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Most of the questions on the internet today surrounding the term “marketing” include: what is a marketing manager? What is the salary for a marketing manager? What is the highest paid salary of a marketing manager? job description of a marketing manager, etc. All these questions and more are the questions this post answers, especially, going into depth to discuss all you need to know to excel in the marketing manager career or path.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is someone responsible for leading the marketing initiatives for a company, service, or product. In addition to estimating market demand, they supervise a marketing team that develops and employs innovative and creative plans to pique consumers’ interests across a variety of media.

The training of their team members in campaign-specific marketing strategies falls within the purview of marketing managers. They will add new team members by picking people they feel will achieve the objectives for carrying out brand strategy. They work together with every team member, encouraging them to achieve their objectives while giving advice and assigning assignments. Marketing managers are responsible for several different tasks. Although there are industry-specific standards, all marketing managers will do the following duties:

  • Conduct market research to ascertain the marketability of products and services and the general interest
  • Create original and creative marketing tactics for use on a variety of platforms, including social media, television, billboards, and newspaper articles
  • Make a marketing strategy that includes goals and outcomes
  • Make thorough expense estimates and budgets
  • Prepare sales and advertising contracts by bargaining with prospective customers and partners
  • Organize public relations efforts and address any emerging internal and external problems

The majority of businesses demand that marketing specialists hold a bachelor’s degree. Companies don’t absolutely need their marketers or marketing managers to have specialized degrees in specific subjects, though, as the marketing sector develops swiftly. A professional degree or membership in a professional group may be required for some employers.

To become a marketing manager, you must have a three to five-year track record of regularly exceeding your potential and fulfilling your objectives. Your accomplishments as an individual contributor are more important than anything else if you want to work in marketing management someday.

What is a Marketing Manager?

A marketing manager needs to have certain fundamental soft skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, and leadership. A blend of these abilities and highly developed hard skills are essential for career success. An ambitious marketing manager should endeavor to build the following six competencies such as:

#1. Arrangements and Action

Setting goals and long-term planning are two skills a marketing manager has to have. They must comprehend desired objectives, plan for desired outcomes, and carry out the plan to achieve desired outcomes. For instance, is acquiring 1,000 Instagram followers the ultimate objective? How will that take place? What actions must be taken in order to accomplish the goal along the way?

Knowing how much time to devote to each component of a campaign is crucial when managing numerous marketing channels and large teams of employees.

#2. Empathy

Understanding markets entails anticipating client requirements and desires as well as their responses to your offering. Significant emotional intelligence is needed for this. Marketing managers must strike a balance between team members’ competencies and role expectations.

#3. Adaptability

Markets and consumer behavior can be unpredictable, so it’s crucial to adjust to shifting industry standards.

#4. Communication

The primary responsibility of a marketing manager is to effectively communicate with various audiences by creating engaging content for advertising, films, and articles. Additionally, this content needs to adhere to the marketing plan’s tone, identity, and voice.

Additionally, the marketing manager will speak with their own managers, team members, and outside stakeholders. For this position, being able to speak with various audiences with assurance is essential.

#5. Negotiation

The marketing manager will need to persuade internal stakeholders of the importance of the marketing plan after it has been developed. They will need to choose the appropriate teams and persuade them of the advantages for the company and target clients.

#6. Budgeting 

Marketing managers manage a variety of resources, including influence marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and campaign budgets. Budgeting knowledge is necessary for each of these activities. A marketing manager also manages the team’s internal budgets, making certain that everyone has access to the resources they require.

However, the skills I mentioned above are not the only skills a marketing manager ought to possess. I only mentioned a few of them so that you can get the gist of what I am trying to say. Meanwhile, you can research more skills for the responsibilities of a marketing manager.

Salary for a Marketing Manager

As of June 28, 2022, the average marketing manager pay in the United States is $112,235. However, the normal salary range is between $98,455 and $128,822. Salary ranges can vary significantly depending on a variety of crucial aspects, including schooling, credentials, supplementary talents, and the length of time you’ve been working in a given field.

The organizational discipline of marketing management focuses on the administration of a firm’s marketing resources and operations as well as the practical application of marketing orientation, strategies, and procedures inside businesses and organizations. This is the major reason why they earn the salary that they earn, which also includes a median of $142,170 per year in 2020. In that year, the top 25 percent earned $191,760 while the bottom 25 percent earned $101,690.

There is potential for great compensation in this area because marketers can easily earn over $140,000 a year without a graduate degree, according to some of the highest paying marketing/advertising jobs. Although the range is extremely wide, some marketing and advertising positions pay around $60,000.

Salary of a Marketing Manager

The marketing manager is also the backbone of a business because they are responsible for executing and implementing executive plans of a business. This is why they must be outstanding leaders in both business and marketing because they are tasked with setting price plans for goods and services and working with executives to establish budgets and targets.

Executives rely on marketing managers for profitability and results, while the marketing department looks to them for direction and guidance. As a part of a broader marketing, creative, communications, or digital team, they typically operate in corporate settings. They are an essential component of an organization because they help match the creative direction with the strategic objectives of the business.

