SELLING APPS: Free & Best Selling Apps in 2023

Selling Apps
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Do you require a general buy-and-sell app, a clothes-selling app, or a furniture-selling app? There are selling apps that can help you sell everything, including sporting goods and shoes. This post will go through the best free car and clothes-selling apps that can both help you earn additional money and help clear up your home of clutter.


The world is your oyster, or in other words, you have a bigger audience of potential purchasers when selling items via an app as opposed to hosting a yard sale or selling to a neighborhood consignment shop. Additionally, you can post numerous goods simultaneously and receive payment swiftly. The selling apps include:

#1. eBay

Since its founding in 1995, eBay has dominated the market as one of the best apps for selling your goods. The following categories, which are all top sellers on eBay, are a goldmine for sellers who specialize in the vast online marketplace.

  • Automotive
  • Apparel, footwear, and accessories
  • Collectibles
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Residence and yard
  • Watches and jewelry

#2. OfferUp

As a Craigslist rival, OfferUp was established in 2011 and has since grown to be a market leader. On OfferUp, you may sell just about anything, but the focus is frequently on household things like furniture and appliances. On OfferUp, you can search for and advertise automobiles.

#3. Poshmark

Now is the time to register a Poshmark account and start listing any expensive purses, clothing, shoes, or accessories that you have been hoarding. Depending on the number of current listings they have on the app, Poshmark sellers can earn anywhere from $100 to $2,000 each month, according to Small Business Trends. Although the app also allows you to sell home goods and beauty products in addition to women’s clothes, it is recommended to go elsewhere if you have anything else to offer because fashion is really what it is renowned for.

#4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is designed for those who are selling to locals, just as OfferUp is. So anyone wishing to cast a national or perhaps a worldwide net shouldn’t use this program. It was introduced in 2016 and is a fantastic location to sell expensive products, including furniture, vehicles, and appliances. Facebook also runs advertisements as part of its business model.

#5. Decluttr

Decluttr, which debuted in the US in 2014, focuses on selling used technology, such as games, CDs, DVDs, wearables, smartphones, and tablets. However, you can also buy and sell books and LEGOs here. You just mail the products to them with a prepaid shipping label they offer, and Decluttr will take care of the expense of shipping, which is a significant benefit. The amount they decide your belongings are worth is then paid to you.

#6. Mercari

Mercari is an online market place where users can sell anything from clothing and accessories to technology and used books. It was founded in Japan but is now fully active in the United States. The products that sell the best on Mercari, according to Reselling Revealed, are:

  • Gaming consoles and video games
  • Designer or trendy attire
  • Bags and purses
  • Sporting items and outdoor gear

#7. Nextdoor

Neighbors can connect and complain on Nextdoor. Additionally, people go there to offer a variety of goods. Similar to Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp, unload your goods to local customers at a price you set with no fees.

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Clothes Selling Apps 

Have you got any old clothes in your closet that you don’t wear anymore? The moment is ripe to make some money and grow accustomed to pleasant things. Yes, it is possible, since various websites and mobile selling apps provide a way for you to simply sell your used clothes. You don’t have to own a business or be an expert seller. A piece of apparel in good shape is what you need. Most sites demand that you upload images of your clothing and set the price. The user base on these platforms may include potential customers who are looking to buy your old clothing. However, we have compiled a list of the best selling apps for clothes.

#1. Vestiaire Collective

This is one of the best selling apps for clothes. A fashion platform called Vestiaire Collective (formerly Tradesy) helps you sell and send your old clothing. This platform focuses on working with brands that consumers regularly search for. In addition, the best thing about this is how reasonable their prices are. You must include details about your goods, such as prices, descriptions, and photographs. And your item is now ready to sell. Using your Android and Apple smartphones to sell clothing is made simpler thanks to the dedicated apps from Vestiaire Collective.

