care in a hospital setting. After thirty years in that career, she left to pursue her love of writing. Her work has been published in newspapers and magazines.


Grant writers job description includes gathering documentation. And as well fulfill the necessary requirements of various funding bodies to formally seek funding on behalf of their agency.

For many non-profits grants from various foundations and other funding organizations are their life’s blood and primary funding mechanism.

Because it is important we understand grant writers descriptions. So that you can equally articulate what grant writers job description is all about.


Consequently, scope of a grant writer’s job description might vary from one organization or client to another, certain elements of their job remain the same.


Before pursuing funding, they identify sources with interests and values that are likely to provide financial support.

Also, these can be corporate foundations, government programs, other nonprofits, or individual donors. Grant writers look at previous successful grants by a source, speak to officials, and conduct research.
Cultivate Donors
In many organizations, grant writers job description includes in donor relations. And have significant interaction with donor officials before, during, and after the grant process.

As a result may include cultivating ongoing relationships in general. Providing more specific information to the donor about how their money is being used.
Write and Submit Proposals
A grant writer’s job description is also to develop proposals to obtain funds from donors. The grant writer carefully designs each proposal not only to meet the donor’s formal requirements, but also to demonstrate in both qualitative and quantitative terms why their client is best suited to achieve the donor’s goals.

As communications professionals, grant writers job description rely heavily on language-related. And interpersonal skills to carry out their work.


According to PayScale, the median salary for grant writers in the US is $49,044. And brings the average hourly rate to around $24.53. The average salary range is between $37,000 and $69,000. Other than that, grant writers can earn up to $4,000 in bonuses, $20,000 in profit-sharing, and $11,000 in commissions.

The earning potential for a grant writer will vary significantly from state to state and also is dependent on educational background. As a result, according to the BLS, the median pay for a technical writer (a field that includes Grant Writers among others) is $72,850.

Is grant writing a good skill?

It’s a fantastic method to apply your writing abilities for a range of funding-required organizations, from small nonprofits to research colleges. Alternatively, perhaps you want to employ a grant writer. Grant writers are crucial to obtaining financing both while applying for it and when it is awarded.

What qualifications do you need to be a grant writer?

For entry-level positions, grant writers, like other writers and novelists, often need a bachelor’s degree. Often, it doesn’t matter what subject of study you have, however marketing and English are two courses that are helpful. Specific grant writing programs are available at several schools and universities.

Is grant writing difficult?

Due to its complexity and the numerous components that must be learned, grant writing is frequently challenging. You’ll probably be able to pick up grant writing quickly if you have good writing abilities, a general awareness of the grant writing process, and a fundamental knowledge of what grant funding is.

Is there a demand for grant writers?

Grant writers are in high demand, as are grant writing abilities. A increasing number of positions are available in the field of grant writing since it demands a combination of analytical research, skillful writing, planning, and critical thinking to fulfill deadlines.

How long does it take to learn grant writing?

Two years of experience are often required for entry-level grant writing employment. Finding a volunteer or internship position is the greatest method to gain experience as a grant writer. A grant writer with experience in the field for which they are writing grants is highly sought after by many businesses.

Can grant writing be a side hustle?

Consider grant writing as a side business or full-time career if you enjoy writing, enjoy working in a team environment, and are willing to meet tight deadlines and work evenings and weekends.


Grant writers are fast-growing in the world today. The act of grant writing is for everyone who has what it takes. Learn all you need to know.



How much does a grant writer cost

Grant writers are paid according to the level of work. Mostly $100 +GST to $350 + GST per hour.

What does a grant writer do

Grant writers basically research, draft, and submit proposals that help organizations or individuals receive grant funding.

how do grant writers get paid

The grant writing fee structure for freelancers or salaried hires is usually by the hour, by the day or by the proposal. However, it may differ in many places.

Is a grant grant writer worth it

Hiring a grant writer is definitely worth it especially if you have the funds.

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