TEAM CALENDAR: What It Is, Best Team Calendar & Free Apps

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A team Calendar is a harmonized calendar coworker have access to that businesses or firms utilize to keep track of meetings, time-off dates, tasks, project timelines, and everything necessary for the whole workers to be aware of. However, the best team calendars have advanced and have more functionality than before for instance, sharing certain pieces of information with only the persons needed to see them. The team calendar app is used in creating channels for each section of your business, containing different kinds of scheduling tools, etc. Stay tuned to learn how to set team calendar confluence and the ones that are team calendar free.

Tips For Creating A Team Calendar

The following tips will help you create the perfect calendar for your team

#1. Allocate calendar upkeep

It is important that every worker updates the calendar with certain events that may affect the whole team. Therefore, allocate a certain employee to control and manage recurring events happening on the calendar and ensure it stays current. In addition, make sure to assign someone who is best equipped for the task.

#2. Use Calendar Characteristics

Using calendar features makes your team calendar more constructive. Let us take a look at the features necessary for creating a team calendar

  1. Color coding: Using colors to code your calendars gives a better understanding of scheduled information
  2.  Filters: You can use filters in collaboration with events tags that divide tasks, events, and other schedulable sections into easily readable timetables based on context.
  3.  Event Tags: Event tags are similar to color codes unless you can filter, allocate, and manage the tags within a calendar. In addition, you can also use tags to divide events into different groups.
  4. Recurring events: Projects with constant meetings that reoccur or annual events, scheduling recurring events helps the manager prevent errors.
  5. Use Reminders: Online calendars have reminder features that tell all employees important things through emails or text.

#3. Add all non-negotiable events

A team calendar is useful for scheduling meetings that are a top priority for your group. However, to make your calendar more efficient, make only non-negotiable events on a team-wide calendar. The team can effectively move it in favor of a non-negotiable meeting. For instance, if your team meets with clients, it means the client’s meeting may take preference over an internal meeting.

#4. Name items constructively

Team calendars are very much useful if items are effectively named. Consider constructing a naming structure when creating your calendars, which are calendars that are repeatable, vivid, and can apply as many labels as possible. For effective labeling, make your calendar a useful tool in project management, For example,

  • Meeting-client
  • Meeting-Progress Check
  • Vacation-Sandy
  • Company Event-Picnic
  • Company Event-Holiday Party
  • Deadline-Client Pitch

By having each item constructively named, each person automatically knows how many meetings, deadlines, or vacations are in a week, and plans properly.

#5. Include a ‘ no meeting’ day

Improve workflow and productivity by planning a day or period of days where there will be no meetings, which increases employees’ productivity and also relieves department stress. In addition, place meetings on days when creating your team calendar.

What Is Calendar Management?

Calendar management is the act of creating and scheduling meetings, resolving conflicts, accepting meeting invites, and using the calendar to optimize time management with the aim of utilizing our most precious time. Let me share with you briefly, tips to manage your team calendar.

Tips For Team Calendar Management

#1. Focus On Your Time Slots

Concentrate on your time slot by using the Matrix to score tasks, appointments, meetings, and schedules according to potential influence and effort needed. Ensure your calendar has lots of quick wins(high impact, Low effort), and a good quantity of major projects( High Impact,  High Effort). Similarly, you can manage your calendar regularly using the lightweight calendar audit, which is,

  • Understanding the quality of time spent in meetings
  • Rate how important your meetings are
  • Identifying opportunities to spend your time more effectively

#2. Protect Your Focus Time

One important thing on everyone’s mind is time to focus on tasks. Productivity experts say that profitable work time requires at least two hours of uninterrupted time or more; if not, it will be imposing unnecessary switching costs that take a long time to get back to your formal level of efficiency before the interruption time.

#3. Automate Calendar Management

Another way to automate your calendar is to use scheduling assistance like clockwise. Once you want to schedule a meeting with one of your team members, the scheduler chooses the best time suitable based on everyone’s working hours, meeting hours, time zone, focus time, etc.

