VALUE STATEMENT: Definition, Benefits, Importance, How to Write One

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More than ever, it matters what kind of stand a business takes on political issues, social causes, and activism. The prevalence of the internet allows anyone to find anything about their business online. People are concerned about whether or not their values align with those of the company they are considering doing business with. A value statement is a great way for a business to communicate its core values to prospective clients, employees, and partners. A customer’s first stop before doing business with you should be your value statement. So, if you’re operating a small business, this is extremely important to remember. In the absence of one, they may even wonder why you don’t have one. Read this comprehensive guide to learn about the company core proposition value and examples of personal value statement.

What Is a Value Statement?

A value statement is a declaration that communicates to the general public the core values that a company upholds. Value statements typically offer a more comprehensive understanding beyond the aforementioned point. In addition, a value statement is a concise statement that outlines a company’s core principles and beliefs. The purpose of this is to communicate to stakeholders, such as customers and employees, the core values that are fundamental to the organization. Also, it can function as a valuable reference when making critical internal decisions.

What’s a Good Value Statement? 

A good value statement should be easy to remember, provide clear action steps, and remain relevant over time. The structure of the values statement can vary from business to business; for instance, some businesses will use one, two, or three phrases to explain their basic beliefs, while other businesses will use a brief phrase.

Core Value Statement

A core value statement refers to the fundamental beliefs and priorities that steer an organization’s decisions and behaviors. Corporate values are the fundamental principles and core convictions that enable a business to navigate intricate scenarios while upholding its distinct identity and culture. Incorporating core values into a company’s culture can play a crucial role in guiding its direction and achieving its objectives. Identifying core values for your company or organization provides tangible principles that can serve as a reference point for all employees, both in their responsibilities and in the broader context of the work environment. Core values can be observed in various contexts throughout the world.

How to Write a Core Value Statement

While it’s helpful to have a list of potential core values to draw from, crafting a core value statement can be a daunting task for both individuals and organizations alike. One may wonder how to distill their core beliefs or those of their organization into a concise statement. Achieving success is a challenging endeavor that demands dedication and perseverance. However, it is important to note that the difficulty of the journey is an inherent aspect of the process and should not be viewed as a deterrent. Hence, by carefully considering your organization’s values and seeking guidance where necessary, you can craft a set of core values that truly resonate with your team and stakeholders. Below are ways to write a core value statement:

#1. Consider Your Priorities

As thoughts begin to emerge, jot them down on individual notecards. If you only have five ideas, that’s fine. At this point, you shouldn’t hold back any thoughts. Stop thinking and start writing. Feel free to write freely and imagine being with the ideal company. The cards can then be reshuffled, regrouped, and ranked as you see fit.

#2. Be Direct and Brief

Although you and your staff can delve deeper into the meaning of your fundamental principles, it’s best to keep them simple. The values should be concise because, in general, shorter sentences are easier to remember.

#3. Declare Something That Can Be Done

It’s tempting, to sum up your business in just one phrase or an overly philosophic core value statement, but words like beneficial or “We live to assist people” lack any concrete meaning or purpose. Make your statement of key values concrete. The use of action verbs in your statements will help you do this. Saying something like “We speak up for others” is one way to demonstrate your willingness to help others in a more targeted way.

#4. Make it Fun

While the tone of your brand as a whole should be considered, your core value statement can and should be humorous. Fun ensures it’s distinct and in your brand’s voice, and also helps maintain them remembered.

Why Is a Value Statement Important?

Value statements play a crucial role in communicating your views and principles to the public. It also plays a crucial role in guiding the actions of both management and staff. In addition, they offer valuable insights into the rationale behind the recommended course of action. Creating a value statement is a crucial step in establishing a legal relationship with your community. Moreover, it is essential to establish an ethical agreement within your organization. By signing this contract, you are taking a step towards creating a secure and protected work environment. Additionally, this agreement fosters a sense of unity among colleagues, which can lead to collective growth and prosperity.

Company Value Statement 

A company value statement serves as the fundamental principle that steers the direction of a business and its workforce. The beliefs held by a company have a significant impact on its interactions with customers, suppliers, and shareholders. So, for a company to establish a sustainable and favorable environment for all stakeholders, its culture must be in harmony with its fundamental principles. A business that lacks core values cannot be considered a true business. A well-defined company value statement is crucial in ensuring that all employees are aligned toward achieving common objectives. The fundamental principles that underpin a company’s vision and influence its culture are its core values. It is also essential that all business decisions are in alignment with these core values.

