Best Customer Experience Management Software in 2022 

Best Customer Experience Management Software in 2022
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You must be wondering what customer experience management is all about. Well, this article covers 13 best customer experience management software, experience management platforms, everything that concerns customer service management, and lots more. Sit tight and enjoy this informative piece. 

What is Customer Experience Management? 

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the technique used to design and act on customer feedback. This method helps you meet customer expectations and thereby enhances customer happiness and satisfaction. Customer Experience Software is the application for managing customer feedback. This CX software will help you greatly improve the customer experience. 

Customer gratification levels can predict customer retention, loyalty, and commodity repurchase rates. Data collected through questions like “why did the customer enjoy the experience”, etc. help you to recreate or enhance that experience. Customer experience can also be gauged through questionnaires. There are various types of customer experience surveys/ questionaries, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). 

13 Best Customer Experience Management Software 

The following are the 13 customer experience management software:

#1. Zendesk  

Zendesk delivers a significant and creative platform for customer service and engagement. It is a scalable setting/platform and can be used or employed by enterprises and businesses of any size. In addition, it also has security, help desk software, ticketing policies, knowledge bases, and community forums, among other things.

Zendesk provides diverse pricing policies and plans for several commodities and will cost you $89 for each agent per month. It offers a free session. This software is best suited for small start-ups and enterprises. 

#2. Salesforce 

With this best customer experience management software, you receive a fully incorporated CRM platform that provides an extraordinary and outstanding customer experience across all your chains and strings of business. It performs this by practically bringing your sales, commercial, marketing, service, and IT branches together under one set to provide customers with a more personalized and customized experience.

The results provided by Salesforce can be executed in hope of higher ROI. The solutions are also highly scalable and creative. You can rest assured that Salesforce will provide the customer experience that your company requires to survive and flourish in the industry. Its customer 360 system is extremely effective at providing a one-of-a-kind customer experience that touches all aspects and end-points of your company. 

#3. Freshdesk 

This best customer experience management software has a free plan available. There are three additional plans: Growth ($15/month), Pro ($49/month), and Enterprise ($79/month). These are all annual billing prices. The platform is available for a 21-day free trial.

Freshdesk is a customer service software that works across multiple channels. It includes features and functionalities to simplify ticketing, solve customer problems quickly and efficiently, and manage end-to-end field service operations. You can use its built-in automation capabilities to automate repetitive helpdesk tasks. 

#4. Zoho Desk 

This is a feature-rich customer experience management software that is extremely simple to install and use. The tool enables businesses to oversee customer communication across numerous channels such as email, phone, social media, and websites. The software is also excellent at automating repetitive or redundant processes, saving both time and money.

The ability of this tool to integrate with hundreds of other tools such as Salesforce, Trello, Slack, and others is perhaps its most appealing feature. You can also use the SDK to create your own custom help desk apps. Zoho Desk is the customer experience management software you need to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the burden on your support staff. It is packed with advanced features and strong integration support. 

#7. Salesmate 

This best-customer experience management software is available for free for 15 days. Get a quote. Starter ($12 per subscriber per month), Growth ($24 per subscriber per month), Boost ($40 per subscriber per month), and Enterprise are the four pricing plans (Get a quote). Salesmate is a customer journey and CRM platform. It lets you call and text in more than 90 countries.

With its built-in phone functionality, you can call your contacts with a single click. The calls will be automatically logged, and there will be conversation history, call recordings, activity reports, and so on. Salesmate’s mobile CRM app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It facilitates the integration of multiple applications and streamlines business processes. You will get proper analytics and visual reporting with this platform. 

#8. LiveAgent 

One of the best customer experience management help desk software options on the market, with advanced functionality that facilitates communications, enhances agent efficiency, and boosts customer satisfaction, takes advantage of a powerful ticketing system, a native live chat solution, knowledge bases, customer portals, and a built-in LiveAgent, is an outstanding help desk tool that offers refined automation features.

The software promotes collaboration while also increasing workflow efficiency. It’s perfect for remote teams of any size. It offers a “freemium” pricing version and provides a 14-day free trial. The All-Inclusive plan will cost you a total of $39 per agent per month. 

#7. Clarabridge 

This is software for text analytics and is also among the best customer experience management software.  It provides a strong social arrangement and an analytics forum that will enable quick responses and deep insights. It can deal with both structured and unstructured customer data.

For the best results, use it for social listening, media analytics, media surveillance, media reporting tools, speech analytics, surveys, and text analytics.

