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Do you frequently find it difficult to recall where you parked your vehicle? If you park in a busy lot, it’s easy to lose track of your vehicle. However, have no fear; with the GPS or Ford vehicle tracker device, you can easily remember where you parked and return to it later. Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Read on to learn about the cheapest and best vehicle tracker.


Transport businesses utilize vehicle trackers, which are computer programs that can follow the whereabouts of tractors, trucks, and other vehicles, to ensure that their cargo always arrives safely. Hence, because of the software’s GPS integration, businesses can track their vehicles’ locations in real time.

GPS Vehicle Tracker

In the past, a conventional GPS tracker was a small wireless device that car drivers could use to monitor their automobiles using their personal computers, iPads, and cellphones. A GPS tracker can be a lifeline for anyone who needs to keep tabs on someone. Whether you’re a business owner managing a vehicle and hoping to boost logistical efficiency or a worried family member looking out for their safety.

Furthermore, with the help of these tiny wireless systems, people who want to keep tabs on their cars’ whereabouts and usage can rest easy. A standard GPS tracker uses both the current global positioning system (GPS) and GSM internet connections to determine the location of a vehicle and show it on a digital map by plugging into the onboard diagnosis computer interface of the vehicle. Hence, because of this, many trackers call for a recurring subscription fee every month.

Modern tracking gadgets use satellite tracking and OBD-II and trip computer data to locate your vehicle. These capabilities include vehicle diagnostics; driver-initiated alerts for dangerous driving (such as brake failure, excessive velocity, or airbag rollout); crash diagnosis with fully automated emergency roadside calling and interconnection to emergency services; journey logging; and tracking.

What Data Can You Get from a GPS Tracker?

A GPS car tracker can help you find out where your car is at any given time. It can answer the following questions:

  • Where exactly is my car at this very moment? (Tracking in Real-Time through Global Positioning System)
  • Where exactly did my car go? (Global Positioning System Log Files)
  • How many miles has my automobile clocked up in the last week or the last month? (GPS Recording Distance)

The Cheapest Way to Track a Car With GPS

One-click on the FordPass app is all it takes to report the car stolen, and the app will walk the user through the steps of safeguarding and retrieving the car by notifying law enforcement if the owner obtains an alert that an unauthorized or unexpected action has taken place. However, certain GPS trackers on the market might cost a pretty penny. Thus, listed below are three of the cheapest GPS tracking systems available today.

#1. GPS Tracker GF-07 – $29

According to the Amazon listing, this device is a store version of an activity tracker. In any case, it comes with a tiny magnetic real-time tracker that you can attach to your automobile or any other piece of machinery. It’s simple to set up using a SIM card and can be monitored on Google Maps. The best aspect of this service is the zero recurring cost associated with using it.

#2. Land, Sea, and Air GPS Tracker 54

The LandSeaAir 54 is a good GPS device. In fact, Forbes named it one of the best buys of the year. In addition to being inexpensive, it is small, fully waterproof, and equipped with a powerful magnet that will adhere to any ferrous surface. The gadget readily feeds data to your phone through the use of an app that can be tracked and mapped with Google Maps.

#3. Tracki 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker magnet

The Tracki 4G LTE GPS tracker is the best value on this list, and it also has a ton of useful functions. In addition, the SIM card in the tracker allows you to keep tabs on your car, pets, or any other device, no matter where you are in the world. It can transmit data in real-time and has a battery life of five days. Please be aware that a $20 monthly subscription is necessary.

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Ford vehicle tracker 

The Ford vehicle Tracker Locate is the first insurance-approved car tracking system that incorporates VHF and GPS technology. The VHF (Very High Frequency) invention was created to avoid tracking system interference. The Ford Tracker locator is the most comprehensive tracking system on the market, as it uses three different tracking technologies (GPS, GSM, and VHF). The Ford Tracker Locate tracking mechanism is thus highly resistant to interference. It’s all of that plus a battery backup and a motion sensor that’s unlawful to use.

Furthermore, to aid law enforcement in recovering a stolen vehicle, Ford Tracker employs a suite of solutions, including pro initiatives and a mesh network comprised of tracking devices.  Ford Tracker ensured full police collaboration since they knew they’d need all the help they could get, and as a result, they have widespread backing from law enforcement agencies around the country.

Also, the Ford Locate Tracker can be used all over Europe when all three tracking methods (VHF, GSM, and GPS) are used together. Hence, you can relax knowing that your car is in good hands while you’re away on vacation. More importantly, you can track your car even if you leave it at home while you travel. You can be sure that if something happens to your car, Tracker and the police will find it and bring it back to you safely.

Can Ford Vehicle Tracker Locate a Stolen Vehicle?

