World Bank Grants: All You Need To Know

world bank grants applications are literally free grant applications

If you thought “free grant applications” were a thing, then you do not understand the concept of grants. The general idea of grants is to get you funding without having to pay a dime. So when we come across grants like the World Bank grants, we should understand that these applications are free.

Although there are websites that need a form of payment to access these funding opportunities, If you think about it, you paid for access.

But, so you feel safe about applying for the grants in this post, I will occasionally use the phrase.

Moving forward. Considering how tons of proposals are written to award agencies without prior details, I will be going over all you need to know to get World Bank funding.

What is the World Bank Grant?

The World Bank Grant is an initiative that acts as a source of financial help to developing nations across the globe. The International Development Association (IDA) and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) make up the World Bank Group.

The collaborative efforts of both associations lead to the provision of credits, low-interest loans, and of course, free grant applications to foster economic development. But while the IDA focuses on the least developing countries, the IBRD focuses on credit-worthy countries.

Areas of concern in relation to this economic development include the following:

  • Agriculture
  • Land use
  • Energy
  • Climate change
  • Water and sanitation
  • Waste management
  • Forests, fisheries
  • Minerals
  • Biodiversity
  • Hazardous chemicals and so on

Also, the World Bank Grant features several programs to cover these broad areas because economic development goes beyond the focus areas listed above.

Cutting down to the chase, let’s talk about the big question.

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How do I get funding from the World Bank?

It is common knowledge that to get funding from any agency, you would need to apply. Need I remind you that these applications are free; a free grant application, like you would call it.

Yet, applications are based on some factors like the kind of program. As you can tell, even though these programs are tagged “World Bank Grants,” modes of application, and eligibilities are a lot different.

Plus, your general goals, aim, and objectives usually have to align the scope of these grant programs.

Another factor -which is pretty generic- is whether your county of origin falls under her member countries.

On the other hand though, we will need to go through some of the programs affiliated to the World Bank grant.

In other words, when searching for world bank grants to apply for, these are programs you should look out for.

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List of some programs affiliated with the World Bank Grant

  1. Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF)

The PPIAF focuses on facilitating private-public collaborations in water supply, waste treatment, energy supply, and other kinds of infrastructures (like transport systems and telecommunications)

Furthermore, this world bank program helps developing countries with strengthening regulations and policies; which is a primary goal of the World Bank Group.


The PPIAF receive free grant applications from regional institutions, national governments, and sub-national organizations like:

  • Financial organizations (funds, banks, country development banks, and municipal funds);
  • General-purpose national and sub-national government organizations (such as provinces, municipalities, and states) and finally;
  • Special-purpose government organizations responsible for delivering services and infrastructures (such as authorities, utilities, and state-owned enterprises)

Also, applicants usually need a form of approval from their governments before applying.

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How to Apply

Visit the PPIAF’s Official Website for Application guidelines.

  1. Cities Alliance Catalytic Fund

The Cities Alliance is a global initiative that focuses on reducing urban poverty and promoting the cities’ roles in economic development. This goal is achieved by mapping out financing strategies that will, in turn, trigger long-term investments for infrastructural development.

Furthermore, this grant is only accessible by city governments and in some cases, national governments. But, free grant applications are also welcomed from local authorities and its associations.

This world bank grant disburses funds within the range of US$50,000 to US$200,000.

How to Apply

The Cities’ Alliance Official Website is furnished with every detail you need to know about the selection process, eligibility requirements, and application guidelines.

Does the World Bank Provide Grants?

The World Bank helps developing countries by giving them grants and loans with low interest rates.

How Can I Get Loan From World Bank?


  • If you hold a Regular, Open-Ended, Term, Local-Staff Regular, or Executive Director’s Advisor position, you are eligible.
  • If you have access to alternative finances under fair terms and conditions, you will not be eligible for an emergency loan.

Applicants must demonstrate a history of excellent performance and fiscal responsibility as reflected, for example, in recent audited financial statements Applicants must also agree to report to the IMF on the utilization of IMF assistance.

Does World Bank Give Loans to Individuals?

Eligible borrowers collaborate with their World Bank country office to get development finance through Investment Project Financing, Development Policy Financing, Program-for-Results, or any combination of these by a Multiphase Programmatic Approach and use the IFL as their loan product.


Although there are a couple of other programs under the world bank grants updated occasionally on their website, this, however, gives you a glimpse at what to expect.

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