DO YOU TIP TOW TRUCK DRIVERS? When and How Much?    

Do you tip tow truck drivers

First, is tipping customary? In the towing business, tips are not expected. You can be sure that your tow truck drivers won’t think less of you if you don’t leave a tip. Although most tow truck drivers do not accept tips, they are also not likely to decline them. Be aware that a tow company’s employee policy may prevent them from receiving tips. If a tow truck driver declines your tip, it’s probably because they’re required to by law.

Do You Tip Tow Truck Drivers?

Yes, that is the short answer. When someone helps you out on the side of the road, they won’t ask for tips, but a tow truck driver or someone else who does a service will always appreciate a tip. Even more so if they drove over to help, did something hard, or went out of their way. You may have gotten stuck late at night or on a busy part of the highway and need a tow as soon as possible.

At the same time, some jobs, like changing a tire or getting a jumpstart, are seen as normal. Some drivers will say that the price is enough and that you might not need to tip them. But there’s always a chance that the driver or the people who help you on the side of the road are only making minimum wage. The average hourly wage for tow truck drivers across the country is $13.34. Tow truck drivers don’t expect tips, no matter how much they are paid or what company they work for, like AAA.

Why You Should Tip Tow Truck Drivers?

#1. Excellent service was provided.

Did the tow truck driver arrive on time? Are they helpful, compassionate, and kind? If such is the case, it would be wise to tip them a bit more when it comes time to pay the bill.

It’s polite to pay them some money if they go above and beyond, like offering to drive you home.

Or perhaps you own a costly vehicle and have instructed your driver to exercise additional caution.

#2. Your vehicle was stranded in an unsafe location.

Giving the tow truck driver a few more dollars when they’re finished is a good gesture if they have to put in extra effort to get your car out. Perhaps they had to save your automobile from a ditch or make a stop close to heavy traffic. If so, feel free to tip them. You called them at a terrible time of day or late at night.

Drivers of tow trucks frequently work irregular shifts and don’t stop in the snow. It’s considerate to give your tow truck driver something extra if you called them in inclement weather or late at night.

#3. The tow truck operator made a long journey.

Perhaps the sole driver was from the next town, or your car was stranded in the middle of nowhere. Your tow truck driver would likely welcome a gratuity if you knew they traveled more than 30 minutes to get to you.

If the tow truck driver takes a while, they might call to give you an ETA update. If they do, it would be wonderful to tip them since they aren’t required to keep you informed.

How Much To Tip Tow Truck Drivers?

#1. Leave between $5 and $15 as a tip for standard service.

This is usually the least amount you should tip if your tow was fun and didn’t cost too much. Usually, you should tip about 10% of the total bill, but you might not know that until it’s time to tip.

#2. For great service, leave about $20.

If your tow truck driver went above and beyond what was expected of them, give them twenty dollars. It will not only show how much you appreciate them, but it may also encourage them to keep up the good work.

How to Avoid Tipping

#1. Subscribe to roadside assistance.

Services that charge you once a year, like AAA, seldom expect you to leave a tip. Sign up for a roadside assistance service instead if you don’t want to feel like you have to tip even though you don’t have to.

#2. Give them a good review online to say thanks.

You don’t have to give money to say thanks. Look up their business on Yelp or Facebook and write a 5-star review about how great it is. Make sure you call the tow truck driver by name so their boss or manager can hear how great they are.

Some Important Things to Know When Tipping Tow Truck Drivers

Nothing bad can happen if you give a tip to the people who help you on the road. Cost-wise, the driver will get paid their rate for the job, plus commission if their boss lets them. They would get a tip right away.

So, when tipping a tow truck driver, the only things you need to remember are:

  • The work they did – How stuck your car was has a lot to do with how much you should tip. If it needed something as simple as a jump start, it deserves a $5 tip. Tows and bigger jobs should get at least $10 in tips.
  • Ten percent of the bill. Taking ten percent of the service’s total cost is a common way to figure out how much to tip.
  • Conditions under which the job is done: A tow at night takes more work than one during the day. Say it’s raining, snowing, or even worse, there’s a storm. Don’t forget to give a big tip to the driver for driving in bad weather.

When Not To Tip Tow Truck Drivers

#1. You’re down south

In general, people are less likely to tip for doing their regular job the further south they go (as long as they are paid by the hour). In New York, people are much more likely to leave tips.

So, if you’re in the South and want to leave a tip, you should do it subtly. Ask if a tip is welcome before giving one.

#2. They’re not nice.

I would never tip someone rude. Tipping is a way to thank people who try to improve the world. I give tips to people who go above and beyond, pay extra attention to details, are very kind, or help me in a big way. I wouldn’t think of anyone who is rude.

#3. They aren’t pros.

If they are professionals, they should also let you know what’s happening (not on every little thing, of course). In general, you should feel like you know what will happen. A good tow truck driver tells you what’s happening and ensures you understand.

  • They make your car worse.
  • If they hurt your car because they were careless, that’s a no-go.
  • They charge too much

You shouldn’t leave a tip if they try to charge you too much. Normal towing should cost between $75 and $125. If they can do it for less money, that could be a reason to tip. Please remember that if the ride is long, it may cost a lot more. You decide if the price they ask is fair or not.

Should I Tip the AAA Guy?

You aren’t expected or required to tip AAA drivers, but it can be nice when things are tough.

Where Do Tow Truck Drivers Get Paid the Most?

$18.26 per hour in Chicago, IL

Is Tow Trucking Hard?

The job of a tow truck driver is very hard. Tow companies must be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that most drivers work shifts and very long hours. Also, the driver’s body can get exhausted from physical work.

How Much Do You Tip a Tow Truck?

Tows and bigger jobs should get at least $10 in tips. Ten percent of the bill. Taking ten percent of the service’s total cost is a common way to figure out how much to tip.

Am I Supposed to Tip the Guy That Puts Gas?

In the United States and Canada, it is not normal to tip a person who works at a gas station. Some guides say it’s never expected, but others say different opinions exist.

Are You Supposed to Tip Appliance Delivery Guys?

Think about giving a tip of $10 to $20 when an appliance is delivered. If the delivery person is allowed to accept tips and the service is good, a tip would be nice.


So, we talked a lot. Driving a tow truck is more complicated than I initially thought. Now that I know the risks, I would tip them more often. Tow truck drivers also provide a service, and they can make a big difference.

You need them to get to safety, and they can take advantage of that or do what they can to help you. If they seem to care about you and help you, you might want to give them a tip. You don’t have to, though. It’s neither expected nor usual, but it would be nice if you did.

If you can’t, that’s fine too. A thank you and a smile go a long way.


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