Jumia treasure hunt: Best 2021 guide (+ free clues)

Jumia treasure hunt is known as the biggest shopping sales on Jumia.

It offers up to 99% off on best selling electronic appliances, fashion items and smart phones.

In the Jumia black Friday treasure hunt, there are massive opportunities for every buyer.

These opportunities include fantastic discounts, free shipping and price reductions.
To stand a chance to win, you need to be fully grounded in the tips and clues.

This detailed blog post will give you the necessary tips and clues you need to win the Jumia Black Friday Treasure hunt.

Jumia Treasure Hunt 2021

Every year during the Jumia black Friday festival, one lucky customer has the chance to win a treasure hunt deal.

The treasure hunt is a massive discount on products – usually up to 90% off, that is hidden across the jumia website, which once found can be instantly purchased by any customer who finds it.

Jumia Anniversary Treasure Hunt 2021

1.Follow all Jumia’s social media accounts to be the first to know when these rare treasures are uploaded on the website, because they’re always announced first on all social media accounts.

2. Know that there is only one item available for each treasure hunt product announced.

3. Do not think that the products would be hidden in their respective categories.

You must search thoroughly across all shopping categories to find it.

For example, an Iphone 12 might be hidden in a shoe section.

4. Immediately you find the product, place an order and make sure you get an order of confirmation.

Do this first before tweeting about it.

5. A jumia affiliate will not be allowed to participate.

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Is jumia treasure hunt real?

Definitely! The Jumia treasure hunt is 100% real.

A lot of winners have emerged from the treasure hunt in previous years.

Let’s take a look at the interview with one of Jumia’s treasure hunt lucky winners.

His name is Moses Toluwase Sulaimon.

According to Moses, he went to the city of Lagos to spend some time with a friend and he got a free invite to the #TraceJumiaMADFest.

‘I actually came to Lagos on a short visit and theperson I stay with at Yaba told me of the #TraceJumiaMADFest. He urged me to attend and I did, since I came on a short visit to sight-see lagos’ he said.

At the event, the treasure hunt for the day was announced at a sum of N100, 000.

He began the search, which took him long hours. He searched 10 categories and 30 sub categories.

Then, the host told 10 people to come on stage to find the iphone X. He got on stage quickly, because he stood close to the stage.

He had gone through the website all day, so he could predict that the phone would be in the diapers section, because a diaper was priced for 101, 000.

This was the story of Moses and how he won an iPhone X.

So, the Treasure Hunt festival is as real as it can be.

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How does Jumia treasure hunt work?

The instructions below will guide if you are interested in participating and winning the treasures on Jumia Black Friday:

1.Make sure you follow all Jumia social media handles consistently. If possible, turn on all posts notifications.

2.Never miss the live videos on facebook, twitter and instagram.

3. Only one unit of the item you’ll be searching for will be available.

4. Do not think that the product would be hidden in their respective category.

You must search thoroughly across all shopping categories to find it.

5. It’s all about fastest fingers. Immediately you find the product, place an order and make sure you get an order of confirmation. Do this first before tweeting about it.

6. As an affiliate member or staff of jumia, you cannot participate in the competition.

Note: If you don’t have the app downloaded, do so now. The treasure hunt is only open to Jumia app users.

How to win Jumia Treasure Hunt 2021

1.Open the jumia app at the appointed time

2. Click on the treasure hunt banner

3. Find the treasure. Do not give up, keep scrolling and searching all categories till you find the hidden treasure.

4. Checkout quickly with jumia pay. Remember, its all about fastest fingers.

Note: There is no pay on delivery option for treasure hunt items.

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Jumia Treasure Hunt 2021 Cheat

Jumia treasure hunt 2021 comes with plenty of goodies you don’t want to miss.

All you need to win the hunt are a couple of useful tips and clues which we will discuss extensively as you read on.

The first step you will need to take is to install the Jumia App.

Goods will be available at significantly reduced prices in the ‘App’ only.

Through the app, buyers will enjoy access to promo codes, and these codes offer additional discounts.

To install the app, visit Google Play store or Apple store to download it.

With the app, you will get notified about the most exciting offers on Fridays.

Secondly, subscribing to the retail store’s newsletters is another smart move.

They send out useful newsletters to subscribers during this period.

The third way to win is to follow all social media handles i.e Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Every new post will keep you updated on new offers that await you.

In addition, be patient and keep on searching all categories until you get what you’re looking for.

Search in all the categories; do not expect a phone to be in the smart phone category, it might as well be in the cooking utensils category.

Do not be weary as you search.

Finally, immediately you find what you’re looking for, place your order and make payment, do not wait to tweet about it.

Remember it’s a game of fastest fingers, and there are lots of buyers like you hoping to win this game.

If you make payment first, then the product belongs to you.

You might be the next lucky winner, do not relent!

When is Jumia treasure hunt 2021 starting?

Jumia Treasure Hunt 2021 starts on the 6th of November and ends on the 27th of November.

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