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Greenhouse ATS Price
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One of the top applicant tracking systems (ATS) is provided by the all-inclusive recruiting solution known as Greenhouse. It enables you to tailor almost everything for the overall hiring process. In most cases, it works best for big recruiting teams at businesses that want to hire several new workers each month. The price of Greenhouse ATS is based on the size of the business and allows for expansion as their hiring requirements change The applicant tracking system software from Greenhouse assists you in organizing your hiring procedure from source to hire by providing quantifiable data and transparency at each stage.

Greenhouse ATS

One of the most effective recruiting tools for expanding or scaling teams is Greenhouse’s highly customizable applicant tracking system (ATS). Greenhouse has been the go-to applicant tracking system for many of the most prosperous and rapidly expanding startups. 

This is probably because of its highly customizable solution, which enables you to designate the hiring stages for each job as a distinct procedure that is catered to the qualifications and experience of the job candidates you’re looking to hire.

Through features like its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) tools, it also serves as a tool that aids recruiting teams in staying abreast of accepted and legal recruiting practices. In doing so, recruiting teams can lessen the likelihood of discrimination claims being made against the company. 

It’s straightforward and ensures a fair assessment because each interviewer evaluates each job applicant based on a predetermined list of questions to identify specific abilities or experiences. Greenhouse ATS has different price models for its users and does not offer free subscriptions or trials.

Key Features of Greenhouse ATS

#1. Applicant Tracking System

Along with it are collaboration tools like @mentions, thorough stakeholder access permissions, alerts, notifications, and more, hiring managers can track applicants information.

#2. Structured Hiring

It uses a structured, data-driven hiring procedure aimed at finding the best applicant while minimizing bias. An organized hiring process must include candidate scorecards, prep kits for interviews, and interview planning. Scorecards bring attention to the most important qualities needed for a position, bring order to the hiring process, and reduce the possibility of bias.

#3. Stellar Candidate Experience 

Through editable job boards, career pages, and email templates, it offers a consistent candidate experience. Make a great first impression on applicants with successful interviews and surveys that request their reflections on the experience.

#4. Analytics and Reporting

Access more than 30 reports for collaboration and analysis that are compatible with Google Sheets or other business intelligence tools. Greenhouse Predicts can help you quickly determine the likelihood of filling a position by utilizing machine learning and predictive analytics. 

#5. Mobile Apps-Friendly

Get ready for a meeting on the go, access reports, offer feedback, and stay informed with notifications. Access tools for preparing for interviews, scorecards, a list of positions that are currently open, candidate profiles, and more. The system is mobile-ready. 

#6. Onboarding Module

New hire management is handled by the integrated onboarding module. Design a customized onboarding procedure, make it consistent, and automate time-consuming tasks. It provides commentary and analysis to assess the onboarding procedure. 

#7. Resources for Diversity and Inclusion

Make sure your hiring procedure is impartial and compliant by using scorecards that include important performance factors, regular interviews, and EEO data collection. 

#8. Integration

Integrate with video conferencing programs like Sparkhire and Zoom to make the process of scheduling virtual interviews simple and to provide a seamless user experience. 

#9. Leverage Data and Reports

Leverage data and insights to facilitate business process improvements over time. Pipeline history reports highlight bottlenecks within the existing business processes, and milestones achieved and displays consistent metrics across an organization over some time. A flexible pipeline associated with each job determines which hiring steps are worth the effort. 

Greenhouse ATS Price

Greenhouse requires a commitment before you can use the system because neither a free trial nor a free pricing plan is available. 

The price of Greenhouse ATS is based on the size of the business and allows for expansion as their hiring requirements change. All sizes of businesses can use each package, which gives them the tools to implement an organization-wide hiring procedure that grows with the business. 

There are three different pricing options offered by Greenhouse. Customers can access more features as they advance through the levels. The size of your business will ultimately determine the actual cost you incur. No matter the size of your business, Greenhouse is a potent online tool that can assist you in developing and managing a productive workforce.

Based on the total number of employees at the company, Greenhouse ATS offers three different price plans.

One-year prepaid subscriptions are the length of their standard contract; however, two- and three-year prepaid subscriptions are also discounted.

  • Essential: Core features and one event.
  • Advanced: Everything in Essential plus personalized reporting, scalable workflows, and ten events.
  • Expert: All of the features of Advanced plus improved CRM, increased security, a developer sandbox, a feature set for DEI, and unlimited events.

Greenhouse ATS Training 

Greenhouse offers training through webinars, live online classes, and documentation. It assists online and during regular business hours. The following languages are supported by Greenhouse: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. They provide live and recorded demonstrations, webinars, documentation, chat support, and more!

Greenhouse ATS is one of the most sophisticated and easily customizable HR systems available today thanks to its many integrations and pre-installed features, which include offer and rejection letters, interview scheduling, candidate tracking, referral submission, and many more. As a result, the business can interview candidates quickly and choose the best ones to follow up with and hire. Additionally, the system collects information for reporting, enabling users to make only data-driven hiring decisions.

