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how much do marines make
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How much marines make in an hour, a month, and over a year depends on a lot of variable factors. These include the location, rank or level, as well as the job title. While Marines’ annual salary is reportedly $59,544, anyone can earn above this amount. High-rank Corps do earn above $152,651. In general, Marines are military personnel whose primary responsibility lies in guarding naval bases as well as U.S. embassies, serving on U.S. Navy ships, and always being ready to protect the interests of the United States. They are skilled warlords who are ever ready to defend the state. Marines are first recruited into boot camp for 13 weeks of training, where they learn the code, conduct, and operation of the Marine Corps.

How Much Do Marines Make in an Hour?

As of August 2022, the mean amount that Marines make per hour in the United States is $29/hour. The service location, acquired skills, and current level of position in the Marine Corps are all factors that affect how much you make as a Marine.

How Much Do Marines Make in a Month?

Marines in the United States make an average amount of $1,913 per month as of August 2022. While this may appear to be close to the amount of E-1 Marines’ salary, do remember it’s an average amount which means that it can be higher or lower than these amounts depending on a number of variable factors. The monthly salary of Marines actually ranges from $3,208 to $917

In terms of percentile, ZipRecruiter reports said 75 percentile of Marines make $2,583 on average while the 25 percentile make $1,208  on average. This excludes the salary of top-ranked officials.

How Much Do Marines Make in a Year?

The mean amount the United States Marine Corps receives annually is $59,544, as of August 2022. In terms of the salary range, the average yearly pay in the U.S. Marine Corps is $37,000, while its highest yearly pay is $107,245. There are several factors that affect how much you make in the United States Marine Corp. This includes ranks and job titles. For instance, payscale reports that the highest paid U.S. Marine Corps employees hold the Information Technology (IT) Manager title. These guys can earn a salary of $121,500. It can also be more or less. On the other hand, the lowest paid employees hold the title Marine Corporal, Logistics Combat. These guys earn an average salary of $11,550 annually. Aside from rank, position, or job title, there are also other factors that greatly influence how much you make in the United States Marine Corps. 

According to ZipRecruiter, the majority of salaries for jobs in the Marine Corps currently range between $37,000 (25th percentile) and $72,000 (75th percentile). The top earners are actually in the 90th percentile and make about $101,500 on average across the United States.

How Much Do Marines Make in Boot Camp?

Everyone knows boot camps are for training, so the first question ought to be, do marines make money while on boot camp? Actually, they do.

New Marines recruited into boot camp earn about $1602 a month and $19,224 a year. Fortunately, some of your expenses are covered, such as health insurance.

Prior to 2022, E-2 Marines did receive an average payment of $1943. In 2022, we noticed an increase from $1943 to $2,000. If you are an E-3 marine, you’ll make an average of about $2103.90 on monthly basis. 

How long do marines stay in Boot camp?

Boot camp experience for marines is recruit training. In fact, it’s usually the most demanding training that Marines go through and also the longest. Marines’ recruit training lasts for 13 weeks in total. Funny enough, you’ll never get a weekend off with those 13 weeks, nor will you leave the camp except you’re giving up on your dream of becoming a Marine.

Nature of Boot Camp Recruit Training

Marines receive the following training at the boot camp; 

  • Close-order drill,
  • Physical fitness 
  • Rifle marksmanship, 
  • Marine Corps history, 
  • Customs and etiquette. 
  • Marine Corps rank structure
  • Combat tactical medical care. 

How Do Marines Raise Their Earnings?

There’s no doubt that every marine wants to increase how much they make in their service year. If this is your goal too, check out these proven tips.

#1. Increase Ranks or Level

Top on the list of how marines increase their pay is through rank or level promotion. Promotion does come with an increased pay scale, but then, it also demands more responsibility. When you start off as a marine, it’s easy to move from E-1 to E-3. Going beyond this to become a non-commissioned or other higher ranking requires meeting certain eligibility criteria.

#2. Incentive pay

One of the most common ways through which marines can raise their earnings is incentives and bonuses. They do receive incentive rewards for any unusual assignment or responsibility assigned to them by the military. You can also receive incentives for having extraordinary skills.

For instance, if you’re proficient in the Russian language and there’s a need for interpretation, you will likely receive incentive pay for it. Other situations that attract pay include hazardous duty, career sea pay, hostile fire pay, drill pay, and so on.

#3. Number of Service Years

Marines’ salary pay is structured in such a way that your pay increases with the number of overtime hours as your service years increase. According to Indeed, any marine who holds a Lance Corporal (E-) or higher rank receives an increased pay scale as their service year increases. As much as these apply to all Marine, there’s always a condition for such an increase.

