Small mobile business ideas
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  1. Best Mobile Business Ideas In 2023
    1. #1. Clothing Store/ Outlet
    2. #2. Food truck
    3. #3. Kids play Tank
    4. #4. Cell Phone Repair
    5. #5. Firewood delivery
    6. #6. Pet Grooming
  2. Small Mobile Business ideas
    1. #1. Hair and Makeup Services 
    2. #2. Tech Help
    3. #3. Specialty and DIY Repairs
    4. #4. Cart for Coffee, Smoothie, or Specialties 
    5. #5. Mobile Bar
    6. #6. Personal Assistant Service 
    7. #7. Specialty Organizer
    8. #8. Tutoring Service
    9. #9. Professional fitness service
    10. #10. Barbershop carts
    11. #11. Vintage Clothing Store
    12. #12. Nail Manicure 
    13. #13. Drone Photography
    14. #14. Tour Guide & Tourist Information Center 
    15. #15. Dating and Matchmaking Service
    16. #16. Junk Removal
    17. #17. Cell Phone Repair 
    18. #18. Car Wash 
    19. #19. Auto Repair 
    20. #20. Mobile Accountant 
    21. #21. Truck Delivery Service 
    22. #22. Local Errands 
    23. #23. Cloth Diaper Delivery 
    24. #24. Mobile Farmers
    25. #25. Scanning and digitally archiving photos
    26. #26. Tutoring
    27. #27. Language Lessons and Translation
    28. #28. Tech Trainer
    29. #29. Handyman
    30. #30. Cleaning Services 
    31. #31. Airport Shuttle Van
    32. #32. Event Planner
    33. #33. Affiliate Marketing 
    34. #34. Freelance Writing 
    35. #37. Web Designers and Programmers
    36. #38. Garden Designer and Landscape Architect
    37. #39. SEO Internet Marketing
    38. #40. Personal Chef & Cooking Instructor
    39. #41. Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant
    40. #42. Crafting Instructor 
    41. #43. Record Shop 
    42. #44. Virtual Assistant 
    43. #45. Massage Therapy 
    44. #46. Expert for Eyebrow Beauty
    45. #47. Musicians 
    46. #48. Flea market and antique shop.
    47. #49. Career Advice and Resume Service
    48. #50. Business Advisor/Counselor
    49. #51. Employee Coach
    50. #52. Pet Sitter 
    51. #53. Balloon Art 
    52. #54. Computer repair and installation service 
    53.  #55. Hair Salon & Stylist 
    54. #56. DJ Entertainment 
    55. #57. Therapist and Life Coach 
    56. #58. Florist
    57. #59. Mobile billboard business
  3. New Mobile Business Ideas
    1. #1. Affiliate Marketing 
    2. #2. Freelance Writing 
    3. #3. Web Designers and Programmers
  4. Conclusions 
  5. Mobile Business Ideas FAQs
    1. What are good Mobile Business Ideas?
    2. What Mobile business makes the most money?
    3. How do I start a Mobile Business?
    4. What are the 5 most profitable businesses?
    5. What Business can you start fast?
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Nowadays almost everyone is running one business or another; some people are even trying out mobile businesses, which are pretty impressive. Now, if you’d like to start your own mobile business today, you’d want to know some of the best small mobile businesses to choose from. If you’d like to start a mobile business and probably wondering which is the best? You have come to the right place. In this article, I’d be highlighting some of the best small mobile business ideas you can try your hands on today.

Best Mobile Business Ideas In 2023

Starting your business on wheels can be a clever move and save you funds on rent and employees. In addition, mobile companies have location/ Mobility flexibility. 

They go to locations where their customers/clients are and can visit multiple localities and environs in a day to maximize sales alternatives; or you are probably considering a mobile service where you travel to your customer’s location, such as an instructor, a computer repair specialist, or a hairdresser. 

#1. Clothing Store/ Outlet

First on our list of the best small mobile business in 2023 is the clothing store. You must consider opening a mobile clothing boutique/store if you have good fashion taste. Imagine parking your vehicle in a location where customers are likely to see it frequently, such as at a craft market. On wheels, travel a little so you can display your merchandise to a broad audience. 

#2. Food truck

Approximately 30,156 food trucks are operating or in service in the United States, and the market is determined and expected to grow more than 6% to $1.4 billion by 2023. Food vans have grown in popularity over the past five years and are vital in the hospitality industry. Some cities like Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, and Austin are fave for food trucks.

#3. Kids play Tank

 Parents can often benefit from taking a break from their children, whether for work or relaxation. If you’re feeling creative, you might wish to invest in a van or trailer full of fun and stimulating activities to keep the kids entertained and occupied for an hour. Projects like Mobile Mommies specialize in childcare for special occasions. 

