HOW MUCH DO COSMETOLOGISTS MAKE: Cosmetologists Salary in 2023

how much do cosmetologists make
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How would you like to increase how much you make as a cosmetologist? What if you are given proven steps on how to improve your earnings in record time? I’m certain you’ll jump at it. However, you need to know the average amount that cosmetologists make in an hour, a week, a month, and a year. This will help you up your game and come up with better strategies on how to improve your services. Yeah, that’s true, your expertise will play a big role as well as relevant certifications. Check out the current amount that cosmetologists make in Texas and other parts of the United States.

How Much Do Cosmetologists Make in a Year?

According to Indeed, the average amount that cosmetologists make in the United States annually is $94,422. If we are to do a little breakdown, we’ll realize cosmetologists make about $1,728 per week and $40.68 per hour. If you’re the type who checks the profit potential of any business idea before jumping in, this is precisely how much cosmetologists make in the United States as of July 2023.

However, the report is a contrast to the update made comparably. Their report states that a cosmetologist in the United States makes about $89,813 on average annually. Based on Businesssyield’s survey, a cosmetologist in the United States can make between $78,205 and $111,629. This salary range is traceable to a lot of factors. But in reality, most cosmetologists earn commission aside from the amount above. 

The national average salary of cosmologists as of July 2023 is quite different from that of 2021. We noted there’s an increase of about $35,352 from what they earned in 2021. According to Beauty Schools Directory, top cosmologists in the United States made $59,070 in 2021. Businessyield credits this increment to the rising population with various beauty needs. It’s no doubt that what top cosmetologists earn in 2021 will likely be the least amount that low-earning cosmetologists will make in 2023. In all, the industry has noted a big shift in how much people in this career path make.

How Much Do Cosmetologists Make in a Week?

In the United States, cosmetologists make an average of $1,728 per week. This amount also varies depending on the location, and the expertise of the cosmetologist in question.

There’s always a salary range for professions and careers. While some will earn beyond the average, we will record media earners as well as a start-up that needs to boost their proficiency through an internship. However, with the right strategy, every cosmetologist can earn beyond the average.

How Much Do Cosmetologists Make in an Hour?

As of July 2023, a cosmetologist earns make an average amount of $40.68 per hour. If you sum this up, these guys earn roughly about $6,685 monthly.

Starting a career as a cosmetologist in the United States may be daunting at first. With several professionals who already have experience and expertise with a track record of satisfied clients. But if you’ll keep at it, you’ll be able to surmount these hurdles and rise to make about above the amount monthly.

What Factors Affect How Much a Cosmetologist Makes?

Although we have already highlighted how much cosmetologists make on average in the United States, we also mention that there’s a variation in this amount. The variation is traceable to many factors. The following are some of the factors that influence how much cosmetologists make in the United States. 

#1. Location

When it comes to earning above the median salary of a cosmetologist in the United States, location plays a vital role. It’s perhaps the most crucial factor that influences the amount that cosmetologists make per hour, per week, per month, and per year. The state where you intend to start your career, as well as the exact city you’ll be based, must be put into consideration before you set out. 

#2. Where you work

Most people start a career with the vision of running their own empire someday. But then, unless you are lucky enough to hit a jackpot or simply stumble upon a large sum of inheritance, you’ll have to work for someone before setting up your own personal business. If you’re not sure of where to start your career as a cosmetologist, you can check out spas and salons. Cosmetics companies or beauty houses/magazines are also great places to watch out for. Whichever one you decide to settle for, the amount you’ll make with these companies also varies. And with every indication, the variation depends on upmarket venues and so on.

#3. Experience

Hey, you weren’t a recent graduate to earn more or the same amount as someone who has been a cosmetologist for 7 years, were you? Of course not. Expertise and experience have exposed the person in business for 7 years to a lot of mastery. However, a startup cosmetologist can build experience fast by growing their customer base as well as dealing with high-paying clients. 

How Much Do Cosmetologists Make in Texas?

Cosmetologists in Texas do make $27.64 an hour, $1,174 in a week, $4,542 in a month, and $64,157 in a year on average. Before starting out your career, there are certain things you need to finalize. This includes checking out your ideal location and conducting little background checks on how many people in that career path make it to that location. 

