Business Plan Software: 9+ Best 2023 Picks for Any Business

business plan software

One of the first tasks you’ll do when setting up a business is to create a solid business plan. Your business plan will include everything from a full description of your products or services and pricing model to financial projections for at least three years—and much more. As a result, whether you’re unsure where to begin or simply want to make the process go more smoothly, business plan software may be of assistance.

We’ll go over and break down some of the finest business plan software solutions in this guide, discussing their benefits, drawbacks, features, cost, and more, so you can make an informed decision about which solution is ideal for your small business.

Options for the Best Business Plan Software

Writing your business plan will be much easier with the right business plan software. However, as with many company software solutions, there are a variety of business plan software options available, each with its own set of features, user experience, and price.

So, if you’re seeking a location to start your search for the finest business plan software, have a look at the top choices below:

#1. LivePlan

LivePlan may be the appropriate choice for you if you desire a modern-feel, template-rich business plan software. LivePlan’s user interface is modern and sleek, with clear, easy-to-use features and options.

Their step-by-step instructions will get you started right away, and you can continue to master new business skills by using their online learning center.


  • Affordable plans, including a pay-as-you-go option
  • No long-term commitments or cancellation fees; Money-back guarantee for 60 days
  • Modern, user-friendly UI; cloud-based that works on Mac, PC, and tablets.
  • Unlimited plans can be created under a single account, and there are over 500 customisable templates.
  • Efficient business resources including video lessons, step-by-step instructions, and general customer carer


  • Limited options for integration
  • Difficulty in entering your own financial modeling projections
  • Difficulty in learning, in most cases.


  • On a single account, you can establish an unlimited number of business plans.
  • There are over 500 business plan templates available, covering a wide range of industries.
  • Online QuickBooks functionality with Xero integration
  • Accounting interfaces allow for real-time financial data tracking.
  • Luxury of exporting your business plan to Word or PDF.
  • Expert assistance and step-by-step instructions.
  • Dashboards for tracking performance against budgets and sales targets
  • The ability to develop and export a one-page executive summary for a pitch


  • The annual plan costs $15 per month and is invoiced once every 12 months.
  • Plan for six months costs $18 per month and is invoiced every six months.
  • Plan with a pay-as-you-go option costs $20 per month, due on the first of each month

#2. GoSmallBiz

GoSmallBiz, which is much more than just a business plan software, is next on our list of the top business plan software solutions. You can create a strategy, work through business and legal papers, design a website, and more using GoSmallBiz’s business continuity planning tools. (britespanbuildings)

In this sense, GoSmallBiz is ideal for startups and newer enterprises looking for a single platform to access multiple business management solutions.


  • Unrestricted business consultation and access to a vast online resource collection
  • A variety of business tools in one piece of software
  • Analysis of website consultations and business evaluation
  • Templates for industry-specific business plans with a focus on financial predictions and statements


  • Monthly cost is high when compared to alternatives.
  • Features of the business strategy are limited.
  • Only Microsoft Word can be used to export the entire business plan.
  • The user interface is outdated.


  • Templates for industry-specific business plans with a step-by-step development wizard
  • Creates financial statements and projections
  • Possesses free website builder and hosting
  • Customer relationship manager with MailChimp integration
  • Social media and Google Analytics integrations in a digital marketing dashboard
  • HR document creator
  • Writer of corporate minutes
  • Library of business documents
  • Library of business courses
  • Business consultations are available at no cost.


No contracts, and no fees.

#3. Enloop

Enloop will be one of your closest possibilities if you’re seeking free business plan software—they offer an all-inclusive seven-day free trial with no credit card necessary. It is also focused on just business plan generation, unlike some of the other alternatives on our list, with automated text writing, financial prediction comparisons, and a real-time performance score that tracks your progress.

Enloop, on the other hand, is a platform worth considering if you choose the plainest, rapid, and uncomplicated approach to building your business plan.


  • Primarily dedicated to the creation of business plans.
  • Free trial for seven days
  • Automatic text production is provided to make the writing process easier.
  • Affordable plans plus annual discount offering


  • Additional instructional resources are scarce.
  • There is only one template option available.
  • There are no options for integration.


  • Ability to customize text, graphics, tables, charts, and over 100 monetary symbols and formats to construct three business plans.
  • For each plan section, automatic text generation is included, which you can then tweak.
  • Financial statements that are generated automatically
  • Includes a comparison of financial performance
  • Tracks your progress with a real-time performance score.
  • Has the ability to invite users to participate in the editing process
  • Assists you in identifying problems with your strategy; you will receive a pass/fail report and a certificate.


  • Free plan: A seven-day trial period that is available without the need for a credit card.
  • Plan details: $19.95/month or $11/month, paid annually
  • Performance plan: $39.95 per month (paid annually) or $24 per month (paid monthly).

#4. Bizplan

Bizplan, which is part of the suite, gets high grades for its user interface, which is intuitive, simple to use, and modern. You’ll work using a step-by-step business plan builder to get your business plan to exactly what you want. And because it uses drag-and-drop features to create templates, it may remind you of a modern website builder.

