Simple Business Plan Example [500+ With Free Guide]

simple business plan example

The most simple business plan examples you see online are a cumbersome bunch. Either you cannot understand them or the information contained is too vague for comfort.

The simplified examples have been sampled in the post. Most importantly, a resource center with over 500 business plans you can download for your business.

Read through to find the free business plans at positions you least expected.

Simple Business Plan Example Free Guide

A simple business plan is summarized in six elements – who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Surprised, right?

The best and simple business plan example would answer the questions posed by the six elements listed above.

Well, let me show you!

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#1. Who. Simply put – who do you want to serve?

One of the mistakes small business owners make is thinking everyone is their client. Invariably, they are conducting their operations in a manner to serve everyone. That is very wrong.

Actually, you shouldn’t.  You have to focus on one type of client and build upon it, expansion will come later.

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Who is that ideal customer that needs your service? Determine that.  Are they individuals or small business owners?   If they are a small business owner, what is their income?  Which industry are they in?

#2. What. What values will you provide to your clients?

It explains what the business’s mission is. The mission shows the exact service you will provide. What makes your company different from others providing the same service? That is to say, what is your competitive advantage?

#3. When. When will the business start?

It determines the time of launching your business plan. This step aids in establishing time management measures especially if you are starting up on a part-time basis.  How long will it take for your business to kick off?

#4. Where. Where is the business located?

You have probably heard the saying that location is very important. lt is more essential when you are operating a store-front business.  It is pertinent that where you are setting up your shop is an ideal location for your business.

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Asides from a physical location, you also set your goals for the future.  Where will your business be one year from now? What giant strides do you want to achieve?

#5. Why. What is your why?

This is the most important question anyone in business should answer – What is your why?

Your why is the purpose in your life, your business, the reason your business is created. What is your purpose for creating this business? Why should your business succeed?  This will fuel your passion and keep you going.

#6. How.  Ways to achieve your goals

Here, you set plans on how you will accomplish the other five steps.  Without this step, your dream will remain a dream.

Lastly, how will you set your business in motion?  How will you finance your business? How will you get clients?

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Use these six everyday questions, and apply them to your business idea. Feel free to re-arrange the questions in any order to flow more easily for you, just be sure you answer them all. In addition, you can also add any other questions.

These questions are what you answer in your business plan.

Moving on, we will bring you some simple business plan examples.

Here are Simple Business plan examples; DOWNLOAD THE FULL DOCUMENT HERE

The more-detailed business plan examples are here for you to download.

What Are the 7 Parts of a Business Plan?

  • Executive Summary.
  • Company Description.
  • Products and Services.
  • Market analysis
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Organization and Management Team
  • Financial plan and projections

What Is a Business Plan Called?

Business plans go by many names: Strategic plans, operational plans, internal plans, Lean Plans, and many others. … Of course, there are traditional business plans, which can also be called formal business plans.

What Makes an Excellent Business Plan?

Good business plans are usually very extensive and include information on all parts of the firm, such as the industry, marketing, financing, employees, and other operating procedures. They are specific, interact with all firm personnel, and require everyone’s commitment.


Business plans are the lifeblood of any feasible business. Download a simple plan and kickstart that business today.

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