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Business Card Scanner
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If you frequently receive a large number of business cards at conferences or other events, you may find it difficult to keep track of such large numbers of cards. However, we frequently forget the pertinent information about a particular person or lose the cards of some significant individuals we met. In these circumstances, an app that can scan this type of business card comes to our aid, saving us time and instantly storing the card information. A business card scanner is the appropriate term for such an app.

Although there are many apps available for this purpose, it can be difficult to decide which one will best meet your needs. Here, we’ll provide a list of the top apps for quickly scanning business cards so you can save time.

Card Scanner

There are lots of people who struggle to keep track of things like business cards and struggle when they need a specific business card. A card scanner is a software or a piece of hardware that can quickly read business cards, extract the data from them, and digitally store it. You can save such data on your smartphone, an Excel worksheet, or any other place you specify.

Business Card Scanner

To create digital copies, a professional can use a business card scanner. An application that allows you to scan business cards and store contact information on your smartphone is a business card scanner. It facilitates time savings and enhances data quality. Additionally, these apps are capable of reading data from badges or business cards and accurately identifying them. The following are a few examples of programs that can serve as business card scanners: 

#1. CamCard

One of the most user-friendly apps for scanning business cards is CamCard. The app reads all of the business cards quickly and also stores all of the contact information on your phone. 

The business card scanning and contact information uploading features of this app are simple and easy to use. A limited number of scans are available in the CamCard app’s free version, which also includes advertisements. Unlimited scans, ad-free usage, and multi-device support are all features of the paid version, which is available for $8.49 per month. 

The app works with iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Salesforce and CamCard work together without any issues. Furthermore, it offers users the ability to add notes and reminders to contacts, and it accurately reads cards in 17 different languages.

CamCard has a ton of useful add-on features, such as the capacity to receive notifications when your contacts join new businesses. In addition, at conferences and seminars, you can trade virtual business cards with people in your vicinity. Businesses can consider CamCard seriously if they’re looking for a straightforward, easy-to-use business card scanner app. 

#2. ScanBizCard

This app can sync directly with CRM platforms, enabling businesses to store customer information for use in post-purchase support. It is a useful tool for large businesses because it supports CRM systems like SalesForce and the app provides unlimited business card scanning. 

Additionally, users can send documents for manual transcription. The premium version comes with two manual transcriptions; you can purchase additional ones in-app. Additionally, the app supports business cards with two sides. Additionally, you can scan business cards and even conference badges quickly and easily with the app, upload them to your phone, and export them to a variety of CRM programs. Through the use of optical character recognition technology, the app can quickly and accurately scan documents while on the go. 

A paid plan with unlimited scans is available from ScanBizCard for $100 per user per year. The free plan has a limited number of scans and features. Additionally, they provide large organizations with a customized enterprise plan. The free plan is more than enough if all you need to do is scan a few cards now and then. The paid plan is nevertheless worthwhile if you need to manage a large number of cards or wish to export your contacts to CRM software.

ScanBizCard’s OCR-powered reader produces quick, error-free scans, and for more challenging or unclear scans, they also provide human transcription services. Mobile devices running iOS and Android can use the app.


ABBYY offers one of the most reliable and user-friendly business card scanner apps on the market right now. With just one tap, professionals can share contact information and scan business cards written in 25 different languages. A premium plan from ABBYY is available for $29.99 annually or $7.99 per month after a free trial period of up to 10 scans. 

You can easily save, store, and receive contacts thanks to the app’s compatibility with both Apple and Android mobile devices. ABBYY accurately scans business cards using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. It is possible to export these contacts to Excel and send them to coworkers via email or text. There are only two export options available to users: you can export contacts to Salesforce or Excel. 

#4. Hubspot Business Card Scanner

Free, simple to use, and equipped with intelligent scanning that continuously learns the app. Even the most frugal clients can afford to use Hubspot’s Business Card Scanner because it is free. Hubspot also includes a ton of other free tools, making it a great option whether you’re just starting the business or need more functionality for a small team.

You can create an unlimited number of contacts using the app, which is available for both Apple and Android devices. If you aren’t already a Hubspot user, this app isn’t the best choice. However, Hubspot’s Business Card Scanner is a great choice if you’re looking for a business card scanner app that also doubles as a powerful CRM program. 

#5. SanSan

Sansan offers an infinite number of contacts that can be stored, CRM and productivity tool integration, as well as free business card design services, all of which are geared toward serving large businesses and corporations.

