MOST STRESSFUL JOBS: All the Most Stressful Jobs You Should Avoid in 2023

Most Stressful Jobs
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In general, the high levels of stress we experience every day are largely caused by how we work. However, while stress is common and occurs in all employment, some jobs are more demanding than others, which can also cause burnout. There is a great deal of tension and anxiety brought on by the tight schedules and deadlines, the potentially unsafe work environment, and the sheer strain workers are always under. Almost everyone believes their job is the most demanding and stressful one in the world. But just how taxing is their daily work life? Read on to learn more about the most stressful jobs in America and some of the least demanding alternatives.

What Makes a Job Stressful?

High levels of stress and burnout are caused by various factors, not only the inherently dangerous character of specific occupations. There are additional causes for someone to bite their nails at work.

Overall, 11 stressful work requirements were taken into account by CareerCast’s ranking algorithm. These elements comprise;

  • The amount of travel
  • Deadlines
  • Physical Demands
  • Environmental conditions
  • Growth potential
  • Risk to one’s own life
  • Working in the public eye
  • Risk to the life of another person
  • Competitiveness
  • Hazards encountered
  • Meeting the public

Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs in America in 2023

Every profession comes with its own set of challenges and levels of stress, but some are more strenuous than others. Perhaps it’s the life-or-death stakes, the hectic schedule, or the impending deadlines.  However, there is no denying that some professions can be exceptionally demanding despite being beautiful or emotionally satisfying.

Here are the top 10 most stressful jobs according to O*NET, along with a breakdown of their responsibilities, median yearly salaries, and stress scale scores.

#1. Urologists

Stress level: 100

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $208,000

Urologists treat illnesses that affect the reproductive system in addition to disorders of the urinary tract.

#2. Video and Film Editors

Stress level: 99

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $62,680

The job of a film and video editor involves editing moving pictures on film, video, or other media. The general task and careers in this field include jobs in television and news editing, working with producers or directors to arrange images and audio for the finished output.

#3. Magistrates, Jurists, and Lawyers 

Stress level: 98

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $148,030

Judges are generally in charge of handling justice in a court of law. They may impose sentences on offenders, evaluate a defendant’s civil guilt, or even officiate weddings.

On the other hand, a good lawyer will guide their client through the complex legal system. They could speak for private citizens, corporations, or even the government. They could make client court appearances or never set foot in a courthouse at all.

The situation doesn’t seem very demanding or taxing but rather gorgeous. The answer is within the specifics of your practice area and your unique character. You might bring part of the stress you see your anxious, angry clients go through when they file for bankruptcy, get divorced, or get arrested for driving under the influence home with you. The hours are demanding, student loans can be a burden, and the ever-evolving complexity of the law can be difficult to follow. You may expect a full schedule of activities.

#4. Assistants Anesthesiologists

Stress level: 98

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $121,530

When performing both surgical and non-surgical procedures, these assistants give anesthetic. During the surgical procedure, they also take care of the patient and monitor their condition.

#5. Phone Operators

Stress level: 98

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $37,630

Phone operators generally assist customers with several tasks. These may include billing requests, charges, credits, or refunds by searching directories and providing information to callers. Additionally, they might answer 911 calls and assist young children or those who cannot make phone calls.

#6. Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Stress level: 97

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $208,000

Gynecologists and obstetricians provide medical care for expectant mothers and new mothers, including diagnosing and treating illnesses of the reproductive system. In addition, they might provide general care for women and medical and gynecological surgery.

#7. Acute Care Nurses

Stress level: 98

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $77,600

Patients with acute diseases, including heart attacks, respiratory distress syndrome, or shock, receive specialized nursing care from these nurses. Additionally, they could provide pre-and post-operative patient care and carry out complex, invasive procedures.

