FAKE RECEIPT: Definition, How to Recognise It and Make It


If you’ve ever purchased something and regretted it, you’ll understand why receipts are so vital. Customers can use them to prove they paid for something, and businesses can use them to prove products or services were given. As a business owner or process manager, you understand the importance of streamlining the receipts process and having a better understanding of what is coming in and out of your organization. In this article, we will provide a fake receipt maker and answer the question, “How can you tell if a receipt is real?” How do I handwrite a receipt? Is changing a receipt illegal? Can I make a fake receipt?

What is a Receipt?

Customers are given a sales receipt by vendors and service providers as proof of payment. You most likely receive at least ten receipts per day from various stores. Even B2B (business-to-business) transactions and deals, however, rely on receipts to keep a paper trail.

A fake receipt template is a pre-made receipt that business owners and individuals can change to fit a variety of transactions. After all, receipts can come in various forms, including emailed or printed receipts for a card or cash payments. However, you may alternatively receive a PDF receipt or a basic Microsoft Word document.

Can I Make a Fake Receipt?

Yes. These actors may create fake receipts in various formats, such as actual store receipts, packing slips, and digital receipts. Most fake receipts are made for stores that sell tech equipment, and they can usually be bought for less than USD 10 per receipt.

Is Changing a Receipt Illegal?

Changing an agreed-upon invoice is not legal unless it is to correct a mistake. To be safe, contact and consult with the other party before making any changes to the invoice.

How Do I Handwrite a Receipt?

Receipts serve as a record of sales as well as a document for customer payments. If you want to give a receipt to a customer, you can either handwrite one on paper or produce one digitally using a template or software system. If you want to do business, you should know how to properly write a receipt for proper documentation and tax purposes, as well as to protect yourself and your clients.

#1. Buy a receipt book to make it easy to write receipts.

A two-part carbonless receipt book can be bought online, at an office supply store, or with multiple sheets of reused carbon paper. These booklets are often prenumbered and have receipt headings. Make sure to purchase booklets with two-part forms so that you can keep a copy for your records. If you don’t have a booklet, you can just handwrite receipts on paper and photocopy them.

#2. Write the receipt number and date on the top right. 

Write the full date of the sale and a chronologically arranged receipt number under it. Each receipt should be labeled with a number so that you can trace each transaction throughout the day. Begin with 001 and work your way up, one number at a time. This is something you can do ahead of time so you don’t have to write it down every time you sell something.

#3. Write your firm name and contact information in the upper left corner.

Under the company name, write your phone number and address. You can also provide other information, such as the website, social media accounts, and/or operational hours. This information serves as verification that your company made the deal and allows the customer to contact you if necessary.

#4. Skip a line and record the things purchased as well as their prices.

On the left side of the receipt, write the item’s name, and on the right side, write the receipt for each item. List the items and their prices in a row if you sold more than one item.

#5. Include the subtotal below all of the items.

The subtotal represents the total cost of all items before taxes and other levies. Add the prices of each item you sold and record the total under the list of item prices.

#6. Add taxes and other charges to the subtotal to get the total.

On the left side of the receipt, write the name of the tax or additional charges, and on the right side, write their cost. Then, add any applicable fees and taxes to the sum to arrive at the total or the amount owed by the customer.

#7. Keep track of the payment method as well as the customer’s name.

Payment options include cash, check, or credit card. Fill in the customer’s complete name on the last line of the receipt. If they paid with a credit card, have them sign the receipt at the bottom. Then, make a copy of the receipt for your records and hand the original receipt to the customer.

How Can you Tell if a Receipt Is Real?

People create means to earn more; that is their view of how to succeed in life, yet it is somewhat immoral. People nowadays fake several things to save cash, including money, electronics, checks, contracts, and even receipts. If you are interested in holding the rights of two (2) parties equally, you should understand the distinctions between an original and a fake.

Receipts are one way to establish that the company you dealt with is paying its taxes correctly; they are also one way to determine whether the refund you are about to make is lawful. This section will teach you how to recognize a fake receipt so that you can examine it every time it is delivered to you.

The actual receipt (output)

There are various types of receipts, however, many genuine ones employ watermarked paper for security. If legitimate receipts have watermarks, a fake receipt will not have them. A crisp receipt might sometimes be a symptom of a fake one. Because receipts get a little beaten even when handled properly, very clean edges with no wrinkles or smudges could be faked.

Compare the size of the receipt to the size of other receipts you’ve gotten from the company or business. Examine all of its sides, including size, shape, information, text, ink, and so on. Companies strive for consistency to avoid misunderstandings and misrepresentations. You can look up a company’s standard font, text, logo, etc. online to see if the receipt you got is real and shows the right information about the company.

Information and Specifics

One of the most obvious signs that a receipt is fake is that the information on it is wrong. This is due to the fact that fake receipts frequently contain incorrect information. It may have typographical errors or contain completely incorrect material. The names, addresses, and contact information for the business may be wrong on a fake receipt. You can look up more information about the business to see if they are giving you the right information. They may even code the merchandise differently than the genuine receipts. If the company states the address as 999 Alley Way but the receipt you received has a different one, this is a clear indication that the receipt you received is not real.

