Where to cash a check without a bank account

It won’t be easy to cash a check when you don’t have a bank account or an ID. You may have lost yours or stolen it, but this does not stop you from cashing a check. Check cashing services are available daily and on Sundays, and you can use a check to pay for anything as long as the trader accepts checks. Despite an increase in the number of ways to deposit a personal check onto a prepaid card, you can use it to pay for things like insurance premiums, groceries, and rent, among other things. Whatever the case, if you’re looking for a place to cash a check for free, even on a Sunday, this article will guide you through.

Where Can I Cash a Check Without an ID?

If you’re one of the 21 million American adults without a photo ID, you may be wondering where to cash a check without an ID. One way to cash a check without an ID is to use your phone to deposit the check into your bank account. However, this method is only applicable if you have a bank account. If you need to cash a check without an ID and a bank account, you can use two secondary IDs instead of a single primary ID at Check City. All you need are two of the following secondary ID examples:

  • Alien photo ID
  • College ID
  • Employee ID
  • ID for firearms
  • International driver’s license ID
  • Photo resident card
  • United States birth certificate
  • U.S. work ID photo
  • Medicaid ID

Where To Cash a Check For Free

#1. Bank or Credit Union

Any bank or credit union where you have an account is your best bet for free check cashing. Most financial institutions charge account holders nothing to cash checks. You can also deposit the check and withdraw the cash later. The entire amount? Depending on your bank’s “funds availability” policy and the type of check you cash, you may not be able to access the entire amount of the check. However, receiving $200 is usually permitted. There is no bank account.

If you don’t have a bank account, you should get one. Living without a bank account is possible but requires extra effort and creativity. Going bankrupt is probably only a good idea if you can’t open an account for whatever reason. If you have a check, especially if you expect to receive more checks, you can use it to open your first account. Opening an account will almost certainly save you a significant amount of time and energy. Credit Unions Have a Greater Number of Locations. If you belong to a credit union, you may have more options for cashing that check than you think. Thousands of shared branching locations across the country allow you to cash checks at credit unions that you are not a member of. 

#2. Checkwriter’s Bank 

Another option is to cash the check at the bank from which the funds were drawn. So, it would help if you visited the financial institution where the check’s creator keeps an account.

For example, if the check is drawn from a Bank of America account, you can walk into any Bank of America branch and request cash. Check the bottom left corner for the name of the bank or credit union that issued the check. Things work differently when you’re dealing with a government-issued check. Even though you can’t walk into the United States Treasury and get cash, these checks should be easier to cash at banks and stores because they are considered safe checks. 

Cashing checks isn’t always free, even if you go to the bank where the funds were drawn.

Non-customers may be charged fees by banks, so be sure to inquire about fees before proceeding. If you cannot visit the checkwriter’s bank, you can try other banks. However, you may have difficulty finding anyone willing to cash a check, and you’ll be lucky if it’s done for free. 

Where Can I Cash a Check for Free Without a Bank Account?

Most places don’t charge anything to turn a check into cash, but a few do. Check cashing fees are frustrating and reduce your spending money. So, where can you get your checks cashed for free? The only place to cash a check for free is a traditional bank or credit union with a good account.

To get free check cashing, you must first find a bank or credit union that provides free check cashing to its members and then meet all of the minimum requirements to become a bank or credit union member.

Where Can I Cash a Check Without a Bank Account on Sunday?

Sunday can be an excellent day for completing all of your errands. However, if the check cashing location is closed on Sunday, you cannot cash a check.

If you need to cash a check on a Sunday, you can always use an ATM that accepts checks. Cashing a check at an ATM usually requires a bank account and several business days for the check to deposit.

Fortunately for you, many Check City locations are open longer than banks. Many Check City stores are open on Sundays. Visit the Check City Locations page to find a store near you and check Sunday hours. So, here are the best check-cashing locations open on Sunday.