 As I previously said, the salary of a marketing manager varies in different situations depending on their qualifications, experience, and location as well. However, the salary of a marketing manager is decent in case you’re trying to make a decision to join the career path. This is because some of them make a salary of $44k–110k per year.

Marketing Manager Salary

Here is a brief rundown of other career paths in marketing and the salary range you can get from them because, as we know, marketing is broad and the opportunities it brings to the table are endless. Here are a few of them, which include

  • Executive in International Marketing: $282,100
  • Executive in charge of channel development: $267,200
  • $244,400 is the top marketing executive’s salary.
  • $193,100 is the top market research executive’s salary.
  • Director of Marketing: $152,800.
  • Director of E-commerce Marketing: $148,500
  • Manager of Database Marketing: $97,100

The job of a marketing manager is very lucrative if you have the right skills and qualifications for it. However, these requirements can vary from company to company depending on what they are looking for and such requirements include;

  • Having a variety of academic backgrounds, which includes marketing, communication, business, etc
  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • There are some companies that require a master’s degree for their marketing managers
  • 7 years of experience or more as the case may be

Job Description of a Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are essential parts of an organization, so you need to be fully aware of the expectations you are need to meet and the day-to-day responsibilities as well. They include:

  • Control and organize the marketing and creative personnel.
  • Organize market research projects to determine whether current and existing products and services are viable
  • Work along with media outlets and advertising firms
  • Come up with concepts for fresh campaigns

You can’t achieve these duties outlined above if you don’t have the right skills to match them. This simply means that, as a marketing manager, you need to add value to yourself so as to earn well or be valuable to a company or business.

Skills Required for the Job Description of a Marketing Manager

Some of the essential skills you need to have for a marketing manager job description include:

  • Thorough knowledge of both classic and modern marketing channels
  • Outstanding communication abilities.
  • The capacity for original and creative thought.
  • Proficiency in budget management
  • Discretion and professional judgment acquired over years of experience.
  • Analytical abilities to predict and spot trends and issues
  • Knowledge of the most recent trends, technology, and production techniques in graphic design, web design, etc.

Lastly, after acquiring the needed value, be sure you also know the specific roles and responsibilities that are required of you in a company. Although these roles and responsibilities might vary from company to company, there are basic ones you should know because they apply to most companies. These roles include:

  • Oversee all marketing initiatives for their business or division.
  • Implement a promotion plan for a company, a good, or a service.
  • Make sure the business is conveying the correct message to draw in new clients and hold onto existing ones.
  • Reply on behalf of the marketing team to cross-functional teams like product management, sales, or customer service
  • Reporting on campaign results and updating senior leadership on the status of marketing operations

Is a marketing manager a good job?

Professionals interested in advertising, user experience, social media trends, market research, and data analytics can consider a career in marketing management. It is a fantastic job choice for those who appreciate interacting on a regular basis with a wide set of business management and marketing experts.

What are 6 duties of a marketing manager?

A marketing manager would conduct market research, comprehend consumer trends and preferences, develop marketing strategies and budgets, supervise the production of marketing collateral and content, and carry out all other pertinent duties necessary to boost the company’s sales.

What are the 3 roles of a marketer?

Increase brand recognition. Increase a business’s market share. Launch new services and goods or make a U-turn from current models.

How many years does it take to become a marketing manager?

A complete 50% of marketing manager job ads sought applicants with three to five years of relevant experience, and another 21% required candidates to have six to eight years. But to succeed as a marketing manager, you need more than just on-the-job training.

What is the main job of marketing?

What is the role of a marketing specialist? A marketing specialist is in charge of developing advertising campaigns, price plans, and demographic targeting of their target market. They collaborate with marketing teams of businesses to raise awareness of what they have to offer in order to succeed.

Does marketing involve math?

The types of arithmetic skills that marketers should possess are numerous. These include calculus, economics, geometry, and even statistics and geometry. Understanding the customer, providing value, and calculating ROI are all practical applications. And that’s the direction that marketing job growth is going.


In this post, you’ve understood that a marketing manager is someone whose job description involves leading the marketing initiatives for a company to a greater height. If you wish to have a promising path or even earn a good salary in the marketing manager career, you need to apply the knowledge of the steps, duties, and responsibilities you got in this post, and then get started.


What does a marketing manager do in a day?

On a daily basis, marketing managers oversee all marketing campaigns for their company or department. They brainstorm ideas for new campaigns, coordinating with the sales team and other departments to produce effective strategies.

Is marketing manager a good job?

Marketing management is a good career for professionals passionate about advertising, user experience, social media trends, market research, and data analytics. It is also a great career choice for those who enjoy working with a diverse group of business management and marketing professionals on a daily basis

How hard is it to become a marketing manager?

Marketing managers usually need at least a bachelor’s degree. Some employers do not require specific training, but many prefer a marketing or business degree. Technology training and an understanding of design and media production can also help candidates stand out. Managers typically need marketing experience

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