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To run a small business, you must take care of virtually everything, including managing cash flow, finishing administrative work, and guaranteeing service continuity. The most challenging of these is cost management. It is simple for costs to rise and for business owners to get preoccupied with finding ways to control them. Please pay attention if your small business operates multiple vehicles and frequently buys fuel to power those vehicles. One of the best methods to obtain cash back or rebates on fuel purchases and reduce fuel costs is to use a fuel card. You can pay your fuel expenses in this way securely and flexibly. In this post, we will review some of the best small business fuel cards with no credit check such as Wex and Atob fuel cards.

What are Fuel Cards?

Fuel cards are like credit cards, but you can buy fuel with them. It is a card that you may use at petrol stations to pay for gasoline, diesel, or other fuel. It provides you with discounts per gallon at the retailing partners in the networking. A fleet card can also be used to pay for vehicle upkeep and other associated costs.

How to Find the Best Small Business Fuel Cards with No Credit Check?

Fuel cards exist in a variety of sizes and types. To determine which small business fuel cards with no credit check are best for you, you must take into account the particular needs of your company. Let’s go through some aspects you might think about to determine which option is best for you.

#1. Location

Always check the address before buying any fuel card. Always go with the option that is functional in your operational area. Additionally, if you travel interstate, pick a well-known brand.

#2. Price

Choose the fuel card that will save you the most money when you buy fuel. So, opt for one that offers better rewards and discounts. Avoid cards with hefty annual or maintenance fees, though, as it would defeat the entire purpose of the fuel card.

#3. Repayment schedule

Select a fuel card that provides a flexible method of repayment. Vendors of fuel cards like Matrack don’t charge interest during grace periods.

#4. Control

Always choose a fuel card that gives you more control over your card. To prevent fraud and reduce unnecessary fuel purchases, you can establish a limit for each card.

#5. Tracking and reporting

Finally, never limit your search to fuel rebates. Making reports requires saving time from tracking and calculating fuel purchases.
Choose a fuel card with a cutting-edge reporting and tracking tool. You may quickly generate reports and gain greater knowledge of your fleet’s fuel usage to make critical decisions.

Best Small Business Fuel Cards

The number of fueling locations you may use the card at, rewards programs, and redemption options should all be taken into account when selecting the best small business fuel cards with no credit check. The best ones allow you to save money by offering you gas station discounts or rebates, or by rewarding you with points or cash back when you buy petrol. Regular credit cards, charge cards, co-branded gas cards, and fleet cards are your possibilities.

The following offer the best small business fuel cards with no credit check:

#1. U.S. Bank Business Triple Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard®

Our best business fuel cards overall are from U.S. Bank since they give 3% cash back at any gas station. Additionally, you will receive 3% cash back on meals, office supplies, and phone services in addition to 1% cash back on all other transactions. This is one of the best cash-back business credit cards because the benefits are limitless.

#2. Chase Ink Business Cash®

On each account anniversary, the Chase Ink Business Cash® card offers 2% cash back on the first $25,000 spent at gas stations and restaurants. Additionally, you will receive 1% of all other business expenditures and 5% of the first $25,000 spent on office supplies, internet, cable, and phone services. This is a wonderful option if you don’t require the reporting tools or employee purchase restrictions that come with fuel cards.

#3. Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card by Citi

If you currently save money by fueling up at Costco gas stations, using the Costco Anywhere Visa® Business Card by Citi could result in even greater savings. Each calendar year, you can receive 4% cash back on your first $7,000 worth of gas purchases at participating gas stations, including Costco, and 1% after that. Additionally, you receive 3% cash back at restaurants and on legitimate travel purchases, 2% cash back at Costco and on for non-fuel purchases, and 1% cash back on all other transactions.