#8. Public Safety Telecommunicators

Stress level: 97

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $46,670

Public safety telecommunicators use telephone, radio, or other forms of communication to receive and convey 9-1-1 requests for emergency help. In addition to providing callers with advice or instructions, they take notes on crimes, threats, disturbances, terrorist acts, fires, medical emergencies, and other public safety issues.

#9. Anesthetist Nurses

Stress level: 96

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $195,610

These nurses may assist anesthesiologists, surgeons, other doctors, or dentists as they administer anesthesia, keep track of patients’ vital signs, and supervise anesthesia recovery. They must be licensed registered nurses with advanced training.

In other words, anesthesiologists specialize in giving patients general or regional anesthetics so they don’t feel anything during surgery.

Compared to the salary, how can you call this a stressful job? Anesthesiologists must closely monitor a patient’s vitals before, during, and after surgery because it is a potentially dangerous treatment. On a bad day, the slightest mistake could prove fatal. It can be a demanding job at times.

#10. First-Line Supervisor or Manager of Retail Sales Personnel

Stress level: 96

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $39,230

These managers oversee and direct the work of retail sales staff members. Along with supervisory responsibilities, one may also have accounting, budgeting, and purchasing responsibilities.

What is the Most Mentally Challenging Job?

According to research from the US News Best Jobs database, the below jobs are the ten most high-stress jobs in the world;

  • Anesthesiologist
  • Mental health counselor
  • Lawyer
  • Patrol officer
  • IT manager
  • Sales Manager or Supervisor
  • Construction manager
  • Physician
  • Financial manager.
  • Financial Analyst

What are the Most Draining Jobs?

Here are the 7 most draining jobs in the United States;

  • Military personnel
  • Firefighter
  • Police offer
  • Airline pilot
  • Event coordinator
  • Taxi driver
  • Social worker

Least Stressful Jobs

The definition of “stressful” varies from person to person, as does what constitutes a low-stress job. Plus, everyone’s tolerance for work-related stress varies. Indicators of least stressful jobs may include job security, limited travel requirements, and an informal rather than cutthroat work environment. However, these factors are not universally true of all least stressful jobs.

Regardless, there are chances in many industries if you’re interested in finding one of the least stressful jobs with a high income and job stability.

Top 9 Least Stressful Jobs in 2023

Some of these least stressful jobs pay well and have no physical risks, have few deadlines, and have little in the way of workplace competition. Generally, there are a variety of elements, including the nature of the work itself, interactions with coworkers, and the individual’s circumstances, that can contribute to stress at the workplace. The daily stresses of work, however, may be more manageable if your job is relatively low-stress, to begin with.

CareerCast classifies each of the following occupations as either “low stress” or “extremely low stress”; however, they are presented in no particular order. 

The 2023 least stressful jobs include;

#1. Data Scientist

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $131,490

Typical Education Requirements: Master’s Degree or higher

Data scientists are common in the IT industry and are responsible for analyzing data and presenting their findings to their employers.

Data scientists must have a strong foundation in mathematics and computer science. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 21% growth in this industry by 2031, making the outlook bright for potential employees. The average data scientist makes $131,490 a year, and the average person in that position has a master’s degree.

#2. Librarian

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $61,190

Typical Education Requirements: Master’s degree

This low-stress profession can be satisfying if you’re considering a career shift, and it’s not limited to working in public libraries.

Librarians and research librarians are in high demand at many organizations, including schools, universities, legal companies, and museums. The BLS reports a median pay of $60,820 for those working in this area; however, a master’s degree is often required for top-tier positions.

#3. Dietitian

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $61,650

Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree

Dietitians assist people in making good lifestyle choices and achieving their health-related goals.

Dietitians are trained to assist with various dietary issues, including but not limited to meal planning, weight management, and enhancing nutrient absorption from the foods you eat. By 2031, the demand for dietitians is predicted to rise by roughly 7%, which is about the average growth rate for all occupations.

