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With a degree in business administration, you may find numerous doors of career opportunities open for you. It can help you acquire a variety of skills and abilities that you can utilize in a wide range of careers. Employees with an in-depth understanding of all facets of business, from accounting and management to production and information technology, are invaluable to the success of companies of all sizes and in all fields. A bachelor’s degree in business administration can do wonders for your professional life. However, how long does it take to get a business degree and what kind of high-paying job can you get in marketing or management as a business degree holder? Let’s review this together…

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What Does a Business Degree Entail? 

A business degree prepares pupils and teaches the fundamental theories of finance, marketing, management, and administration, as well as how to apply these ideas to actual issues in the fast-paced, constantly-evolving business world,

There are several different business degree specializations available at the bachelor’s level. Options consist of

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Public Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Business
  • Healthcare Administration/Management
  • Finance

Ranging from sports marketing to global business, most occupancy roles in business only accept a bachelor’s degree. Hence, students in these programs will basically get broad industry best practices as well as specialized information relevant to the desired job path, such as renewable energy technologies or healthcare processes.

However, in the case of those who prefer to go for a higher-level leadership position, you probably need a master’s or even a doctoral degree. So, at a certain point in your career, you may essentially need to earn an advanced degree. This might potentially give you diversity and more job options and increase your pay at your current job.

What Job Can You Get With a Business Degree?

While this is one of the most common career paths, business occupations span numerous industries. So you shouldn’t join the school of thought that believes studying business is a one-way ticket to corporate leadership and management responsibilities. Currently, roles like effective leaders, strategic thinkers, and financial specialists are all in high demand. This is basically because they are essential components of any prosperous firm.

Companies all over the world are looking for business graduates like you, whether they are big or small, local or international. As a business degree holder, you have access to high-demand job opportunities in finance, marketing, management, and administration.

#1. Human Resources Specialist

Basically, as an HR specialist, you perform the role of acquiring and retaining talent within a firm. Your normal daily tasks vary, but most typically include:

  • Hiring, vetting, and interviewing employees
  • Completing exit interviews and new hire papers
  • Holding training sessions for new hires
  • Managing benefits and compensation
  • Addressing complaints and claims of harassment

If you are the type that can handle challenging circumstances with tact and understanding, this position might be a good fit for you. You are someone that places high importance on adaptability, variety, and the chance to positively impact people’s lives.

The median yearly pay for a human resources expert is $62,290 (BLS.gov).

#2. Accountant/Auditor

Main responsibilities include maintaining a company’s financial operations. To ensure accuracy, they examine and evaluate financial documents and data. They also analyze financial data and develop budget reports for managers and executives to use in corporate planning. Likewise, they are in charge of overseeing the responsibilities of accounts payable and receivable.

To broaden their pool of employment options, many people on this career path decide to become certified public accountants. Generally, accountants can work in virtually every business.

The average pay per year in the US is $77,250 (BLS.gov).

#3. Financial Manager

The overall financial stability of an organization is the sole responsibility of a financial manager. As financial management, you contribute to your company’s achievement of its short-and long-term financial objectives. You can make this happen by:

  • Creating projections and financial reports
  • Aiding in financial decisions made by management
  • Creating a plan to achieve long-term financial objectives
  • Guiding investment-related activities
  • Looking for business opportunities through analyzing market trends

As someone with a strong interest in teaching others and being curious and self-driven, this position might be the best bet for you. You perceive and visualize every challenge as a chance to improve.

The median annual wage is $131,710(BLS.gov).

#4. Medical and Health Services Manager

A medical or health service manager works behind the scenes to maintain the security and effectiveness of a hospital, doctor’s office, or other care institution. You oversee a variety of operational responsibilities for a healthcare center, such as:

  • Recruiting and training hospital personnel
  • Interacting with representatives of the health insurance
  • Making schedules for medical professionals
  • Managing electronic health records

If you are detail-oriented, you might be putting the right peg in the right hole by going for this position. Even though you have an interest in the healthcare industry, you may wish to stay away from the biological aspects of providing direct patient care.

$101,340 is the median annual wage (BLS.gov).

#5. Market Research Analyst

To predict how well a product or service will do, a market research analyst examines a variety of market situations. Market research analysts usually design surveys, train interviewers, and supervise their work.

After that, they will examine the research and deliver their findings to management. Analysts of market research are employed by a range of industries, including corporations and consulting firms.

This role might suit you better if you’re the analytical and imaginative type. With this kind of strength, you can use raw data or information to create a compelling narrative.

The median yearly wage is $63,920 (BLS.gov).

#6. Business Analysts

The primary responsibility of business analysts is to offer a range of services across numerous sectors using their evaluation talents. They use data to examine business prospects and offer recommendations for improving corporate procedures. Most business analysts collaborate as a team to provide IT solutions for businesses and clients.

To guarantee a project or plan runs successfully, communication with all project participants is one of a business analyst’s most crucial duties. Businesses in the healthcare and IT sectors frequently employ business analysts to help them manage their various establishments.

Payout Average: $79,884 annually.

#7. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts delve deeply into a company’s financials and use data to inform and make critical decisions that will affect the company’s present and future spending and expenditure. A financial expert will also explore overseas investment or business prospects as global opportunities expand.

According to BLS, they received a median pay of $81,410.

#8. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts play a significant part in securing the computer networks and systems of an organization. They typically act as the information systems’ gatekeepers and assist in protecting a company’s reputation by:

  • Locating security holes in networks
  • Preparing for and putting into effect security protocols and systems
  • Addressing security breaches and cyberattacks
  • Guiding users through the use of new systems

People that enjoy solving problems and enjoy learning new things, may find a good career in a good fit for this position and be living their dream.