#4. GM Business CardTM

With the GM Business CardTM from Marcus by Goldman Sachs, you may receive 5% cash back on parts and services at your neighborhood GM dealership if you drive a Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, or Buick. Additionally, you can get 3% cash back at petrol stations, eateries, and office supply stores in addition to 1% on all other transactions. Get a $750 bonus after spending $5,000 in the first five months of card ownership.

Gas Station-Specific Fuel Cards

Charge cards and credit cards are examples of fuel cards that can only be used at certain service locations and petrol stations. You might not be able to use these cards to make purchases at other stores because they typically aren’t Visa or Mastercard.

#5. Shell Small Business Card

The Shell Small Business Card is available to small firms with annual revenues of at least $1 million. For oil changes and preventative maintenance, you can receive discounts at selected Jiffy Lube locations and rebates of up to 5 cents per gallon at Shell gas stations. The best option for business owners looking for a dedicated fuel card but who don’t want to be held personally liable for the debts of their company is one of our top business cards without a personal guarantee.

#6. 76® Universal Card

The 76® Universal Card’s best feature is that, although being designed specifically for petrol stations, it is accepted at over 45,000 service locations and 95% of US gas stations. When you fill up at 76®, Conoco®, and Phillips 66® stations, you can save up to 7 cents per gallon. Because it’s a charge card rather than a credit card, you must pay the entire sum each month.

#7. Chevron Texaco Business Access Card

With the Chevron Texaco Business Access Card, you can save up to 6 cents per gallon starting at five gallons when you fill up at one of the almost 8,000 Chevron and Texaco gas stations. This card isn’t just for usage at Chevron and Texaco petrol stations; unlike the Shell Small Business Card, which is only accepted at Shell stations and a few Jiffy Lube locations, it’s accepted at the majority of significant fuel stations across the United States.

Small Business Fleet Cards

Small business fleet cards are charge and credit cards for businesses that have more than two commercial vehicles. These cards provide benefits for paying for fuel, automatic reporting, and online administration capabilities that help you effectively manage your users.

#8. BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus

The BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus card is your best choice if you operate small to mid-sized fleets and only fuel up at BP and Amoco. Volume-based discounts on petrol purchases made at BP and Amoco outlets can save you up to 7 cents. There are choices for both revolving and non-revolving balances. A continuing APR of the WSJ prime rate + 14.99% to 23.99% will be charged if you decide to carry a balance.

#9. ARCO® Business Solutions Mastercard®

If you use more than 5,000 gallons of fuel per month, the ARCO® Business Solutions Mastercard® is a great option because you can avoid paying the $10 monthly membership fee. When you use the card at ARCO filling facilities in the United States, you’ll get TOP TIER™ gas for less®. And because it’s a Mastercard, you can use it at other gas stations.

#10. Coast Visa Card

Coast Visa is a widely used fleet card that enables you to keep an eye on your spending and manage it. It’s intended for fleet-operating businesses. There are no tiers or excluded fuel stations, so you can receive two cents off per gallon wherever you buy petrol. Additionally, because it is a Visa card, you may use it anywhere that Visa is accepted and get 1% cashback on any other non-fuel transactions without a cap.

Wex Fuel Card

Wex is the best fleet card for small businesses that want to ensure that their vehicles can find a spot to fill up because it covers 95% of US gas stations. Also, the Wex card is one of the best fuel cards for truckers because it is the most dependable choice for cross-country fleets.

In contrast to BP, there are no set-up, yearly, or card fees to be concerned about, and you can get deals on tires and lodging. Wex Fuel Card is not the most economical fleet card provider for small businesses because it only pays rebates of up to three cents per gallon, which is significantly less than BP and Texaco.


  • Driver ID authorization
  • Can permit or restrict spending on fuel-related accessories including lubricants, parts, and goods.
  • Extensive US site coverage
  • Fuel, tire, and lodging discounts


  • Low fuel efficiency

Atob Fuel Card

 If you’re concerned about going over budget then the best fleet card for your small business is the AtoB fuel card. It offers total management over each card, including daily, weekly, and transactional spending caps. An AtoB fuel card can be used anyplace that accepts Visa, giving consumers a wide range of options for where to refuel.