#8. Qualtrics 

This is a survey, research, and experience management software. It includes intelligent and creative features such as “Text IQ, Stats IQ, and Predict IQ”. It can be incorporated with the tools you already have.

Qualtrics is a forum for measuring and improving customer, employee, commodity, and trademark/brand experiences. It supports form creation, multi-channel analyses, and data analytics. You can order a quote and a demo. According to online reviews, it has an available free plan and the software costs $3000 per year. 

#9. Genesys 

This customer experience management software provides customer service solutions for contact centers, information technology, marketing, sales, and small businesses. It provides mechanization, “Omnichannel, Blended AI, Asynchronous Messaging, and Google Cloud Contact Center AI innovations”.

With modified call supervision and enhanced call routing capabilities, the Genesys Customer Experience forum is endowed with amazing features and functionalities. 

#10. Medilla 

A demo is accessible on request. You can obtain a quote for their pricing features. As gotten from the online reviews, it will be estimated within the range of $40 to $350 per month 

Medallia provides a cloud-based customer experience platform. It can collect data, compare data, locate lost customers, and combine data. You can use it to perform interactive analysis, text analysis, and interactive analytics. It also provides detailed real-time information, allows you to comment and share media from your phone, and allows you to push reports.

Verdict: Medallia offers a SaaS platform for managing comments for businesses and a platform for managing the customer experience for financial services, retail, public sector, telecom, and B2B. This platform allows you to collect feedback from any device connected to the internet. 

#11. IBM Tealeaf  

This customer experience management software is AI-based software for digital customer experiences. IBM also offers the Customer Experience Suite with features such as creating dynamic content, engaging customers, enhancing collaboration, and analytics. 

#12. ClickTale  

This software provides experience analytics platforms for web, mobile, and apps. It offers you a website analytics platform that analyzes user behavior and provides the latest updates about your website.

The ClickTale Experiences Analytics Platform is a web-based solution and can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad. It is a SaaS service and provides you with updates for your website. 

#13. SAS 

This best Customer Experience Management software offers multiple solutions for intelligent and creative advertising, marketing automation, marketing optimization, and real-time decision management. It has features to create and maintain complete customer profiles. You can consolidate data into a single view of the client. 

Experience Management Platforms 

Businesses can use experience management platforms to manage everything from surveys to employee management, customer support, customer experience (CX) management, market research, product experiences, B2B account management, and more.

Most experience management platforms are intended for a single use case, but many can be used for multiple purposes. These platforms assist organizations in creating, maintaining, and improving experiences for internal and external audiences.

#1. Adobe Experience Cloud 

Adobe is a common provider of digital media and marketing solutions to businesses and individuals in a wide range of industries. Applications for making and controlling customer experiences are provided to Adobe Experience Cloud users.

Facilities include the integrated: data infrastructure, data science tools, advertising, and transaction tools required to provide personalized/ customized relevant experiences across digital channels to target audiences. 

#2. Alida

Alida provides a Total Experience Management (TXM) Platform competent for transforming the customer, employee, product, and brand experiences of “customer-obsessed” organizations across industries.

Alida’s flexible and creative TXM platform comprises survey creation, customer/client experience management, sentiment estimation, customer awareness, artificial intelligence (AI) equipment, developed analytics, case management, “zero-touch” industrialization tools, employee accomplishment, video tools, and other features to boost businesses in increasing ROI. 

#3. AskNicely 

This is a next-generation premier customer experience platform and training tool adapted to the needs of frontline teams and service-oriented organizations. The platform comprises features to manage customer response, measure Net Promoter Scores (NPS), train frontline employees, and recognize workers’ accomplishments.

These tools enable subscribers to track customer experience metrics across channels, set up personalized/ customized training schedules for employees, establish rule-based automation, track sentiment for employees, automatically check in with devices, and more. 


Customer Experience Management platforms are key growth techniques for organizations or companies across a diversity of industries. With good reason: providing an incredible customer experience (CX) leads to increased loyalty, lower churn, better referrals, positive word of mouth, and higher-quality customers and clients. 

To my knowledge, the list of 13 top customer experience management software and platforms in this post is both comprehensive and instructive.

Customer Experience Management Software FAQs 

What are customer experience tools?

Customer experience tools provide valuable insight into your customers journey as they move through different stages of the sales funnel 

What are two important parts of customer experience?

SAS’s Customer Experience Management platform provides diverse solutions such as intelligent advertising, marketing automation, marketing optimization, and real-time decision managers 

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