RECEIPT SCANNER APP: 17+ Best Receipt Scanner Apps in 2023


The small business receipt scanner app is a practical method to keep track of your spending and digitally store crucial documents. Using your smartphone and these apps, you can quickly scan and save receipts, invoices, and other crucial documents. They not only help you save time and space, but they also make it simple to organize and access your documents. A receipt scanner app can be a useful tool for small business owners, freelancers, and people who just want to keep track of their expenses. Discover the best free receipt scanner app for personal or small business use by reading on.

What is a Receipt Scanner App?

A receipt scanner app is a mobile application that allows users to scan and digitize paper receipts using their phone’s camera. Apps often use Optical character recognition (OCR) technology is frequently to turn scanned text into digital information that you can store and organize within the app or export to other platforms. A receipt scanner app for personal or small business use is often used for expense tracking, budgeting, and financial record-keeping and may also offer features such as receipt categorization, data integration with accounting software, and receipt storage.

Receipt Scanner App Benefits for Personal or Small Business Use

Using a receipt scanner app for personal or small business use has some advantages, such as:

  • Convenience: Receipt scanner apps let users quickly digitize and arrange paper receipts using the camera on their phone, so they don’t have to carry around physical copies or manually enter information.
  • Accuracy: Receipt scanner apps use OCR technology to properly extract information from scanned receipts, lowering the possibility of mistakes or omissions.
  • Time-saving: By drastically reducing the time and effort needed to maintain and handle paper receipts, receipt scanner apps free up users’ time to work on more significant projects.
  • Security: To prevent unwanted access to critical financial data, several receipt scanning apps provide secure storage and encryption options.
  • Integration: To simplify the recording and reporting of spending, receipt scanner apps can link with other financial management solutions, such as accounting software.

Receipt Scanner App for Business

Free mobile receipt scanner app makes expenditure monitoring simple by allowing you to scan images of your small business receipts while on the move with your smartphone. Forget about keeping and filing paper receipts. The best receipt scanners will also upload the information to your accounting program automatically, so you won’t need to manually enter it or handle paper receipts in large envelopes.

Receipt scanner apps not only make it simpler to keep track of your spending receipts, but you’re also likely to increase your revenue that can be deducted from taxes.

The best free receipt scanner app for personal or small business use is listed here. It is simple to use, saves time, and makes tax season simpler than ever. These apps make maintaining a record of transactions easy thanks to their helpful tips and simplified software options.

Best Receipt Scanner App for Small Business

You may save a ton of time with your business accounting by having the ability to scan receipts and instantly turn them into digital files. The best receipt scanner app for a small business can be found right here.

#1. Zoho Expense: Best Overall

The fact that users can quickly track and control their spending is one of the key advantages of using Zoho Expense as a receipt scanner app for small businesses. The program can automatically extract data from scanned receipts and classify them based on user-defined rules. This makes it simple to prepare reports for tax purposes or reimbursement claims and to know where your money is going.

Users of Zoho Expense can also produce expense reports and submit them for approval in addition to scanning and organizing receipts. Business owners and independent contractors who need to track their costs for tax or reimbursement purposes may find this to be extremely beneficial. Additionally, the app connects with other Zoho business apps like Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice, making it a practical option for organizations that currently use these applications.

#2. Veryfi: Best for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance

An app called Veryfi that scans receipts and invoices uses artificial intelligence to extract information from scanned papers and classify them for simple organization and spending management. It is a popular option for businesses because it provides a variety of features to aid in managing financial records and expenses, including the capacity to sync with accounting software, a secure vault for storing corporate documents, and the capacity to connect to various online services like payroll and banking.

Additionally, Veryfi is accredited for security measures like SOC 2 Type 2 and encryption and complies with several privacy laws, including HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR.

#3. Expensify: Best for Pre-accounting

Expensify is the best expense-tracking app available, making it simple and quick to manage business expenses and keep track of spending. The software includes several features to assist with automating the pre-accounting process and enables users to effortlessly scan receipts and track mileage.

