Best Web Hosting UK: Top 10+ Best Web Hosting in 2023 (Updated!)

Best Web Hosting UK
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In this day and age, when word of mouth can only carry you so far, having an internet presence is essential for every new business venture. Every firm requires a dependable website to flourish in today’s competitive business market because outstanding offerings are now routinely shared on social media, and without a great website to showcase your services and/or products, you will have no method of reaching out to interested potential clients. 

Basically, what determines the success of a website remains the performance of the web hosting provider. In this regard, this article has listed some of the best UK web hosting sites for startups and small business owners

Considerable Features in a Website

The performance of any website is highly dependent on some factors, therefore in your search for a web hosting site, here are some considerable factors to look out for:

#1. Support

A dependable web hosting service is critical to the success of your website. It is therefore critical to have help available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the event of an unexpected outage.

#2. Uptime

If your website is constantly down, clients will go. The higher your hosting provider’s percentage, the better your chances of keeping your audience on your site. So, servers ought to remain operational, as must your hosting provider, to achieve optimal uptime.

#3. Server Locations

Because of low latency, your web page will load faster depending on the location of your hosting’s servers. Therefore, it is often beneficial to have a server in the country or continent of your target audience.

#4. Response Time

The pace of your entire website is determined by your server response time, which will ultimately affect user interaction.

#5. Disk Space

The primary component of your site hosting, disk space refers to the storage of your site’s content (pictures, videos, text, scripts, and so on). The quantity of disk space and speed available on your website can have a significant impact on its quality and, eventually, the satisfaction of your visitors.

#6. Costs

As with all other parts of a website, the high or low cost of a hosting service is directly equal to its features and the quality of its services.

#7. User Interface

The operation of your website is heavily reliant on the ease with which the user interacts. This creates a bond between your viewer and your website.

#8. Speed 

The speed of your website is critical in retaining customers on your page. Every part of your website’s design, including photos, videos, text, and other sorts of visuals, can affect how quickly it loads. Your hosting will verify that your site meets these requirements, otherwise, you may lose crucial sales.

Top Best Web Hosting Sites in The UK

Web hosting is currently a massive industry that is only growing. As a result, there are a lot of cowboys out there. Of course, there are some fantastic companies as well.

That is why you require a guide like this one.

My purpose here is to spare you the trouble of trying out every web server available. A quick, dependable web host with excellent customer support will save you money, time, and a lot of trouble. Believe me, I’ve been there.

#1. Scala Hosting

Scala Hosting is one of the UK most trustworthy hosting sites with constantly fast servers. The performance of their VPS servers is likewise impressive and efficient. In addition, they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee that includes account credits if there are more downtimes than foreseen. 

Scala Hosting’s approach to security and excellent performance are two of its assets. For security, its proprietary SPanel locks installation files to prevent hackers from accessing the server and uploading viruses. Even if your site’s traffic escalates, the speed will stay rather intact, thanks to their impressive connection time. This web hosting also prioritizes customer service, with 24/7 chat support available to provide you with all of the assistance you require at any moment. Its plans are reasonably affordable, though, the renewal costs might be quite high.

Scala Hosting’s benefits include online daily backups, a one-click installer, and free website migration. Furthermore, unlimited bandwidth, databases, a free domain and SSL, SSD-powered servers, SShield Cyber security, and more are included in the services it provides.

#2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is meant to improve your SEO as well as your conversion rate. It optimizes the security settings for software platforms like WordPress to ensure that your visitors have a positive experience. Also, you have their team of professionals 24/7 to attend to all your need-to-knows’

The world’s fastest 20 times loading speed requires a premium tier plan (turbo), but it’s well worth the money because it improves the whole experience for your online shoppers, resulting in sky-high conversion rates. A2 Hosting not only provides economical plans, but ensure that each plan includes physical servers that they manage, ensuring that performance, security, and overall experience are all optimal.

Whether your site is new or you have a serious website on speed and performance, A2 Hosting ensures that all of your demands are met. Furthermore, A2 Hosting’s Sucuri Protection Suite, Sucuri Account Firewall, and Sucuri Website Monitoring will keep your information safe. And upgrades with this web Hosting are simple and cost-effective, including migration.

A2 Hosting features include unlimited data transfer, a free SSL certificate, 25 email addresses, a free Cloudflare CDN, and eCommerce tools. If you’re unhappy with its services, you can request a refund, but that’s not going to happen because you won’t need to request a refund, and they have years of experience to back up this claim.

#3. Hostinger

Hostinger offers a variety of web hosting plans and prices for beginners, personal websites, small enterprises, and revenue-generating businesses. This web hosting site has rightly secured its spot as one of the best performing web hosting sites in the UK, due to its proven success in site performance and speed.

Nevertheless, Hostinger has data centres throughout the US, EU, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, and Indonesia, all of which contribute to the speed it provides, regardless of where your target audience is. Their cache manager enables for speedier loading times, ensuring that your customers don’t abandon your site mid-browse. 