#4. Cell Phone Repair

You can offer home service by visiting your customers’ homes or offices to fix their broken screens and mobile devices. They can also deliver training in mobile phone functions, which older people particularly appreciate. 

#5. Firewood delivery

 It would be best if you considered organizing a regular firewood delivery service in winter. Buy the lumber wholesale and retail for a shipping fee.

#6. Pet Grooming

As a pet owner, I sometimes have difficulty getting my pets in the car to be washed, dried, and fluffed up at the barbers. So if you run a mobile pet grooming business, you can offer location services to pet owners. Be sure to cater to both cats and dogs to expand your market. 

Small Mobile Business ideas

#1. Hair and Makeup Services 

The wedding market is significant, and people are keen to pay for excellent service that is more convenient on a busy day. Unlike running a traditional salon, you can bring your stylish van or trailer to your customers.

 Of course, weddings aren’t the only occasions when people need glamorous outfits, there are many other occasions, but they can be a great initial market to try to target. This makes it one of the best mobile business ideas you must try out in 2023.

#2. Tech Help

 There are many traditional tech repair shops, but people constantly find it difficult to schedule a convenient appointment; technical service and assistance are usually required in emergencies.  

#3. Specialty and DIY Repairs

 When something goes wrong in your home, you can’t take it to a repair shop; you have to call for help. Due to this fact, setting up a mobile handyman or other specialized repair business could be lucrative if you’re good with tools.

 If you can perform emergency repairs at unusual times, like calling 24 hours a day, you can charge a premium/prize for your service and serve a more extensive customer base. This is also one of the best small mobile businesses in 2023.

#4. Cart for Coffee, Smoothie, or Specialties 

Consider a cart-based business if a Van is too big for a mobile business idea. There is an excellent demand for specialty foods that do not take up much space, such as coffee, vegan ice cream, shakes, and more.

This best small mobile business can be fun to hang out with your float on a busy boardwalk on a nice day, but also remember that these types of businesses can be great for corporate events, parties, and more.  

#5. Mobile Bar

Consider opening a bar with some lounge seating where people can drink with friends or colleagues. You can trust me when I say that you can’t go wrong with this best small mobile business 

 You can park in nearby places you know will be lovely to sit and enjoy that may not offer good socializing opportunities (like a beach or boardwalk). With good marketing, you can encourage customers to come to you and follow you wherever you go.  Don’t forget to check your state’s alcohol license.

#6. Personal Assistant Service 

Many people would like to have more time during the day. You can’t deploy it, but you can create a personal assistant service to take care of the chores and duties that take up your time. 

This best mobile business idea can be as simple as picking up your dry cleaning or more complex as shopping for gifts. It is up to you to determine the type of services you offer and which clientele you wish to advertise.

But think about what tasks potential customers might want to outsource before you start putting together your menu. 

#7. Specialty Organizer

Organizing isn’t just Marie Kondo’s quirk in someone’s house, and it’s also helping them get in better shape. 

Bring your mobile staging game(business) into clients’ homes who need help with a top-down remodel, or help them manage specific rooms.

You must also want to consider working with a moving company to help those who just bought a new home ensure they enter their new home as organized as possible. 

If you have a good eye and are good with designs, you can think about opening a mobile shop specializing in clothing. You can find a recurring parking spot for your vehicle where customers can wait for you, e.g., at a craft fair.

But you can also embrace that you’ll be on wheels and traveling a bit to show what you offer to many different audiences. 

#8. Tutoring Service

 Setting up an educational or tutoring service on the website can be extremely valuable and impactful for students who need extra help in certain areas during the school year, particularly during exam season.  With this best small mobile business idea, you may also want to establish an exceptional summer service to help you complete your offers. 

#9. Professional fitness service

The best small mobile business idea in our list is starting up a professional fitting service. In an age of so much on-demand practice, why don’t you create personal equivalence through streamed classes? If you’re a certified personal trainer or can teach specific classes like yoga or barre, consider starting a mobile fitness business.

 You can cater to private clients who want extra attention or even market yourself in the workplace as a teacher who can come by and teach stress-relieving classes.

#10. Barbershop carts

This best small mobile business idea has a modern appeal due to its vintage style, and this is an excellent option for a mobile startup. Marketing promotions can include parking in office complexes for lunch breaks and on-site for weddings and other special events.  

#11. Vintage Clothing Store

Due to the high rental costs and the extraordinary demand for vintage clothing, a mobile store could be very profitable, successful, and fun. This best small mobile business idea is New York’s first and only mobile vintage shop and has posted a schedule on its website with locations and hours of operation so customers can easily find them.

#12. Nail Manicure 

Mobile salons have become a massive trend in California, “direct to the customer” for the manicure on the go.

