7 Exhibition Merchandise Ideas To Exhibit Your Branding

7 Exhibition Merchandise Ideas To Exhibit Your Branding
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While companies are switching to digital marketing and other modern marketing strategies, there are some conventional ones that remain valuable today. For instance, one is holding exhibitions. If executed well, it can generate more leads and close more sales. It’s a fail-proof way of boosting your business’s visibility. No matter how effective digital ads are, you still need face-to-face interaction with your prospects.

Exhibitions expose your brand to hundreds and thousands of attendees of the event trade show. This relies on the exhibition merchandise you need to distribute on the day. It’s a time to promote your brand as much as possible, so ensure to use unique and valuable merchandise items that result in elevated brand awareness and continued brand retention. 

Consider the following promotional gifts that will create a buzz in your booth during the trade show:


#1. Promotional Bags 

A fairly inexpensive way to ensure your brand is seen by a lot of people is to invest in printed promotional bags. This can be used to hold various other pieces of branded merchandise, and people will see your logo as the receiver walks around the exhibition. 

Promotional bags are one of the most valuable products on a trade show floor. People use them daily, as they can carry a lot of stuff when they go on errands, do grocery shopping, or spend time with friends and family. The key here is to print your brand in unique designs and get people talking about you. With this exhibition merchandise, the possibilities are indeed endless.

With so many different uses available, it’s essential to make sure you choose an attractive bag that works well with your brand identity. Go for eco-friendly materials and earn the approval of green advocates, as this group is getting larger by the day. They’d appreciate your efforts in distributing eco bags and will decide to patronize your brand instead of others. 


#2. Power Bank Chargers 

Power banks are a great way to advertise your brand. They’re helpful for all types of people and especially useful during the exhibition event when people run low on the batteries of their smartphones. This is an essential product that can charge their handy gadgets quickly.

Portable chargers make it easy for people to use their phones while on the go, so they can take as many pictures and videos during the exhibition as they like and show them off to their families when they get home. It may be worth selecting which delegates to give these promotional items too, because they are more expensive than other merchandise. Also, ensure to print out your logo on the power bank so that users can advertise it anywhere they need to charge.

#3. Printed Shirts 

Printed shirts are a great way to get your brand out there, and some people could even change to your shirt when they’re feeling sweaty in the middle of the exhibition. This is a practical giveaway idea or merchandise to sell, and they’re also great for promoting your brand at an event. 

Clothing with logos is a staple of trade show merchandise. This idea may not be unique, but it’s famous for a reason. Your company’s logo appears on branded clothing, giving your employees a uniform appearance. People will approach your staff easily because of their uniforms. Shirts serve as walking advertisements for your brand. Whether you’re having them printed for giveaways or selling them at an event, the more people see your logo and design, the better! 

Everyone might be feeling thirsty when attending a trade show. Fortunately, you can help people with that by giving out your branded bottled water. This is a great way to advertise your company in such a way that people would notice your logo on the bottle. 

Due to walking far distances inside the exhibition, people will constantly look for something to hydrate them. When your booth offers cold bottled water, they won’t be able to say ‘No’ to that. To make your advertising idea effective, ensure to have your brand logo printed out on the bottled water. You’ll not only give the attendees some energy, but you’ll also promote your product effectively.


#5. Notebooks From Recycled Paper 

Recycled paper is more durable than standard paper. It’s made from recycled newspapers, magazines, and cardboard. You can use this material to create your own promotional notebooks, which are eco-friendly and effective as advertisement items.

Recycled paper is perfect for making notebooks because it’s thick, durable, and has a nice texture. Your exhibition guests will love the different design that comes with them and will surely use them when they go home or off to work. Even though smart items and digital modes of writing are popular, pen and paper still feel good in the hand. Therefore, the practical nature of personalized notebooks makes them an excellent gift for any businessperson or learner. 

#6. Stress Toy 

This exhibition product isn’t only unique, but it’s also adorable and exciting. Many people use this item at work to relieve stress and negative energies because of tight deadlines, raging bosses, and demanding clients. Stress toys can absorb all your frustrations away. Hand them over to your exhibition guests, and they’ll appreciate how witty you are. Brand your stress ball and hand them out to your target audience. You can even have stress toy giveaways in custom shapes and colors, which make people easily get reminded of your products and services. 

#7. USB Drive 

USB drives are portable memory devices that can be used to store data. It’s a standardized interface for connecting external data storage devices to computers and other devices. It has been in use since 1998 and is commonly used for transferring files between computers, but it can also be used for storing personal information such as music, videos, or photos. You can leverage all of these uses as your promotional giveaway.

People know how valuable and useful a USB drive is, so they’ll indeed be attracted to your exhibition booth. USB drives come in different sizes, ranging from 32GB to 128GB, with different price ranges. Choose something that fits your budget, and make sure to get your logo printed out in front, so people will know more about your brand. If the company you’re advertising belongs to the tech industry, this is a wonderful and effective merchandise item for sure.



Exhibitions continue to remain a marketing tip to stay on top of the game. And these promotional options will help people see your brand at exhibitions and events. Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration for your own ideas on how to showcase them with good effect. Consider your target audience carefully and ensure that you match the right exhibition merchandise that will fit their needs and wants. 

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  1. Ich denke, dass es wichtig ist bei einer Messe Aufmerksamkeit zu erregen. Solche Werbegeschenke wie Wasserflaschen mit Logo und USB Laufwerke sind sicherlich eine gute Idee, um im Kopf der Interessenten zu bleiben. Man sollte außerdem mit seinem Messebauer zusammen einen spannenden Stand entwerfen.

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