How Much Does a Marine Biologist Make?

According to Indeed, a marine biologist makes $47,443 on average every year.

Salary Breakdown

Payscale report that the average total compensation for a Marine Biologist with less than one year of experience is $50,475. This includes his tipping, bonus, and overtime pay.

As proof that experience influences how much you want to make as a marine biologist, an entry-level Marine Biologist with 1-4 years of experience receives an average annual salary of $51,545. 

A Marine Biologist with 5–9 years of experience, receives an average amount of $53,459 per year. 

An experienced Marine Biologist with 10–19 years of experience, make about $56,881 per year on average. On the other hand, a Marine Biologist with over 20 years of experience makes about $74,160 on average. 

Are there states that pay a marine biologist above the national average salary?

Yes, there are. As with other careers, location is one of the factors that influences how much you make as a marine biologist. Therefore, there are states that pay a marine biologist above the national average amount.

Top 5 States that pay Marine Biologists above the average

There are states that pay above the national average amount for marine biologists. Each with distinct slightly differs from the other. The following are the top 5 states that pay a marine biologist above the national average amount;

  • Washington $68,006
  • Maryland $66,321
  • Virginia $64,887
  • New York 464, 736
  • Nebraska $63,351

Marine Biologists: Primary Responsibilities and Who They Are

A marine biologist studies and investigates aquatic organisms, this includes both plants and animals.

The following are some of the responsibilities you’ll have to carry out as a marine biologist;

  • Keep samples and specimens of diseases and species that are known and unknown.
  • Monitor and test marine life exposed to pollutants and conduct inventories.
  • Create new theories based on this research after collecting and analyzing sample data.
  • Determine the state of the marine environment, by using coring techniques, geographic information systems (GIS), visual recording, and sampling.
  • Surveying endangered species underwater and putting preservation measures into practice.
  • Monitor the ranges, movements, and/or distributions of marine populations.
  • Conduct environmental impact analyses to determine how proposed projects or developments may affect the environment.
  • Conduct polar, temperate, and tropical sea expeditions on fishing and research vessels.
  • Create thorough reports for organizations, sponsors, businesses, governmental agencies, or oil companies conducting seabed drilling.
  • Disseminate the most recent marine biology research through scholarly publications, conferences, or outreach.
  • Lecture on marine activity management, policy, and planning.

Do you get paid to be a Marine?

The average yearly salary for U.S. Marine Corps employees is $55,675. The average annual salary for members of the US Marine Corps is $27,958.

Is Marine hard to join?

The Marine Corps’ basic training is reputed to be the most difficult of all the services. At about 12 1/2 weeks, it most definitely is the longest. Former Marines have repeatedly stated that enlisting in the Marine Corps and going through recruit training was the hardest thing they had ever done.

What happens after 4 years in the Marines?

Then, you can decide whether to rejoin the Marine Corps or leave it. The term “end of active service” refers to this, but you still have to serve four years in the inactive ready reserve. In the IRR, you may be called back to active duty in the event of a major catastrophe or war.

How often do Marines come home?

Some units are granted a 72 or 96-hour period of time off work to spend with their families. The majority of units will continue to work at the base for about 2 weeks after taking their initial 72–96 hours off. Working hours and briefs on returning to the US from a combat zone will both be part of those two weeks’ schedule.

How long is a Marines contract?

Four to six years of total service are required.

At what age do most Marines retire?

Officers (aside from general officers) and enlisted Reserve personnel who are eligible for retirement with pay at age 60 may request to be transferred to the Retired Reserve. This transfer will take effect on the first day of the month after the member turns 60.

How old do Marines retire?

Each regular commissioned officer of the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps covered by subsection (b) shall retire on the first day of the month following the month in which the officer turns 64 years old, unless retired or separated earlier.


Whether you are a marine biologist or a marine military person, there are no limits to how much you can make in your chosen career field. All you need to do is simply identify the factors that influence how much you make and then consciously work on them. If acquiring additional skills or certification will be relevant, you can do just that. In all, everyone can always increase how much they make in their chosen career field.

How Much Do Marines Make FAQs

What do you callthe military guys that work with the United States Marine Corps?

The military men who work with the United States Marine Corps are called Marines. Don’t even make the mistake of referring to them as soldiers, because they sure will make a fuss out of it.

How much do new Marines (E-) get paid?

E-1 level Marines who are still in boot camp receive $1,514.

How much do marines make in a week?

The average amount marines make on a weekly basis is $441/week.

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