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Phones have surpassed computers as the primary means of communication for the vast majority of people. And among the many uses for smartphones, texting and chatting are at the top of the list. The vast majority of clients probably already use this communication method, therefore, companies would be foolish to ignore it. And they’re aware of it. Businesses have seen a rise in the number of texting services available. To the point where it can be difficult to decide which option is best. Luckily, we’ve compiled all the information you’ll need to investigate and select the ideal business messaging text apps in this article.

What Is Business Text Messaging Apps?

Businesses often use SMS (short message service) to communicate with potential clients, current clients, and staff members. Getting a corporate text message is just like getting a personal one from a friend’s phone. However, the back end of a business text messaging service may include advanced features such as recipient segmentation, workflow automation, analytics, and much more.

To further enhance the customer service you provide, businesses can use SMS and popular chat apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Despite the fact that text message marketing is a vital part of business texting, this service provides much more.

Why Do You Need a Business Text Messaging App?

When it comes to doing business, texting entails more than just using SMS. The advent of texting and other forms of messaging has revolutionized customer service. There was a dramatic increase in the number of tickets submitted via messaging networks in 2023. WhatsApp’s ticket volume increased by 101 percent in 2023, compared to the previous year. And among those asked, 15% said they’d rather communicate by SMS when seeking help. All of this points to the necessity of a business text messaging service for reaching out to consumers via their preferred methods of contact.

How Do Business Text Messaging Apps Work?

Business text messaging is very similar to regular texting, with the exception that the company’s phone system is used to monitor and log all messages. It is possible for business texting to be a one-way conversation between a company and a customer, or it can be a two-way conversation between the firm and the customer, depending on the system’s capabilities. Sending out notifications or updates to clients requires first obtaining their permission.

Business Text Messaging Apps

The following are the top 17 business text messaging apps you need to know.

#1. Zendesk

In-app chat, social media, voice, email, web widgets, and more all create silos, but with Zendesk you can eliminate them. In order to streamline your ticket management process, Zendesk integrates corporate texting and messaging with email and other channels. With everyone on your team having quick and easy access to critical dialogues and a streamlined method of working together on numerous tickets at once, you’ve set yourself up for long-term success.

In addition to this improved method of ticket sharing, Zendesk’s business texting app also includes detailed customer journey profiles to aid agents in providing tailored, situationally-appropriate support. Moreover, service managers may always uncover new ways to enhance their operations with the help of Zendesk’s built-in analytics tool.

#2. RingCentral

Send text and MMS messages to clients and coworkers from a dedicated company number using RingCentral’s business SMS and MMS software. As an added bonus, your phone and fax numbers will be the same. Retail, non-profit, financial services, healthcare, education, professional services, and more are just some of the many sectors that can benefit from RingCentral’s services.

Its most significant functions are worldwide SMS in 22 countries, number blocking, push and email notifications, and corporate texting across all devices with the RingCentral Phone app. Also, it’s important to know that RingCentral offers free message and phone assistance with every plan. Therefore, Business SMS and unlimited domestic and Canadian calls are included even with the base package. In addition, RingCentral offers both desk and conference phone rentals.

#3. EZTexting

EZTexting promotes itself as a comprehensive platform for SMS marketing. In addition to being a helpful tool for marketing, EZTexting is also beneficial for customer support, sales, human resources, and even staff operations. And it’s applicable to a wide range of enterprises, from restaurants and nightclubs to health spas and advertising firms. It’s great news for Canadian businesses that EZTexting offers Canadian dollar pricing for all of its plans.

Included in all EZTexting plans are testable numbers, two-way messaging for business, keywords, contact management, mass texting, and pre-made message templates. However, the number of users, keyword allowance, and textable phone numbers are not the same across all programs. Unlike other similar tools, such as RingCentral, EZTexting is not a unified messaging and audio service.

#4. Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a corporate messaging software that is largely aimed at marketing, making it a useful tool for salespeople. The more sophisticated versions of Sendinblue include not only SMS marketing tools, but also more traditional digital marketing features like an email designer, landing page builder, and Facebook ad manager. Email marketing, SMS marketing, contact management, transactional emails and texts, automation, and real-time reporting are all standard across all plans.