The Calculation

Fake receipts contain goods or products that do not exist and can be used to determine if the receipt you received was fake or not. This may seem like a lot of work, but fake receipts also mess up how income tax and other taxes are calculated. They are fraudsters, not mathematicians, yet some fraudsters go the extra mile to properly calculate the income tax to avoid detection.

In a clothing store, the receipt should include the complete name with the code; in a restaurant, the name of the dish; and a return policy with contact information; if these details are missing, consider the receipt to be false.

You can go ahead and check to see if what you got is authentic or not; just make sure you do and look at the right things before judging because receipts are important and are made to stabilize and educate people on what they have purchased, to know the tax when buying something, and to prove that you have paid for a specific bid.

Fake Receipt Maker

An online fake receipt maker is a quick and accurate way to make digital receipts without using paper or special software. It is done on the web. It is one of these web-based tools that can be used from anywhere with an internet connection and doesn’t need to be downloaded.

The fake receipt maker is made up of templates that can be changed by entering a few key pieces of information. The receipt is downloadable or can be sent via the software.

How to Use the Fake Receipt Maker

Follow these step-by-step directions to create a fake receipt with a free receipt maker, and you’ll have a professional receipt to give to your customers in no time.

  • Include your company logo (optional).
  • Enter your company’s details, such as its name and physical address, and then click “Continue.”
  • Enter your customer’s details, such as their company name and physical address, and then click “Continue.”
  • Provide a title for your receipt, as well as a summary, receipt number, and date.
  • Enter the line item information, including a brief description, quantity, price, and tax rate.
  • If you want to put more than one line item on your receipt, click “Add new item” to do so.
  • Add any more information to the “Notes” section if necessary.
  • Once you’ve completed the preceding steps, click “Generate receipt” to receive your receipt.

Essential Parts of Fake Receipt Maker

You should know that a fake receipt has eight parts, some of which are required and some of which can be changed to fit your needs.

  • Title: A receipt’s title is important since it allows you and your client to distinguish various receipts. This is useful for keeping precise records of your receipts throughout tax season.
  • Description: A description assists your consumer in understanding the nature of the goods and services for which the receipt is issued.
  • Your Company Name and Address: Your corporation’s name and address are often printed at the top of a receipt to identify the company that is delivering the receipt for the services done.
  • Receipt Number: Each invoice includes a unique identifier in the form of an invoice number, which aids in the organization of many invoices. Invoice numbers can be formatted in various ways, including file numbers, billing codes, and date-based purchase order numbers.
  • Date: The receipt date specifies when payment was received for goods and services. This allows you to keep track of when you’ve been paid for items or services given to customers.
  • Line Item: Each invoice line item should include a name for the items or services given as well as a description of those goods and services. The line items also require a quantity so that the customer understands how many goods or services they are being invoiced for, the line item’s price and tax rate, and the amount the line item costs.
  • Payment Type: This specifies the method of payment used, such as a credit card or debit card.
  • Total: The total shows the balance owed, which is derived by adding the amounts of each line item on the invoice. This is the amount your customer is obligated to pay you.

Benefits of Using a Fake Receipt Maker

#1. Printable and shareable

Wave’s receipt maker makes it simple to distribute receipts with the click of a mouse. The receipt can be emailed to you, downloaded as a PDF, or printed.

#2. Quick and Efficient

Save time with our quick and simple receipt maker, which generates professional receipts in seconds.

‍#3. Error-Free

By automating the receipt-generating process, we assist reduce the likelihood of human errors on receipts, such as misspellings or miscalculations.

#4. Effective in terms of cost

The best part about our online receipt maker is that it is completely free. There is no cost to make a receipt, nor is there any cost to alter the receipts you’ve created.

Can I make my own receipt?

Yes. It is pretty simple to generate your own receipt. The best approach is to start with a template, such as ours, however, there are several free receipt templates and generators available on the internet.

What app can I use to edit a receipt?

pdfFiller can assist you in the editing of any form of document. You can do the process quickly and easily using its feature-rich online platform. There is no need to convert data files or install additional software. Fast and simple PDF editing is now possible on every operating system, desktop computer, or mobile device.

What can a scammer do with a receipt?

They might conceivably collect receipts and assemble together payment information to be exploited for identity theft and other types of crime.

How do I make a cash receipt?

Cash Receipt Format:

  • Transaction’s date of occurrence
  • The unique identifying number assigned to the document
  • The customer’s name
  • The sum of money received
  • Payment methods, such as cash, check, etc.
  • The vendor’s signature

The vendor’s name and address, who is delivering the products or services, the date that the precise services were received or products were acquired, an itemization of the services and/or commodities, pricing, the final amount owed, and documentation that it was paid.

What apps turn receipts into cash?

The top cash-back apps in 2023:

  • Coupons.com. 
  • Dosh. 
  • Fetch Rewards. 
  • Ibotta. 
  • Rakuten. 
  • Receipt Hog. 
  • RetailMeNot. 
  • Upside.

Is it illegal to Photoshop a receipt?

Yes. It’s vital to know that making a fake receipt in Photoshop is illegal and can lead to significant consequences.


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