Jumia Treasure Hunt 2023: How to Find Items & Win! (+Free Clues)

Jumia treasure hunt is known as the biggest shopping sale on Jumia.

It offers up to 99% off on best-selling electronic appliances, fashion items, and smartphones.

In the Jumia black Friday treasure hunt, there are massive opportunities for every buyer.

These opportunities include fantastic discounts, free shipping, price reductions, and the 2023 “Spin and Win” Competition, or, as Jumia puts it, “Wheel of Fortune.” I trust you’d want to know more about this.
However, to stand a chance to win, you need to be fully grounded in the tips and clues.

This detailed blog post will give you the necessary tips and clues you need to win the Jumia Black Friday Treasure hunt and the 2023 “Spin and Win” or “Wheel of Fortune” Competition.

Jumia Treasure Hunt 2023

Every year during the Jumia Black Friday festival, one lucky customer has the chance to win a treasure hunt deal.

The “treasure hunt” is a massive discount on products – usually up to 90% off, that is hidden across the Jumia website, which once found can be instantly purchased by any customer who finds it.

Jumia Anniversary Treasure Hunt 2023

Follow all of Jumia’s social media accounts to be the first to know when these rare treasures are uploaded on the website because they’re always announced first on all social media accounts.

  • Know that there is only one item available for each treasure hunt product announced.
  • Do not think that the products would be hidden in their respective categories. You must search thoroughly across all shopping categories to find it. For example, an iPhone 12 might be hidden in a shoe section.
  • Immediately you find the product, place an order and make sure you get an order of confirmation. Do this first before tweeting about it.
  • A Jumia affiliate will not be allowed to participate.

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When is Jumia Treasure Hunt 2023 Starting?

The Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt 2023 will officially begin at 12:00 a.m. on November 4, 2023. It will also take place on November 11th, 18th, and 25th, 2023.

How does Jumia Treasure Hunt Work?

If you want to take part in Jumia Black Friday and win some of the great prizes, follow the instructions below:

  1. Make sure you follow all Jumia social media handles consistently. If possible, turn on all post notifications.
  2. Never miss the live videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  3. Only one unit of the item you’ll be searching for will be available.
  4. Do not think that the product would be hidden in their respective category. You must search thoroughly across all shopping categories to find it.
  5. It’s all about the fastest fingers. Immediately you find the product, place an order and make sure you get an order of confirmation. Do this first before tweeting about it.
  6. As an affiliate member or staff of Jumia, you cannot participate in the competition.
Note: If you don’t have the app downloaded, do so now. The treasure hunt is only open to Jumia app users.

Jumia Black Friday Treasure Hunt 2023 TimeTable 

Friday 4th November 2023
12:00 AM06:00 PM
Friday 11th November 2023
11:00 AM
Friday 25th November 2023
12:00 AM06:00 PM

How can you win Jumia Treasure Hunt 2023?

  1. Open the Jumia app at the appointed time
  2. Click on the treasure hunt banner
  3. Find the treasure. Do not give up, keep scrolling and searching all categories till you find the hidden treasure.
  4. Check out quickly with Jumia pay. Remember, it’s all about the fastest fingers.
Note: There is no pay-on-delivery option for treasure hunt items.

How Can You Find Jumia Treasure Hunt in 2023?

  • Open the Jumia App on your phone.
  • For clues, click on the Treasure Hunt Banner.
  • Begin your search.

Jumia Pay allows you to find the treasure and check out quickly.

Is Jumia Treasure Hunt Real?

Definitely! The Jumia treasure hunt is 100% real.

A lot of winners have emerged from the treasure hunt in previous years.

Let’s take a look at the interview with one of Jumia’s treasure hunt lucky winners.

His name is Moses Toluwase Sulaimon.

According to Moses, he went to the city of Lagos to spend some time with a friend and he got a free invite to the #TraceJumiaMADFest.

‘I actually came to Lagos on a short visit and the person I stay with at Yaba told me of the #TraceJumiaMADFest. He urged me to attend and I did, since I came on a short visit to sight-see lagos’ he said.

At the event, the treasure hunt for the day was announced at a sum of N100, 000.

He began the search, which took him long hours. He searched 10 categories and 30 subcategories.

Then, the host told 10 people to come on stage to find the iPhone X. He got on stage quickly, because he stood close to the stage.

He had gone through the website all day, so he could predict that the phone would be in the diapers section, because a diaper was priced at 101, 000.