If you’re operating a WordPress site, for instance, that’s even more reason to use Hostinger because it’s WordPress ready, which means it’ll run faster. Also, with its easy-to-use custom dashboard, customizing is a breeze.

#4. SiteGround

SiteGround’s supremacy stems from its dedication to speed, uptime, and support, which has earned it a spot on the list of the best UK web hosting sites. The company’s servers are hosted on Google Cloud, which explains its lightning-fast network and is protected by Let’s Encrypt SSL. They also provide 24-hour assistance, 20GB of SSD storage, and a super-fast bandwidth in London.

SiteGround features include easy site management using major Content Management Systems like Joomla and WordPress. Further, a domain management ease that allows you to control both your domain and your site, and WordPress installation on all plans. Although SiteGround’s plans aren’t the cheapest, the benefits they provide make them well worth the money.

#5. UK2 hosting

Web hosting is a language that UK2 hosting understands well, which is why there’s a plan for any type of small business hosting requirement. Your lightning-fast website may contribute to your success and truly alter the game with UK2 hosting. Additionally, WordPress is only a click away, and the control panel allows you to manage everything from one simple platform. 

UK2 hosting provides 24/7 assistance via live chat and help desk tickets to help you feel secure in the event of a problem. Notably, their phone support is quite expensive, so you should stick to live chat and help desk instead. They also feature a “Service Heartbeat” website where you can readily identify unforeseen server downtime and stay ahead of things.

Other UK2 features include a free SSL certificate with some plans, unlimited web hosting and e-commerce hosting at low web hosting prices, and 28 data centre locations to ensure your site runs at peak speed.

#6. Cloudways

Cloudways is distinct from other best UK small business web hosting sites in that it focuses on cloud-based hosting. Although, it doesn’t mean they lag in terms of server speed and security. In reality, it’s among the best web hosting sites in the UK because it is quick, dependable, and secure. Furthermore, Cloudways has your back from the start of your business to its success with their high performance hosting and without charging you a fortune to maintain your site.

Instead of delving into intricate hosting issues, Cloudways advises that you concentrate on creating a fantastic website. That said, they deliver a simple, worry-free experience with their cloud hosting options and support, among other things, guaranteeing your site’s optimum performance. 

Cloudways specializes in WordPress hosting, providing cutting-edge managed web hosting features. For example, advanced Cloudways caches, and CDN, which oversees your site’s quick performance, resulting in a consistent experience every time. As a result, Cloudways is one of the most amazing hosting solutions available today.

#7. HostPapa

constant performance allows it to remain on this list of UK best web hosting sites for small businesses. It comes with reasonable options, even though your firm is just starting up, they offer an economical plan for you. HostPapa is dependable, fast, and provides exceptional customer service to assist you every step of the way.

Their low pricing, however, does not jeopardize the speed of their hosting. HostPapa is still known for its great uptime and fast loading speed. Its customer service is also quite good, providing 24/7 language help.

Along with its hosting service, HostPapa provides a free domain name, tools that are simple to use and put you in complete control, as well as fast and dependable storage and apps. Even more, it comes with WordPress and Jetpack pre-installed if you prefer to use the platform for your website. And if you already have a website, HostPapa makes site migration and domain transfer a breeze. The best part is that both the transfer and relocation are free.

#8. 34SP 

34SP is a Manchester-based web hosting company that provides a variety of choices for hosting your small business. So, whether you’re a beginner attempting to develop a site and host it, or you have many sites running multiple accounts, there’s a plan for you.

34SP claims to provide an honest, transparent, dependable, quick, and secure hosting solution. Simply put, everything you need for a powerful website. Website Builder, Professional Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Universal Hosting, and Reseller Hosting are among their offerings. 

These options include fast SSD storage, free site migration, automated daily backups, and WordPress plugins. Their UK-based assistance is the best available, and because it is onshore, you won’t have to worry about time zones, assuming that their support team is not available 24 hours a day, which is a minor drawback given the benefits they provide to make up for it.

#9. HostGator

Another UK web hosting option sites for small business owners is HostGator. Its reputation could easily land them on any list, yet HostGator adheres to the standards it has set in place since 2012. This hosting site provides pubic hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, domain names, a dedicated server, and its website builder. 

Their hosting options provide unlimited bandwidth and database storage, weekly backups, 24-hour support, and inexpensive renewal fees. Furthermore, you’re in excellent hands with HostGator if you use Perl, Python, or Ruby On Rails. HostGator uses SSD for hosting, which significantly improves server speed.

However, the only thing HostGator can improve on is its 99.94 per cent uptime. But considering their exclusive features like24/7 assistance, that’s not so bad in terms of keeping your website up and running. HostGator pledges to provide the greatest hosting options for personal and business websites and assist in meeting the website’s objectives. 