Sendinblue’s SMS marketing platform enables users to create campaigns, configure transactional SMS for order fulfillment, create tailored messages, and analyze the efficacy of their SMS marketing efforts. Sendinblue is a wonderful choice for corporate messaging because prepaid SMS credits may be purchased, allowing for variable pricing. If you go to their price website and specify the quantity of texts you need as well as the target country, you will immediately be shown the associated costs.

#5. Attentive

Attentive’s business texting service is worth a look if you manage a brand in the e-commerce, retail, food, beverage, or entertainment industries. Cart abandonment SMS alerts, omnichannel sign-up options, real-time updates, and discount codes are just some of the communications features it offers. Attentive’s bulk SMS, coupons, and promotions features were rated by G2 users at 9% higher than the category average. However, it was rated 15% worse than the category average for its email campaign features.

Attentive is a messaging solution that also features an Audience Manager, Business Intelligence, and Development modules. For more precise and timely message delivery, you can use the Audience Manager to create granular audience groups. In order to expand, businesses must offer products and services that attract potential customers. One example is mobile website sign-up modules. Last but not least, Business Intelligence is all about delivering the in-depth information you require to analyze results and fine-tune your communication initiatives.


If you are unsure of the expected amount of text messages, Textedly is a viable option. You may easily adjust the size of your messaging program in response to changing needs thanks to their price structure that is dependent on the volume of messages sent. With integrations to services like Slack, MailChimp, HubSpot, Zendesk, Quickbooks, and more, Textedly is a tool that can be seamlessly integrated into your current technology infrastructure. In addition, you can test out this business texting service for 14 days with Textedly’s free trial.

When it comes to functionality, Textedly offers a lot. Free incoming messages, unlimited group texting, toll-free lines, text scheduling, texts longer than 300 characters, two-way SMS, auto-reply texts, detailed analytics, and social media messaging are all included in all of their plans. The monthly message limit and the number of custom keywords are the only defining characteristics of the various pricing tiers.

#7. SimpleTexting

Similar to Textedly, SimpleTexting’s price is entirely volume-based and the product is designed with marketing teams across sectors in mind. The feature sets of the two are also very similar. Group texting, extended texting, autoresponders, triggered texting, scheduled texting, analytics, and more are all part of SimpleTexting’s messaging-centric features. Also, SimpleTexting has you covered with text polls if you’d like to get consumer input by SMS.

Differentiating features of SimpleTexting include the ability to automatically remove inactive phone numbers from your contact databases and host interesting SMS sweepstakes to gain new members.

#8. Birdeye

You may be familiar with Birdeye, a service that provides tools to help companies control their online reputation through listings and ratings. Furthermore, Birdeye has advanced texting features. Birdeye allows you to interact with consumers via text message (SMS), Facebook Messenger (FB Messenger), Instagram (Instagram), or your Google My Business page (Google My Business). To top it all off, Birdeye lets you text up to 10,000 people with a single click.

Birdeye also allows you to convert a group text into a private discussion after receiving replies, making even the most widespread communication feel more like a two-way conversation. Additionally, message templates can be created to shorten response times and reduce the amount of time spent on mundane tasks. Messages are included in all BirdEye subscription tiers, but webchat, referrals, surveys, tickets, and analytics are all features that need the Professional or Premium plan.

#9. SlickText

On G2, 170 users have given SlickText a rating of 4.8 stars or higher. The ability to automatically shorten URLs, send several SMS at once, and set up recurring texts are among its most lauded functions. However, there is much more to this corporate texting software than just text keywords, unlimited contacts, photo messaging, and live chat. Levels are priced mostly on text volume, with more text keywords included in higher volume plans. If you send 500 texts per month, for example, you get two text keywords; if you send 2,000, you get six.

Text-to-join allows leads to opt into your marketing lists by texting your business’s shortcode with a custom keyword, and QR code opt-in allows leads to opt into your marketing lists by scanning your custom QR code, both of which are features that make SlickText useful for growth marketers in any industry.