You also have access to all of the tools in the network, including self-guided courses, how-to guides, masterclass videos, and more, for a single subscription fee. Overall, Bizplan is a top business plan software solution for companies trying to raise money and attract investors, thanks to its direct connection to Fundable.


  • You can use all of’s tools if you subscribe.
  • Subscription with unlimited access is available.
  • Features a drag-and-drop business plan builder that is simple to use.
  • Covers outstanding educational resources
  • For businesses searching for funding, having a connection to Fundable is extremely beneficial.


  • There is no free trial available.
  • There are no industry-specific templates.
  • No mobile access.


  • Building a business plan with drag-and-drop templates
  • Using a financial command center, you can keep track of all of your company’s financials in one spot.
  • Account collaborators are unrestricted.
  • Investors can view your business plan online.
  • Self-guided courses, masterclass videos, how-to instructions, and mentorship access are all available online.
  • Use of Fundable, Launchrock, and tools is unlimited.


  • $29 per month for the monthly plan
  • $20.75 per month, payable annually at $249
  • $349 one-time cost for lifetime access

#5. PlanGuru

Basically, PlanGuru offers some of the most powerful financial functions among business plan software choices, such as budgeting and forecasting. PlanGuru is dedicated to business financial planning, providing the tools you need to create budgets, financial forecasts, reports, and more. Whereas the other solutions we’ve reviewed were first and foremost focused on writing a business plan, PlanGuru is dedicated to business financial planning—providing the tools you need to create budgets, financial forecasts, reports, and more.

PlanGuru will, therefore, have the most to offer if you need a software solution that can optimize the financial aspect of your business planning procedures.


  • Features financial tools, as well as detailed forecasting, budgeting, and reporting abilities
  • A large library of resources is available.
  • There are both cloud-based and desktop alternatives available.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 14-day free trial


  • Expensive, especially if you have more than one user.
  • There are no templates or tools for drafting a simple business plan; just focuses on the financial component of business planning.
  • It’s difficult to use if you don’t have any prior financial experience.


  • Both a cloud-based and a locally installed Windows version of the software are available (desktop version has a few more features)
  • QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Excel are all compatible.
  • Budgeting and forecasting for a period of up to ten years is possible.
  • There are more than 20 standard forecasting systems available.
  • To construct custom methods, you can use a formula builder.
  • Features KPIs and ratios
  • Includes tools for reporting and dashboards
  • Help guides, video lessons, a knowledgebase, and live customer service from the United States are all available.


  • Free trial for 14 days
  • Monthly fee: $99 (extra users: $29 per month)
  • Annual fee: $899 (additional users: $299)

#6. Wise Business Plans: Best Professional Service

It provides professional business plan writing services, which means you won’t have to do any of the legwork.

Wise Business Plans, unlike the rest of the organizations on this list, does not provide software. Instead, it provides expert business plan writing services, which means you won’t have to do any of the legwork.

Now, you might think it sounds pricey, and you’d be correct (you have to request a custom quote for your plan). Expertise, on the other hand, has a lot to offer, and Wise Business Plans has a ton of it. A professional writer will write your company strategy (with an MBA, no less). They’ll gather data from you, conduct their own research, and then draft your strategy. You are entitled to one free revision, and you may always pay for additional revisions.

#7. IdeaBuddy

IdeaBuddy is a cutting-edge business planning software that guides you through the entire planning process, from initial concept to investor-ready business plan.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can use this business plan software to develop their ideas, build a business model, validate a business concept, and create a compelling business plan. It all comes with a business guide that helps them better understand the planning process and ensures they have covered all bases.


  • Visually appealing appearance
  • A step-by-step business handbook that is both innovative and practical.
  • Templates for ideas


  • The free trial has a limited number of features.
  • Some of the features are slated to be released in the near future.


  • $15 per month or $45 per year for the Dreamer plan
  • $25 per month or $85 per year for the Founder plan
  • $55 per month or $245 per year for a team plan
  • One-time payment of $155, lifetime plan

#8. Cuttles

Cuttles is a business planning software with an instructional and interactive platform that makes planning and starting a business easier, faster, and more impactful than ever before. This application can assist you in creating attractive presentations and effectively sharing information with investors and stakeholders.

You can construct a business plan in minutes and present the financials of your company with this tool.


  • Great in-app assistance
  • Budgeting and runway features are fantastic.
  • It’s also highly user-friendly.


  • More personalization is required.
  • Only the English version is available.


  • The Dreamer Plan is designed for the entrepreneur who has a fantastic business concept. (€15/month)
  • Startup Plan (€30/month): For startups working together to bring a single business idea to reality.
  • Unlimited Plan (€50/month): For entrepreneurs and businesses with additional ideas to pursue.

#9. BizPlanBuilder

BizPlanBuilder was previously known as JIAN for over 30 years. They later changed their name.

Regardless, the tool is useful whether you’re working on a growth strategy or a fundraising approach.


