Jumia Black Friday Offers: Top Deals You Don’t Want to Miss in 2023 (updated)

Black friday offers
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There are lots of amazing offers to look out for on Jumia Black Friday this year! It won’t be advisable to miss the Jumia Black Friday event for anything in the world.

In this blog post, we have compiled all the offers you should look out for and saved you the stress of scrolling through pages and pages to find the best deals.

Without further ado, let’s proceed

Jumia Black Friday

Every Friday, Jumia offers a massive discount on a wide range of products. You may now get the phone of your dreams since Jumia Black Friday offers giveaways, fantastic bargains, and coupons not only on Friday but also from Monday through Thursday. Not only that, but Jumia offers treasure hunts for your most desired things.

Jumia is regarded as the largest online shopping mall in town since it offers a large selection of products from many categories, thus Black Friday will also be the largest Black Friday celebration in town. Jumia Black Friday 2023 has a fantastic deal on baby things like baby apparel, baby toys, baby food, baby diapers, and many more. During Jumia Black Friday, you can get amazing prices from your favorite brands, including Nivea, Samsung, Sony, Beko, and more. You don’t have to be concerned about your money since Jumia Black Friday discounts are unequaled.

In Jumia Nigeria, Black Friday begins on November 5th and ends on November 29th. Prepare your shopping list now and get ready!

Jumia Black Friday Offers

Jumia Black Friday 2023 is chock-full of surprises, flash sales, and unique prices in different categories, from electronics to fashion and beauty. It has the greatest deals on all home appliances, such as TVs, dishwashers, refrigerators, cookers, microwaves, and many more.

There are also deals and offers on clothing for men, women, and children. In Jumia Black Friday, you may simply find all of your top picks at very low costs. If you can’t handle shopping on Black Friday, you can simply have the best experience at Jumia’s online shopping store from the comfort of your own home.

Shopping is the most enjoyable pastime! As a result, Jumia Black Friday sales are incredible; you can even buy a superior brand air conditioner at the lowest price ever. You can also wait for a flash sale that lasts one hour with a smaller supply but provides a really great discount, followed by another flash sale that lasts another hour. 

Want to get the full scoop on the amazing offers to look out for? Keep reading

#1. Jumia black Friday flash sales

Jumia flash sales offer you the opportunity to shop for a selected item across diverse categories with up to 70% discount.

The items are always limited in stock, hence the name FLASH SALES. All that is required is that you pick from 40 diverse items across all categories during the flash sales.

#2. Jumia treasure hunts

The treasure hunt is a deeply discounted product that is hidden across the Jumia website every Friday in November, which can be instantly purchased by anyone who finds it.

Every Friday during the Jumia black Friday festival, one lucky customer has the chance to win a treasure hunt deal.

However, to spot these rare treasures, you’ll have to pay attention to the following during the Black Friday festival:

  • Updates and contests are first announced on all social media accounts. Therefore, follow all of Jumia’s social media accounts religiously.
  • Only one item is available for each treasure hunt product announced.
  • The product would not be hidden in their respective category. Keep in mind, therefore, that you must have to search thoroughly across all shopping categories to find it. For example, an iPhone 14 might be hidden in a shoe section.
  • Immediately you find the product, place an order and make sure you get an order of confirmation. Do this before anything else
  • A Jumia affiliate is not allowed to participate.

#3. Jumia N100 sale (On Saturdays by 12pm)

Every Saturday by 12pm during the Black Friday season, Jumia will offer shoppers the chance to buy electronics, appliances, etc., for as low as N100.

#4. Jumia Wheel of Fortune (Spin and win amazing prizes)

Customers have a chance to win amazing prizes in the Jumia Wheel of Fortune every Monday and Thursday by 12pm. All they have to do is to spin!

#5. Jumia Prime

With Jumia Prime, shoppers can sign up and get free shipping on all of their Jumia orders for as long as they are subscribed. It starts on the same day as Black Friday and runs till it ends.

#6. Rush Hour

This is the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Times) of all giveaways. You get the opportunity to get 90% off daily. This deal is available to app users only

#7. Free delivery

Have the opportunity to get your desired brand products delivered to your doorstep during the Black Friday event. This offer is available to app users only.

#8. Up to 30% off cameras

This offer is strictly for customers that work with cameras. Are you a photographer or a videographer? Get the best DSLR cameras up to 30% off on Jumia Black Friday.

Jumia App Download

The countdown has begun.

At the time of this writing, it is exactly a few days until the Jumia Black Friday event. To get the chance to be a winner, it is advisable that you install the Jumia App for faster access to the shopping experience.

Here are 5 important reasons you should have the app downloaded.

  • While shopping on the Jumia App, you are saving 5 times more data than on the mobile site.
  • You will receive instant notifications and be the first to know of the exciting offers available
  • Enjoy a perfect User Interface that allows you to find exactly what you are looking for
  • Shopping becomes easier using the app
  • With the Jumia App, you have one-touch access to what you love

How many percent off is black Friday on JUMIA?

Jumia Black Friday 2022 is just around the corner, and thousands of Nigerian consumers are eager to take advantage of the unbelievable discounts. This is the time to get fantastic deals of up to 99% off on items like apparel, watches, phones, and other items.

Is Jumia Black Friday Every Friday?

Jumia will be giving incredible Black Friday specials to customers all around Africa. Jumia will treat shoppers in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, and many other African nations with luscious Black Friday discounts every Friday from November 4th through November 30th, 2022.

How Do I Find Treasure Hunt on Jumia?

Follow these steps to become this year’s treasure hunt winner

  • Open the Jumia App.
  • Click on the Treasure Hunt Banner For Clues.
  • Start searching.
  • Find the Treasure.
  • Checkout FAST with Jumia Pay

How Do You Get the Best Out of Jumia Black Friday?

The first step you will need to take is to install the Jumia App. Some products may be available at significantly reduced prices on the ‘App’ only. Buyers will be able to get promo codes through the app. These codes offer extra discounts. To get the app installed, all you need to do is visit the Google Play store or Apple store to download it. With the app, you will get notified about the most exciting offers on Fridays.

Secondly, subscribing to Jumia’s newsletters is a wise thing to do. They send out useful newsletters to subscribers during this period. The third way to win is to follow all social media handles, i.e., Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter religiously. Every new post will keep you updated on new offers that await you.

How Long Do Black Fridays Last?

Black Friday technically ends the moment Cyber Monday begins. The best deals are usually confined to these two days (and the weekend in between); however, some deals are available until the end of the preceding week.

Does Black Friday Start at Midnight Online?

Although Black Friday originated in the US, it has subsequently spread to the UK and other nations, where it is now a yearly tradition. In order to take full advantage of the occasion, several stores welcome consumers as early as 6 am, and online sales begin at midnight.

Final words

Now that you have all the necessary information you need for the event, shine! Click on the share button so someone else reads this.

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FAQs On Jumia Black Friday Offers

When next is jumia black friday?

Expect to find some excellent deals on the newest and best technology, as well as on phones, household appliances, children’s toys, cosmetics, clothing, and other items. Thankfully, the Jumia Black Friday 2022 countdown has begun. It will begin on November 4, 2022, and end on November 30, 2022.

Which country does not participate in black friday?

Many countries that are vocally opposed to capitalism and consumerism oppose Black Friday (or any other shopping holidays). North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, and Afghanistan are among the countries included. 

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