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Fuel is an essential commodity, and frequent visits to the gas station, whether on a weekly or daily basis for those who prefer high-speed driving, can result in significant expenses. On average, households expend more than $3,000 annually on gasoline. However, in this article, I will explain how to get a free business gas card and the various best gas cards. So, keep reading!


It is widely known that the current gasoline prices have reached an unprecedented level. There is currently no indication that gasoline prices will revert to their previous levels of $1 per gallon. During a period of widespread inflation, seeking out resources such as complimentary fuel vouchers can have a significant impact on one’s financial well-being.

In addition, the utilization of gas is a fundamental component of the American ideal. Transporting oneself to the workplace, ferrying children to and from educational institutions, and procuring household provisions are among the various activities that necessitate the use of gasoline. In the absence of an electric vehicle, obtaining the necessary fuel can pose a significant obstacle to mobility and daily activities.

So, if you are interested in regaining control over your vehicle’s fuel expenses, consider acquiring complimentary gas cards as a means of alleviating the burden. One should not allow external factors such as fluctuations in gas prices to influence their decisions regarding lifestyle choices.

Free Gas Cards

As gas prices soar to new heights, the cost of refueling at the gas station has become an expensive affair. Discover the ultimate guide to fueling up for less! Our tips and tricks will help you score free gas cards and keep your wallet happy at the pump.

Legit Ways to Earn Free Gas Cards

The legit ways to earn free gas cards include the following:

#1. GasBuddy

Amidst a plethora of applications aimed at reducing your fuel expenses, GasBuddy stands out as the reigning champion of the gasoline-saving realm. Hence, with GasBuddy, you can now effortlessly link a complimentary gas card to your checking account. Fuel up with ease and save big bucks! Swipe your card at gas stations and enjoy a discount of up to 25 cents per gallon.

#2. Swagbucks

Fuel up your ride for free by completing simple online tasks on Swagbucks. Swagbucks, a renowned establishment, has generously rewarded its users with millions of dollars for simply engaging in activities such as surveys, games, videos, and other exciting tasks.

In addition, you can unlock a world of rewards and earn a delightful $10 welcome bonus by becoming a member of the Swagbucks community, absolutely free! Engage in a plethora of activities on the platform and witness the gradual accumulation of Swagbucks (SBs) in your account. Also, the possibilities for how many tasks you can conquer in a day are endless.

#3. Engage in Surveys 

Swagbucks is undoubtedly a fantastic platform that provides a plethora of opportunities to earn free gas cards. However, there are several other websites where you can exclusively participate in surveys and reap the benefits.

In the world of marketing, understanding the thoughts and opinions of consumers is key. That’s why companies are willing to compensate individuals for sharing their valuable insights through online surveys. Discover trustworthy platforms that provide monetary compensation for your valuable survey feedback, which can be utilized to fuel your vehicle.

#4. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a no-cost survey platform that is comparable to Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. According to its website, the platform boasts a membership base exceeding 10 million individuals and has disbursed over $21 million in payments.

This platform offers various means of earning free gas cards, including completing surveys, watching videos, referring acquaintances, and engaging in contests.

#5. Use Loyalty Points Offered by Grocery Stores

Purchasing groceries at the retail store can be equally daunting as refueling one’s vehicle, owing to inflation and the escalating expenses of consumables and domestic commodities. Fortunately, several grocery stores offer loyalty programs that can be utilized to reduce expenses. A number of these programs require you to register for a membership card that facilitates the accrual of points as you make purchases. Certain ones are eligible for redemption in exchange for complimentary gas cards or other discounts on gasoline.

Business Gas Cards 

Business gas cards offer a convenient way to earn cash back and points on fuel purchases, which can be particularly advantageous for companies that frequently travel. However, to help you choose the best business gas cards, we’ve compiled a list of the best business gas cards. Thus, they include:

#1. The Wyndham Rewards Earner® Business Card 

This is a highly competitive option for individuals who prefer to earn travel rewards instead of cashback and have no intention of redeeming them at high-end hotels. Hence, to obtain a complimentary night at a Wyndham hotel of a lower tier, one must make gas purchases amounting to nearly $850 to accumulate sufficient points. Based on the current trend of gas prices, it is estimated that the fuel gauge will indicate approximately 75% capacity shortly.

#2. Bank of America® Business Advantage Customized Cash Rewards Mastercard®

This is one of the business gas cards that facilitates entrepreneurs having a degree of ownership over their credit card rewards by enabling them to designate the category that garners the best cash-back rate. The available options encompass petrol pumps, office supplies, travel, computer services, and additional categories. Additionally, there are supplementary incentives for dining and the absence of an annual fee.

#3. The American Express® Business Gold Card

This credit card entails a significant annual fee of $295, however, it presents a lucrative opportunity to accumulate valuable Membership Rewards based on your business-related expenditures. The offer comprises a quadruple earning rate on two specific categories, subject to a cap of $150,000 per annum, beyond which the earning rate reverts to 1X. Also, the designated categories may comprise expenditures made within the United States at fuel stations and other routine business-related outlays.

This also represents a significant opportunity for businesses to generate high earnings through gas purchases, with the added benefit of accumulating Amex Membership Rewards. Membership Rewards is a highly sought-after and versatile reward currency in circulation.