#10. Podium

Podium is an enterprise messaging platform built for the automotive, retail, home services, professional services, and healthcare sectors. Additionally, a messaging inbox for use with electronic mail, text messages, phone calls, and social media notifications are included with every Podium plan at no extra cost. However, more sophisticated forms of communication, such as voicemail transcriptions, automation, integrations, complex routing, and auto-responses, are not included with the base package.

#11. Omnisend

Omnisend is not only a business messaging software but a robust email marketing solution for sales and marketing departments as well. MailChimp is viewed as a direct competitor by Omnisend, and the company portrays itself as such. According to G2 user reviews, the market automation function of Omnisend is its most lauded feature, earning the product 4.6 out of 5 stars. The effectiveness of its landing page features is the feature for which it has received the fewest stars.

All subscription tiers of Omnisend include features like split testing, popups and signup forms, customer analytics, contact management, pre-built automation, and customizable email layouts. Pricing for Email and Email and SMS is either per message or dependent on volume. To send a large number of SMS messages, you will need the more expensive Pro plan, as stated in the Omnisend Help Center’s Frequently Asked Questions. Although Omnisend normally charges $30 for their migration package, they are presently offering a 30% discount to Klaviyo users.

#12. TextMagic

In a matter of minutes after joining up with TextMagic, I had already sent my first SMS. Sure, it was merely a test message to my personal mobile phone as part of testing every function, but the procedure was incredibly painless and quick. Because of the setup tutorial and the straightforward layout, all I had to do was enter the phone number, compose my message, and hit Send. My phone just went off, interrupting my train of thought.

Although TextMagic simplifies the process of delivering short messages, this in no way diminishes its power or utility. You can use TextMagic’s number to have replies sent to an API, web app, or email address, or you can use your own number to have replies sent to your phone. Contact lists can be created in a number of ways, including by importing an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file, entering them manually in the app’s Contacts tab, recording the number of everyone who texts you, or utilizing a click-to-text form on your website.

#13. Sakari

Sakari is one of the finest solutions and could save you money if the bulk of your text message sending will be outbound (to consumers) and will consist of things like booking confirmations, delivery alerts, and other similar texts.

As with the other programs listed here, Sakari is an effective SMS messaging program that also has a great web interface. After logging in, you can immediately contact a single consumer or an entire segment of your audience. You can do everything you’d want with an SMS messaging app from the left sidebar, including viewing your Conversations with clients, creating marketing campaigns on the Campaign page, integrating with apps like Zapier in the Integrations tab, and so on.

#14. Salesmsg

Salesmsg is an excellent choice for small firms in the United States and Canada, but it is currently only available in those two countries.

When compared to the other services here, Salesmsg has the most stripped-down web app. Conversations, Contacts, Broadcasts, and Triggers are the only options in the sidebar. Salesmsg can do more if it’s integrated with other apps.

#15. Twilio

Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon this page in search of an alternative to Twilio; if so, bear with me. Unlike the other SMS programs below, Twilio is completely customizable. It provides numerous application programming interfaces (APIs), allowing businesses to include SMS messaging, phone number redirection, and hundreds of other comparable functions in their own apps and services. Companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix all make use of it in secret.

#16. OpenPhone

OpenPhone is a voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) service with many time-saving options. Using integrations, auto-replies, snippets, and internal threads can save time and effort.

OpenPhone allows you to give as many employees as you need access to a single local or toll-free company number. Each member of your team can take turns answering a shared OpenPhone number’s calls and texts, reducing the burden of handling incoming communications.

#17. ProTexting

For businesses of all kinds, ProTexting offers an SMS marketing platform. Using emojis and MMS, enables simple communication with large groups of clients. For mobile polling, voting, text in questions, text 2 screen, and more, you can set up a text messaging campaign. Your SMS Campaigns will be sent out at LIGHTNING SPEED. Support and track that never sleeps. The services include a free trial and an orientation at no additional cost. Every single account is given a toll-free number at no cost.

How Do I Automate Business Text Messaging Apps?

Selecting a bulk texting solution is the first step for companies and groups of any size. For SMS-based advertising, sales, and support, prominent options include TextMagic, Simple Texting, Twilio, and EZ Texting.

