SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Best Software for Small Business Management(+Quick Guide &Tips)

small business management

Small business management refers to the process of aligning and coordinating all aspects of a small business, whether it’s managing your employees, suppliers, business finances, or performing your daily tasks. So, In this article, we’ll take a good look at the best small business management software, consulting, and journal. To help you manage and organize your business orderly.

Hence, managing a small business sometimes presents its own challenge for the owner. From creating a business, determining funding requirements, managing employees, overseeing marketing and advertising, and managing your own time. However, small business management involves coordinating all aspects of the business to ensure that it keeps on growing and achieves success.

Small Business Management Software

In order to serve clear business needs, there are dedicated business management tools present for you in the market. Therefore, it’s important to understand what you want to do with the tool. Moreover, handling too many things at once can take a weigh your sanity. This is why you always need professional business management software to help you smoothly glide through your daily operations. Meanwhile, let’s look at some of the small business management software to help you sail your business smoothly.


This is one of the best CRM software that also doubles as a task management tool. Bitrix24 may be what you have been searching for. It provides a unified platform for CRM, task management, documents management, as well as team collaboration.

This awesome tool also provides basic client management and marketing automation capabilities to small and mid-sized businesses in its Free version. But, when you add in a few bucks you’ll get access to some solid customer relationship management features, along with integrations for email marketing.

Furthermore, Bitrix24 comes with clear CRM solutions for different teams enabling them to track their sales pipeline, automate marketing, and provide customer support through multiple communication channels.

Key Features

  • Lead management,
  • Sales reports,
  • Email marketing,
  • CRM pipeline management
  • Customer contact center (chat, email, phone, etc.)
  • Invoicing
  • Task management
  • Multiple third-party application integration

#2. Gmail

Email serves as an acute ingredient of a robust business management system. Hence, making Gmail one of the best and most widely used email platforms, powered by Google. This is an easy-to-use application, coming with a lineup of free features, and powerful spam filtering. The application also automatically detects junk and keeps it out of your inbox. Furthermore, the program organizes emails into selected folders according to their type and brands Gmail is a good-to-go option for most individuals either for personal or professional communication alike.

However, Gmail is free for personal use. The business account plans start from $5 per user/month, with a free trial of 14 days.

Key Features

  • Spam filtering
  • Email categorization
  • Free storage
  • Conversation threads
  • Instant messaging
  • Video chat
  • Virus and malware scanning
  • Search bar
  • Language support
  • Offline access
  • Powerful sync with other applications

#3. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is one of the best financial management software when it comes to small businesses. Further, coming with a complete suite of accounting features, FreshBooks provides a fast and reliable solution for creating quick invoices, tracking expenses, and much more.

With native time tracking, you can easily monitor the time your team is spending on tasks and bill your clients accordingly. Not only this, but the tool also facilitates project management through a detailed feature set for effectively handling project-related activities. Moreover, the few prominent features include centralized file location, team chat, and project assignment. However, this tool comes with paid plans which start from $15 per month. All plans come with a free trial of 30 days.

Key Features

  • Expense tracking
  • Time tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Cost estimates
  • Accounting reports
  • Dashboards
  • Customized team permissions
  • Team chat


Customer support is a very vital aspect when running successful business operations, which is why Intercom is one of the best business management software for customer support.

When combining artificial intelligence with user insights, Intercom allows you to automate the way you communicate with your customers. The tool, therefore, facilitates this through customer segmentation and customer profiles. It also enables you to manage and track customer requests using a single platform through features of live chat, and targeted customized messages. Furthermore, Intercom is a paid tool and the plans start at $136 per month. The plans come with a free trial of 14 days.

Key Features

  • Live user data
  • Real-time performance tracking
  • Live Chat
  • Instant messages
  • Email campaign creation
  • Behavior triggered messages
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer profiles
  • Third-party application integrations

#5. Slack

Your business might be at its early stage or maybe you feel like you’re a pro in the business world. No matter what the situation may be, you can’t take chances of important information slipping through the holes. Therefore, save yourself the nightmare of miscommunication and choose Slack as a professional team collaboration tool.

Whether you’re employing new staff, sharing critical files, planning your next meeting, or simply exchanging routine messages, Slack is just the right tool for you! With clear channels for multiple teams, Slack not only makes team communication easier but better.

That’s not all, but Slack also comes with hundreds of integrations to serve your respective project needs. Through these integrations, the software makes sure you don’t have to constantly switch applications for carrying out basic business functions. However, slack offers both free and paid plans. Paid plans start from $6.67

Key Features

  • Specific channels for teams, projects, or topics
  • Hundreds of third-party application integrations
  • Search option for instant access to desired messages
  • Customized availability statuses
  • In-app notifications

#6. nTask

Don’t dream about effective business management without using a dedicated project management tool. That, however, is where nTask stands out. Hence, this project management software comes with a multitude of features to help you complete your business projects successfully.

nTask has powerful native modules that provide a multi-dimensional solution to all your project needs. In addition, to a single platform to plan, collaborate and monitor your project performance without switching applications. Moreover, with nTask, you can get a complete view of what lies ahead in your project lifecycle.

Through beautiful Gantt charts and built-in timesheets, the tool also allows you to track your project performance seamlessly.

So, let’s see what you can accomplish with nTask:

Top Features

  • Create and manage your projects through systematic workflow which allows you to add things as you move along with the project.
  • Use it as a to-do list app and assign tasks instantly to your team members and also make roles transparent.
  • Automatically repeat tasks by setting task recurrence according to a frequency of your choice.
  • Execute successful team meetings through a powerful native meeting management solution that lets you take control of your meeting details with more accuracy
  • Create and associate issues with your respective projects and resolve them proactively through smart issue metrics, like issue severity and issue priority.
  • Safeguard your project from potential hazards by documenting risks earlier in the project lifecycle.
  • Monitor your project performance through built-in Gantt charts and auto-generating timesheets.
  • Communicate with your team members and provide timely feedback through comments within tasks.

