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The importance of virtual assistance services cannot be overemphasized, especially with the work they do for businesses. They are the ones that help business owners catch their breath by taking up tasks assigned to them. Here are the best virtual assistant services your business demands and the rates thereof. Finally, you’ll also get to learn about virtual assistant services that are in real estate.

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

The term “virtual assistant,” or “VA,” refers to a person who works for a company on administrative, technical, and occasionally sales or marketing activities. This individual is often self-employed. All of your tasks can be accomplished online thanks to the “virtual” element, which enables you to work from any location with a reliable internet connection.

Most of the time, VAs serve corporate executives. This can be maintaining someone’s calendar and daily routine, answering emails, gathering data on sales targets prior to meetings, and even actions like placing orders for water and snacks for their actual office.

Some virtual assistants wind up handling extremely technical tasks. Running many programs simultaneously to locate leads and business possibilities, planning social media postings and email campaigns, monitoring marketing data, or managing books are just a few examples of what this entails. You decide what you do and how you specialize, but you should be aware of the jobs you feel most at ease with before you apply for a position as a virtual assistant.

How Do I Become a Virtual Assistant?

It may seem like a lot of work to start out as a virtual assistant, but all it takes is a few simple steps to land your first customer. You’ll need to be aware of the duties you must fulfill and how to execute them before you can set up your own company account and begin searching for work. It won’t take long, and many independent contractors discover that it’s not as difficult as they first believed.

#1. Take Training Courses

To successfully run your internet business and work as a VA, you must plan. To get started, look for some online VA-specific training. You currently have access to a wide variety of paid and free courses and skill-building resources. Look for reviews or ask other VAs for advice when you find some that you like. Consider joining LinkedIn or other networking sites to inquire about the courses that virtual administrative assistants have taken. The best method to develop the necessary abilities and comprehend what will be required of you when you land your first job is to learn from experts.

#2. Determine the Work You Like and Can Do

It’s time to determine what VA jobs you enjoy performing and are skilled at accomplishing once you’ve attended a few classes and read a lot of blogs like this one. When it comes to the services you provide customers, these are a great place to start.
Make a list of the jobs you’ll perform and examine their connections. Make a note of the things you can and cannot perform. It will assist you in avoiding undertaking a project where you have a low chance of success.
You’ll be working on a lot of things at once when you initially start off. This will encompass your work for clients as well as your business and internet projects. You’ll perform better if you initially focus on what you’re strong at.

#3. Figure Out the Prices To Charge

The world of virtual administrative assistants and VAs offer a wide range of pricing and fees. The jobs you perform and the quantity of your clientele will affect how much money you make. Checking out what others are being paid is the greatest place to start.
Visit websites that feature top independent virtual assistants or virtual assistant jobs so you may find online clients and compare prices. Price your services reasonably compared to what the competition is offering so that clients will give you a chance and you won’t have to charge an absurdly cheap rate to stay in the company.
Keep in mind that your pricing should be high enough to assist you in covering your business expenses and overhead, as well as other costs, such as medical care, if necessary. As a freelancer, you won’t receive paid time off or benefits unless you can afford them on your own.

#4. Create an Online Presence

You must let everyone know your preferences and price range after learning them. The best place to begin is to make an online portfolio or résumé that highlights your past accomplishments, your current job-relevant talents, and any certificates you may have obtained through training programs. It can be a lot simpler for people to locate you to start with if you have a website and active social media accounts.
A website can be created for free in a variety of ways, and LinkedIn and Facebook should be included in your social media efforts. Additionally, there are websites like Upwork that provide you with a typical portfolio and make it simpler for clients to assess you and your capabilities.

#5. Start Applying to Jobs

The search for those clients must now begin! The first step is to search for needy businesses on job boards. People may quickly recruit independent virtual assistants using sites like Upwork. In other instances, you can observe that a business is looking to hire a helper. You can email the HR department or recruiting manager and offer your services as a virtual assistant rather than applying for their permanent post. This would enable you to work remotely and have more control over your freelance day while still providing the client with the services they require.
Always remember to maintain your professionalism and be available. People anticipate a prompt response to any phone calls or emails they send because they want you to communicate with them clearly and promptly.

#6. Learn About Yourself and your Clients

The last action to take is to use all of this knowledge as a learning opportunity. You’ll discover when you get started working that some people, businesses, industries, business types, and tasks you like and others you don’t. To help you specialize and market your services, use this. When you finish their tasks, you’ll be prepared to deliver your finest work in settings that you enjoy, which will result in favorable ratings.
Focusing on your priorities will increase your chances of success since this is your business.

