Bakery business plan (Download + 3 years free financials)

Bakery business has risen to be one of the top lucrative businesses and thus needs a well crafted MBA Bakery business plan written by a professional MBA business consultant.

Majority of homes these days, demand – on a large scale, for bread and baked products. Both the rich and the poor consume bread, no doubts.

More than 60% of Nigerians take bread and tea as breakfast. The bakery industry is a huge market across the world.

According to ‘This Day Live’ the bread industry has reduced national unemployment in the country, so a huge number of people are moving into this industry.

Bakery business in Nigeria

This is a business you can start from your home, with a primary focus on bread, after which you can begin to expand to other baked products like cake, parfaits, and so on.

With a start-up capital as low as N500,000 you can cover the costs of buying an oven, baking pans, bread slicer, flour/dough mixer, dough cutter, baking pans, working table and other equipment.

If you intend to start up a bread business, a bakery business plan is an important tool to help guide your decisions. And also to help avoid mistakes and start profiting at the shortest possible time.

Bakery business plan with 3 years financials

It is imperative to note that a good business plan acts as a guide through the stages of starting and managing your business, which is why we have developed a bread business plan that will guide you through the processes of raising fund, saving time and energy, executing the right way, and most importantly, scaling your business in the days to come.

Our business plan is already tailored to suit your needs, and comes with free 3 years financials.

You are required to change the name, contact details, company details, and other important information to reflect your brand’s needs and make it presentable to banks, investors, grant competition, etc.

The 3 years financials consists of start-up costs, operating capital, working capital, and other sources of funding.

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Sample Summary of a bread business plan

Take a look at the sample of ‘ABC Bakery’ business plan:


1.Executive summary

• Vision

• Mission

• Core values

• Keys to success

• Objectives

2. Company summary

• Business description

• Milestones

3. Ownership and management

• Management summary

Business Model Canvas

• Management background

• Personnel plan

4. Organizational structure

• Organizational chart

5. Value proposition and competitive comparison

• Service / Product offering

• Competitive Advantage

6. Market Research and Analysis

• Industry Overview

• Target Market

• Major Competition

7. Marketing and sales plan

• Product

• Pricing

• Place

• Promotions

• Sales

8. Internet plan

• Website/ Blog plan

• Social media plan

9. Strategy implementation summary

• Marketing & sales plan

• Marketing strategy

• Sales & Marketing target

• Promotion pattern

• Distribution strategy

10. Sales plan

• Sales strategy

• Sales forecast

11. Operational strategy

12. Human resources

13. Quality control

14. Processes

15. Financials

16. Exit plan and strategy

17. Plan improvement


The ‘ABC Bakery business’ is a new organic bakery specializing in health-focused bread, cakes and cookies with high nutritional contents.

The ABC Bakery Business projected growth rate is very high each year with respectable profit margins as a percentage of sales.

This bakery business plan will help the owner navigate the startup and subsequent management of the business.


Our vision at ABC Bakey business is to become the market leader at providing healthy vitamin-enriched bread and other pastries through innovation and at a cost-effective rate in the nation by the year 2025 starting from our immediate locality.


The ABC Bakery Business aims to be a cornerstone in the community creating a neighbourhood atmosphere where customers feel comfortable and become instant regulars.


The following core values drive our operations, products and team

• Health priority
• Quality
• Excellent service delivery
• Trustworthiness
• Professionalism
• Innovation


Our Product includes:

• Banana bread
• Cupcakes
• Cakes
• Cookies
• Banana chin chin
• Parfait
• Fruit juice


Our competitive edge is our quality of goods and our focus on health benefits as marketing strategy

We only use organic flours of the highest quality that creates incredible none gluten goods that can’t be matched anywhere else in town.


• High-income customers who can afford our products and are health-conscious.

• High volume buyers like retailers, retail stores, and restaurants.

• Event celebrants

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How do I create a bakery business plan?

Include the following when presenting a business plan for your bakery to possible investors:

  • Executive Synopsis
  • Overview and description of the company
  • Market Analysis.
  • Business Offerings.
  • Management.
  • Strategies for marketing and public relations
  • Financial Forecasts

How can I establish a modest bakery?

  • Select a bakery layout. There are numerous bakery formats from which to pick.
  • Create an enterprise plan.
  • Identify the optimal place.
  • Obtain the necessary licenses and permits.
  • Register for tax purposes and acquire an EIN.
  • Identify your bakery.
  • Separate the finances of your firm.
  • Obtain business financing.

How To Establish a Bakery in Nigeria

  • First, determine the type of bakery you wish to open.
  • Register your business with the CAC.
  • Step Three: Draft A Business Plan.
  • Step Four: Compile a list of the necessary bakery business equipment.
  • Step Five: Rent a location for your bakery.

How much does it cost to establish a bakery?

Between N1,000,000 and N5,000,000 is required, depending on the size of the company.

What are the four types of bakery items?

Bakery items, such as bread, rolls, cookies, pies, pastries, and muffins, are typically made with flour or meal obtained from grains.

Are tiny bakeries profitable?

Bakeries hold a distinct position in the food sector market due to the great demand for their specialized treats. The typical annual revenue for small bakeries is from $325,000 to $450,000 in the United States.

What faults do startup bakeries make?

  • Do not over-promise and under-deliver.
  • Give customers what they desire, not what you believe they desire.
  • Be a good listener; pay attention to and act upon client comments.
  • Offer inexpensive, high-quality goods.
  • Ensure that the food is fresh.

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