Business Hangout

business hangout



THE BUSINESS HANGOUT is a program organized for business owners and intending business owners with focus on helping businesses transit from one stage to a higher stage regardless of the nature of the business. At the end of the program, we intend that the entrepreneurs gathered will be awakened with feels of sparks into initiating practical steps to grow their businesses into the next stage from the knowledge instilled in the training.

This program is organized with intention focused to accommodate only 25 participants due to the timed frame of certain activities we intend to take the participants through. These activities will be personalized to participants’ individual businesses. Thus we shall make provision for the welfare of only 25 participants. This number excludes our team of volunteers and you our executive resource speaker.

business hangout


This program is scheduled to be on Saturday 25th August, 2018


Time: 9AM



  1. Free one month business consulting for every participants and follow through process
  2. Access to a google drive containing more than 200 business related books, MBA guide and other materials free of charge. Package worth more than #200,000 naira in hard copies given free of charge.
  3. Free video coverage where participants pitch their businesses with all necessary contacts and business details edited to fit with excellent screen display. We take it up from there to give a strong brand visibility. They do the talk, we run the ads for them free of charge to more than a thousand viewers in your target market. Package worth more than #20,000 given free of charge.
  4. Executive treatment and 2 set course meal during the training for breakfast and lunch.
  5. Access to business video documentary worth more than 13gig in size. Participants are required to Come with a memory drive
  6. Extensive personalized training on business strategies, business transition and leveraging social media and data analytics for business success



The total cost would have been the charge of the lifetime access to downloadable 200+ business and MBA books on the business folder of our drive, the brand awareness video coverage for participants’ businesses, program materials, meals and training (including videos). However, we are only charging only enough to cover the overhead cost of the training ONLY which is fifteen thousand naira (#15,000) per participant).

The good news is if you’ll register before 22nd August, you would pay only Ten thousand naira (10,000) for all these benefits. Yes! Only 10,000 before 22nd. Payment is not allowed on the venue ground. all payment ends 11am on Friday, 24th september 2018

business hangout


  1. Business owners who are looking for industry tailored strategies on how to rise to the top in their industry.
  2. Businesses looking for ways to integrate best online practices to drive sales, build stronger customer relationship and increase public trust on their brand
  3. Working class who are seeking to venture into business with the least possible risk factor




  1. Video documentaries
  2. Opening remarks
  3. Individual introduction Part 1
  4. Talk 1. – success secrets behind the success stories
  5. Individual introduction part 2
  6. Tea break and networking session/ video shots(part 1)
  7. Start to finish of business development (video series)
  8. Talk 2. – Business strategies and Transition.
  9. Video documentary part 2
  10. Talk 3. – customer satisfaction secrets
  11. Lunch break and video shots(part 2)
  12. Talk 4. – leveraging on digital space to grow your business
  13. Video shots and brand stories
  14. Evaluations
  15. Closing remarks



Aside the program benefits outlined above, we have also provided a very conducive environment for the hangout with enough feel at home executive treatment and refreshment to make learning fun.

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