#4. Ramp

The Ramp Business Card is an innovative expense management solution designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs, offering advanced features and capabilities. The Ramp card stands out as a distinctive business card for fuel due to its capacity to generate cost savings. This is obtained not only through cashback rewards but also by equipping businesses with a comprehensive set of tools to enhance expense management and accounting processes. These tools include automatic bill pay, immediate reporting, and customizable and legal spending controls.

Furthermore, enterprises have the flexibility to add staff members to their accounts at any given moment and have the option to choose between digital or personalized physical cards without incurring any supplementary fees.

#5. The Chase Ink Business Cash® Card

This is also one of the business gas cards that offers a cash back reward of 2% on the initial $25,000 spent at gas stations and eateries per account anniversary. The cardholder will receive a 5% cashback on the initial $25,000 expenditure made on office supplies, internet access, cable, and cell services. 

Additionally, 1% cashback will be provided on all other business-related purchases. So, if the auditing features and employee purchase controls that accompany fuel cards are not necessary, this option is a viable alternative.

How to Get a Gas Card

Checking your credit score is the first step to getting a gas card. You can learn what kinds of gas cards you are eligible for here. The finest credit cards overall with gasoline benefits are available to those with strong or excellent credit. Gas cards that only work at a particular network of gas stations may be the only option for people with lower credit ratings.

The best offer can be determined by comparing the benefits and costs of your shortlisted options. Depending on the card, you can apply for the proper gas card online, over the phone, or by mail. Typically, you can also apply at the gas station. Below are ways to get a gas card:

#1. Check Your Credit Rating

Based on your score, you’ll have a good sense of which gas credit cards you’re likely to be approved for.

#2. Consider a Long-Term Commitment to One Gas Station Chain

Using the credit card issued by your preferred gas station could get you further discounts if you’re committed to that brand.

#3. Compare Cards Based on Projected Income

Determine how much you would save with each card by factoring in the rewards offered on the purchases you intend to make. The costs you’ll most likely have to pay are another factor to think about.

#4. Apply

To apply, you can do so either online, over the phone, or by mail. It’s possible to submit an application at some service stations.

The Best Gas Cards

Below are the best gas cards in 2023:

#1. The Citi Premier® Card

The Citi Premier® Card entails an annual fee. However, given its sustained rewards and absence of foreign transaction fees, the card is most suitable for individuals who can utilize ThankYou Points for purposes other than cash back. Citi’s cash-back refunds and selected gift card redemptions are valued at 1 cent per point, similar to travel redemptions. However, Citi’s transfer partners offer even greater value for your points.

#2. PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature® Card

The present credit card provides the most elevated rewards rate for gas stations, offering 5X points per dollar spent on fuel purchases made at the pump. This credit card has the potential to generate an annual reward of $111 for the average American by optimizing benefits at gas stations. So, if you operate an electric vehicle, you will receive an equivalent benefit when utilizing EV charging stations.

#3. The Blue Cash Preferred® Card offered by American Express

This credit card provides the competitive benefit of unlimited 3% cash back on purchases made at gas stations located within the United States. The aforementioned rewards rate has the potential to yield an annual return of $67 for the typical American consumer on their purchases made at gas stations within the United States. The cardholders are eligible to receive a cashback of 3% on transit purchases, which encompass expenses such as parking tolls, taxis, and other similar modes of transportation. This feature makes it an optimal choice for individuals who commute frequently.

This particular credit card does not entail an annual fee, thereby enabling frequent travelers to optimize their cost savings. Cardholders can avail themselves of unlimited 3X points for supermarket purchases, in addition to earning substantial rewards at gas stations.

#4. U.S. Bank Altitude® Connect Visa Signature® Card

This gas card is highly recommended for individuals who frequently travel by air or road due to its exceptional quadruple point system for purchases made at gasoline stations and EV charging stations. This card is suitable for daily expenses such as groceries, dining, and streaming. Additionally, it offers continuous credits that can compensate for its annual fee, which is $0 for the first year and $95 thereafter. 

#5. Platinum Rewards Visa Signature® Card 

This is a credit card that does not charge an annual fee or foreign transaction fees. While it provides a competitive reward rate for gas purchases, it does not offer significant supplementary advantages. Additionally, the redemption options are restricted to goods and services, departure, and gift cards, with no provision for cash back.

What Gas Card Is Easy to Get?

The Shell | Fuel Rewards® Card is one of the simplest gas cards to obtain.

What Are Gas Cards Called?

They are called “fuel cards” or “fleet cards.” This wondrous payment card reigns supreme at gas stations, allowing its users to effortlessly purchase diesel, gasoline, and other fuels. Fleet cards offer the flexibility to cover vehicle upkeep and expenditures as per the fleet owner’s or manager’s autonomy.

How Do You Use a Gas Card?

At the pump, you’ll typically need to insert your card. Make sure you choose the “credit” option after reading the instructions. Choose your desired grade, begin pumping, and stop when the desired amount is deposited.

How Do Gas Cards Make Money?

Companies that issue gas cards generate money by deducting a modest fee from each transaction. Gas cards, like conventional credit cards, incur a small transaction fee (usually 2-3%) from the issuing company with every purchase. This is also why many gas card businesses have established discount programs with local gas stations.


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