This former accountant got the idea for her French-inspired nail cart while ordering lunch from the food truck. Their bright pink Airstream trailer promotes their services in San Francisco and San Jose, California. It’s one of the best small mobile ideas in 2023; you won’t regret trying this out.

#13. Drone Photography

Want to get your business off the ground? Then start a drone photography business and sell aerial footage to real estate representatives, wedding couples, sporting events, and concerts. Drone photography is one of the best small mobile Business Ideas 

#14. Tour Guide & Tourist Information Center 

It would be best if you went where the tourists are and offer tours to tourist attractions. You can also set up a visitor information center with maps and brochures of local attractions and offer tours: haunted, historical, nature and family.

#15. Dating and Matchmaking Service

Everyone wants to love, and singles need help finding their true partner in today’s world. You can make many bucks by providing dating advice and training on using popular online dating sites (effectively and safely). Just drive to your customer’s location – home or office. Another idea is to go to a place with many singles and offer group classes on modern dating etiquette. You can’t go wrong with this best mobile business because everyone wants someone special to fill that empty vacuum.

#16. Junk Removal

To begin this best mobile business, you must use your truck and your muscles to pack and remove the garbage from people’s yards, houses, basements, and attics. Some items you need to remove can be resold to increase your profits. 

#17. Cell Phone Repair 

Visit your customers’ homes or offices to fix their broken screens and malfunctioning mobile devices. They can also provide training on how to use all the features of the mobile phone, which is especially appreciated by older people.

#18. Car Wash 

Go to your customers’ car locations and wash and condition their cars while at work, school, or any function. Load your supplies into your vehicle/Van, and you’re ready to start making money!

#19. Auto Repair 

You must go to your customer’s home and repair/fix their car windshield and minor dents or scratches.

You don’t have to pay expensive rent for a garage space or buy expensive lifting equipment. 

#20. Mobile Accountant 

As a mobile accountant, you are expected to bring your services to small businesses and non-profit organizations to manage their bookkeeping and bookkeeping functions. You can remotely log into your accounting software, such as Quickbooks. 

#21. Truck Delivery Service 

Many farmers, small businesses, and manufacturers require a truck delivery service. Use your delivery truck to sell delivery services. This is another best mobile businesses. 

#22. Local Errands 

Busy moms and families hire you to run their local errands, like picking up things around town, taking the dog to the vet, or grocery shopping.  

#23. Cloth Diaper Delivery 

Moms who wear cloth diapers need diaper supplies and delivery to their doorstep. You can pick up the dirty diapers and deliver the clean ones on your mobile.

#24. Mobile Farmers

As a mobile farmer, Vegetables Fill your van or pickup with fresh produce, locally grown eggs, and flowers, and travel to bustling city centers with your Mobile Farmers’ Market.

#25. Scanning and digitally archiving photos

 Many people have copies of photos, slides, and videocassettes that they want to digitize. It would help if you made it easy for them to drive home and offer to scan photos, copy, and shred documents and videos into digital files.

#26. Tutoring

Bring the school to your students by going to your student’s school, library, or meeting online to enable and assist them in studying. 

#27. Language Lessons and Translation

Why don’t you use your language skills to translate documents? This can be pretty lucrative. You could also teach students their language abroad. You must consider getting certified in ESL – English as a Second Language – as it is in high demand.

#28. Tech Trainer

Become a mobile tech master, teaching people how to use their devices, cameras, and laptops. This is one of the best mobile business ideas in 2023

#29. Handyman

As a handyman, you should offer minor repairs, e.g., hanging a door, painting a shelf, and more Tile repairs. 

#30. Cleaning Services 

Cleaning companies can be very profitable. Offer your services to homeowners, hotels, guesthouses, offices, and real estate agents. Name your cleaning company with one of these memorable naming ideas. 

#31. Airport Shuttle Van

Take people to the airport and pick them up in your van. 

#32. Event Planner

You can help you plan special events for your clients. You don’t need an office or shop window as you meet at your customers’ homes. Organize weddings, birthday parties, and corporate events. 

#33. Affiliate Marketing 

Be a blogger and make money promoting quality products through affiliate marketing.

#34. Freelance Writing 

As a freelancer, you can write from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and your laptop – the perfect mobile lifestyle.

#37. Web Designers and Programmers

If you know how to design websites and code HTML, you can make a good living to create websites. Even if you’re not a technical programmer, you can also deliver web maintenance and update services in easy-to-use visual editors like WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix.

#38. Garden Designer and Landscape Architect

Design and plant gardens for your clients. You can also offer lawn maintenance. 

#39. SEO Internet Marketing

If you have experience ranking websites, you can sell your knowledge as an SEO internet marketer to local businesses and businesses worldwide.

