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You may accrue points or receive gas discounts when you fill up your tank with the best gas rewards program in 2023. And to make matters even better, some of these programs combine with partner programs to offer even bigger discounts. Your credit score is not a factor in the gas rewards program. To benefit from this, you don’t even need to use a credit card. A gas loyalty card is available to anyone, and there is no application process. You can use debit or cash to pay and still be eligible for all the benefits.

But by pairing your preferred gas loyalty program with one of the top gas credit cards, you can amp up those rewards. From our article, you can learn how the best gas rewards program will work in 2023 and which gas credit cards will help you get the most out of your rewards.

How Does the Gas Rewards Program Work?

The best gas station loyalty program is affiliated with a certain brand of gas station, and you can benefit from the rewards and rewards at any of their locations. Some gas rewards programs let you earn points that you can use to get free rewards or gas, while others focus on giving you discounts on gas.

You truly have nothing to lose by signing up for the gas rewards program because it’s free to join. The best thing to do is to figure out which gas stations you visit most often and sign up for their rewards programs so you can start getting benefits. Additionally, keep in mind that you have the option to sign up for many gas rewards programs, and you should if you frequently fill up at different gas stations but spend a lot on fuel.

How Can I Get a Gasoline Discount?

This is a really good query. Right now, gas is astronomically costly. Luckily, there are many ways to save money or earn rewards on important purchases like gas. Apps that figure out fuel costs can help you plan trips and routes to save money, or you can use your regular purchases at nearby stores to earn rewards points you can use to pay for gas. The best strategies to save money at the pump include free gas rewards and gas discount cards, along with filling your tank at the proper time of day.

Do Gas Rewards Make Sense?

If you live in the right area and drive a lot, the best gas rewards program for 2022 can be worthwhile. These programs work best if you drive to or live near a gas station that offers a reward program. Since “loyalty” at gas stations doesn’t really mean much, you can enroll in as many fuel rewards schemes as you’d like.

Best Gas Rewards Program In 2023

The following gas rewards program should be on your radar in 2022 if you’re interested in receiving rewards or receiving gas reductions when you fill up your tank.

#1. BPme Rewards

  • Best for savings at BP and Amoco stations

The BP Driver Rewards program was renamed and updated as BPme in early 2020. In order to help consumers save money on gas when they fill up their tanks, the BPme program works in tandem with a smartphone app.

Once you sign up for BPme Rewards, you can begin saving 5 cents per gallon for the next month. From there, by using at least $100 of fuel each calendar month, you can maintain the same discount.

Additionally, you may check your BPme Rewards app to see what extra discounts and bonus offers you could be eligible for. The BPme app organizes all of your gas receipts digitally and doubles as your rewards card.

#2. Exxon Mobil Rewards 

  • Best for savings at Exxon Mobil stations

You should look into the Exxon Mobil Rewards+ program if you typically fill up at Exxon and Mobil gas stations. Under the gas rewards program, you receive 3 points per gallon of fuel and 2 points for every dollar spent at gas station convenience stores and car washes. You receive $1 off at the pump for every 100 points that you earn. The Exxon Mobil app can also be used as your gas rewards card and as a way to check your rewards balance whenever you want.

Members of AARP receive an extra 1 cent per gallon and 1 cent for every dollar spent at retailers. With this program, you may also work toward premium status, which entitles you to an extra 5 cents per gallon in points on Synergy Supreme+ premium gasoline. You can use your rewards to buy gas or items from the convenience stores at Exxon Mobil gas stations when it comes time to cash them in.

#3. Shell Fuel Rewards

  • Best for multiple earning opportunities

The Shell Fuel Rewards program goes further than most gas rewards programs, which typically only allow you to accrue rewards for fuel and convenience shop purchases. After you sign up, if you spend $50 at participating restaurants connected to your card, you’ll receive a 10-cent discount for every gallon of gas. Additionally, for each $50 spent online at eligible merchants, you can receive a 5-cent gas discount per gallon and a 10-cent gas discount per gallon for each $50 spent on tickets to live events.

For Fuel Rewards, achieving Silver status entitles you to at least a 3-cent discount per gallon of gasoline. If you reach the Gold rank, you will receive 5 cents per gallon. For the first six months, new members start with Gold status. After the initial six months, you must fill up at a Shell station six times in three months in order to advance to the Gold level.

#4. Circle K Easy Rewards

  • Best for simplicity

The Circle K Easy Rewards program is simple to understand, unlike some gas rewards schemes that might be challenging. When you join, you can earn 10 points for every gallon of fuel and 20 points for each dollar spent on snacks, meals, and nonalcoholic beverages at Circle K locations. Earning 2,000 points will result in you a $2 gas station savings.

Joining this program is free, and once you do, you’ll have access to exclusive sweepstakes rewards and limited-time deals that can help you save even more. Circle K Easy Rewards also includes a gas discount app that makes it simple to keep track of your rewards and gas expenditures.

#5. Speedway Speedy Rewards

  • Best for flexibility

You can earn points for more than just gas purchases with the Speedy Rewards program, which is quite simple to grasp. Once you join, you can earn 10 points for each gallon of petrol and 20 points for every dollar you spend in Speedway stores on goods. The Speedway mobile app can assist you in keeping track of your rewards and in determining which purchases are eligible for bonus points during any given month.

Speedy Rewards provides a flexible redemption program, in contrast to many other gas loyalty programs. You can exchange your points for gift cards or coupons for free food at the Speedy Café, money off at the pump, or stuff online. For a chance to win rewards like a Walmart gift card or a Speedway gift card for gas, you may even enter one of their sweepstakes.

