BLACK FRIDAY: Stores With the Best Black Friday Deals(Updated)

Black Friday
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A lot of people have heard the phrase “Black Friday,” but are still confused as to what it really means. Most people have a lot of questions pop up in their heads when they hear the phrase, while some are completely clueless when it comes to shopping at retail stores during this season.

In this post, we’ll walk you through what ‘Black Friday’ is really about and, at the same time, answer all the questions you might have about this special event.

We believe that if you knew better, you’d be able to get your hands on amazing deals off retail stores during their Black Friday Sales.

Let’s dive in.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a shopping holiday that occurs every year on the day following Thanksgiving. It was once associated with viral fistfights, stampedes, and lineups that stretched across city blocks before 3 a.m., but in recent years has evolved into more of an internet event.

What is Black Friday About?

What comes to mind when you hear that phrase? Nothing? Then, read on. Black Friday is a part of the holiday season when retail stores offer sales at discounted prices to kick off the holiday season.

Black Friday usually starts the day after Thanksgiving. Many people use that day as an opportunity to shop for the festive season.

Since 2005, it has been the busiest shopping day of the year. Human beings won’t take time to jump on goldmine opportunities like this, you know. It is a typical day full of special shopping deals and heavy discounts.

A lot of individuals look forward to this day because a lot of retail stores place irresistible discounts on their goods like electronics, toys, and some other items. Because of this, there is usually a lot of competition on this day because most of the special deals are only available in limited quantities.

Why is it Called Black Friday?

Let’s go back to the 1960s. Shall we?

Historians believe it all started in Philadelphia, during the mid-1960s. Then, bus drivers and policemen noticed heavy traffic always clogged the cities the day after Thanksgiving due to the shopping spree that happened in stores.

Due to that reoccurrence, they tagged it ‘Black Friday.’ In the 1980s, a positive explanation came to light. They came up with another explanation for the term “Black Friday.” In accounting terms, positive amounts (profits) are usually shown in black ink. Normally, they observe Black Friday as the day retailers finally begin to turn a profit for the year.

It became recognized as the beginning of the US Christmas shopping season.

Black Friday wasn’t so popular until recently, as the season marked the day retail stores opened early and offered various discounted sales to kick off the holiday season.

Is Black Friday Really Cheaper?

Yes, it is. We get that it might be impossible to believe that these goods are really cheaper, and oftentimes, can be considered too good to be true.

To be on the safe side, it’s better you get tech products these days. However, before you add any item to your cart, it’ll be wise to do a little research. At the same time, you shouldn’t jump into Black Friday and impulse-buy everything you find.

All the same, we can assure you that Black Friday sales are worth it.

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Who Has the Best Black Friday Deals?

Black Friday started in the U.S. but has spread to several countries, Nigeria inclusive. Retailers in Nigeria have to keep up with the trends of the world, and it was only a matter of time before they hit on the country’s shores.

Let’s take a look at the best retail stores for Black Friday deals:

#1. Jumia Black Friday Sales

Jumia was the first online store to introduce the Black Friday frenzy to Nigeria. It started in 2014, and since its inception, it has been wowing shoppers with its massive discounts and best deals.

In 2019, Jumia reported that it had hit a record of attracting over 100 million unique visitors to Jumia’s mobile applications and portals during the event.

Jumia Black Friday is held every Friday in November. This year, it is scheduled to start from November 4th to 30th.

#2. Konga Yakata Sales

Konga’s Black Friday Yakata sale, which offers some of Nigeria’s greatest Black Friday deals, begins on Thursday, November 11, 2022. The Konga Black Friday discounts will be available from November 25 until December 11. Expect some juicy deals during the holiday season to help you save big on your Christmas shopping. Here are some of the Black Friday deals.

