GOOGLE WEBSITE BUILDER: How to Use Google to Build Website For Your Business

google website builder reviews, pricing and cost
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For new businesses building a website appears to be an impossible endeavor, one that would take a few hours at most and weeks or months at worst to complete. While the majority of small businesses are unaware of the importance of owning a website. Google has however fixed the problem. Presenting to you one of Google’s best, but yet to be widely known applications Google workspace(G-Suite). Where you can create a comprehensive website for free in minutes with the newly updated Google Sites one of Google’s best. In this article, we’ll discuss the free Google website builder reviews, pricing, and cost.

Luckily, Google chose to assist the world economy’s foundation by providing a free, straightforward single-page website builder to every firm with a Google My Business account. The tool is entirely customizable, works with AdWordsExpress, and instantly updates the account user’s GMB listing information.

Here’s a quick explanation on how to utilize Google’s website builder to design and personalize your new site in less than an hour if your small business wishes to develop a simple yet appealing site.

Google Website Builder Free

For Google’s primary site-building platform, anyone who has a Google Account can use it. It’s not only on Google Drive, but it’s also promoted through Sheets, Docs, Drawings, and other Google products. With your most recent Google, Sheet and Google Docs saves, you’ll be able to find your Google website.

Since it was released as a simple website builder, Google Sites has been a component of Google’s portfolio of products. The first version looked a lot like Google Docs, and the websites that resulted looked like documents with a search box at the top.

With this free google, website builder you can add more features, like format text, including photos, documents, or videos, and even input your own HTML code. Everything is organized out as tables, so your material could be shown in a single or multiple-column format.

Google’s website builder will create an initial website for you, complete with your company’s name, address, hours of operation, contact information, blog posts, inventory, and images.

Because the first website is a template, you can change the theme, copy, photographs, and language as needed.

What Do you get from this free Google Website Builder?

  • You have a website’s typeface and color scheme which is totally configurable with eight themes to select from.
  • Choose from a range of CTAs to place on your website via the edit tool. You can also change the headline, description, summary header, and summary body on your website. You can bold, italicize, underline, hyperlink, number, and bullet any content in the summary body.
  • This website allows you to post up to nine photos, product images, or other images to the portion of your website just below the summary content using the Photos tool. You can also customize your website’s cover photo.
  • You can compose the copy for your website in more than 60 different languages.
  • While you won’t be able to change the sequence of your website’s sections, but it will be laid out in a logical and interesting manner.

Google’s free website builder has aided millions of small company owners in overcoming the problems, time, and costs that have hampered the development of their own websites and, as a result, their businesses. Google’s Website Builder can also assist you if you’re seeking a free and straightforward solution to expand your internet presence.

Google Website Builder reviews

Google Sites is a website builder that emphasizes ease of use and convenience, with an initial focus on the needs and abilities of beginners. By default, the platform uses a WYSIWYG editor, but its interface also works well for users who want to manually alter website code to achieve a unique output.

You can simply create and manage interactive and dynamic projects with Google Sites in just a few clicks. To use the system, you don’t need any programming or web design experience; simply follow the advice it generates and browse the dashboard to begin the website construction process.

Google Website builder Reviews Pros

Once an eCommerce store owner who opened and operated her business with a google website had to look for a better option after two years. According to reviews here are the main advantages of using the Google website builder.

  • Pricing for Google website builder is a free service that includes unlimited storage, traffic, and websites.
  • Your Google Sites website is automatically saved to your Google Drive account. It’s available on any device and can be accessed from anywhere. Google Takeout allows you to download it along with your other data.
  • There are no extra passwords or accounts to set up; everything is seamless and integrated.
  • Google Sites is a simple and easy-to-use platform.
    Furthermore, because your Google account and your email account are one and the same, Google manages your security concerns.
  • Google takes care of your speed concerns in the same way it takes care of your security concerns. The final HTML/CSS product is lightweight, runs on fast servers, and is accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • It’s simple to share and preview because it’s fully connected with your Google Account.

Google Website Builder Reviews Drawbacks

If there were no positives then there will also be no negatives. You’re probably wondering how Google website builder isn’t the best solution for every website after reading the benefits. According to reviews here are the major drawbacks of using the Google website.

The design options with Google Sites are severely limited.

Your template specifies what you can and cannot change. And, to begin with, you only have a limited number of templates from which to choose.

CSS cannot be added or edited, and no interactivity can be added. The text area is quite simple. Only a few widgets are available.