#4. Use Your Calendar For Tasks Management

Make sure all your tasks are scheduled on your calendar like every other appointment. Time blocking your calendar helps to reduce negligence towards priority tasks, much time on less-important, and wondering what next to work on.

Team Calendar App

This is an online calendar for groups to organize people, plan and visualize the use of resources, schedule work, share events, and simplify signups. The team calendar app reminds us about upcoming events, eliminates all kinds of overlap, and helps the team stay informed about one another’s schedule. Below, I will be listing key features to look out for when creating a team calendar app.

Features Of A Good Team Calendar App

  • Collaborating and sharing features
  • Automatic Syncing
  • Simple Scheduling tools
  • Easy to use
  • Cross-platform availability

 How Do I Add a Calendar App to the Team?

  •  Click the Add Apps button and select the calendar app.
  • Restart your MS teams desktop client to see the calendar tab
  • Add the SharePoint to team tabs
  • Access SharePoint in the browser
  • Create the calendar app on the SharePoint site
  • Edit the calendar settings. by default
  • Ask everybody on your team to do the same, after you added the permission
  • Connect the calendar to Outlook

What Are The Uses Of Team Calendar App?

Business owners and entrepreneurs make use of team calendar apps as a means of saving and managing time. In essence, a great starting point is finding a healthy calendar app to enhance communication and teamwork. Let’s take a look at the uses or importance of team calendar apps.

  • Improved meeting organization
  • Better work-life balance
  • Task management and delegation
  • Transparency
  • High-productivity

 Examples Of Team Calendar Apps

For every organization planning to create a team calendar app, all the apps mentioned below have all the necessary features to help them.

#1. Asana

Asana is more than a shared calendar app, it makes it simple to manage team projects and tasks. The features show all project sections and how they fit together and track changes often. Asana also features a mobile app and more than 100 integrations.

Asana Calendar events can be grouped according to project or initiative, and can also be assigned to individual team members.

#2. Woven

The best calendar apps are suitable for teams, startups, or individuals who want to balance their work and personal life using a calendar app. Woven has incredible aspects not seen anywhere else, For instance, smart templates, built-in group polls, time management analytics, and multiple calendar integrations.

#3. Calendly

Calendly is the best solution to constant back and forth in scheduling meetings. All you have to do is set your availability preferences, share your Calendly link with your client or teammates, and then Calendly will present the correct time and dates for them to select from. This calendar is easy, smart, and has tons of integrations with third-party calendars.

#4. TeamUp

TeamUp is a calendar app designed with a colorful interface to view upcoming events or projects neatly without all the trouble of setting up accounts and permissions and simplifying team collaboration. It has been used by everyone from the education industry to technology, including Harvard University.

#5. Microsoft Outlook

Many businesses with desktops continue to use Outlook for its Microsoft Office integration- allowing them to manage emails, and contacts, and, share side-by-side schedule comparisons and events in a uniform setup. Unlike Apple Calendar, Outlook can be used on both Windows and Apple devices.

Team Calendar Confluence

Team Calendars in Confluence lets your team stay organized and communicate availability with a schedule of personal and team events that link to individual work calendars and Confluence pages. It helps to keep the teams informed on decision making, or just keep track of attendees in meeting notes, just @mention a Team on any team calendar Confluence page or comment.

Team calendar confluence is a nice solution for teams of all sizes and specializations that brings a new level of transparency to your teamwork. In the same way, Team calendar confluence is a useful tool that saves your time and effort when you need to understand how your schedule will affect upcoming work.

Tips On How To Create a Team Calendar Confluence

#1. Open Team Calendar 

To get started, you’ll need to create a calendar or add an existing one. First, Select Add Calendar to quickly create a new calendar, or select next to Add Calendar to add an existing calendar in the following ways:

  • Add Existing Calendar – to subscribe to another calendar in your Confluence instance.
  • Import Calendar – to import an ICS file.
  • Subscribe by URL – to Subscribe to Third-Party Calendars from Team Calendars.