With only five cents per gallon in rebates and setup fees starting at $25, the AtoB fuel card falls short of BP or Texaco in terms of fuel savings. It also cannot be compared to Wex.


  • Excellent spending limits
  • Integration with Quickbooks
  • Low entrance threshold
  • Can also purchase insurance, road fees, maintenance, and parts.


  • Setup and monthly fees are necessary
  • Relatively low fuel savings

The Benefits of Small Business Fuel Cards With No Credit Check

Large transportation companies are known for depending on fuel cards for survival; today, small businesses may reap the rewards of these cards’ generous rebates as well. The best fuel card providers give you better control over your business and financial savings. Additionally, the best fleet cards for small businesses give employees more financial stability and assurance.

Below, we’ve listed some advantages of purchasing a fuel card that you can anticipate. You can also scroll down to learn more about our best picks.

#1. Savings on Fuel

By providing savings on the purchase of fuel, oil, and lubricant at specific stations, a fuel card rewards small companies. Therefore, you save more money the more you use your card. Additionally, some cards provide incentives for each dollar spent or each gallon of fuel purchased, enabling you to receive cash back or even get future fuel purchases made at no cost.

#2. Fraud risk is lower

Several firms choose to use corporate cards for purchasing fuel. Alternatively, they anticipate that their drivers will pay with cash and submit a receipt to be paid. These procedures add extra administrative work, and there is always the possibility of cash theft while driving.

#3. More control over your spending

A driver could look for more expensive fuel stations. A different driver might pay more for gas than is necessary. Another person can be performing excessive auto maintenance. These costs add up and could result in you losing money rather than making it.

How We Selected the Best Small Business Fuel Cards With No Credit Check

We took into account each card’s costs, repayment terms, network accessibility, any rebate programs, and reporting capabilities to determine which co-branded fuel cards would be best for small businesses. For non-branded business fuel credit cards, we mainly considered gas rebates or discounts, user-friendliness, extra benefits, costs, and features.

Which Fuel Card Is Best for Small Businesses?

The best fuel card overall for small businesses has 0% APR for 15 months and is offered by the U.S. Bank Triple Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard.

How Much Money Does a Fleet Card Save?

When used by a fleet of company cars, vans, or HGV haulers, fuel cards often yield savings of two to three pence per liter on the national average pump price, which can add up to large annual savings.

What is the Easiest Business Gas Card to Get?

The Discover It® Secured Credit Card is among the best quick-approval gas credit cards. The application process for this card is not too difficult.

Should I Get a Fuel Card for My Business?

Yes, it’s crucial to understand that using a fuel card is the key to keeping tabs on your business’s fuel expenses. Typically, a small business owner would permit drivers to pay for fuel with a standard company credit card.

Are Fuel Cards Worth It?

Yes, fuel credit cards provide a good return on your purchases, by paying you with cashback or reward points. Consequently, you want to obtain a credit card that provides greater benefits or cashback on fuel purchases.

How Does a Fuel Card Work for a Business?

Employees simply swipe it at the petrol station and enter the information they provided, such as the trip or driver number, just like a standard credit or charge card.

Is It Better to Use a Fuel Card or a Credit Card?

Fuel cards, which are made expressly for use at gas stations, give customers access to lower fuel pricing and other benefits that can help drive down the cost of operating a trucking business. While having more flexibility, credit cards often come with higher fees and interest rates.

What Is the Difference Between a Fuel Card and a Fleet Card?

A fleet card, sometimes known as a fuel card, is a payment method that can be used for some vehicle maintenance as well as fuel at gas stations.


You require a fuel card if your business relies heavily on automobiles or if you often buy several gallons of fuel. It may enable you to receive better fuel-related discounts or incentives. It can also help you limit fraud and unauthorized fuel purchases in your fleet.


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