The design tools available are simple and clear, but they are all Google Drive-related. There is some embedding, but there is no way to alter the embed details.

Although the templates appear to be well-designed, you are unable to alter the layouts or any of the key characteristics.

If you wish to create a custom design with templates or create a brand identity, Google Sites will severely limit you.

Marketing Features That Are Limited

The marketing features of Google Sites are also severely constrained. As a professional marketer, this flaw stands out even more. You gain access to Google Analytics so you can track things like sessions and pageviews.

But that’s all there is to it.

There are no Facebook Pixels, Share Buttons, or Redirects available. If you’re interested in SEO, you won’t be able to change your title tag or meta description (very ironic for a product built by a search engine).

Now, if all of your traffic comes from offline sources, direct web referrals, or word of mouth, these technologies may not be necessary. However, because marketing data is only as useful as the amount of historical data you have, Google Sites will not be a good fit if you ever want to expand or use other marketing channels.

Setup a Custom Domain

The default domain name for all Google Sites is[yoursitename]. There is no way to add a custom domain name to Classic Google Sites. In either case, this is a significant disadvantage using Google Sites as a corporate or personal website. A domain name is essential for any long-term endeavor, even though it is not strictly required for a successful website.

This omission emphasizes the notion that Google Sites is best used for short-term projects or internal purposes, akin to a Google Doc or Presentation.


Google is renowned for dying off products, even if they are extremely popular. While Google Sites appears to be a key component of Google’s productivity package… That is subject to change at any time (as is the case with the Classic Google Sites). With any Google service that I use, I’ve learned to always have a backup plan.
While you can export your data using Google’s Takeout program, there is no method to directly export or access your Google Sites account via FTP.

If you run a business or even a personal site on Google Sites, you should be aware that it may be discontinued at any time, and you should have a backup plan in place.

Google Sites, on the other hand, has a lot of drawbacks. But, in summary, Google Sites has a lot of limitations and isn’t really designed for long-term website initiatives (hence the simplicity).

Google Website Builder Pricing

Perhaps you’d like to create a complex webpage with pages and pages of information. Perhaps you’ve created an online course and want to share it with the public, much like Photo web. You could want a mechanism to share contact information and calendars with your class. The pricing on the Google website builder allows you to do all these and more.

Pricing for Google website builder is a free service that includes unlimited storage, traffic, and websites. This is, without a doubt, the most appealing aspect of Google Sites.
It’s all part of Google’s ongoing effort to keep you logged into your account as much as possible. You can go to the google site right now and get started if you’re signed in to your personal Google account. There are no dangers, no upsells, no time limits, and no expiration dates.

Sites are included with your G Suite for Business subscription, along with all the backups, administrative controls, and assurances that come with your account. Google Sites allows you to create any of these and more.

It’s also completely free. You can create as many Google Sites as you like for free with only a regular Google account. Google Sites now uses your Google Drive account to store images and anything you post on your site, allowing you to store up to 15GB of assets for free, which you can share with your other Google apps.

The only catch is that your site will be hosted on Google’s domain by default, with a URL similar to

Do you want a website with your own domain? Simply create a $6/month G Suite account for your domain, link your domain to Google Sites from your G Suite Sites admin, and then follow these instructions to add your site to the new domain.

Google Website Builder Cost

For 14 days, you can use Google Website Builder for free. Meanwhile, Google Workspace subscriptions begin at $6 per month per user for Business Starter, $12 per month for Business Standard, and $18 per month for Business Plus. You can start here. Ready to build your first site? Just go to to start building a new website. That’ll drop you directly into the site editor.


If you’re considering using the website builder to create a website, keep in mind that Google just announced that it will stop supporting the current Classic Sites version on September 1, 2021. As a result, you’ll need to start a new project in the updated version of the software. For guidelines and easy tips to set up your website on Google or for other website builder options visit BusinessYield.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Google have website builder?

Google has announced the launch of a single-page website builder for small enterprises. The new tool, simply dubbed “Website,” is free and claims to allow small business owners to construct and edit websites in minutes, on both desktop and mobile devices.

How do I create a free website on Google?

  • Fill out a Google My Business form for free.
  • After you’ve completed your GMB listing, go to the left sidebar and select “Website.”
  • Make your website unique.
  • Click on “Publish”
  • Purchase a domain name.

How much does a Google website cost?

Google Sites is a free service that is included with your Google account. On personal accounts, all features and functions are free (with the exception of 24/7 customer assistance).

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