#2. Mercari

Mercari is also one of the best selling apps for clothes, allowing you to sell your worn clothing and give your closet a new lease on life. It enables you to post your products, sell them, and be paid right away. It’s also rather simple to list the goods. You must provide images, descriptions, and pertinent information about the product. Also, you will decide the product’s price as well as how much shipping will cost. Here, the buyer will either make you an offer or make a direct purchase. Mercari also uses FedEx or USPS to deliver your packages. As soon as the buyer receives the goods and rates you as the seller, you receive your money.

#3. Etsy

Etsy is one of the best unique selling apps for clothes that connects vendors and business owners with millions of customers worldwide. It enables vendors to market their handmade, vintage, and other goods. This makes it possible for experts and sellers like you who wish to sell secondhand goods. Here, you just need to pay for processing payments and off-site advertising when you list your item for 0.20 USD.

Furthermore, there are no commission fees associated with sales. It implies that if you close a deal, you can earn a respectable sum. In just a few minutes, you can register for an Etsy account and advertise your clothing for sale.

#4. eBay

Online marketplaces like eBay are well-known and trusted places to purchase and sell practically anything. Its large user base creates a fantastic community of buyers for merchants who are interested. As a result, if you want to sell your used clothing, this may be the ideal option. You must list your goods here by including high-quality images and descriptions. The item’s pricing must be determined. In addition, eBay provides suggestions for the best shipping services you can employ. Use eBay delivery labels to further reduce shipping costs. You can also use local pickup to sell your clothes locally. It levies a fee of 10–15% of the total sale price.

#5. Depop

Want to sell your used clothing for money? Depop is one of the best clothing apps for selling clothes. Hence, with Depop, you may start selling your used items for nothing at all. In addition to reducing fashion waste, it enables you to maintain your items in a circular economy. You must include the clothes you want to sell with up to four images, descriptions, and prices. Upon completion of your first sale, you may manage all subsequent sales and payments in a single location. However, with the aid of its Apple and Android apps, this is possible.

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Car Selling Apps 

The best selling apps for car include:

#1. CarBrain

This is one of the best selling apps for car. A smartphone program called CarBrain focuses on subpar automobiles and claims cutting-edge valuation technology. They want to make selling your damaged car as simple as possible, so they’ll let you get quotes and schedule pickups from the comfort of your couch.

#2. Autotrader

The “ultimate solution” for acquiring and disposing of new, certified, and used cars is the Autotrader app. Autotrader was created to give you more power over the purchasing process while facilitating the search for a vehicle.

#3. Instamotor

This is also one of the car selling apps. The main objective of the Instamotor app is to assist customers in discovering the ideal “pre-owned” vehicle for their unique requirements. Additionally, it specializes in helping people with bad credit or no credit.

#4. CarGurus

The CarGurus app is one of the best-selling apps and is marketed as the ultimate resource for buying a car. It may be used to browse new and used vehicles at nearby dealerships, and you can even finance a vehicle straight through the app. If you want to save time and are trying to sell your automobile, CarGurus is a wonderful location to list it.


By bringing buyers and sellers together, CARS fosters a “chemistry” that results in people finding their ideal cars and an enhanced purchasing and selling experience.

#6. Edmunds

This is one of the best selling apps to sell a car. Users of the Edmunds app may access a number of tools to help them find the ideal car. They frequently buy a car directly from you and provide free automobile appraisals as well as immediate cash offers for sellers.


This is also one of the best car selling apps. Peddle is a company that has a network of customers who want to buy specific cars. Because of this, anyone trying to sell a used automobile before making a decision to buy a new one may find the Peddle app to be helpful.

#8. Kelley Blue Book

Although Kelley Blue Book is a place where you may sell your car, its true value is a fantastic resource for both buyers and sellers. KBB gives you the choice to investigate your options or determine whether the rates you receive from the dealership are reasonable or not.

Free Selling Apps

The best free apps for selling your stuff feature little to no costs, a variety of payment options, a wide range of items that may be sold, a large audience of potential purchasers, and speedy fund transfers. This free selling apps will also act as a mediator in cases where sellers and buyers cannot agree. As a result, here is a list of the best free selling apps:

#1. eBay

This is one of the free apps for selling things. On eBay, you have the option of selling products through an auction or a fixed-price listing. Auction setting is the app’s most popular feature. Hence, to list an item, you must upload a photo, choose the beginning price, and choose the auction length.