The Best Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistant services are individuals that work as external workers who do tasks allocated to them. Clients can delegate jobs to their VAs, which allows them to free up time for other activities to avoid burnout or, worse, mistakes. They work remotely—that is, they work from home or an office. 

The best virtual assistant services are those that have proven to be trusted in what they do over the years. Let’s look at the best virtual assistant services and consider using any one of them. 

#1. MyOutDesk

As one of the best virtual assistant services, with its image of a large and outstanding range of capabilities, MyOutDesk can filter calls and emails, handle your calendar, take care of your trip plans, and even undertake content creation, from blogging to designing. These assistants can manage all your documentation, manage your online presence, and save you stress and time.

Furthermore, it operates in more than a dozen significant businesses, and its assistants pass comprehensive screening and history investigations, to know if you’re getting an expert. 

#2. Time Etc

Their services comprise administration, data input, research, social networking sites, and marketing, to mention a few. There are plenty of VAs who are not only college-educated but also based in the United States and native English speakers, which makes it one of the best virtual assistant services. You can also use Time, etc. as a step-by-step guide to determine which duties you should delegate to VAs. 

#3. Belay

In four key categories, Belay provides remarkable virtual assistant services. The first is a classic virtual assistant service that can aid anyone who needs to save time while balancing a hectic lifestyle. You can also rely on them to keep track of, respond to, and arrange your email, organize your calendar, plan your projects, conduct research, and write reports so that you always have the data you need to make important business decisions.

Belay’s supplementary services are excellent if you require an expert, too. Proficient social media managers at the company, have the ability to compose and design posts as well as establish plans and analyze social media data. Likewise, Belay also has site experts who can generate content, manage your social presence and enhance your site’s appearance.

#4. Prialto

Prialto attempts to offer the best assistant services by merging competent, experienced professionals with a practical experience strategy. Hence, Prialto’s management team will understand your needs and come up with a strategy. The comprehensive orientation and training procedure includes meeting your assistant as well as their team members and instantly assigning key tasks to your new employee.

As your connection with Prialto develops, you’ll not only be working with your assistant but also with your engagement manager, who can offer advice on how to make it more productive. Your assistant will also proactively explore ways to increase their productivity.

Prialto’s assistants also oversee your emails, appointments, phone calls, and meetings. They can also give reminders, handle your promotions, and help with advertising and distribution assistance. Furthermore, if you’re recruiting for an enterprise, Prialto’s personnel can normally take on accountancy. Plus, there’s the CRM administration and professional social networking support for leaders.

#5. Magic

Magic delivers university virtual assistants at your disposal with 24/7 responsiveness and efficiency, and quality management software that avoids schedule delays. They are our obvious winners for rush tasks. They also find you a VA in 48 hours. There is a flat charge of $10 an hour and 24/7 service.

#6. OkayRelax

OkayRelax basically focuses on eliminating stress and making life better. It provides its virtual assistant services in three different bundles that all focus on improving people’s lives. All three subscriptions feature a trio of essential duties. So you’ll always be able to obtain aid with planning, arranging meetings, research work, and taking care of phone conversations.

The entry-level package includes five OkayRelax credits that are sufficient for thirty minutes of labor – but you don’t receive special assistance. More so, a devoted assistant and twenty-five credits are included in the Comfort plan, which is appropriate if you frequently want assistance with day-to-day work.

#7. Woodbows

To go along with its excellent virtual assistant, Woodbows is an established business that offers a wide range of services.

If you do choose this firm for your virtual assistant, you’re unlikely to be dissatisfied. With Woodbows, you’ll get an English-speaking virtual assistant with at least ten years of expertise. And can also handle everything from email management to social media management to article creation and basic accountancy responsibilities.

Woodbows also provides a free counseling session so you can determine if you’d profit from the service. And if you register for a customizable plan you’ll be able to get work with your new assistant the same day. This is one of the more cheap alternatives offered.

#8. Upwork

Small enterprises frequently lack the organizational infrastructure needed to meet the vast range of skill sets required of them. Here, Upwork excels. Hence, as one of the best virtual assistant services for small businesses, Upwork features a big community where you can employ peer-reviewed assistance to execute as-needed jobs without any monthly contracts.

Peer-reviewed assistants, a wide range of offered abilities, and international workers are just some of the features it offers.

#9. Fancy Hands

For up to 20 minutes at a time, Fancy Hands offers companies the best in on-demand, single-task assistance. You can engage with a different VA each time or choose a long-term connection; both plans give you administrative control, usage tracking, and compensation billing. It also offers Single-task specialists, obtainable for an individual as well as professional support.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

The following are the real estate virtual assistant services you should consider.

