ABSOLUTE AUCTION: Best Easy Guide for Beginners (+ Online Options)


All popular auctioning advertisements mostly have “absolute auction” sewn into the text. This is because it is a popular type of auction in the auctioning industry. Meanwhile, you can not see an auctioneer talking about auctions without mentioning absolute auctions. And this is to show you how relevant it is to both buyers and sellers.

But before we discuss the absolute auction, let’s quickly define auction. An auction is a type of sales event in which potential buyers compete for assets or services in an open or closed format. When auctioning, buyers place competitive bids on the assets or services to determine who the new owner of the property/item will be.

Well, whether this is your first time coming across the phrase ” Absolute Auction”, or that you want to understand what it means, in this post, we have outlined all the basic things you need to know about the absolute auction with the best easy guide for beginners as well. So, kindly read on to get the full details.

What is an Absolute Auction?

An absolute auction is an auction type in which the highest bidder wins the sale. This means that it doesn’t have a reserve price and cannot be negotiated. Absolute auctions are a popular sort of auction, especially for people wishing to sell anything to make cash quickly and easily. And because of that, a well-publicized advertisement for this no-reserve auction will normally attract a significant number of participants.

To simply put, it means that the item being auctioned is selling without reserve. When something is being sold without reserve, It means no minimum bid, no seller confirmation, no right of withdrawal after a bid is submitted, no seller bidding, no “canvassing bidders” to see if the auction will be opened, and so on. The price at which the item will be sold comes from competitive bidding, which is always fair. And whoever has the highest bids will be the buyer.

Understanding Absolute Auctions more

To explain this further, an absolute auction is the classic type of auction. And it is absolute because no matter the cost of goods, what determines the price is the highest bid from any potential buyer. So this means that the price is absolutely zero, and the item involved will sell regardless of the price. However, absolute auctions are held in so many places when there is a direct demand for sold products, places like direct auctions, websites like foreclosure.com or other foreclosure markets, eBay.com, charity organizations, and more.

In this situation, it’s always a win-win for both the seller and buyers. And because there’s no starting price or minimum bid, this auction is appealing to people who want to get a good deal.

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What are the Types of Absolute Auctions?

The 4 types of absolute auctions are

  • The Ascending-bid
  • Descending-bid
  • First price sealed-bid
  • Second-price sealed-bid

Three Characteristics of Absolute Auction

Here are three main characteristics of this no-reserve auction:

  • The bidding always starts with zero.
  • Again, there’s no minimum bid.
  • The person with the highest bid becomes the buyer.

Absolute Auction Online

If you are looking for a place to get a good deal on this no-reserve auction. The online market is one best places where bidders get the best deals. In this section, we are going to outline the topmost online websites that deal with the best absolute auctions. You can try checking them out.

Check these sites out often to know when they are giving out good deals. However, I hope these sites are still relevant by the time you read this post. So, an absolute auction online is legit and not a scam. But you need to verify the site’s credibility to avoid being scammed. Also, for more details, you can type “absolute auction online” to get more sites.

Absolute Auction Ohio

Actually, they are a lot of absolute auctions in Ohio. Most of them are online while others are offline. Below are links to some of the absolute auctions in Ohio. Kindly check out each of them and know the one that suits you.

So if you are looking for an absolute auction in Ohio. I hope the links will above help you get one. But that is if they are still relevant and available when you are resting this post. Another way to get all the deals about absolute auction Ohio is to type in the key phrase “absolute auction Ohio” in your search box. It will definitely show you a lot of no-reserve auction options.

Absolute Auction & Realty

Again, there’s no way we can discuss the no-reserve auction without talking about the real estate deals. This is because it goes hand in hand with reality. Real estate agents are people who really use this classic auction. So below is a list of links to the with realty.

The absolute auction real estate is one top search from the realtors across the globe. So kindly check out the absolute auction real estate available today.

Absolute Auction Tennessee

Absolute auction Tennessee is a popular search on the internet. If you are looking for a no-reserve auction in Tennessee, then you need to check out the below links. And find out the best absolute auction in Tennessee that’s best for you.

Finally, to get extra information about the no-reserve auction in Tennessee. You should type “absolute auction Tennessee”. And check out the best option for you.

The no-reserve auction for real estate is very legal. And from the definition above, the buyer with the highest bids will definitely be the one to buy the property. This is what most buyers and sellers of real estate look for. It is always free & fair and must agree to the terms of auctioning. Anything apart from this, like being competitive, shows that you are really against the policy of auctioning.

Absolute auction gallery is a collection of many no-reserve auctions in one place as a catalog. The seller terms to add a series of pictures of the available no-reserve auction in a place. Just to make it easier for buyers to choose. So. if you are searching for an absolute auction gallery online. Then you need to check the few links below to see things for yourself.

Moreover, for you to get the best deal of the absolute auction gallery. You should search for it on your search engine. Or when you get the office (offline) of anyone who deals with no-reserve auction products. Ask the person or the office secretary about the absolute auction gallery they have. This will help you know more about the deals available.

No-Reserve Auction Near Me

The easiest way to find out the best no-reserve products near you is to use Google Maps or any other geo-location map applications. This will give you the listings of many businesses near you that offer no-reserve auctions.

Best Easy Guide for Beginners

If you are just bidding live auction here are some tips that will help you bid at your best.

  • Always attend the preview to inspect the goods the more. Even if you have finished viewing. Make sure the good meets your desire.
  • Know the exact amount you want to spend. Like the maximum amount you’d like to spend on each of the item.
  • Check out the payment options available before the auction date. Make sure you know more about the auction payment, whether there is a refundable form. You should know this before the auction day.
  • Always do double check the box’s contents.
  • Register for a bidder card. Be comfortable and start bidding when your item is up.
  • Finally, you will need to manage your expectations.


If you are someone who loves auctioning a lot, the no-reserve auction is where to start. It is the easiest and quickest way for property sellers to convert their property into cash. And for buyers, it’s the cheapest way to get the best deal at an affordable rate. It’s a guaranteed deal and is sold on the Auction day to the highest bidder. Meanwhile, no-reserve auction real estate is the highest search online.

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