Since Sansan is made for large teams, business cards, and contact information can be shared, scanned, and uploaded with ease. Additionally, a set of contact and customer management tools are included in the app to facilitate effective communication between the sales and marketing teams.

Organizations can use Sansan for free before having to pay for a plan. Because Sansan primarily caters to large corporations, prices differ according to the number of employees. Both iOS and Android devices as well as the web can use the app.

You can store an unlimited number of contacts in Sansan, which integrates with Hubspot and Salesforce. Additionally, the app is compatible with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, as well as Office and other productivity programs.

Sansan employs sophisticated optical character recognition (OCR) technology and a precision of over 80%. Since Sansan isn’t intended for personal use, it isn’t the best option for newly established individuals and small businesses. 

#6. Evernote

When looking for a mobile app that combines note-taking, contact information storage, and business card scanning, Evernote is a fantastic choice. Syncing, organizing, and sharing information with colleagues are all possible with Evernote. Evernote allows users to scan business cards and upload contact information in addition to being primarily known as a note-taking and organization app.

The price of Evernote varies depending on whether you select the personal or professional plan, from $7.99 to $9.99 per month. Although Evernote does have a free plan, there is no way to scan business cards with it. Microsoft, Android, and iOS devices can all use the app. You can always keep your team informed thanks to its integration with Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, and other platforms.

When a business card is scanned into Evernote, the data is automatically entered and saved as a contact note. 

Benefits of Using a Business Card Scanner App

#1. There Are No Missing Cards.

You won’t lose business cards, which is one of the main advantages of using a business card scanner. When you return to the office with your lead capture forms, you won’t discover that half of them are missing the business cards of the signatories or that they have been crumpled and stashed in your pockets or bag.

#2. Faster Transcription

Using a business card scanner app may help your team spend less time typing up leads after each event, though the exact benefits will depend on the app you choose. This isn’t always the case, though; you might only receive a ton of photos of business cards instead of a ton of actual business cards, in which case you’ll still need to type out each person’s contact information.

Can You Scan Cards on a Scanner?

Slide the card. Use a single, fluid motion while making sure the magnetic strip is facing the proper way, as indicated by the images and information displayed on the scanner itself. 

Can I Use My Phone as a Card Reader?

If you own a smartphone, whether it runs Android or the iPhone operating system, you can use a portable card reader to accept credit card payments wherever there is an Internet connection. Card readers for smartphones plug into your phone’s headphone jack and operate in tandem with branded apps; many branded apps also let you type in credit card numbers.

The merchant requires a mobile app and a card reader, which is a small plastic device known as a dongle.

You can launch the app after connecting the card reader to the phone. As the recipient of the payment, all you have to do is enter the purchase amount, swipe the customer’s credit card through the reader, and then obtain their signature to confirm that the buyer authorized the purchase.

Is There a Card Scanner App?

Yes, there are several card scanner apps available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Many apps offer both free and paid options. Each company should subscribe per its needs. 

How Does an ATM Card Scanner Work?

Using a credit card reader, you can complete the transaction by receiving your customer’s payment information, securely transmitting the transaction data, and receiving the data back from the cardholder’s bank. For credit card readers to function, data must be extracted from a customer’s credit or debit card, sent to the payment processor, and then collected from the bank of the customer. 

The transaction is accepted if the card reader finds available funds. The customer swipes their card once through the swiper to complete the transaction. The reader inside the terminal can analyze the data after you swipe the card. Unique information about the credit card is stored on the magnetic strip and needs to be transmitted. This allows for the processing of the transaction.

What Is a Card Scanner Called?

Card Reader 

The process of scanning and electronically storing printed business cards is possible with a business card reader. A card reader is a machine that can decode the data stored on the magnetic stripe or microchip of a credit or debit card.  

What Is a CC Card Scanner?

A piece of technology called a credit card reader is used to read a credit card’s magnetic stripe on the back. Credit card readers are essential for processing credit card transactions because they enable the terminal to read the magnetic strip and transmit the data necessary to complete the payment.


There’s no need to accumulate and keep stacks of business cards in your wallet (or, more likely, to consistently misplace them). With a business card scanner app and the push of a button, you can now scan business cards directly into your phone and store an infinite number of contacts.

Any business professional who values time and efficiency and wants to simplify their networking efforts should have a business card scanner in their toolkit. You can save time, clear up the workspace, and concentrate on forging deep connections with your customers and partners by scanning business cards and automatically adding contacts to your database.

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