#10. Bluehost:

Bluehost has been in business since 1996 (during the pre-internet era), so not only do they have a wealth of knowledge, but they also power over 2 million websites. You can bet your morning tea that they know what they’re doing with those kinds of figures.

Given their knowledge, Bluehost actually serves new businesses and individuals extremely well. If this is your first time creating a website, they provide a terrific website builder called Weebly that is simple to use.

Not only that, but their user interface is really good, so you won’t have trouble browsing and performing things as you may with other sites. Furthermore, Bluehost boasts some of the greatest customer services in the industry, and with nearly 1,000 workers, there’s always someone around to lend a hand or offer advice. Fortunately, this also includes assisting in the resolution of technical challenges or any other troubles you may be experiencing.

Bluehost also has some of the most competitive rates for small and medium-sized websites. Shared hosting starts at £3.95 per month, VPS at £19.99 per month, and dedicated at £79.99 per month.

Admittedly, you probably won’t go for dedicated right away, but shared and VPS hosting are really reasonably priced, especially when you consider how much you get out of them.

#11. GoDaddy

Most small business web hosting best sites prioritize power and capability over usability. That’s not an issue if you know what you’re doing, but small businesses don’t often have the technical know-how to operate this type of hosting, and figuring out how the service works could take some time and effort.

However, small businesses with GoDaddy Business Hosting have another option if they wish to attempt something different than what has already been described. This is a hybrid solution that promises to provide the resources and equivalent performance of VPS hosting while also providing the easier cPanel-style management of public hosting service.

For example, GoDaddy’s basic Launch plan has 2GB RAM, one CPU, and 60GB of storage. These resources are purely for your website’s use, which should result in a better and more consistent website performance regardless of what’s going on with other sites on your serve

Generally, the range is a bit more expensive than comparable VPS options, but if you’re looking for straightforward setup and website administration, GoDaddy may be worth a look.

Is Google hosting better than GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is frequently more affordable for the first year, but if you intend to keep the website for longer, Google Domains is typically a better option — particularly if you want more security. With clear pricing and terms, Google Domains is also much simpler to use.

Which is best hosting or GoDaddy?

Overall, due to its superior performance, support, and user experience, we give GoDaddy a slight advantage. If you’re looking for the least expensive hosting, Hostinger might be a better choice.

Is GoDaddy hosting best?

Yes, GoDaddy offers quality hosting. A free domain is included with all web hosting plans from GoDaddy, and cPanel hosting management is simple. With a fantastic uptime rate of 99.98%, its server performance is also dependable and quick.

Can you transfer your website to a new host?

Selecting a new web host that provides a free migration service is the easiest way to transfer website hosting. Note that not all hosting companies provide this service, and even fewer do so for no cost.

Does Google own GoDaddy?

Indeed, Google is the owner of GoDaddy. For $2.6 billion, GoDaddy purchased the domain registrar in 2013. The biggest domain registrar in the world at the time of the acquisition was

Who is a competitor of GoDaddy?

Known web hosting providers like Bluehost,, Dreamhost, and HostGator provide comparable services to their customers. You don’t have to perform the analysis of these GoDaddy alternatives based on various criteria because we have already done it.

Why are GoDaddy domains so cheap?

The fact that GoDaddy makes money on each domain name it registers is one factor in the company’s low prices for domains. Contrarily, a large number of other domain registrars generate their revenue by charging fees for services like hosting and domain registration.

Is GoDaddy good for beginners?

GoDaddy is one of the simplest site builders to use today thanks to its intuitive site-building tools. This means GoDaddy is a great tool for new users and people who have little to no experience with coding or design.

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FAQ’s On Best Web Hosting UK

Which Web Hosting Is Best for Beginners in 2021?

  1. Bluehost—The best web hosting for beginners.
  2. Hostinger—The best cheap cloud hosting provider.
  3. HostGator—The best shared hosting provide.
  4. InMotion—The best VPS hosting provider.
  5. SiteGround—The best web hosting for technical support.
  6. Hostwinds.
  7. Liquid Web.

Do I Have To Pay For Web Hosting?

Actually, if you want to start a website, you’ll have to pay for hosting. Nevertheless, you’ll find that there are a lot of free hosting companies available…. It is not commonplace for web providers to charge in advance for one, two, or even three years of hosting.

How Much Should I Pay For Web Hosting UK

The cost of website hosting for small businesses in the UK ranges from £2 to more than £400 per month. Shared hosting is the most affordable (£2 – £12/month), whereas dedicated hosting is the most expensive (£60 – £400/month).

Is domain Name Privacy Protection Worth It?

Personal data protection is critical for all website operators. Hence, domain privacy protection is one method of safeguarding the personal data associated with your domain. Even while it increases your website hosting fees slightly, the security value it provides is well worth the money.

Can I Buy Domain Privacy Later?

At any time, you can add domain privacy to any domain you’ve registered. However, if you have the option to add privacy right away, do so. If you do not immediately add privacy, your information will be made public.


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