Etsy Business Bank Accounts: 6 Best Accounts

etsy business bank accounts

Whether you’re an aspiring Etsy seller or a long-time craft creator, managing your finances can seem intimidating. Knowing which bank account is correct for your Etsy business can be challenging with so many options available. So, if you want to get the most out of your account and make payments as efficiently as possible, look no further! Check out this article to learn more about the best bank accounts designed specifically for Etsy businesses and what they offer. Learn why these accounts are ideal for any seller, whatever their size and needs may be!

Pillar Financial

With a Pillar Business Checking account, you get the reliable spending power and payments that your business needs. Their accounts come with no minimum daily balance requirement, unlimited card transactions, and no fees. Funds are securely held with top-tier Canadian banks so that you can trust your money is safe. Plus, their quick online sign-up process means you can get back to work faster. Unlike traditional business bank accounts, Pillar accounts have no hidden fees, no monthly fees, or minimum balance requirement

Novo Bank

Novo is a new breed of bank account. Its simple, easy-to-use mobile apps make it easy to apply for an account and get started with free transfers and mailed checks. Its human-powered customer service means you can always reach a live person to help with any questions or problems you may have.

BlueVine Bank

If you’re looking for a business bank account for your Etsy shop, Bluevine is another great option. With no monthly fees and no minimum balance requirements, Bluevine is a flexible and affordable option for small businesses. Bluevine offers a suite of financial tools to help you manage your money, including online invoicing and expense tracking. With high-yield checking and simplified bill pay, BlueVine makes it easy to run your business confidently.

Plus, you can fuel your growth without worry with flexible funding options and because BlueVine takes security seriously, you can rest assured that your account and personal information are always protected. High-yield checking with no monthly fees, Simplified bill pay that saves you time and money, and access to funding when you need it to make BlueVine an excellent choice for Etsy businesses.

Relay Bank

Relay Bank offer free personal banking services and affordable merchant services that make it easy to manage your finances in one place. Plus, their customer service team is super friendly and helpful, which is always a bonus when you’re running a small business! Relay’s online banking and money management platform is the perfect solution for small businesses wanting to control their cash flow.

With features like up to 20 checking accounts, 50 Visa debit cards, and consolidated income statements, Relay makes it easy to manage your finances and make intelligent decisions for your business. Best of all, there are no account fees or minimum balances – so you can keep your cash flow moving without tying up your funds. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in business for years, abusiness checking accountis essential for managing your finances, and with Relay, you can open an account online in minutes. Just enter basic information about your business and choose the right features for you.

Axos Bank

As a leader in technology-driven finance, Axos Bank is committed to providing its customers with a secure online banking experience. Their mobile app is jam-packed with nifty tools to help you bank effortlessly. They offer advanced data protection and digital security features to keep your account safe. Plus, opening an account here comes with FDIC insurance and no lender fees..

Lili Bank

Lili Bank is banking explicitly designed for small businesses. With no minimum balance and no hidden fees, it’s the perfect checking account for your business. With Lili’s invoicing software, you can easily create, send, organize, and accept all payment methods. Plus, Lili’s Write-Off Tracker categorizes your expenses from the Lili mobile banking app so you can stay on top of your finances and because Lili is 100% online, you can bank on any device, anytime, anywhere.


As an Etsy business owner, it pays to think carefully about the type of bank account you open and the features associated with that account. After all, your finances are key to keeping your business running smoothly. This article has given insight into choosing the best bank account for your Etsy business based on its size and needs. With any luck, now you’ll feel more confident setting up a financial system that will work well for years to come!

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