#1. Summit VA Solutions

Summit VA Solutions supplies full-time virtual assistant services for a wide array of responsibilities, which include transaction management, real estate management, marketing, administrative duties, and more. Their virtual assistant services are situated in the Philippines and have a remarkable level of knowledge and training in the most prevalent real estate software systems.

#2. Transactly

Transactly’s transactional software design is totally special. Real estate virtual assistant services brokers can download the program for free. Rather than charging you per transaction, Transactly’s transaction coordinators take care of all of your transactions and listings. This is a significant bonus for brokerage firms who want part-time VAs and also don’t need their salesmen to waste time on documentation.

#3. Zirtual

Zirtual offers you the opportunity to buy support from various categories in quantities varying from 12 to 50 hours a month. Some of the specializations they have include data entry, online marketing website management, and real estate assistants. If you need help but aren’t sure if you have enough work to support a part-time employee, consider using Zirtual.

#4. Virtuedesk

Virtudesk’s possible responsibilities include administrative, transaction management, prospecting, and more. These real estate virtual assistant services are also US-based and eliminate the need to employ, dismiss, train, and manage payroll as you develop your real estate agent business.

Rates for Virtual Assistant Services

A multitude of factors that influence rates and structures for virtual services account for the wide range of wages between $2 and $80 per hour. Virtual assistant services will adjust their rates depending on:

  • Experience level: Virtual assistant services with extensive experience in the things you’re requesting tend to have higher rates than those new to the field.
  • Location: Virtual assistant services based outside the United States, such as those in the Philippines or India, typically demand higher rates.
  • They’ve delivered their products and services: Executive-level services and representation, on the other hand, are likely to be more expensive. 
  • Structure: This is the compensation, which is an additional crucial factor to take into account. You can hire virtual assistant services for hourly compensation, but many will charge either by contract or on a monthly basis for longer-term involvement. Furthermore, payment in advance is standard practice when hiring for a certain job, and it might amount to as much as 50% of the total cost.

Lastly, you can find yourself employing a VA through a virtual assistant organization, which comes with a lot of perks. Since your employer is handling much of the back-end bookkeeping and payment processing, you may end up paying more in this instance.

Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services

The following are the most in-demand virtual assistant services that you should know.

#1.  Proofread  Blog Posts For Errors

Organizations realize they need to generate traffic to their websites. And blogging is the most in-demand virtual assistant service that has terrific ways of getting the word out. Running a blog often requires working with a lot of content.

Draft blog pieces will be pouring in from all angles: hired writers, business owners, guest authors, corporate workers, students, and even clients. Someone needs to properly proofread and edit every article before it’s released. This is one of the services that are highly in demand as virtual assistant services.

#2. Maintain an Editorial Calendar for Blog and Generate Ideas for Article Titles

An editorial calendar is essentially a plan and timetable for all the future blog entries a site will produce. Generating content that is both interesting to the company’s intended audience and effective in boosting the site’s position in search engine results is an important part of this process. Using a calendar or spreadsheet, arrange the topics in a logical order.

#3.  Curate Content for Social Media

To deliver value to a company’s target audience, it takes more than just a quick search for fascinating article links, photos, and quote graphics.

#4. Create Landing Pages

Landing pages, which are action-oriented web pages with a clear call to action, are essential for business owners who want to grow their audience and sell products or services online.

A landing page might urge visitors to join an email list, enroll in a webcast, purchase the item, or get enthusiastic about an imminent launch.

#5. Provide Customer Support

Audiences frequently provide businesses with a wealth of comments, inquiries, and suggestions. Hence, the owners require aid from a few freelancers to reply to all these incoming contacts.

What Qualifications Do You Need for Virtual Assistant?

It’s interesting that there are no formal education or training requirements to work as a virtual assistant. Vs must, however, have training or experience that is pertinent to their clients’ needs. Social media management, administrative assistance, and financial management are a few of the most in-demand skills.

Can I Apply for Virtual Assistant Without Experience?

You are typically qualified for entry-level work as a virtual assistant without experience unless you have prior administrative expertise. Helping clients create emails and letters, setting up appointments, and organizing electronic data are just a few examples of general activities.


What is the average cost of a virtual assistant?

The hourly cost for a virtual assistant can range from $1 to $100. Occasionally, even more than that. Meanwhile, a good price range for executive assistant services is between $15 and $30 per hour and $40-75 per hour for more complex marketing or finance activities.

  • MyTasker stands out In terms of virtual assistant services
  • Time etc is best for teams and enterprises in need of highly qualified, US-based virtual assistants. 
  • Upwork is the best option for companies looking to hire freelancers on a project-by-project basis.

What skills does a virtual assistant need?

  • The Ability to Communicate.
  • project management.
  • Time management.
  • Excellent concentration on details
  • Good decision making.
  • The desire for knowledge.
  • Social media management.
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