BizPlanBuilder gives an explanation tab and video for your education and advice whenever you start a new section of your business plan.

  • It offers a class to assist you in learning what investors are looking for in a business plan.
  • There are dozens of templates to pick from to help you get started with your business plan.
  • You can make a pitch deck with this feature.
  • Ability to prepare a financial model for the next five or ten years.


  • There is a pre-written language for each section of your business plan.
  • There are many different templates to pick from.


  • Microsoft Office is required to function.
  • Frequently regarded as a time-consuming program to use


  • Option for a free guest account
  • Everything is included with a $97/month subscription.
  • Start-ups, strategic planning, and expansion funding $27/month
  • Policies and procedures for employees $47/month
  • Marketing, public relations, sales, and social media $37/month

#10. ProofHub

This is a powerful, award-winning business planning software that now includes project management and communication tools.

ProofHub is used by over 85,000 teams and enterprises from all over the world to plan and track their projects. ProofHub also includes great team collaboration capabilities in addition to project planning. It connects all of your teams, projects, and communications to keep everything in one place and secure.


  • You have the option of using pre-existing project templates or creating new ones.
  • With features such as project timeframes, task dependencies, and more, Gantt charts may help you plan your projects more effectively.
  • With its sophisticated work management tools, you can effectively manage teams. Kanban boards can be used to construct bespoke workflows, while task lists can be used to manage simple chores.
  • A built-in chat facility for team communication, as well as a dedicated location for real-time conversations.
  • It has a reporting tool that generates project and resource reports to help you manage your resources and plan your projects more successfully.
  • Integrates with third-party apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Freshbooks, and others to provide you the luxury of accessing all of your favorite tools.


  • All-in-one tool for project planning, team collaboration, and keeping track of your work.
  • It offers a free trial and premium versions with unlimited users and projects.


  • Third-party integrations are limited.


  • The $45/month Essential plan is available
  • Unlimited users and projects are included with the $89/month; Ultimate Control package.

#11. iPlanner (costs between $49 and $55 per year)

iPlanner is the most affordable of all the major business planning software programs, allowing you to create a professional business plan for as little as a few dollars each month. They nevertheless have some good qualities, such as:

  • Collaboration with an unlimited number of team members
  • Serial Entrepreneurs and Business Coaches get a discount.


  • Unlimited Users: All of their business planning packages allow you to invite as many collaborators as you want and assign them to one of three roles: Project Owners, Advisors, or Viewers.
  • Cost: iPlanner’s fees start at only $49 per year, which is far less than the cost of many similar programs on the market.
  • Modeling Capability: Their Startup Framework software has a business modeling part that allows you to create a business model canvas and strategize as much as you need before going into your company strategy.


  • Framework can be purchased for three, six, or twelve months. They also don’t issue refunds, which is a major drawback because you’re obligated to use their services for at least three months.
  • Clunky: According to several reviews, their website is clunky and difficult to navigate
  • iPlanner does not offer a free version or a trial, unlike other business planning software.

Pros and Cons of Business Plan Software

The following are the major pros and cons of using business software.

Pros of Business Plan Software

  • They guide you through the process from beginning to end.
  • Business planning software is cost-effective no matter how you look at it. As long as you use the tool, you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck than you’re paying in monthly subscription fees.
  • You’ll be far more likely to keep yourself accountable if you take the time to write a sound business strategy.
  • They help you in setting realistic financial goals, and most will integrate with your accounting software to keep your bottom line in check.

Cons of Business Plan Software

  • Some of the business plan tools do not provide help and have some features that are slightly buggy. If you’re serious about producing a great business plan, choose a tool that’s well-made and continuously updated. Or better still get in touch with the Businessyield Consults for its business plan services.
  • Although some business plan software allows for collaboration, none of them can examine the plan ater completion. All company planning software is devoid of human touch.

What Is the Best Business Plan Software?

Some of the best business plan software include;

  1. LivePlan
  2. GoSmallBiz
  3. Enloop
  4. Bizplan
  5. PlanGuru

How Do Download Business Plans From Liveplan?

Follow the procedure below to obtain a sample business plan from the library

  • Visit
  • Select Sample Business Plan Gallery from the drop-down menu.
  • Locate the sample plan you want to save.
  • When you right-click within the plan’s text, you’ll see a popup that says, “Don’t bother with copy and paste”
  • Click the “Free Download” button.

Is Bizplan Free?

No, Bizplan isn’t free. Its pricing plan starts at US$19.00 per month. Plus they do not have a free version

Is There an App for a Business Plan?

AppIt Ventures LLC’s Business Plan Premier is an iPad app. It includes tools for putting your thoughts into a rationally formatted business plan.

What Are the 4 Types of Business Plans?

The Four Types of Plans:

  • Planning for Operations. “Operational plans are about how things need to happen,” stated Mack Story, a motivational leadership speaker, on LinkedIn.
  • Strategic Planning. “Strategy is all about why things need to happen,” Story explained. …
  • Contingency Planning.
  • Tactical Planning.
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