Top 15+ Service Business Ideas in Nigeria

service business ideas

Starting a business in Nigeria, Africa, or anyplace else in the world does not always necessitate a large amount of capital or substantial entrepreneurship skills, particularly in the service industry. Many businesses in the service industry demand just qualified and sometimes untrained workers. And because this industry is so huge, the services industry was worth well over $1 trillion in 2019. If you want to start and grow a profitable service business, here are the top unique service business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa, or anywhere around the world, both online and offline.

What is a Service Business?

A service business is one that offers services directly to consumers or other businesses, or one that performs work for the benefit of its clients. Workers with vocational or handwork talents are employed in a service business. In service businesses, goods are rarely sold. If they are, it is only as a supplement.

Best Service Business Ideas in Nigeria

There are numerous unique service business ideas available today that may be launched with little or no cash. The majority of the service business ideas on this list are low-risk and high-reward, and you can get started with little or no money.

Here are some of Nigeria’s top unique service business ideas.

#1. Copywriting Services

Copywriting is a service business idea that promotes brand activity, particularly on the Internet. Professional copywriters are needed by brands and enterprises to create ad material, newsletters, landing pages, social media content, and much more.

Although you do not need funds to start this business, you must develop copywriting skills and establish yourself as a valued asset to companies and enterprises in Nigeria, Africa, or any place in the world.

#2. Event Planning

In Africa, events and ceremonies are prevalent. Every weekend, individuals hold a variety of activities such as weddings, funerals, birthday parties, and conferences, among others.

Event planning is presently in high demand in Nigeria and other areas of the world for proper organization and a smooth event or ceremony. You can use the internet to network with other event planners in Nigeria, Africa, or anywhere in the world to establish a significant clientele.

#3. Automobile Repair Service

The automotive repair business is a service business idea that has arisen as a result of the increasing importation of automobiles into Nigeria. After a period of regular use, vehicles require both maintenance and repair services.

To begin this business, you must be well-trained in vehicle maintenance and secure a suitable location for repair operations.

#4. Plumbing Services

Plumbing services include all pipe work in both residential and commercial structures. Basic pipe repair and maintenance services, as well as pipe installation, are included. Plumbing is a service business that demands up-to-date professional abilities. People in this field of business need ongoing training and practice.

#5. Electrical Services

Electrical services, like plumbing, are critical service businesses that are in high demand all around the world. People in this field of business, however, must be professionally trained because electrical work is a high-risk activity that, if not properly managed, could endanger both service personnel and clients.

#6. Mobile Phone Repair Business

Mobile phone repair is a popular service business in Nigeria, Africa, and around the world. This Mobile phones and other basic electronic devices require repair and maintenance services on a regular basis.

You can offer mobile phone repair services once you’ve completed training and have your own physical business location.

#7. Catering

If you enjoy cooking and can provide a variety of excellent and varied dishes, you should consider starting a catering service. You can make a lot of money in a short amount of time. Simply purchase the essential culinary equipment and discuss your new business with family and friends. They may refer you to wedding or party clients, and if you deliver, it is the start of your success story. Who doesn’t like tasty food?

#8. Laundry Service with pickup and delivery

Many professionals are too busy to wash and iron their clothes. If you are interested in clothing and know how to care for it, you should consider starting a dry cleaning and laundry service. Offer to pick up your clients’ laundry and bring it when you’re finished at a time that works for them. This will make your customers aware of the significance of the service provided.

#9. Self Defence Instructor

With the rise of violence in Nigeria today, no one can be too protected or secure. If you are skilled in self-defense, people of all ages could benefit from your abilities. You could train your kids how to defend themselves in the event that they find themselves in a violent situation. You may teach kids basic safety techniques, karate, and so on.

#10. Tutoring

Thought your skills in high school arithmetic, chemistry, physics, geography, or history were in vain? Consider this: as a tutor, you could assist others in improving their grades. Whether it’s reading, writing, or mathematics, a little professional guidance, and support can help your pupils achieve the top of their class.

#11. Business-Plan Consulting

Every business requires a business plan in order to receive bank finance or any other type of financing. A business plan is also a useful tool for anticipating and dealing with the inevitable ups and downs of running a business. You might use your writing talents and general business knowledge to show clients how to showcase their best-laid goals while also achieving your own.

#12. Pet Sitting

When it comes to creature comforts, most dogs would rather be in their own backyard than in a kennel. Thank you to pet sitters who look after pets while their owners are away or busy. You can stroll clients’ pets or care for them while their owners are away. You might even collaborate with an animal doctor to recommend your consumers to them if their dogs become ill and be paid a part of the fee.

#13. Mobile Massage

Mobile massage providers are on the verge of success. Promote your stress-relieving services at nearby gyms, spas, and physical therapist offices. Then bring your educated hands and a portable massage table to clients’ homes or workplaces and perform your magic while smiling at the bank.