Greenhouse ATS Review

For big recruiting teams at companies looking to hire several people each month, Greenhouse works best. Smaller companies that don’t hire or recruit frequently may find it to be a little too expensive and powerful. However, Greenhouse can provide you with the answer if you require access to a large number of job boards to find candidates for a new position who specialize in a very specific industry. Anyone willing to spend more money for an efficient and personalized applicant tracking process will find it to be a good fit as well.

As a service, Greenhouse offers to recruit software. Businesses can use Greenhouse’s software by purchasing annual licenses from Greenhouse. The applications of job seekers from various sources, including referrals and employment websites, are compiled by Greenhouse into a single dashboard.

The aggregation is made possible by the open platform greenhouse, which makes use of an API. It enables businesses to perform A/B testing to identify the most productive job postings. Greenhouse ATS enables businesses to design a standard interview process so that candidates can be assessed using the same criteria.

To compare a candidate’s qualifications with the job posting’s requirements, it compiles their resumes and interview feedback. It enables businesses to contrast candidates with one another and to evaluate their hiring criteria in comparison to industry norms. 

Benefits of Greenhouse ATS

With the aid of analytics and reporting, businesses can assess the hiring procedure, make wise choices, and monitor important metrics over time. 

#1. Competitive Hiring 

Establish a seamless candidate experience to differentiate yourself in the crowded job market. Employ job boards and career pages that are customizable to represent brands while using surveys to get feedback. 

#2. Hiring the Ideal Applicant

Greenhouse ATS maintains an organization with scorecards that assist interviewers in evaluating candidates for the appropriate characteristics, abilities, and qualifications for the position. 

#3. Consolidate Connections

 Use the onboarding module to acquaint new hires with the necessary tools and welcome them to the team. The CRM module helps with hiring and recruiting by utilizing and developing talent already present within an organization. 

#4. Offering a Localized Experience 

The use of their native languages, such as English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese, to conduct interviews, compile scorecards, and refer candidates to positions. As a result, the company fosters a diverse culture. 

#5. Effective Interviewing Procedure 

Make the interviewing process for the candidates efficient, effective, and interesting. Create a thorough interview plan to guarantee that candidate conversations are stimulating and challenging, avoid asking the same questions repeatedly, and ensure that the questions are pertinent to the designated role.

#6. Provide Fair Rejection of Applicants

Send rejection emails using personalized templates and provide justifications to maintain transparency. As a result, all candidates will be treated respectfully. 

Other advantages include simplicity of use, adaptability of workflow, integration with other systems, creation of a successful hiring process, elimination of bias, tracking of candidates throughout the hiring process, and providing candidates with an outstanding experience.

Limitations of Greenhouse ATS

  • It lacks the ability to locate candidates using advanced search 
  • It is necessary to improve the usability of customized reporting. 
  • Where there isn’t a high volume of recruitment, it is costly for small and midsize businesses. 
  • It needs more functionality for gathering data to produce sophisticated reports.  

Is Greenhouse an ATS or CRM?

Although Greenhouse is an ATS, it has a lot of CRM features for the hiring procedure. You can create a pipeline of prospective employees that you might like or have recently discovered to contact them about applying for or attending interviews for open positions that are currently or in the future.

Which Companies use Greenhouse ATS? 

Mid-sized businesses, small businesses, and enterprises are the three types of users and organizations that Greenhouse works with.

What Type of Software is Greenhouse? 

Greenhouse offers hiring software as a service. Businesses can use Greenhouse’s software by purchasing annual licenses from Greenhouse. In addition to the typical features of recruiting software, Greenhouse also provides Onboarding and CRM products that enhance communication across the board while lightening the workloads of HR and hiring staff.

What are the Three CRM Types? 

  • Operational CRM helps apply customer relationship management processes to the main business process by streamlining its various components. Operational CRM enables businesses to create leads, transform leads into contacts, and offer the service infrastructure necessary to keep customers.
  • Organizations can gain a better understanding of the data gathered about customers and their interactions with the company by using analytical CRM. It is a crucial tool for transforming massive amounts of data into insightful actions.
  • By bridging the information-sharing gap between teams and departments, collaborative CRM improves customer experiences overall.

Who is Greenhouse Owned By? 

A technology company based in the United States called Greenhouse Software (also referred to as Greenhouse) offers recruiting software as a service from its New York City headquarters. Daniel Chait and Jon Stross established it in 2012.

Do Banks use ATS?

Many hiring managers, including those in the banking sector, rely on ATS software to help them sift through the applicant pool and eliminate unqualified candidates. Employing managers today use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to select only the best candidates from a pool of applicants. 


The all-encompassing applicant tracking and recruiting system Greenhouse has received high ratings. It is best for bigger companies and enterprises looking to automate their hiring process, though, due to its undisclosed pricing and sophisticated features that might be unnecessary for most small- to medium-sized businesses. 

An applicant tracking system (ATS) called Greenhouse also provides features for onboarding new employees. Managers can design unique onboarding workflows using the software, and they can also assign tasks to particular employees. Additionally, it has a feature for electronic signatures on documents and forms as well as, an employee portal where new hires can access information and complete tasks.

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