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global green grant fund

There’s been a lot of fuss lately on the legitimacy of the Global Green grant fund. Tons of individuals usually want to find out what they are getting into. But here’s the thing about funding opportunities, most times legitimacy isn’t irrelevant in cases like this because it has nothing to do with investments. All it entails are submitting plans and proposals.

However, if you still worry about legitimacy, the facts laid out in this post will help you decide.

So, let’s start with the basics…

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What is Global Green Grant Fund?

Global Green Grant Fund is a foundation that supports grassroots environmental causes across the globe. Since its inception in the year 1993, the fund has recorded disbursing over 13,000 grants in 168 countries. It has also generated a revenue of $92 million.

Furthermore, this grant supports communities outside the US and Western Europe working on issues of environmental justice, sustainability, and human rights. The primary goal of this fund is to create a future where people live in harmony with an opportunity to restore and transform their environment.

global green grant fund

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How does Global Green Grant Work?

Global green grant runs with the help of gifts from individuals, businesses, and foundations across the globe.

It’s managed by advisory boards, comprising of social and environmental movement experts from regions where the grants are cover. They virtually determine grantmaking priorities. In turn, these Advisory boards are managed by a coordinator who also comes from the local movements.

Furthermore, each advisory board, sets her grantmaking priorities, strategies, and criteria based on their assessment of local needs and opportunities. Although they usually have to meet in-person yearly. This is to review strategy and adapt their approach to changing needs.

However, grantmaking guidelines are set by staff and board of directors with input from advisors. These guidelines include maximum grants size, principles of grassroots grantmaking, and conflict of interest policies.

The range in the amount for this grant is between $500 to $15,000.

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Application Process

The Global green grant fund application process varies depending on the advisory board in question but generally involves the following:

  • Advisors identify promising projects through their networks and invite them to present proposals.
  • These proposals move to the board for a grantmaking round.
  • Advisors on the board review and rate proposals. Then conduct interviews via mails, teleconferencing, or face-to-face.
  • The advisory board unanimously conclude which proposal to fund and for how much.
  • The Administrative staff meets to review additional due diligence materials from grantees.
  • Administrative staff finally authorize grant payment then notify grantees and advisors.
  • Advisors remain available to grantees for mentoring, questions, and other global green grant-related assistance.
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  • Applicants’ proposals must fall under the six focus areas for the Global Green Grant Fund. These areas include climate justice, local livelihoods, healthy ecosystems and communities, women’s environmental action, right to land, water and resources, and right to defend the environment.
  • All grant proposals must be invited by an advisor, who will present it to the advisory board for screening.

How to Apply for Global Green Grant Fund

  • Prepare a detailed proposal under any of the focus areas.
  • Submit your proposal to any Global Green grant advisor in your region.
  • Stay glued to your email for updates.

Other Details About Global Green Grant Fund

Global GreenGrants assists communities in protecting, restoring, and transforming their natural surroundings in order to ensure a long-term future. It has given over $45 million in grants to local organisations in 163 countries since 1993.

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The folowing are notable programs under the grant fund. 

Green Grantmaking;

With Greengrants averaging $4,800, the flagship program supports more than 5,300 local projects in 163 countries. Basically this award addresses, climate change, biodiversity conservation, freshwater, indigenous rights, ocean and coastal conservation, and women’s voices are among the social and environmental issues.

Women and the Environment; 

More than ever, women’s rights must be preserved and supported. The Global Greengrants Fund is dedicated to supporting projects that are planned, led, and staffed by women. However, large-scale dams, deforestation, filthy energy development, mining, and polluting businesses have all been halted by award winners.

Growing Green Philanthropy Around the World; 

Global GreenGrants collaborates with Grant Advisors all over the world to create self-sustaining funds in their respective regions. Advisors to these new, self-contained charities continue to make grant recommendations and seek funds for their own grantmaking.

Donor Advised Funds;

  1. Participants in this program enjoy the following benefits:
  2. A secure, hassle-free grant infrastructure for overseas investment.
  3. An effective substitute for forming a private foundation.
  4. Guranteed investments in people and the environment like; overhead, administrative, legal, and tax challenges.
  5. Contributions of any amount, including gifts of appreciated stock, real estate, and other assets, are eligible for tax deductions.
  6. Opportunities to learn from our network of over 150 expert Grant Advisors and to use the global network’s strength in your grantmaking decisions.
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What Is the Global Green Grant Fund?

The Global Greengrants Fund awards grants to grassroots organizations working for environmental justice, human rights, and sustainability around the world. They give about 800 grants to 90 countries each year and have a 160-strong advisory network that reaches over 140 countries.

What Is a Global Grant Fund Offer?

Basically, Club funds, District Designated Contributions (DDF), The Rotary Foundation (TRF) World “Matching” Funds, and, in some situations, funds from Cooperating Organizations fund Global Grants. Global Grants support significant multinational operations that have a long-term impact and are sustainable high-impact outcomes. In other words, they offer more than just grants to beneficiaries.

How Do I Know if a Grant Is Legitimate?

We are often indecisive as to whether a grant is legitimate or not. Well, here are five methods to tell if you’re dealing with a grant scam:

  • Was there a charge? 
  • Could you decipher if the grant for personal or business use?
  • Was the name of the agency that the issuer clearly represented? 
  • Were you required to provide your personal or business identification, as well as details about your bank account?

What Are the Benefits of Global Fund?

The Global Fund Provident Fund is a cash-balance retirement plan that helps employees and their dependents or beneficiaries get money when they retire, die, or become disabled. All Global Fund workers with contracts of three months or more are required to join the Provident Fund.


I hope this post was able to satisfy your curiosity. If not you can reach out to us on the comment box. Further, you can also check out their official website to get more clarity on the details provided in this post. 

Global Green Grant Fund FAQs

The Global Fund Provident Fund is a cash-balance retirement plan that helps employees and their dependents or beneficiaries get money when they retire, die, or become disabled. All Global Fund workers with contracts of three months or more are required to join the Provident Fund.

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  1. I work in the development of Agro forestry in Ghana. Do I qualify for support under your grant scheme

    1. You can check out the proceeding link in the post that leads to the official site. Read the eligibility as well. Then we can proceed from there to provide further guidance.

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