Check them out

#3. Slot Nigeria

Nigerians who have been waiting for the slot black Friday 2022 date will find out as soon as it begins. This promotion occurs only once a year and provides the best deals on smartphones and electronics.
On Slot Black Friday, you can buy a phone on credit and pay it off over six months (T&Cs apply). If you’re in the market for a new phone, I recommend taking advantage of the Slot Black Friday sales.
Slot Black Friday aims to provide customers with more value from top brands at the best prices. Don’t pass up this unique opportunity to own your dream phones, laptops, electronics, and so on.

#4. Shoprite Nigeria

Shoprite has quickly dominated the market space for smaller supermarkets. To give back to the community that shops at their retail outlets, they began to participate in the yearly Black Friday discount extravaganza.

Read ShopRite Black Friday: Easy Guide for the 2022 Best Deals

Other stores with mouth-watering deals include Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart, to mention a few.

How Long Does Black Friday Last?

Although Black Friday is officially only 24 hours long, many retailers will continue to offer substantial discounts and offer throughout the weekend and even into the following week in order to compete with Cyber Monday prices given online.

Is Black Friday the Best Day to Shop

During that time, you may usually find fantastic offers in almost every category, including items that are rarely discounted, such as Apple devices. Depending on what you’re buying, Black Friday may be the best time to buy.

How Long Does Black Friday Last in UK?

Sales are typically limited to 24 hours, which is why it is named after a specific day of the week. For example, in 2021, Boots started its Black Friday sales over a month early, delivering new deals throughout the month.

Who Benefits From Black Friday

Many retailers use Black Friday as a chance to clear out old inventory in order to bring in newer goods in time for Christmas. This is true for fashion businesses, but electronics retailers can also give discounts on things like TVs and computers because newer ones are on the way.

How Do I Get the Best Deals on Black Friday?

Now, this is where you need to pay proper attention to.

See below for a list of the 5 best ways for a novice in the game to get the most out of a Black Friday season from any store.

#1. Plan in advance

This might come as a shock, but you need a game plan to make the most of Black Friday. If you check around, you’ll see that Black Friday Ads are already out.

This is the time to browse the ads and craft your shopping list, so you don’t get confused in the heat of the moment.

#2. Know the different days in the season

As you make your shopping list, have it at the back of your mind that every day of the season tends to offer different deals on different teams.

For example, Thanksgiving Day is the best day to shop for iPhones, tablets, and gaming items.

#3. Do a proper research

Don’t assume that every deal is a good deal, not every sale will be good.

Before you add any item to your cart, do a little research to be confident you’re getting the best possible price, and also buy from brands you’re familiar with.

#4. Visit e-commerce websites, not just traditional retail stores.

The vast majority of amazing deals during the season will be available on e-commerce websites. If you aren’t interested in getting home deliveries, then this isn’t for you.

While buying from a website, be sure to check if the items will be available only in stores, or can be found online. This helps you decide what you can add to your cart.

#5. Don’t expect free shipping

If you’re going to be getting your items from e-commerce stores, don’t expect them to be shipped to your doorstep for free.

How Do You Shop on Black Friday?

To get started with shopping, do these:

  • Make a shopping list
  • Use discounted gift cards
  • Sign up for emails
  • Price check in the store

When you shop in a store, always check to see if what you want to buy is less expensive somewhere else.

We hope this detailed blog post was useful to you as an amateur who knows little or nothing about black Friday sales.

If it was, share it with someone else that would need this information.

FAQs On Black Friday

Is there another prime day 2022

Amazon is following up Prime Day with its first-ever Prime Early Access Sale. The member-only shopping event began on October 11, 2022 and will last for 48 hours, ending on Wednesday, October 12.

Is black friday a religious day?

Good Friday is a Christian feast that commemorates Jesus’ execution and death at Calvary. It is observed as part of the Paschal Triduum during Holy Week. It is also referred to as Holy Friday, Great Friday, Great and Holy Friday (sometimes known as Holy and Great Friday), and Black Friday.

When Black Friday deals will start?

This year, Black Friday will be held on November 25, the Friday following Thanksgiving. Black Friday sales will continue all weekend, leading up to Cyber Monday on November 28. Most companies begin their Black Friday promotions early, so expect to see sales several weeks before the big day.

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