This was the story of Moses and how he won an iPhone X.

So, the Treasure Hunt festival is as real as it can be.

Who Won the Jumia Treasure Hunt 2022?

According to several news outlets, Damilola, who won a 200,000 voucher as well as a free one-year Jumia Prime subscription in the Jumia Treasure Hunt 2022, had previously tried his luck but had not won.

“The night I got the coupon, I set my alarm to get me up at 11.30 pm since the previous night, I had slept off and I did not want the same thing to happen again,” he said.

Damilola claims he had set his sights on winning the PlayStation 5 and proceeded to the women’s section at midnight.

“I reloaded the page and scrolled through it for 30 minutes before I spotted the PS5″ I was ecstatic, but just as I chose it, someone else beat me to it. Instead of giving up, I went to the jewelry section. I tried for a few more minutes and was about to give up when I saw the voucher and instantly claimed it.”

Damilola described his winning strategy, stating that the key is to be resolute and plan everything ahead of time.

On the other hand, Mrs. Stephanie Gara, who purchased the iPhone 13 for $6,850, said she had been counting down the days until the Black Friday promotion began and was determined to win.

“I’ve been a Jumia customer my entire life.” I gave it my all last year but didn’t win anything. When I saw the Jumia Black Friday advertisement this year, I told myself that I had to win something. Then I went hunting. It took some time, but I eventually discovered the iPhone and added it to my cart.”

According to the caterer, she didn’t sleep that night and didn’t believe it until she received a call from Jumia confirming that she had won the iPhone 13. She thanked Jumia for the phone and stated that she will continue to shop there.

Terms and Conditions for the Jumia Treasure Hunt 2023

Treasure hunt agreements are governed by laws and regulations, as well as criteria to check eligibility for participation, as outlined below:

Rules for the Jumia Treasure Hunt

  • Only ONE product is available for every treasure hunt —plus it’s nearly free at 99 percent off.
  • The daily product is hidden on the website at random (for example, a Phone could be placed under the Men shoe category under the name “Slippers”). The rest of the items stay the same.
  • The calendar displays the date and time.
  • Treasure hunt clues are typically offered on the Jumia app, thus it is necessary to log into your account a few minutes prior to the start of the event and click on the clue(s) provided to begin your search.
  • Use the hints to figure out where to look.
  • Once you’ve found it, place your order as soon as possible!!
  • Treasure Hunt Items do not have a pay-on-delivery option.

Criteria for Eligibility

  • During this campaign, a buyer can only purchase ONE treasure hunt item.
  • To pick up the item, the winner must be physically present at the Jumia Corporate office.
  • The winner consents to Jumia using his or her photos for promotional purposes.
  • Winners must authenticate their identity online using a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account.
  • A former treasure hunt winner is ineligible to win again.

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Jumia Treasure Hunt Wheel of Fortune

The following covers how the Jumia “Spin and Win”/ “Wheel of Fortune” Works.

  • Open the Jumia App page and select SPIN.
  • Take a photo of the item on which the Jumia Wheel of Fortune lands.
  • Share the screenshot with the hashtag #SpinandWindate on Facebook. For example, #SpinandWin17.
  • Encourage your relatives and friends to share and like your post. With a minimum of 2000 likes, the post with the most likes wins.
  • The winner will be announced the next day at 11 a.m.
  • All Jumia employees and merchants who have 4th layer families are not eligible to participate.
  • If the prize is not a voucher, the winner must come to Jumia’s headquarters in Lagos to receive it.
  • Prior winners are ineligible to win again.

Jumia Treasure Hunt 2023 Cheat

Jumia treasure hunt 2023 comes with plenty of goodies you don’t want to miss.

All you need to win the hunt are a couple of useful tips and clues which we will discuss extensively as you read on.

The first step you will need to take is to install the Jumia App.

Goods will be available at significantly reduced prices in the ‘App’ only.

Through the app, buyers will enjoy access to promo codes, and these codes offer additional discounts.

To install the app, visit Google Play Store or Apple store to download it.

With the app, you will get notified about the most exciting offers on Fridays.

Secondly, subscribing to the retail store’s newsletters is another smart move.

They send out useful newsletters to subscribers during this period.

The third way to win is to follow all social media handles i.e Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Every new post will keep you updated on new offers that await you.

In addition, be patient and keep on searching all categories until you get what you’re looking for.

Search in all the categories; do not expect a phone to be in the smartphone category, it might as well be in the cooking utensils category.