Credit card import, multiple approvers, corporate card reconciliation, and connections with accounting, HR, and travel services are a few of these features. Additionally, the software provides sophisticated tax monitoring, coding, and audit and compliance tools. Expensify additionally offers PCI-compliant security and delegated access to protect sensitive data.

#4. Wave: Best free app

With the use of the app Wave, businesses may adhere to statutory record-keeping standards and offer proof of their actions in the event of an audit. The app’s ability to keep evidence of tax-deductible expenses by affixing an image of the receipt to the relevant transaction information is one of its primary features. This makes it easier for businesses to keep track of and immediately retrieve all of their receipts in one location.

Additionally, Wave assures users that their financial data are secure and quickly accessible by offering a secure backup of all receipts. The best part is that Wave also offers a ton of additional free resources for businesses.

#5. QuickBooks Online: Best for QuickBooks users

Users may easily track and record receipts from suppliers using QuickBooks Online’s receipt scanning tool. These receipts can be added to the app from several devices, such as a computer, a smartphone, or an email account. When a receipt is uploaded, QuickBooks uses AI to extract the necessary data and generate a transaction for approval.

After that, users can amend the receipt as needed, link it to an account, or compare it to a previous transaction in the app. The organization and management of financial documents are streamlined as a result, saving consumers time and effort.

#6. Shoeboxed: Best for Emailed Receipts

Receipt scanning software like Shoeboxed gives users a variety of upload and organization options. Users have the option to use the mobile app to swiftly and conveniently submit receipt photos from a phone or mail actual paper receipts to Shoeboxed’s processing center in a pre-paid envelope.

Optical character recognition (OCR) technology is another element of the app that turns printed text into searchable information. Users can also use a Gmail plugin to automatically integrate digital receipts into the app, or they can email receipts to a specific Shoeboxed address. Businesses may track and organize their receipts in one place with the help of Shoeboxed.

#7. ABUKAI Expenses: Best for Expense Reports

A financial management tool called ABUKAI Expenses enables users to generate and keep track of expense reports. The program provides subscription accounts with infinite report options in addition to a free account with the ability to run up to 12 cost reports annually. Users may access the app through a range of devices, including iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, and they can upload a variety of file kinds, including Excel, PDF, CSV, and more.

Additionally, consumers have the option to post receipts directly to the website or email receipts to the app. ABUKAI Expenses is an all-around adaptable and practical solution for organizing and controlling business expenses.

#8. Evernote Scannable: Best for Ease of Use

Users may quickly and conveniently scan and save documents, receipts, business cards, and other paper objects using Evernote Scannable, a free receipt scanner program for personal or small business use. The app includes choices for sharing or saving the scans via email, text, or export to other apps. It also processes scans automatically for clear and simple viewing. Business card data can be extracted by Evernote Scannable and added to a user’s contacts list.

The ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner may be used with the app to scan multi-page documents, and several users can operate the scanner from their own devices. All things considered, Evernote Scannable is a handy tool for managing and digitizing paper documents.

#9. Dext Prepare: Best for Accountants

Data from client expense and revenue papers can be quickly collected and organized by users using Dext Prepare. The tool can be integrated with different accounting software and is accessible via email, automatic invoice fetch, and mobile apps. Dext Prepare provides capabilities for particular accounting software, such as line item and purchase order matching, expense reports, bank statement processing, and supplier rules.

Users can export data as PDF or CSV files and use the program to find missing documents or transactions that don’t match. Dext Prepare allows you to connect to live bank feeds, automate the creation of expense reports, and prioritize critical chores using its Boost feature.

#10. Neat: Best for Collaboration

Neat extracts information from paper documents using optical character recognition (OCR) software and converts it into useful, keyword-searchable data. The app features interfaces with QuickBooks, TurboTax, H&R Block, and other programs and enables users to categorize files by expense type, tax category, and more. Documents can be scanned using a TWAIN-compliant scanner, snapped with the Neat mobile app, emailed, or dropped into the app.