#2. Add events to a calendar

To add an event to the calendar,  the following steps will help you

  • Choose Add Event
  • Click a date on the calendar in either the month or week view (or click and drag to choose a date range)
  • Double-click on the Timeline view

You’ll be asked to enter a title, time, and other details. After you’ve added the details, choose OK to add the event to the calendar. If there are multiple calendars on your My Calendars page, you’ll need to select the calendar you’re adding the event to.

#3. Choose a view

You can view your events in four different ways: month, week, list, and timeline. Team Calendar confluence remembers your last selected view, so you don’t need to choose it again the next time you come back.

#4. Place calendars on confluence pages

You can insert a calendar on any page in Confluence of your choice, ensuring you and your teams are always up-to-date. Below are ways you can embed your calendar on confluence pages,

  • Paste the calendar link
  • Use the macro browser
  • Use Wiki markup

Best Team Calendar

Your calendar is your budget. That’s why your business needs to have the best calendar as much as possible. The best team calendar helps to coordinate with other people on your team, especially if you work remotely at least some of the time. Here are a few examples of the best team calendar:

#1. Google Calendar

This calendar is strong and easy to use. It doesn’t take time to learn how to add events, switch from the default week view to a month or day view, invite other contacts, or add a Google Meet video conference. All these are made easier with this app.

Most importantly, with Google calendars and its unique features, you can share entire calendars, create as many calendars as you want, and subscribe to any iCal-compatible calendar while choosing which calendars you do and do not want to see. In addition, you can use a third-party app and the ability to split your work hours.

#2. Toggl Plan

Toggl’s plan is a fully functional team calendar designed for collaboration. It lets your team visualize who is working on what and when, so you know who’s busy and who might have the bandwidth for a new project.

Similar to Asana, Toggl Plan can show you what day a teammate is working on a project but you’ll have to work together to find an agreed-upon time for a meeting. With a Toggl plan, you can set a time for a project, time yourself to be on track, and create recurring tasks.

#3. UpTo

A social-oriented calendar unlike the others takes after an enclosed social network for planning events, which is allowing you to see your college’s schedule in real-time. UpTo allows you to set up groups for work, family, projects, and more. In addition, UpTo integrates with your existing calendars, including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Facebook Events.

#4. Taskworld

Taskworld is another best team calendar that offers more than just a shared calendar for teams because it does have a shared calendar & project timeline view to enable you to manage team projects and tasks at the same time, shows every bit of a project, and helps you track the differences over time. Most importantly, Taskworld provides shared calendar features altogether with other collaboration tools such as task management, communication, and reporting tools.

#5. I-Cloud 

iCloud calendars are flexible to use and their integrations with Apple devices enable teams to share information, schedule meetings, and combine with ease. iCloud calendars allow you to check daily tasks and projects by making your calendar view “Today’. It works perfectly for Apple devices, and it loses functionality for Android devices. If your entire team has Apple products, it would make your business projects more efficient.

Team Calendar Free App

In this chapter, we listed the team calendar free app that shares almost the features as the ones listed above. Businesses or firms use it to keep track of meetings, time-off dates, tasks, project timelines, and everything necessary for the whole workers to be aware of.

  • actiPLANS
  • TeamUP
  • Keep & Share
  • Teamdeck
  • Clockwise
  • Cozi
  • Any. Do
  • TimeTree
  • Google Calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook

Benefits Of Team Calendars

  • Streamlined Leave Request
  • Next-Level Project Management
  • Upgraded Team Collaboration
  • Improved Employee Attendance & Morale
  • Transparent Employee Benefits

To wrap it up, Team Calendar is a harmonized calendar that coworkers have access to, and businesses or firms use to keep track of meetings, time-off dates, tasks, project timelines, and everything necessary for the whole work to be aware of, creating channels for each section in your businesses, containing different kinds of scheduling tools.

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