Do not be weary as you search.

Finally, immediately you find what you’re looking for, place your order and make payment, do not wait to tweet about it.

Remember it’s a game of fastest fingers, and there are lots of buyers like you hoping to win this game.

If you make payment first, then the product belongs to you.

You might be the next lucky winner, do not relent!

Other Jumia Cheats

#1. Make Use of Ultra-Fast Internet

If you want to compete with a large number of participants, you’ll need a gadget with a lot of RAM/speed and good internet connectivity.

This will offer you an advantage and make it easier to find prize items than one that keeps loading.

#2. Start Your Search Early & Don’t Give Up

Ensure that your search begins at least 5-10 minutes prior to the start of the treasure hunt game and continues until the timer runs out.

This is due to the fact that everyone else seeks and quits somewhere along the line before reaching their destination.

And because it is a game, chances are that the product will be dropped at any point along the road from the start to the finish.

As a result, starting and stopping early will dampen your chances of winning. Starting in the middle will also do the same.

#3. Narrow Your Search Using Jumia’s Search Filters

The Jumia search filters can substantially assist you in narrowing down your search; simply putting a keyword into the search bar may not suffice.

Refresh your search as much as possible as you narrow down your filter because Treasure Hunt items are known to emerge and disappear.

Also, make sure you exclusively search the category that Jumia has given you as a clue; only then will you be able to uncover the treasure item.

#4. Again Get More Information by Following Jumia on Social Media

For the most up-to-date information, visit Jumia’s Official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Don’t forget to watch the live videos that are uploaded on various social media sites on a daily basis; certain clues may be revealed through these channels.

Communication with other treasure hunters can considerably increase your chances of success.

You may also arrange a time and learn more about Treasure Hunt items on their official Treasure Hunt page.

#5. Make Payments with JumiaPay

JumiaPay is a Jumia free online payment service that allows you to make secure, quick, and cost-effective payments online.

Another vital step to perform is to link your ATM card to JumiaPay in order to boost your chances of purchasing the product once it is discovered.

Because it’s a race to see who has the fastest finger, you’ll want to get rid of anything that could slow you down.

JumiaPay is simply faster and more dependable than other payment methods, and it can help you check out faster during the Treasure Hunt game.

NOTE: If you are fortunate enough to find the item, make sure you submit your purchase and pay for it right away; do not hesitate since other customers may find it at the same moment you did, and the first one to pay wins. Be astute!