If you work for a spa or salon, chances are you’ll get a commission in addition to your salary. This also implies that how much cosmetologists make in Texas per hour, weekly, or annual basis varies. The variation is traced to a number of factors, and these include the following; education, abilities, experience, job, and location. The good thing is, if you build expertise soon enough, you’ll go beyond the average pay and join the 10% that earns above the specified amount in the United States. 

How to Raise Your Earnings as a Cosmetologist

As soon as one kickstarts their career and gains experience through expertise, what’s next on the list is usually how to improve or skyrocket the amount they make. Every cosmetologist goes through this phase, luckily, there are proven step-by-step guides on how cosmetologists can increase how much they make. These are as follows;

#1. Get Additional Certification

When it comes to being a professional cosmetologist, certification is one of the things that make people believe in your ability. Although it isn’t the only factor, it goes a long way. While it’s true that cosmetologists specialize in offering services that range from pedicure and manicure, haircuts, skin, make-up, hair treatments, and so on, you can go a step further to get certification in these fields. It’s certainly not easy, but it’s achievable. You can get certified as a professional barber esthetician. Certification is one of the best means through which cosmetologists increase how much they make in Texas and either part of the United States.

#2. Location

Location is one of the ways through which cosmetologists can increase how much they earn per hour, per week, and every year in Texas and either part of the United States. 

#3. Apply to Bigger Firms

Next to location is actually getting to work with bigger firms. You might also search for new employment.

#4. Use Strategic Branding and Marketing

Reports have shown that cosmetologists who use strategic means to advertise their business make more than people who do not. For instance, imagine setting up a booth at event centers.

Cosmetologist and Commission

Most cosmetologists who work in private salons, beauty spas, and so on, make their money on a commission basis. How much you’ll earn directly depends on several factors, which include your expertise, commission ratio, years of experience, the company, and location.

For instance, someone who is just starting a career as a cosmetologist may receive a commission base of 70:30. That is the business takes 70% while the cosmetologist gets 30%.

When starting out as a new cosmetologist, you may not make up to $94,422 annually, but you can increase how much you earn by increasing your client basis.

How much money does a cosmetologist make a year in Canada?

In Canada, how much money does a cosmetologist make? In Canada, a cosmetologist makes an average salary of $42,247 per year, or $21.67 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level professions is $33,150 per year, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is $44,850.

Is being a cosmetologist worth it?

You can be proud of what you do as a cosmetologist. rewarding: Cosmetology professionals could get the chance to engage with a diverse range of people. With their clients and coworkers, many cosmetologists develop enduring social ties. Inspiring: Cosmetology is a trade skill as well as an artistic endeavor.

What is the lowest salary for Cosmetology?

What kind of pay does a cosmetologist receive? In the US, cosmetologists typically make $37,122 a year, or $17.85 an hour. The bottom 10% of cosmetologists, or those who make the least money, make about $25,000 a year, while the top 10% earn $53,000.

Is studying cosmetology hard?

A lot of work goes into beauty school. In addition to studying for exams and quizzes and repeatedly practicing hairstyles, students also have to read their textbooks. When you are truly passionate about your career, all the early mornings and late evenings are worth it.

How many years of college do you need to be a cosmetologist?

While there are regional differences, it typically takes four to five years—not counting high school—to finish cosmetology training and obtain a license. It can take longer if you take night classes. You will spend the following time period: two years obtaining an associate degree.

Is being a cosmetologist stressful?

The majority of the time, cosmetologists operate under stress. The days are long and appointments could get snarled up with irritable clients. Daily attempts to stay in the “creative zone” might be challenging.


Every cosmetologist desires to be among the 10% in the industry that earns above the average amount in the United States. This is possible with a lot of hard work and a strong customer base. You can rise from working for renowned businesses to becoming self-employed. In all, this is quite possible with determination and a lot of hard work. You can also consider moving to states with a higher potential to earn. But then, always ensure you check out the cost of living in these cities as they may be unreasonably high.

How Much Do Cosmetologists FAQs

What type of cosmetologists make the most money?

Cosmetologists who are skincare specialists make the most money in the United States. People pay keen attention to how their skin looks and will stop at nothing to get the help that will leave them with excellent skin.

What's the first step to becoming a comestologist?

Attend a beauty school or simply learn as an apprentice under an expert

What are some of the hazard faced by comestologists?

What are the hazards of being a cosmetologist?

Common cosmetology workplace hazards include:

  • Chemical toxicity
  • Cuts and Burns
  • Skin Infections
  • Disorders of Repetitive Motion
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Repetitive Motion Disorders
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