Additionally, users can categorize, split, add, or update line items for matched receipts, break down receipts line-by-line, and store data with confidence using data identification technology and encryption using Neat.

#11. FreshBooks: Best Receipt Scanner for Service-based Businesses

FreshBooks is our top pick for freelancers without accounting experience who can simply learn how to use the platform because of its user-friendly interface. Along with a user-friendly interface, it has a receipt scanner accessible via a mobile app. Freelancers who frequently work outdoors or in coworking spaces can quickly and easily take pictures of their daily receipts with their smartphones and upload them to FreshBooks.

How to Choose the Best Receipt Scanner App

To evaluate a receipt scanner’s suitability for your business, we looked at its essential aspects. They are as follows:

  • Multiple options for data capture: The app needs to offer users a variety of options for data collection from receipts.  it can either connect to a scanner or use the camera on your smartphone to scan images.
  • Line item extractions with OCR readiness: Receipt data collection is a laborious manual process. OCR capabilities are thus required for receipt scanners to extract information from receipts. Additionally, it needs intelligence characteristics to accurately incorporate extracted data in fields or categories.
  • Easy to review and modify: The software must have a dashboard, analytical tools, and search capabilities in addition to scanning functionality so that users can rapidly examine, track, and amend items. To enhance data filtering, classifications, and tags must also be provided.
  • Price: Some accounting and spending management software includes a receipt scanner. However, if a third-party scanner offers greater advantages for a fee, you are free to choose it.
  • Document management system: To arrange scanned receipts into folders and categories for simple access, we looked into the document management system of stand-alone receipt scanning software.
  • Accounting software integration: For a more effective workflow, the receipt scanner app needs to be integrated with your accounting software to transfer reports and documents for accounting. (Note: Because QuickBooks Online and Wave are accounting software systems, we didn’t apply this criterion while evaluating them.)

How Much Do Receipt Scanner Apps Cost?

The price of receipt scanner apps can vary significantly depending on the app’s features and functionalities, as well as its pricing structure and subscription options. Other apps require a subscription to access all functionality, while some receipt scanner apps are free to use with optional paid upgrades or premium features. Depending on the app and the subscription plan chosen, the cost of paid receipt scanner apps may range from a few dollars per month to several hundred dollars per year.

What App Pays You to Scan Receipts?

Continue reading to discover how receipt apps operate and how to increase your revenue.

  • Rakuten (Ebates)
  • TopCashBack
  • Ibotta
  • Fetch Rewards
  • TruNow
  • Checkout 51

Can I Make Money Scanning Receipts?

Yes. Undoubtedly, one of the most well-liked methods of making money from your receipts is receipt scanning.

How Do You Scan Receipts Easily?

Lay your receipt out on a level, uniformly colored surface. Start the scanning program. Position your camera to capture the entire document, and make sure it is sharply focused on the paper for easy reading. Capture the image, then name and save your scan using the in-app instructions.

How Do You Scan a Receipt With Your Phone?

  • Use the camera on your mobile device to take a picture of the receipt.
  • Use the built-in picture editor on your phone.
  • Send and save three.
  • Extract receipt data from the image.
  • Save receipt line items in your accounting software.

How Do I Digitize My Receipts?

Best techniques for electronic receipt organization:

  • Save Receipts to Google Drive. 
  • Use Evernote.
  • Use WellyBox.
  • Scan or download it to your computer.
  • Create one document by combining your receipts.
  • Make use of a receipt-scanning app.


A thorough examination of your business process and requirements is necessary to select the right software to scan receipts. Each app in our guide has intriguing capabilities. When selecting software, don’t forget to take into account pertinent variables including if it satisfies your most important needs, your budget, and the total advantage it can provide to your firm. Then, return to this list and choose the program that best satisfies your needs.


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