#14. Mobile Car-Wash

Take your car cleaning business to your customers and profit as a mobile car washer. Don’t wait for clients to come to your car wash. Go to their homes and offices and request that they be washed there. Bring rags, brushes, liquid soaps, and grease remover. You can also sell your services to automobile dealerships, rental fleet owners, and companies.

#15. Packing and Unpacking Service

Packing for a move to a new home or office, let alone unloading on the other end, maybe exhausting. Thank god for packing and unpacking entrepreneurs who make relocation look like magic with their hassle-free and time-saving services. You could also look at this niche.

#16. House Painting Business

I must add that home painting in Nigeria has been trashed to the ground, and the true reason for this is that many Nigerians who have learned the business do not truly have ideas of how it works. Illiteracy and learning from the wrong supervisor are also factors.

Many people believe that starting a house painting service is simply learning how to paint a house and blending different colors; however, this is far from the case.

#17. Photography Business

Photography is another service-based business in Nigeria that can generate millions of naira in a short period of time provided you know what you’re doing. Yes, I had to include the finish so that many of my friends here did not think it was too simplistic. In Nigeria, there are what are known as celebrity photographers.

These are the photographers who are making a fortune from the photography business in Nigeria. What’s more, guess what? These photographers are not known as celebrity photographers because they are famous. Celebrity photographers are so-called because only the wealthy can afford photo shoots.

#18. DJ Service Business

If you enjoy music and dance, another successful service-rendering business you might consider is a disc jockey service in Nigeria. We all know that the music industry generates millions, if not billions, of naira annually, and that it is large enough for anyone who wants to be a part of it.

Forget about all the DJs in your region who are barely making enough to keep themselves and their DJ service businesses afloat; there are methods to make big money as a DJ. All you need to do is put yourself out there. Begin by attending music performances and GIGS, and you will soon be playing for large parties.

#19. Business Consulting

Business consulting can quickly generate millions of dollars. It also requires less capital. It is one of the businesses that can be started from home, hence it is also a home business concept. All you need to do in this business to make millions quickly is to demonstrate your knowledge.

Many firms in Nigeria, particularly start-ups, are looking for someone who understands the Nigerian market and is prepared to hold their hand through the process of making a profit. Because you can easily do this as a professional, you can begin advising businesses on how to grasp the Nigerian market.

#20. Hairdressing Service

Making hair is a skill in and of itself, and more than half of the world’s population is made up of large females who want to appear nice at all times. However, hairdressing is not confined to females; some boys are willing to empty their pockets to look good as well. Once you have the appropriate skill set, you can get the financing needed to start this business from friends and family. If you immerse yourself in learning it, you can accomplish hairdressing in approximately three months.

#21. Personal chef

People are becoming busier, and twenty-four hours in one day does not appear to be enough to accommodate all of the chores there, therefore people are seeking for ways to outsource some of their everyday activities, one of which is cooking.

Most single people prefer to order home-cooked meals rather than prepare them themselves, and they do so several times per week. They would rather hire a chef to prepare soups and meals that they can eat a few times if you know how to cook so well, you can definitely annex this business idea, you just need to go on Instagram to see a lot of people offering their cooking service in various ways and making money from it.

#22. Furniture making/ carpentry

This has become a very popular job. Today, many individuals are building houses and need furnishings. In this business, the client supplies everything needed for a design. It will take some practice. The only thing that will cost you money is your tools, which can be purchased as you expand.

What Service is the Most Profitable?

Different service organizations can be the most profitable depending on the market and industry; nevertheless, some of the most consistently profitable service industries are IT consulting, banking, healthcare, marketing, and advertising.

What Business Can I Start with 400k in Nigeria?

Agriculture is a significant source of revenue in Nigeria. With 400k, you can build a chicken farm, fish farm, snail farm, or vegetable farm. 3. Online store: You can open an online store and sell items such as clothing, shoes, and electronics.

What is Full-service Business Example?

The meaning of full-service is the provision of a variety of connected services to the client so that the customer’s needs and desires can be covered by a single business. Gas stations, banks, hotels, airlines, and marketing firms are examples of full-service enterprises.

What is the Example of Service?

A service is an act or use that a consumer, business, or government is willing to pay for. Work done by barbers, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, banks, insurance companies, and others are examples.

What Does a Service Company Do?

A service firm, rather than a product, delivers a service to its consumers; through delivering services, a service company creates revenue. Service companies, unlike retailers and merchants, do not sell things that can be physically touched.


While some service business ideas necessitate formal business registration, many others can be launched from the comfort of one’s own home, owing to the internet. Furthermore, they usually do not require a lot of capital and are accessible to people of all educational backgrounds.

If you want to start and grow a profitable service business, you can choose from any of these 15+ unique service business ideas you can start in Nigeria, Africa, or anywhere around the world, either online or offline.


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