Jumia Black Friday Phone Price List 2023

Black Friday Top Deals
  • Infinix Smart 6, 6.6″, 2GB/32GB, 5000MAh, Android 11 -Midnight Black: N₦ 57,330
  • Infinix Smart 6 4G, 2GB/32GB Memory – Polar Black: ₦ 62,525
  • Samsung Galaxy A13, 4GB/128GB Memory – Black: ₦ 119,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A03, 4GB/64GB Memory – Black: ₦ 85,000
  • Oppo F1S 5.5 “HD 4GB+32GB , 13mp + 8mp Camera, 3075mAH Gold: ₦ 33,990
  • Infinix Hot 12 Play, 4GB/64GB Memory – Racing Black: ₦ 87,045
  • Samsung Galaxy A13, 4GB/64GB Memory, Android 12 – Black: ₦ 108,000
  • Blackview FS-Android Smartphone Oscal C20 Dual-SIM 3G 1+32GB 6.088 Inch Screen -Black: ₦ 47,002
  • UMIDIGI G1 (2GB,32GB ROM) 6.52″ HD+ 5150mAh Android Smartphone Unlocked (13MP+2MP)+13MP-Starry Black: ₦ 49,500
  • Samsung Galaxy A13, 4GB/128GB Memory – Black: ₦ 115,000
  • iPhone X 3GB RAM+64GB(Renewed) -Black: ₦ 168,998
  • Samsung Galaxy A04s, 4GB/64GB Memory – Green: ₦ 96,000
  • UMIDIGI A13 Pro (6GB,128GB ROM) 5150mAh NFC (48MP+8MP+5MP)+16MP-Glacier Blue: ₦ 89,899
  • Samsung Galaxy A13, 4GB/128GB Memory – Black: ₦ 119,000
  • IPhone X 3GB RAM+64GB (Renewed) -White: ₦ 165,000
  • XIAOMI Poco C40, 4GB/64GB, 6000 MAh – Poco Yellow: ₦ 90,860
  • QUBO SP510 -8GB ,5 Inch ,5MP Camera, 3G Android Smartphone: ₦ 27,000
  • UMIDIGI A13 Pro (6GB,128GB ROM) 5150mAh NFC (48MP+8MP+5MP)+16MP-Starry Black: ₦ 89,899
  • Samsung Galaxy A13, 4GB/128GB Memory – Light Blue: ₦ 115,000
  • UMIDIGI A13S (4GB,64GB ROM) 6.7″ HD+ 5150mAh Global Version (16MP+8MP+5MP)+8MP-Galaxy Blue: ₦ 71,899
  • Oppo F1S 5.5 “HD Android 5.1,4GB RAM+32GB ROM 13mp + 8mp Camera 3075mAH Smartphones Gold: ₦ 39,990
  • Infinix Smart 6 Plus, 2GB/32GB Memory – Polar Black: ₦ 67,000
  • IPhone X 5.8-Inch (3GB RAM, 64GB ROM) (Renewed) – Space Grey: ₦ 164,002
  • IPhone X 256GB 3GB RAM 5.8-Inch(Renewed) Silver: ₦ 198,900
  • UMIDIGI A11 (3GB,64GB ROM) Android 11 Infrared Temperature Sensor 2.0 (16MP+8MP+5MP)+8MP 5150mAh 6.53″ Global Version-Mist Blue: ₦ 76,800
  • Infinix Hot 12 Play, 4GB/64GB Memory, Android 12 – Racing Black: ₦ 87,045
  • QUBO Big1 Plus – 2GB/32GB,4500mAh, 6.26″,8MP Camera,Smartphone: ₦ 41,990
  • QUBO X668-6.53″ HD+,(4GB,64GB ROM),4900mAh-13MP/8MP Android 11,4G: ₦ 69,991
  • XIAOMI Poco C40, 4GB/64GB, 6000 MAh – Power Black: ₦ 90,860
  • UMIDIGI G1 (2GB,32GB ROM) 6.52″ HD+ 5150mAh Android Smartphone Unlocked (13MP+2MP)+13MP-Sunglow Gold: ₦ 49,900
  • Samsung Galaxy A03s, 3GB/32GB Memory – Black: ₦ 76,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A04s, 4GB/64GB Memory – Black: ₦ 96,000
  • Blackview Oscal C20Pro 32GB+2GB 4G Android 11 Smartphone 6 Inch Screen 8MP+2MP Camera-Blue: ₦ 56,988
  • UMIDIGI A11 (3GB,64GB ROM) Android 11 Infrared Temperature Sensor 2.0 (16MP+8MP+5MP)+8MP 5150mAh 6.53″ Global Version-Frost Grey: ₦ 73,901
  • IPhone 7 Plus 32GB+RAM3GB(Renewed-)-Black IPhone7P: ₦ 114,998
  • Tecno Camon 19 Pro 5G, 8GB/256GB Memory – Black: ₦ 230,000
  • Huawei Psmart+2019 6.2 FHD 6GB + 128GB 24MP+16MP +2MP Smartphones -Black: ₦ 76,990
  • QUBO Big1 Plus – 4500mAh,2GB/32GB ,6.26″, 5MP/8MP,Smartphones: ₦ 41,990
  • UMIDIGI A11S 4GB RAM 32GB ROM 5150mAh (16MP+8MP+5MP)+8MP Android 11 AI Face Unlock 6.53″ Global Version Dual 4G Lte-Mist Blue: ₦ 71,899
  • UMIDIGI A13S (4GB,64GB ROM) 6.7″ HD+ 5150mAh Global Version (16MP+8MP+5MP)+8MP-Sunglow Gold: ₦ 71,899
  • Tecno Camon 19 Pro 5G, 8GB/256GB Memory – Black: ₦ 230,000