#1 Convenience and Grocery Stores

  • Walmart Locations: While shopping for groceries, you can cash out your check at Walmart. Almost every Walmart location has a check cashing, and financial services counter near the customer service counter or in the Money services center. The service is available as long as the business is open, which means you can cash checks at any time if the store is open 24 hours a day.
  • Kroger and its Subsidiaries: You can cash your check at any of the over 1950 check cashing locations open on Sundays operated by Kroger or its affiliates. Payroll, company, government, insurance settlement, and income tax refund checks are all accepted at locations spread across 31 states. Kroger-affiliated businesses include Payless, Dillons, Fred Meyer, QFC, King Soopers, and City Market. Individuals with a shopper’s card can cash checks for $3 and $5.50, respectively, for amounts up to $2000 and $5000. There are also some excellent Convenience and Grocery Stores, such as Winco Foods, Food City Supermarkets, and Albertsons Stores, where you can cash a check on Sunday.

#2 Check Cashing Locations

  • Speedy Cash: Although it is a payday lender, it accepts almost all checks, making it ideal for people who have had checks rejected elsewhere. You can cash government, payroll, student loan, and payroll checks at the store. Money orders, settlement checks, and insurance checks are all accepted at the establishment. Although the company has a large network across the United States, some locations do not offer 24-hour service. Depending on your location, you should expect to pay at least $2 to cash your check.
  • Payomatic: If you live in New York, you can cash your check at the helpful Payomatic cashing location. You won’t have to travel far to cash your check with over 150 locations in the area. Payomatic locations can be found in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, New York City, and Long Island. Most Payomatic Stores are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The store accepts tax returns, government, wage, lawyer, and union checks for 2.19 percent.

#3 ATM Check Cashing Location

  • Chase: Your bank account and account settings determine the benefits of using Chase for ATM check deposits. Some accounts allow you to immediately withdraw or write a check against the deposited funds. You can deposit up to 30 checks and cash in a single transaction. You can cash payroll, personal, tax, government, and cashier’s checks at Chase ATMs.
  • Citibank: At Citibank 2400 ATMs, you can cash payroll checks, government checks, personal checks, cashier’s checks, and other third-party checks. Checks drawn on a Citibank account can be cashed by non-Citibank customers at ATMs. A customer’s account can be tapped up to $5000. Non-Citibank accounts are limited to $500.

Will Any Bank Cash a Check?

Banks and credit unions aren’t required to cash checks. The bank or credit union may refuse to cash the check if neither you nor the check’s writer has an account.

However, many banks and credit unions will cash a check if it is written by one of their account holders. There are sufficient funds in the account to cover the check.

The check is less than six months old, you are the payee listed on the face of the check, and you have proper identification. You may be charged a fee if you do not have an account with the bank or credit union.

What Is the Best Way to Cash a Check?

Taking your check to the writer’s bank is the safest and quickest way to get cash. That is the bank or credit union where the check writer’s funds are held, and you can get the money out of the check writer’s account and into your hands immediately. If you go to another bank, you can’t be sure that the check is valid and that the funds are in the check writer’s account.

Does Walgreens Accept Checks?

They do! You do not have to be a Walgreens customer to cash your check there. Regardless of your account, the process is quick and simple for all customers.

How Can I Cash a Check for Free?

Any bank or credit union where you have an account is your best bet for free check cashing. Most financial institutions charge account holders nothing to cash checks. You can also deposit the check and withdraw the cash later.

Who Will Cash a Check Instantly?

It’s a little more complicated than going to a bank, but you can also cash a check at an ATM. However, not every ATM will provide this option; some will only allow you to deposit the check, while others will not accept check deposits.

However, if your ATM allows it, simply bring your check, bank card, and a pen (to endorse the check) to the machine and follow the prompts on the screen. Before the ATM dispenses your cash, you may need to have the amount already available in your account.


As a customer, the bank should cash the check for free. However, because the check may take several days to clear, you won’t know if it will bounce immediately. Check-cashing services and payday loan businesses coexist on most major thoroughfares. Those locations accept checks, but they will not be free. Before cashing at a check-cashing store, review the fees carefully. There’s a good chance you can get a better deal elsewhere.


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