Sure, the Ford vehicle car tracker can accomplish this with a single tap.. After receiving a suspicious alert, the owner can report their FordPass-enabled car stolen.

Best Vehicle Tracker Device

The best vehicle tracker device includes:

#1. Spy GPS Device Optimus 2.0

Whether you’re installing a GPS tracker in a vehicle to keep an eye on your kids or your parents, you need to make sure the device is out of sight and out of mind. The Optimus 2.0 is less than 3 inches long and comes with a magnetic mount that makes it easy to put it in a tire pit or under a hood. The mobile phone app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS, provides near-real-time access to location and driving data, including speed.

Furthermore, the rechargeable battery can provide power for up to two weeks without needing to be charged. There are two subscription tiers to choose from, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs and your wallet. The SOS function will notify you of potential problems, such as a dead battery or an accident, on the side of the road.

Concerned parents, nannies, and commercial fleet operators can benefit from knowing a car’s exact whereabouts. The Vyncs tracker can be powered directly from the OBD2 port or the car’s 12V output, eliminating the need to replace batteries in large quantities. The OBD port tracks speed, position, and diagnostic data to rectify issues before they become dangerous. However, if a gadget has been altered, it can serve as an additional warning of possible criminal activity.

It is compatible with cellular networks in more than 200 countries, allowing multinational corporations to purchase a single model to equip their whole fleet. This makes it ideal for enterprises that carry goods around the world using tractor-trailers or box trucks. You may also choose between 15, 30, or 60-second intervals for app updates. The app also provides clickable locations so you can make sure your staff is where they should be at all times.

#3. PrimeTracking PTGL300MA

The PrimeTracking PTGL300MA is the best GPS tracker if your elderly parent wants to keep some independence while under your care. The inbuilt battery gives complete power. As a result, power can be obtained in 2.5 hours and last for up to two weeks on a single charge. It’s 4G LTE compatible and includes a SIM card for easy setup.

Do you want to know if your parents get lost if they go to a business, market, or event by themselves? You can set up a geo-fence in the application’s companion to notify you when the car leaves the defined territory. Also, it contains a “SOS” button for use in case of an accident, a flat tire, or other unforeseen circumstance on the road. The accompanying app allows you to create an unlimited number of profiles, so you can keep tabs on everyone in your family no matter where you go in the United States, Canada, or Mexico.

#4. LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker

The LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker is among our best picks because of its reliable positional data and long battery life. Positioning updates can come as often as every three seconds, and they’re always precise—within six feet of where your car is.

The device has a powerful magnet in it, so it can stick to the steel of your automobile. The device’s battery generally only lasts for an entire week or two when actively giving updates. However, it can last for a maximum of six months in low-power mode.

#5. Bouncie GPS Car Tracker

This is also among our top recommendations for the best vehicle tracker device because of its low price and user-friendliness. Real-time tracking is available instantly after downloading, registering, and connecting the app to a device.

In addition, Bouncie requires a subscription because it uses 4G LTE to send information about your drives. When compared to the average monthly cost of a vehicle tracker device, which is between $20 and $25.

Do Cars have GPS Trackers?

These days, a GPS tracker is standard equipment in many vehicles, especially newer models. Taxi cars and vehicles equipped with navigation systems like OnStar fall into this category. In the event of a theft, GPS trackers enable for the constant tracking of the vehicle’s specific location.

How Can I Track a Car Someone Knowing?

Discreetly tracking a moving vehicle requires a covert GPS tracker like the PT8100. This is a genuine, compact, rechargeable GPS tracker that can provide you with the real-time location of the car. Also, it can be hidden virtually anywhere inside the vehicle.

Does a Vehicle Tracker Need a Sim Card?

Generally, a SIM card is required for any GPS tracker that communicates with a cellphone through a cellular network. However, this is not the case for all GPS trackers. A SIM card is required for live tracking of your e-bike through a smartphone app and GPS tracker.

Can I Use a Mobile Phone as a Car Tracker?

Yes, you can easily record the location of your car using a mobile phone as a car tracker. You can also locate it again with the help of “Locate My Car – GPS Navigation”, a simple Android software. Launch the app and select the parking option. Next, you can take a picture and write a remark about your current location.

How Much Does a Car Tracker Cost?

The trucking company and fleet’s Monthly costs for GPS tracking can range from $14 up to $499 per vehicle. However, the vast majority of GPS fleet tracking systems cost significantly less, typically between $25 and $45 per vehicle, every month.

How Do I Make My Phone a Tracker?

  • Open the settings application on your Android device.
  • Choose security and enable remote device location.
  • Open the google play store by navigating to it.
  • Find the Locate My Device app and install it.
  • Choose the device that you want to track.


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