Bank Draft: What Is Bank Draft? How to Cash Online (Detailed Guide)

bank draft

Whenever you hear about banks, what usually comes to mind are money transactions. This guide will lead you to what a bank draft is, its types, bank draft online, checks, how to cash bank drafts, and finally the bank draft vs checks.

What is a Bank Draft?

A bank draft is a quick and safe way to make significant payments without having to remove cash from one’s account. Moreover, individuals can use bank drafts to transfer money to third parties since they are secured by financial firms.

Bank drafts can be used to make payments in most currencies in most instances. The individual who receives the bank draft, like cash, can deposit it at any bank. Most financial organizations’ bank drafts do not expire.

Certain financial institutions, however, may refuse to accept bank drafts that are even more than a few months old. However, Bank drafts often refer to as bank checks and bankers’ drafts.

How Bank Drafts Works

Initially, the person making the payment requests bank drafts from their banking institution. When a request has been made, the bank checks the person’s account to see if there are enough funds to transfer.

Secondly, If the person has sufficient funds, the financial institution approves the request, withdraws money from the person’s account, and issues equivalent bank drafts. However, the money is withdrawn from the person’s account. it is generally meant to transfer to the bank’s savings account, till the beneficiary presents the draft for payment.

Meanwhile, bank drafts are typically charging a small fee. Most financial sector accounts, on the other hand, provide a set number of free bank drafts per year.

The bank draft is in the form of a file. And it is drawn in the name of the person who will deposit and receive the funds. Furthermore, the person who purchases the bank drafts is responsible for making sure that it reaches the payee.

Finally, when the payee provides the bank drafts for payment. the name on the bank drafts is used to verify his or her identity. Just after identity confirmation, the funds are place in the payee’s account. The money can take somewhere between 1-four business days to process.

Types of Bank Drafts

Money Orders

Bank drafts transfers a certain quantity of money from one location to another. This is issue by banks on behalf of their customers. It is a financial instrument in which the bank accepts responsibility for remitting the amount whenever there is an instruction.

Certified checks 

They are a common sort of banker’s cheque. In which money is sent to the user’s bank account through a bank for which the bank charges a commission. It is, however, the most convenient way of money transmission.

Demand Draft

A sort of draft in which the payer and the beneficiary are not in the same location. When the draft is made, the financial firm transfers it to the receiver. Meanwhile, day-to-day financial transactions are done using this method.

How to Cash Bank Drafts

As the designated payee of bank drafts, you can deposit it in a bank account just like any other transaction. Merely sign the document to indicate your approval. Then, enter your account number as well as the words “for deposit only” for enhanced security.

Furthermore, the duration it takes for the cash to be sent to your account so you can take it differs. But then you can speed things up by making the deposit with a teller at your financial institution instead of using an electronic device like an ATM or cell phone.

Bank draftS are an additional method of payment if the recipient will not take one. Moreover,  When making a big deposit on a rising purchase or when you need to offer a payee assurance that you have the cash available to fulfill with a buy and sales agreement, a bank draft is a secure payment alternative to utilize.

Bank Draft Vs Checks

A bank draft is a legitimate duplicate of check produced by the business and approved by the bank but again not created by the account holder. Prior to issuing, bank draft checks have a clearing period.

Bank draft Vs checks

Secondly, a bank draft is money that is guaranteed and confirmed. Checks require time (if funds are available) before they can be cleared and approved.

Bank draft Vs Checks

Moreover, a bank draft is heavily safeguarded by the bank. They also eliminate the hazards of withdrawing money, whereas checks are vulnerable to fraud and forgery.

A bank draft reliably withdraws funds from an account, whereas checks require authorization from both the bank and the account holder.

Furthermore, a bank draft lacks a signature; instead, a computer usually signs it. Before checks are released, they are signed by the account holder.

Finally, bank drafts are based on real credit and funds in the account; once the draft is prepared, your funds are utilized. Because checks are assigned payments, money may be insufficient. It is capable of bouncing.

Bank Draft Online

Obtaining a basic draft from a bank used to be a complicated and time-consuming operation. Most banks required a lengthy wait and the completion of numerous papers and applications before issuing a bank draft. Nevertheless, with the passage of time and the advancement of technology, customers can now obtain an Online bank Draft. When compared to getting a bank draft from the bank, an online demand draft is a faster option to get the draft. Let’s go over the typical processes involved in acquiring an Online Draft from a bank.

What Are the Processes To Obtain an Online Bank Draft?

A client can obtain an Online Draft from any bank merely by following the steps outlined below.

  • To begin, a customer must log in to his net banking account.
  • Following that, a customer can use the demand draft option on the payments page.
  • He will be able to select an alternative for issuing a demand draft on this page.
  • Following this step, the system may prompt the customer to enter his password.
  • From that, the client will be able to input the draft’s details.

In addition, the customer will need to enter the following information:

Set the default Demand Draft limit to meet your needs. The customer should ensure that he has sufficient funds in his bank account for the Online Demand Draft.

Choose the account from which the customer wishes to deduct the amount for the Online bank Draft. Then insert the demand draft amount.