In addition, eBay sellers can accept PayPal, credit or debit cards, Google or Apple Pay, and payment upon pickup (if your buyer is going to pick up the item in person). However, before selling on eBay, understand its return policy and money-back guarantee, which benefit buyers. You must check eBay’s selling fee structure to discover how much you’ll pay for your listings or business.

#2. Meta Marketplace

This is also one of the free selling apps. Here, you can locally and, in certain situations, internationally sell unwanted products via Meta Marketplace, formerly Facebook Marketplace. All you have to do is use your current Facebook account to post the items for sale. You decide the price, the length of time your item is for sale, and other details, and listings are completely free. Also, you must upload quality images, a description, and the pricing of your things, as well as be ready to respond to comments and other users’ inquiries, much like with other marketplace-selling apps. Although you, as the seller, have complete control over how much you’ll finally sell your products for, you should be ready to haggle over the price.

#3. Nextdoor

Nextdoor, a no-cost neighborhood-focused social network features a “For Sale and Free” area. It’s a wonderful choice for locally-based sales. To post a listing, click the “Post a listing” button in the top right corner of the screen, then click the “For Sale and Free” area. You then provide details like the pricing, the description, and the photographs. There are no fees associated with selling an item, as there are with similar apps, and it is up to the buyer and seller to arrange for collection and payment. Even if they aren’t specifically looking for sale items, your item will show up in your neighbors’ newsfeeds. Along with road closures, local events, and other information, items for sale will also be displayed.

If your item hasn’t sold by the end of the 30-day period, you’ll need to renew the listing. Additionally, you may give discounts, which would promote your unsold product on your neighbors’ news feeds.

#4. OfferUp

This is also one of the best free selling apps. Here, you can decide whether you want to sell the item locally or ship it across the country using OfferUp. However, if you’re a more serious seller, you could use the OfferUp app to get the word out about your item and find more buyers. In terms of payment, if you sell the item locally, the buyer will pay you in full when they receive the goods. OfferUp asserts that after downloading its app, you may begin listing items for sale within 30 seconds. Add the item’s photographs, followed by the title, category, description of the item, location, and price. The buyer can then submit a bid or request additional information about the item.

#5. Poshmark

You may sell everything on Poshmark, including women’s apparel, purses, shoes, jewelry, and cosmetics. This software, a fashion-specific online marketplace, is a terrific resource for anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe while also earning some extra cash. There is a concentration on designer goods, which can bring in more money when sold, especially if they are in excellent shape.

Poshmark also hosts “Posh Parties,” which are in-app exchanges for buying and selling. Additionally, sellers can group products together, provide price and shipping breaks, and bargain with customers over the cost of an item.

What Is the App to Sell My Stuff?

They include:

  • eBay
  • For Craigslist, a CPlus.
  • Facebook Marketplace.
  • Nextdoor
  • Offer Up and Letgo
  • Poshmark.

How Can I Sell for Free?

  • Choose the location where you will locate your customers.
  • Choose the best product to provide for free.
  • Complement your complimentary goods with a tempting upsell offer.
  • Make an upsell offer for your website’s checkout page.
  • Promote your deal vigorously.

Which App Is in High Demand?

The following are the app development trends for 2023:

  • Gamification.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Apps.
  • Modularity, Integration, Fluidity.
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML)
  • Mobile Commerce (M-Commerce)

What Is the Easiest Platform to Sell On?

Best Online Marketplaces for Selling Goods (2023)

  • Bonanza.
  • Amazon.
  • eBay.
  • VarageSale.
  • Handshake.
  • Ruby Street.
  • Etsy.

How Do I Sell Things for Instant Cash?

You can sell items on websites like Tradesy, eBay, and even Amazon to make additional money. It really is as simple as creating an account, posting images, setting prices, and selling your stuff because they’re all so well-liked these days.


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