$102,600 is the median annual wage (BLS.gov).

#9. High School Business Teacher

Generally, introductory business courses are taught in high school by business teachers. These courses may include business operations, marketing, and management.

So you should consider earning a business education degree if you enjoy teaching and learning about business principles. With this degree, you’ll be prepared to impart important business concepts to students in grades 9 through 12. You can also create teaching resources to impart business knowledge to the future generation of leaders with the aid of a degree.

Median annual salary (BLS.gov): $59,170

#10. Marketing Manager

Working as a marketing manager, your primary responsibility involves connecting a business with its customers. You basically manage services or products as part of a public relations or marketing team by:

  • Composing advertising copy for a range of media
  • Managing marketing campaign budgets
  • Evaluating marketing messages and methods
  • Establishing connections with media outlets
  • Tracking and enhancing SEO

If you’re a team player who has a natural curiosity about why people behave the way they do, this position might be a good fit for you. You will have a good balance of creativity and analysis.

$133,380 is the median annual wage (BLS.gov).

#11. Product Manager

The main responsibilities of product managers involve collaborating with a project team to make sure service or good is successful. They examine a product’s functionality to see if there is room for improvement for the consumer. So as to be able to develop a satisfactory and high-quality service, product managers require a comprehensive understanding of the market for their product.

A product manager’s work includes communicating with their team so they are aware of the project’s status and may make adjustments as necessary. Despite the fact that product managers are hired by most businesses, technology companies have the highest product manager employment rate.

$102, 100 is the median annual wage (BLS.gov).

What Job Can You Get With a Business Degree in Marketing?

Marketing, which combines commerce, art, and science, calls for experts who can create brands, organize marketing campaigns, and evaluate the effectiveness of those initiatives. The positioning, pricing, and advertising of goods and services are also handled through marketing. Hence, securing a job in marketing should be less of a worry if you boast a degree in business administration.

Here are some positions you could obtain with your business administration degree and something like a marketing concentration if you are seeking a job:

#1. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are in charge of creating websites, developing email and social media marketing plans, and evaluating marketing statistics. They assist in promoting an organization’s goods and services through various media channels. This could be through print, broadcast, or digital campaigns as well as online or multimedia campaigns.

For the purpose of evaluating market segmentation and price, they also collaborate closely with sales and product managers.

Marketing managers made a median pay of $135,030(BLS.gov).

#2. Market Research Analyst

An individual with a degree in business administration can also work in the marketing sector of a company as a market research analyst. Market research analysts analyze and assess market circumstances to make performance projections for goods and services. Likewise, they gather information on market, competitive, and demographic trends so as to place their firm in a better spot and increase their chance of success and or prosperity.

Marketing research analysts made a median income of $63,920.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Business Degree?

You can obtain your undergraduate business administration degree in two to four years. This however is if you enroll in full-time classes. If you choose to specialize or attend school part-time on the other hand, it will probably take longer.

In addition, the sort of degree you select will also affect how long it takes. A two-year associate’s degree program is possible. An expected length of study for those pursuing a business administration bachelor’s degree is four years. This period may nevertheless be shortened to two years. But that’s if a student takes a transfer from another program with transferrable credits.

A two-year degree is achievable, and you can start earning while you’re still in school. To finish a bachelor’s in business administration program in two years, transfer students typically need an associate degree or a minimum of 60 transferred credits.

On the contrary, if you plan to earn an MBA, you will need an additional two years of education. But there are also fast-track options for earning an MBA in as little as one year at some universities. Although the focus may only be available as part of a two-year program, completing classes relating to a particular area of emphases, such as accounting or human resources management, may be part of an MBA program. And participants who pursue these specialties may be able to acquire the credentials required for advanced professions in particular fields.

What Job Can You Get With a Business Degree in Management?

People with a business degree can also secure a job in the management department of an organization. They may work as business managers and administrators, overseeing the day-to-day running of businesses on their farms. These activities include business personnel, logistics, and profitability. Skills like great analytical ability, interpersonal communication, and decision-making skills are some strengths of a competent manager.

With a business administration degree, you could land a job in any of the following management positions:

#1. Administrative Services Manager

Administrative services managers also called office managers, are in charge of managing both the workforce and company operations. This can involve managing a division or a whole business. They aid in project planning and execution as well.

Administrative services managers made a median salary of $99,290 per year. ( BLS.gov)

#2. Medical/Health Services Manager

Health care sectors are always on the hunt for competent managers that can ensure the seamless operation of clinical services and administrative departments. So, you might be well-suited to manage a doctor’s office, a hospital division, or other healthcare facilities if you concentrate on health care administration.

Medical and health care managers made a median salary of $101,340 according to the BLS.


Business administration is one of the most studied courses across institutions in the United States. And one major factor that makes a profession in business administration so attractive is job flexibility. It is one of the only degrees that enables you to do a variety of tasks and operate in practically any industry for businesses of all sizes.

The world of business is a competitive one, filled with innovative and tenacious minds. Hence, you must be distinctive and attract the attention of today’s business executives by having the required education, training, and experience. You can acquire these abilities by earning a degree in business administration.

What Job Can You Get With a Business Degree? FAQs

Does business degree pay lucrative salary?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that business-related jobs generally pay more than average. So, having a job in marketing or management with a business degree allows you to earn more than your counterpart

Is it difficult to study business?

Gaining a college education or degree in business is typically simple. The majority of the courses (marketing or management) you need to earn a business degree are often uncomplicated and uncomplicating.


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