  • IPhone 8 64GB Smartphone – (Renewed) Space Grey: ₦ 129,900
  • Samsung Galaxy A03, 4GB/64GB Memory, Android 11 – Blue: ₦ 85,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A03, 3GB/32GB Memory – Black: ₦ 70,900
  • IPhone 6S Plus 64GB(Refurbished )-Gold Grade A: ₦ 81,000
  • IPhone 7 Plus 128GB 5.5 Inch (Renewed) – Black: ₦ 145,000
  • IPhone 6 16GB – (Renewed) Space Gray – 4.7 Inch: ₦ 45,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A04s, 4GB/64GB Memory – Copper: ₦ 95,770
  • Samsung Galaxy A13, 6.6″, 4GB/64GB, 5000MAh, Android 12 -Black: ₦ 108,000
  • Infinix Hot 12, 4GB/128GB Memory – Origin Blue: ₦ 103,320
  • UMIDIGI A13 Pro (4GB,128GB ROM) 5150mAh NFC (48MP+8MP+5MP)+16MP-Sunglow Gold: ₦ 86,897
  • Hotwav Cyber 8 Waterproof Smartphone 6.3 Inch HD + Water Drop Display 4GB Ram 64GB Rom 8280mah Battery 16MP Main Camera NFC Phone: ₦ 93,290
  • Samsung Galaxy A03, 3GB/32GB Memory, Android 11 – Black: ₦ 71,000
  • UMIDIGI A13S (4GB,64GB ROM) 6.7″ HD+ 5150mAh Global Version (16MP+8MP+5MP)+8MP-Starry Black: ₦ 71,899
  • IPhone 6 Plus 16GB(Refurbished) -Grey (Grade A): ₦ 63,497
  • IPhone 8 256GB+2GB 4.7 Inch Smartphone(Renewed) – Space Gray: ₦ 165,002
  • Blackview A95 8/128GB 20M+8M 6.528′ Fingerprint Unlock Android11 Black: ₦ 116,200
  • IPhone 6S Plus 2GB RAM+64GB(Refurbished ) -Silver (Grade A): ₦ 81,000
  • IPhone 6 16GB(Refurbished) – Gold (Grade A): ₦ 45,000
  • AGM HUXIAO Big Louder Speaker, FM Radio, SOS, Dual SIM Torch: ₦ 13,240
  • Blackview A55Pro Smartphone 4+64GB 6.528′ Fingerprint Unlock-Black: ₦ 69,991
  • itel S18 6.6″, 64GB ROM + 2GB RAM (UpTo 4GB), 5000mAh, 4G – Black: ₦ 62,890
  • UMIDIGI F3S (6GB,128GB ROM) 6.7″ HD+ NFC 5150mAh Global Version (48MP+8MP+5MP)+16MP-Sunglow Gold: ₦ 89,900
  • Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Tablet 11inch 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM WIFI Edition: ₦ 110,000
  • IPhone 6 Plus 16GB (Refurbished ) – Gold (Grade A): ₦ 63,497
  • Infinix Smart 6 Plus, 2GB/32GB Memory – Polar Black: ₦ 66,000
  • UMIDIGI A13 Pro (4GB,128GB ROM) 5150mAh NFC (48MP+8MP+5MP)+16MP-Starry Black: ₦ 86,897
  • IPhone 6 16GB(Refurbished)-Grey (Grade A): ₦ 45,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A03, 4GB/64GB Memory, Android 11 – Black: ₦ 85,000
  • Blackview A55 Smartphone 16+3GB 6.528′ Inch 4G LTE Android 11-Black: ₦ 61,502
  • Blackview A55Pro Smartphone 4/64GB 6.528′ Fingerprint Unlock-White: ₦ 70,990
  • IPhone 6 16GB(Refurbished) -Silver (Grade A): ₦ 45,000
  • Blackview A70Pro Smartphone 32+4GB 13MP+5MP Camera 6.517′ Inch Fingerprint Unlock Android 11-Black: ₦ 70,992
  • IPhone 6S 16GB(Refurbished) -Grey (Grade A): ₦ 67,500
  • IPhone 6 Plus 64GB(Refurbished) – Gold – (Grade A): ₦ 71,503
  • iPhone 6 64GB(Refurbished) -Gold (Grade A): ₦ 54,497
  • IPhone 6S Plus 128GB(Refurbished) -Silver (Grade A): ₦ 85,997
  • Hotwav Cyber 9 Pro 4G Smartphone Helio P60 Octa Core 6.3 ”8GB + 128GB 7500mAh Mobile Phone 48MP Rear Camera: ₦ 117,000
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32GB+RAM3GB(Renewed-)-Rose Gold IPhone7P: ₦ 114,998


Jumia Treasure Hunt 2022 is the perfect opportunity to grab the finest offer at up to 99 percent off.

However, in order to win this fantastic game, you must use the above-mentioned tips and tactics.

Please keep in mind that even if you are unable to participate in the Treasure Hunt, you may still save money on Jumia by utilizing vouchers

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