How to Choose A Gas Rewards Program

The following advice might assist you in choosing the rewards program that will offer the discounts and perks you want most when it comes to finding the best gas rewards program:

#1. Determine the gas brand that you buy the most

Which type of gas station you use the most for filling up is the most crucial aspect to take into account. Perhaps a particular gas station close to your gas consistently has the best gas deals, or perhaps you always fill up at a station near your place of employment. In any case, if you choose a gas rewards program from a company you trust, you’ll accrue more rewards over time.

#2. Decide if you want flexible rewards or gas savings (or the option for both)

While some gas rewards programs only allow you to use your rewards for fuel reductions, others allow you to use your points to purchase beverages, snacks, and other items. Compare all of your options because some programs also give you the option of how to redeem your rewards.

#3. Think about enrolling in many programs

Do you need to refuel more than once? If you want to get rewards from each gas station rewards program, consider signing up for a couple of them. You won’t pay anything to join these programs, and if you are a member of rewards programs with multiple companies, you won’t need to travel across town when your gas tank is getting low.

Find the Best Gas Loyalty Program Near You

Being aware that some businesses are only situated in a few states means that not all of the top fuel rewards programs in 2022 will be accessible to you. However, if you’re getting ready for a summer road trip, be aware of these fuel rewards apps and gas station loyalty programs to help you save money on every gallon.

What app gives you free gas?

Swagbucks offers free gas reward cards.

You can exchange them for gift cards, including cost-free Exxon, Sunoco, and Chevron gas cards. Alternatively, you can choose a Visa gift card and use it to get free gas at any gas station, or you can exchange your points for cash using Paypal.

Are Shell fuel rewards worth it?

For those who frequently drive and fill up at Shell gas stations, the Shell Fuel Rewards® Mastercard® is an excellent option. However, you might not get as much use out of this card if you don’t live close to a Shell gas station or if you travel more by Uber or Lyft than by your own vehicle.

Is the fuel rewards program free?

With the Fuel Rewards® program (also known as Fuel Rewards Network or FRN), you may save money on fuel at more than 11,000 Shell stations across the program. Gold Status members of Fuel Rewards save at least 5 gallons on each fill-up.

How do I get the best deal on gas?

Simple strategies to reduce your gas costs:

  • Pay using cash rather than a credit card.
  • Use a rewards card for gas.
  • Sign up for a rewards program at the supermarket.
  • Fill up during the weekdays that are the cheapest.
  • Use a gas app to find the best deal.
  • Travel slowly.
  • Don’t idle away your time.
  • Determine your routes.

Is GasBuddy premium worth it?

Yes! You’ll make a profit if you utilize at least 50 gallons of gas every month. Additionally, you will benefit from complimentary 24-hour roadside assistance.

What is the best gas discount card?

  • PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature® Card.
  • Citi Custom Cash℠ Card.
  • Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express.
  • PNC Cash Rewards® Visa®

Are gas reward cards worth it?

Yes, gas cards are worthwhile since the best gas credit cards offer rewards or discounts on gasoline purchases and typically have no annual fees. If you commute to work frequently or drive a lot, it makes sense to think about getting a gas credit card, especially if you consistently fill up at the same chain of gas stations.

Are fuel cards worth it?

Fuel cards are they worth it

Your business vehicle(s)’ gasoline expenses can be reduced thanks to company fuel cards, especially since the majority of them are only accepted at stations with special discounts. Additionally, fuel cards eliminate the time and money required for administration and accounting associated with a pay and reclaim system.

Is it better to get cash back or points?

If you travel frequently, a rewards card that offers points rather than cash back is probably going to be more valuable to you. A cash-back credit card, however, might be a better option for you if traveling isn’t your thing or you value simplicity and minimal annual fees.

How many credit cards should you have?

Two to three credit card accounts in addition to other forms of credit are typically advised if obtaining or maintaining a strong credit score is your objective. You might be able to boost your credit mix with this combination. On your credit record, creditors and lenders prefer to see a variety of credit products.

Is it better to get points or miles?

If you receive points, you can use them to purchase a variety of goods and services. If you accumulate miles, they are usually connected to the frequent flyer program of a particular airline. More often than not, miles can only be used to purchase plane tickets, giving them a more constrained capacity than points.

Is 6 credit cards too much?

No certain number of credit cards is thought to be appropriate for all customers. Everybody has a unique credit history. Different credit scoring models have different parameters, and lenders accept different amounts of risk. Having too many credit cards may not be the same for every lender.


Since they give free rewards each time you fill up your tank with gas and they’re completely free to join up for, the gas rewards program in 2022 is a no-brainer. By combining your gas rewards membership with the appropriate rewards credit card, you can improve your rewards performance.

Compare gas programs to see how they compare, but also consider your payment options for gas and other expenses. When you pay for gas and all of your other costs, the correct rewards programs can help you come out ahead.

Best Gas Rewards Program FAQs

What is the best app to get money back for gas?

The fuel rewards app will compensate you

The best app for gas rewards is Trunow, according to reviews. No matter where you are, it enables you to save money on every gas transaction you make. To receive cashback on every gallon of gas you purchase, all you need to do is snap a picture of your receipt and upload it to the app.

What is the best gas discount card?

Best Gas Credit Cards of November 2022:

  • Wells Fargo Autograph℠ Card: Best for 3X rewards on gas and much more.
  • Citi Custom Cash℠ Card: Best for Up to 5% cashback.
  • Discover it® Cash Back: Best for Strategic quarterly use.
  • Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express: Best for Families.

What is the difference between fuel rewards and fuel rewards pro?

For people who must refuel for work, Fuel Rewards® Pro is a special program. For usage when you fill up on your own dime, you can now add rewards to your individual Fuel Rewards account. The Fuel Rewards program offers a special membership level called Fuel Rewards Pro.


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