Meanwhile, in the ‘In favour of’ area, put the name of the institution to which the customer desires to pay the funds.

Then, from the menu, select the objective of the Online bank Draft. It could be anything, such as the payment of an admission charge, for example.

Enter the branch code where you want the Online Demand Draft to be paid. If the consumer does not have access to a specific branch, he might choose a service branch in that city or state.

The consumer must now select a delivery mode, which can be ‘Collect in Person’ or ‘Courier.’ In the first approach, the consumer must go to the branch where he debited the amount for the Online Demand Draft and collect it.

The second option involves sending an Online bank Draft to the consumer through a courier, and the bank may charge an extra cost for delivery. The additional fee varies from one bank to the next.

Inform Consumer

The consumer will then be aware by informing him or her of the commission. That will be charge for the Online Demand Draft. The customer will also be able to confirm the transaction and review the draft’s details. The customer’s cell number will be up to date with information about the Online Demand Draft and its status.

The entire procedure of obtaining an Online Demand Draft from a bank is extremely simple and straightforward. Ideally, the customer should not encounter any difficulties in the process of obtaining the draft, but if he does, contacting the bank’s customer service is simple. The process of obtaining an Online Demand Draft is extremely straightforward, and it eliminates the conventional method of standing in long lines to obtain a demand draft.

Money Orders vs. Bank Drafts

Both a bank draft and a money order are prepaid instruments, with a specific amount inscribed on the instrument itself. Moreover, each is regarded as a secure payment option from a third-party entity. When utilizing a bank draft or money order, the payer does not need to carry huge sums of money. A bank draft, on the other hand, is a check written on a bank’s funds after receiving the amount from the issuer’s account, while cash is used to purchase a money order.

A bank draft can only be issued by a bank, whereas a money order can be issued by an approved institution. Such as a certified store, post office, or bank. Because money orders are frequently used to launder money, several nations limit the amount of money that can be exchanged into a money order. Furthermore, the amount of a bank draft can be significantly more. Money orders are less expensive than bank drafts due to the limited amount printed on them and the process banks go through when issuing drafts. Meanwhile, a  bank draft is harder to acquire than a money order since the payer must go to their bank to purchase the draft. Instead of using one of the more easily accessible institutions that offer money orders.

When Would You Use a Bank Draft?

Sending big sums of money to a third party can be done via a guaranteed payment mechanism like a bank draft. A bank draft can be a useful substitute when cash, money orders, or checks won’t do, such as when you’re paying for a down payment on a home or a used car. Let’s investigate how one functions.

How Long Does It Take for Bank Draft to Clear?

When the payee provides the bank draft for payment, the name on the bank draft is used to confirm the payee’s identification. The money is deposited into the payee’s account following identity verification. The processing of the funds can take one to four business days.

Can Anybody Cash a Bank Draft?

A bank draft, unlike a personal check, is guaranteed by the financial institution, ensuring that the individual to whom it is payable will get the full amount on the draft. Once a bank draft has been given to the intended recipient, it cannot be canceled.

What Happens When You Make a Bank Draft?

It is a paper document that closely resembles a typical check. The key distinction between a bank draft and a regular check is that a bank draft guarantees that the funds are available, whereas a regular check may bounce. Bank drafts are written in the recipient’s name.

Do Bank Drafts Have Guarantees?

However, a bank draft is guaranteed by the issuing bank, unlike a check. The complete amount of the draft is taken from the requesting payer’s account, reducing the balance in their bank account, and is often stored in a general ledger account until the payee cashes the draft.

What Justifies Holding a Bank Draft?

The transmission of funds is not immediate because a draft is not electronic. In addition to the time it takes to transfer the draft to the recipient of the funds, banks frequently place holds on them for three to five days when they attempt to cash them.

How Are Bank Drafts Handled?

The process that bank drafts go through is as follows: The payer goes to their bank and requests a bank draft. The bank checks the client’s account to make sure there is sufficient funds for the transfer. The bank approves the request if there is enough money, and the money is instantly deducted from the payer’s account.

What Is Better a Bank Draft or a Money Order?

When a bank draft is handed to the payee, it cannot be stopped or revoked. As long as a money order hasn’t been cashed, it can be reimbursed. Money orders might only be offered in a select few different currencies.


In a nutshell, bank drafts are transferable documents in which the financial institution guarantees payment.

Bank Draft FAQ’s

How do you get a bank draft?

First, the individual making the payment submits a request for a bank draft with their financial institution. Once the request is submitted, the bank reviews the individual’s account to see if he or she has sufficient funds to transfer.

Is a bank draft like cash?

Basically, treat bank drafts like cash. … Unlike a personal cheque, a bank draft is guaranteed by the financial institution, so the person to whom the bank draft is payable is sure to receive the amount on the draft. A bank draft can’t be canceled once it has been delivered to the person it’s for.

What is the difference between a check and a bank draft?

Cheques and bank drafts are provided by a bank to its customers in order to make payments for goods and services. … The main difference is that a cheque is issued by the bank’s customer and is not guaranteed, whereas drafts are issued by the bank and guaranteed by the bank

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