#4. Massage Therapist

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $46,910

Typical Education Requirements: Professional certification and state licensure

A profession in massage therapy is a good option for people who like a low-stress environment at work. In addition to relieving stress and calming frazzled nerves, a massage therapist’s primary objective is to cater to customers with low expectations for the kind of service they will receive.

There are few constraints to entry in this field, and the health and wellness industry is expanding for those who are prepared to invest in the necessary training and certification to practice legally. In addition, by 2031, demand is expected to climb by roughly 20%, which is significantly more than normal.

#5. University Professor 

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $79,640

Typical Education Requirements: Ph.D. or another doctoral-level degree.

Though others may disagree, CareerCast did include “tenured university professors” as a low-stress profession.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics classifies this profession as a “postsecondary teacher” and reports faster-than-average job growth (12%). While a doctorate is typically required to teach at a university, in some cases, such as at community colleges, a master’s degree may be sufficient.

#6. Compliance Officer

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $60,000 to $120,000, depending on the field.

Typical Education Requirements: Bachelor’s or another postsecondary degree and industry-specific certification.

A compliance officer’s job is to ensure that their company follows all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, as well as their policies and bylaws. The duties of a compliance officer might range from examining the finances of a trading corporation to ensuring environmental compliance on an oil rig. Average earnings fluctuate widely from sector to sector.

#7. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $75,380

Typical Education Requirements:

Associate’s degree

Medical sonographers use specialized equipment to perform diagnostic procedures and provide diagnostic images.

Medical and diagnostic laboratories, hospitals, and private practices are common places for diagnostic medical sonographers. This low-stress career requires only an associate’s degree and pays a median of $70,380 annually as of 2021.

#8. Appliance Repairer

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $43,180

Typical Education Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent.

Careers in appliance repair may be an excellent fit for those who are mechanically inclined and interested in work that is in high demand almost all the time.

The median yearly compensation for employment in maintenance and repair is above $40,000, while CareerCast rated the stress level as “quite low.” Additional credentials may be required, depending on the chosen field. Salary expectations for repair professionals can exceed $70,000.

#9. Expert Hair Stylish

Median Annual Salary in the United States: $29,680

Typical Education Requirements: cosmetology license

CareerCast notes that public interaction is a potential source of stress for hairstylists but that stylists are relatively unburdened by their work.

All states require a license to practice for stylists; however, stylists can choose to work for themselves or in salons; they do not need a degree for the position. A cosmetology license requires completing a state-recognized curriculum and passing a licensing exam. Although employment is growing significantly quicker than usual (11%), the median yearly pay is quite modest.

What are high pay low-stress jobs?

Here are the best and top least stressful jobs that pay an annual salary of more than $100,000;

  • Physicist: $152,430
  • Water resource specialist: $137,900
  • Brownfield redevelopment specialist and site manager: $124,650
  • Mathematician: $108,100
  • Chemical engineer: $105,550
  • Economics professor: $104,940
  • Remote sensing scientists or technologists: $104,100
  • Business intelligence analyst: $100,910
  • Materials scientist: $100,090


The definition of “stressful” varies from person to person, as does what constitutes the most stressful jobs in America. Plus, everyone’s tolerance for work-related stress varies. Indicators of some of the most stressful jobs in America may perhaps be the life-or-death stakes, the hectic schedule, or the impending deadlines.

Regardless, it’s fair to say that these positions come with some extra pressure, but the upsides may exceed the downsides. Whatever your line of work, you should consider getting professional assistance if you’re showing extreme stress and have mental health problems.

Most Stressful Jobs FAQs

How can I manage stress?

These three recommendations can assist you in managing extreme stress and increase productivity if you experience a lot of stress at work.

  • Manage your time efficiently
  • Set boundaries
  • Find honest and positive responses

Which Military Jobs Are Least Stressful?

Some of the jobs in the military that are least stressful include:

  • Information technology specialist
  • Carpenter
  • Dental hygienist
  • Auto mechanic
  • Administrative assistant


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