#40. Personal Chef & Cooking Instructor

 Drive to your customers’ homes and deliver prepared dishes to suit their needs. Your dietary needs and preferences, providing home services to them.  He could also offer cooking classes and demonstrations from his van.

#41. Fashion Stylist and Wardrobe Consultant

Help women and men organize their wardrobes to look their best. Visit her/him at home to assess her wardrobe and make suggestions for additions.

#42. Crafting Instructor 

There is currently a trend or hype about handcrafted items and crafts. Benefit from being taught crafts such as macrame, sewing, carpentry, and painting from the comfort of your pickup. 

#43. Record Shop 

Meet groups of music lovers as well as festival goers and sell new and old records. Set up an area/section in your van where people can listen to different music artists. 

#44. Virtual Assistant 

You can be an office-free administrator with just a laptop and an internet connection. Help occupied or busy professionals book travel, write correspondence, and research markets.

#45. Massage Therapy 

Upgrade your van into a healing, relaxation, and therapeutic center offering services such as massage, acupuncture, reflexology, reiki, and meditation.

#46. Expert for Eyebrow Beauty

Ride down to your clients to groom their eyebrows and offer eyelash extensions.

#47. Musicians 

Pack your band in your truck and drive to the concerts. Or sell your acting or singing talent for event entertainment. 

#48. Flea market and antique shop.

Use your truck or van as a flea market stall to sell antiques and vintage items. Consider including services like antique appraisals and real estate sales. This would be pretty profitable because a lot of love collecting antiques. 

#49. Career Advice and Resume Service

 You can provide your services as a career advisor. Help job seekers prepare their resumes and show them how to distribute them to potential employers and job boards. Also, offer individual career counseling services. This is one of the best mobile business ideas in 2023. 

#50. Business Advisor/Counselor

 Here you can offer local businesses advice and services to increase sales, increase profits, and develop and launch new products. You don’t need an expensive office, go to your customers’ offices. 

#51. Employee Coach

Businesses need help training their employees in all kinds of skills, including customer service, sales, computer software, and negotiation. Offer your expertise and teach in your client’s offices. 

#52. Pet Sitter 

Take care of your client’s pets while busy on vacation or at work. Walking, feeding, and training dogs as a business.

#53. Balloon Art 

A simple cart is enough to create and sell balloon art. Park in areas with lots of children and families, such as beaches, parks, and zoos. 

#54. Computer repair and installation service 

Set up and repair computers at homes and customer offices.

 #55. Hair Salon & Stylist 

Set up a mobile hair salon in a truck and drive to your clients. – Makeup artists deliver professional makeup services for weddings, photo shoots, theater, film, and video productions. You too, can teach makeup classes in your van.

#56. DJ Entertainment 

 Become an MC and play music at special occasions such as weddings, conferences, and corporate events.

#57. Therapist and Life Coach 

Help people with their problems and guide them in their personal development goals. This way, you help in making them a better version of themselves.

#58. Florist

Be different, go beyond just flower delivery, and set up a flower shop on wheels. Drive to different places and environs like S-Bahn stations and busy office buildings to sell your flowers.

#59. Mobile billboard business

Regional businesses love to pay for mobile billboard trucks due to their advantages and benefits as opposed to stationary billboards, such as the power to change environs and eye-catching electronic vibrant ads in bright colors.

New Mobile Business Ideas

#1. Affiliate Marketing 

Be a blogger and make money promoting quality products through affiliate marketing.

#2. Freelance Writing 

As a freelancer, you can write from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and your laptop – the perfect mobile lifestyle.

#3. Web Designers and Programmers

If you know how to design websites and code HTML, you can make a good living to create websites. Even if you’re not a technical programmer, you can provide web maintenance and update services in easy-to-use visual editors like WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix.


Mobile businesses are all the rage these days; you should try out some of these best small mobile ideas in 2023. 

Mobile Business Ideas FAQs

What are good Mobile Business Ideas?

Some good mobile business ideas include:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Massage Therapist
  • Virtual Assistant
  • SEO Internet Marketing

What Mobile business makes the most money?

  • Clothing store
  • Food Truck
  • Kids play Tank
  • Mobile Bar

How do I start a Mobile Business?

  • Develop your business plan
  • Fix up a budget
  • Choose and Register your business name
  • Purchase your Truck/vehicle
  • Get the necessary License you need
  • You can now hire your team and Begin your business

What are the 5 most profitable businesses?

Some of the 5 most profitable businesses include: 

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Massage Therapist
  • Virtual Assistant
  • SEO Internet Marketing

What Business can you start fast?

Any of the above-listed businesses can be started as soon as you desire. 


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