To illustrate how an SMS automation solution could be put to use:

  • Conduct an opt-in campaign to get clients to agree to receive text messages from you in order to expand your contact list. A consumer who texts JOIN to (464646) receives $20 off a $100 transaction, for instance.
  • By using the app’s UI, you may compose and send texts to your contacts.
  • Your contact list of subscribers would either receive your mass text at a predetermined time or instantly. Repeated messages can serve as a gentle prompt, and contact lists can be divided into subsets for more precise broadcasting.

How Do I Automate Business Text Messaging Apps?

There are several excellent free bulk SMS services available, but Fast2SMS is among the best. Fast2SMS bulk SMS is a web-based service that allows users to send single or many SMS messages from any location.

This android software allows users to communicate with other users in all of India’s main cities. Fast2SMS’s goal is to offer a simple system for the immediate delivery of bulk SMS to its more than two million users.

The unique selling point of this app is the excellent transparency and timely delivery of reports it provides. One of the most downloaded bulk SMS apps on Android is Fast2SMS because of its intuitive design and ease of use.

How Do I Choose the Right Business Text Messaging Service?

Is it compatible with your existing service strategy?

Even the simplest service plan relies on the organization of people, procedures, and technology. The proper corporate text service should fit perfectly into this existing structure. If you don’t, the experience for managers, workers, and consumers alike when using your messaging services will be compromised. Plus, it’ll get increasingly expensive to personalize, manage, and upgrade as your service plan evolves.

Is it simple for managers, salespeople, and customers to utilize the software?

The utility of any given piece of software is directly related to its level of usability. When customer care representatives using business texting services are unable to do their tasks quickly or efficiently, the service they provide suffers, and so does the customer. Not only that, the agent gets annoyed because their tools are making their job harder and their morale worsens. The ultimate downstream effect is that staff burn out quicker and customers have poorer experiences.

Is there enough wiggle room in the business text service to meet your evolving requirements?

In business, especially, the future is something no one can foresee with any degree of certainty. This is exactly why it can pay huge rewards to select a business texting solution that’s versatile enough to expand with your organization. This is where it’s crucial to examine basic functions, such as if the tool is service or marketing or sales-oriented, or both. Even if you simply intend to utilize business texting for support, it’s wise to consider the potential role it could play in other areas, including sales.

Can Businesses use TextNow?

Adopting TextNow will enable you to save money on a dedicated phone line for your small business. You may create a professional voicemail message and divide your business connections from your personal contacts for free with a TextNow number.

What is the Most Secure Messaging Service?

Security professionals and government agencies throughout the world have hailed Signal as the greatest secure communications software. On iPhone, Android, and desktop PCs, Signal is a free instant messaging program that offers end-to-end encryption using the industry-leading Signal protocol.

What Messaging App is More Secure for 2023?

Here are the top messaging apps that are more secure for 2023;

  • Telegram – As the Most Secure Chatting App
  • WhatsApp – Most Secure Messaging Platform
  • Wire – Best Secure Messaging App for Android, iOS
  • Viber – Secure Messaging Software
  • Threema – As Top Encrypted Messaging App
  • Silence – The Best Secure Messaging Platform
  • Wickr Me – As the Most Secured Private Messaging App
  • Line – Best Private Chat App

When Should Businesses use Text Messaging Services?

Whenever a company has to: Send time-sensitive updates and alerts, such as delivery notifications or order status updates, it should use a text messaging service. Give out coupons and special deals. Carry on quick interactions with clients, either internal or external, to provide excellent customer service. Get comments from your clients. Get in touch with clients who would rather text than call.

Can You Do Business Text Messaging from a Computer?

It is possible to send a business text message through the computer. Text messages can be sent and received using your computer’s desktop client with the majority of today’s corporate text messaging apps. You can also use your help desk software to send texts thanks to the fact that many business messengers are compatible with it.


Which is better SMS or messenger?

Sending short, useful information via SMS will be an important component of keeping contact, as it is faster and easier to report and block contacts through mobile phones than it is through Facebook Messenger.

Why are my texts suddenly green instead of blue?

If the text of an iPhone message is green instead of blue, then it is being sent as an SMS message rather than an iMessage.

What is the point of turning off iMessage?

In order to receive SMS or business text messaging sent from iPhone apps, you may need to disable iMessage if you are now using a non-Apple phone.


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