Moreover, nTask comes with three plans:

  • Free plan: unlimited tasks, unlimited meetings, timesheet reporting, and unlimited workspaces
  • Pro plan: starting at $1 – unlimited projects and Gantt Charts.
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Best Software For Small Business Management

Whether you are a small business owner or running multiple businesses, there is always a number of activities going on every time. It could be too much workload to handle too many things at once. Hence, this is why it makes sense for businesses to use business management software to stay in control of things. To further help you cruise through the endless sea of business management. We’ve since put together a list of the best software for small business management according to the purpose they serve.

#1. Timecamp

Every business works with time. So, Timecamp is one tool that fits all business management solutions it comes with a time tracker, computer activities, productivity monitoring, attendance tracking, integrations, and more. The software tracks time automatically so you don’t have to worry about spending hours figuring out how to do it. Above all, TimeCamp offers you an intuitive link to get your team on board effortlessly.

So, here are some of the reasons why Timecamp sits best at no 1

Top features:

  • Create and send invoices based on time tracked per project and customer
  • Seamless integrations with project management, accounting, help desk software, and more
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Assign the time entries to the right project, monitor employees’ internet usage, and generate detailed reports.
  • Desktop and mobile app available for many platforms and devices

#2. HoneyBook

HoneyBook is an all-in-one business management platform and company management system. Aligning your business from the first contact to booking your ideal client. HoneyBook also makes it easy for you to capture leads, manage projects, automate workflows, send contracts and invoices, and get paid.

Meanwhile, here are some of the reasons why HoneyBook sits best at no 2

Top features:

  • Mobile app so you can manage your business on the go
  • Proposals and invoices optimized to get you booked
  • Contracts your clients can sign in seconds
  • Easy and intuitive workflows
  • Design forward client experience

 #3. Atlassian JIRA

JIRA is a workflow mapping and project planning software that is designed to help software development teams of all sizes and industries. While Kanban boards, burnout charts, project reporting tools, etc are some of the popular capabilities of this tool that support teams at various stages of the development lifecycle. Also, it integrates with various developer tools and is available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution.

Hence, check out why JIRA sits pretty in no 3

Top features:

  • Roadmaps that are connected to real work
  • Visualizing work in progress
  • Bugs and defect management
  • Polished user experience
  • Customizable dashboards and wallboards

#4. Netsuite

Netsuite is a unified business management suite being used by more than 40,000 large, mid-sized, and small fast-growing businesses. It also provides various tools for ERP, Financials, CRM, HR, eCommerce. Furthermore, it offers comprehensive functionality with industry-specific support for a broad range of industries means NetSuite works the way your business works.

Top features:

  • Cloud-based, mobile-enabled, and social
  • Easily accessible reports and key performance indicators
  • Highly flexible and customizable
  • Effective resource management, project accounting, timesheet, and expense management.

#5. ProofHub

ProofHub is a powerful business management software and platform that combines all the features you might need to take care of your business. You can however streamline your processes, store and share files, share feedback under one roof with ProofHub. Its mobile app can be used by both Android and iOS users on the go.

Top features:

  • Effective project and task management
  • Gantt charts to keep your projects on track
  • Dynamic reports so you can get clear insights
  • Time tracking to track time spent on tasks

Small Business Management Consulting

Small business management consulting services give business owners advice on strategy, problem-solving, and developing skills. They also come up with resources and layout a plan to improve an organization’s performance. Moreover, small business management consulting can figure out problems, implement solutions and achieve goals.

Therefore, consulting can be an important tool for small businesses that can’t afford full-time employees year-round, need a third party to solve a company issue, or want an expert to give advice and strategize.

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So, what would small business management consulting actually do for you?

A small business management consulting can also design a business plan, marketing plan, or public relations campaign. Especially when consulting in specialized and certain fields such as accounting, operations, human resources, management, marketing, or public relations.

Below, let’s review some services a small business consultant might perform.

Small Business Management Consulting Services

  • Sales and marketing consulting.
  • IT small business management consulting.
  • Reporting.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Forecasting.
  • Project management consulting.
  • Accounting consulting.

Small Business Management Journal

The primary purpose of the Journal of Small Business Management (JSBM) is to publish scholarly research articles in the fields of small business management and entrepreneurship. Hence, as the official journal of the International Council for Small Business management (ICSB), the JSBM is recognized as a primary instrument for projecting and supporting the goals and objectives of this organization. Which also includes scholarly research and the free exchange of ideas. Further, the journal, which is circulated in 60 countries around the world, is a leader in the field of small business management research.


What type of management is required for small scale business?

Small business management necessitates business owners to provide control for a variety of business responsibilities. A few of the primary departments or functions that business owners must manage are purchasing, human resources, sales, customer service, marketing, and product development.

What is small business management operations?

The work of managing the inner workings of your business so that it runs as efficiently as possible is known as operations. Every small business owner must oversee the design and management of behind-the-scenes activities, whether they create items, sell products, or provide services.

What is a business management software?

A business management software is a collection of tools or an application that assists firms in improving, supporting, and automating their processes. The goal of such a system is to assist you in completing your company activities on time, creating reports as needed, as well as increasing the efficiency and productivity of your staff.

How do I choose the best business software?

Before deciding on the best company management tool, there are a few factors to consider. Does it allow you to focus on your business without distracting you? Does it also meet the requirements of your present team and company? Is it possible to personalize and organize it such that it works best for you? Does it provide various integrations to assist you to operate your business? How much would it influence your money on a monthly/yearly basis?

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