Features of a Good Company Value Statement

Developing the values of your organization requires a careful and thorough approach. Rest assured, there is no need to worry. In this article, we present the various features of a good company value statement that companies can adopt to inspire creativity and foster a positive work culture. It is important to note that the aforementioned suggestions serve as mere initial ideas. Hence, to ensure specificity, it is recommended to provide a descriptor for each value selected.

#1. Prioritize Your Customers

Businesses that sell goods or provide services can benefit the most from this. A company’s success is directly tied to the quality of the user experience it offers. Keep in mind that your consumers or clients are actual people with real needs, not merely a means to an end in conducting business. Therefore, offering a remedy and making positive contributions to society may be excellent ethical guidelines to follow.

#2. Curiosity

If you want to improve yourself and your career, you shouldn’t be afraid of growth. Curiosity and a desire to learn new things are the keys to development. You can’t expect to acquire wisdom and experience by staying in your safe zone. Therefore, maintain an attitude of openness to new ideas and ways of life. You should ask questions, and so should your teammates. If not, where else can you turn for information?

#3. Purpose

Knowing the value of what you’re doing makes it much easier to stay motivated. In addition, it’s satisfying to know that your efforts are contributing to something larger than yourself. When people on your team believe their work is appreciated, they are more motivated to do their best. Make sure the word gets out throughout your company.

#4. Aim for the Stars

If you’re capable of greatness, why settle for mediocrity? Success often comes to those who are willing to take on new difficulties. Relativity, the company behind the RelativityOne communication surveillance software, is a great illustration of this trend. One of its major tenets is, “Have fun and excel at work.” Relativity defines this principle as taking pride in one’s work. Therefore, they improve their abilities in this area.

#5. Initiative

A dynamic team member is often seen favorably by superiors and peers. They are a pleasure to deal with because they don’t require detailed instructions or constant monitoring. In addition, they frequently go above and above in their work. They are not afraid to take charge, thus you could say they are ambitious. In the business world, initiative is highly valued because it leads to increased output and efficiency.

Proposition Value Statement

In the realm of marketing, a value proposition refers to a brief and to-the-point statement of the advantages that a business provides to its customers upon purchasing its goods or services. The proposition value statement also functions as a formal expression of purpose, serving as a clear indication of the company’s objectives and goals, both internally and externally.

How to Write a Value Proposition Statement

Here are some guidelines to help you create a compelling value proposition statement:

#1. Respond to Inquiries

Start by contemplating your brand and the value it provides. The answers to these inquiries can spark inspiration for your unique selling proposition. To better organize your thoughts, jot down whole sentences in response to each question. 

#2. Create a Headline

After you’ve addressed those inquiries, go back through your notes and start condensing your ideas into a headline. The brand’s headline can summarize the product, mission, target demographic, or desired outcome. Communicate the benefits of the company to prospective clients by using active and detailed language. Modify your headline until you have one sentence that clearly states why your product is better than the competition.

#3. Add More Details if Necessary

The value proposition statement may also feature a subheadline or a call to action in addition to the title. Make use of these supplementary components to supply more depth to the value proposition statement you present. Specify your offerings, your target market, and the advantages of your goods or services. Visual aids like photos and videos can supplement your value proposition statement and assist get your message across to potential buyers.

Examples of Personal Value Statement

A personal value statement is a summary of your most important values and how they make you an ideal candidate for a specific position. In addition, a personal value statement can set you apart from the competition by helping you focus on what is important. While reading about the structure and content of a personal value statement can be helpful, going through various examples can be the most effective way to ignite inspiration for creating your personal value statement. Below are the various examples of personal value statements:

  1. Proportionately equal marketing analyst and doer, someone who can get things done while inspiring trust, honesty, and respect among colleagues and subordinates alike. A selfless leader who takes considerable satisfaction in seeing subordinates promoted to positions of authority within the team. 
  2. My whole professional life has been spent advocating for fairness and honesty in a field that has been hesitant to change. Through high-stakes discussions, I have fought to develop relationships and bring about change with drive and an unwavering dedication to ethics.  
  3. Though some people may be resistant to change, I welcome it. For my clients’ sake, I devise tactics that prioritize originality and progress toward new heights of achievement. 

What’s the Difference Between a Personal Statement and a Personal Value Statement?

When you apply to a college or university, you are required to write and attach either a personal statement. So, if you are in search of a new job, you should create a personal value statement to utilize while applying for positions. You can also utilize it to help you get specific on your objective and root your ambitions in reality.

What Are the Components of a Value Statement?

A solid value proposition demonstrates an understanding of the target market, makes a direct connection with customers, and provides a specific benefit to those customers.

Gathering Up

Value statements can offer direction and prospects. They also function as a social agreement with prospective clients, all of whom are significant. When seeking to create your value statement, you may peruse the numerous examples provided in this article.


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